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Sulaco [dgc-02]
(Asp Explorer)
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May 8, 2018
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Back to reality

Finally arrived at Jaques Station having made the journey out to The Great Annihilator, onto Sag A*, then 1500ly above the galactic plane and finally back to Colonia.

When I left Colonia I had just made the rank of Pioneer, on my return my Pioneer rating has gone from 0% to 67%, and I've made over 130 million credits for my troubles from selling the cartographic data, with a number of first discovereds to my name.

So what's changed? Well it looks like engineers made it out here, some of them I know quite well, so looks like a trip to them, time to swap my trusty Asp Scout for it's bigger brother with an increased jump range so I make a stab for Beagle's Point.

My Asp Scout, the Nostromo, will be put into temporary storage, it's been repaired although the worn paint work gives it a nice lived-in look, so think I'll leave the paint as it is.

Return to Colonia

At roughly 1500Ly above the galactic plane and over 11000Ly from Colonia, I finally re-plotted a course for that homestead which is the closest inhabited system to my current position. For the last couple of months I've been exploring the neutron starfield and have got neutron star hopping down to a fine art, averaging a 100Ly jump in an asp scout for each hop. Due to this I'm now only 7900Ly from Colonia, it'll be good to get the Nostromo back to a starbase of any kind where the hull can be repaired and certain modules can be brought back to 100%. It will also be a chance to catch up on the latest political news from the bubble and the current situation with the Thargoids. Only 260ish jumps to go.

Sag A* (part 3)

Made a rookie navigation error. Looking around Sag A for the neutron star field and wondering why I wasn't seeing any, started thinking my scanner was on the blink and would need replacing when I got back to the nearest port when a fellow commander relayed the vital information that the neutron star field is approx 1500Ly above and below the galactic plane. So a quick change of angle of 90 degrees to the galactic plane and I'm now heading about 2000Ly above Sag A to pick up the neutron field where I'll try a bit of neutron star jumping and see if I can set a record jump distance for an Asp Scout before heading back to Colonia.

Sag A* (part 2)

Met up with Commander Llanelwy at Sag A*, got some nice pictures of our ships framed against the supermassive black hole, he is now heading for Beagle Point, I am heading back to Colonia to swap my Asp Scout for my Asp Explorer (with a 34+Ly jump range), after which I will be heading for Beagle Point.

Sag A*

My first expedition was from Sol to Colonia along the Colonia Highway, nigh on 22,000Ly. The next expedition was from Colonia to the Great Annhilator, roughly another 11,000Ly, and the last expedition saw my arrival at the centre of the galaxy at Sag A*, a shade under 3000Ly from the Great Annihilator. An overall trip of roughly 36,000Ly so far in my Asp Scout. The next question is where to next?

Great Annihilator journey # 4

It's been a long haul from Colonia, but after 11000Lys, I finally arrived at the Great Annihilator, a system that contains two black holes. Commander Llanelwy rendezvoused with me, (he still driving a Diamondback Explorer, should trade it in for a reliable ship like an Asp Scout), we got some nice photos of our ships against the backdrop of the Great Annihilator, before going our separate ways to Sag A*

Sag A* is 122 jumps away and I've now first discovered over 1200 systems, hopefully the next log entry will be written from the centre of our galaxy.

Great Annihilator journey # 3

267 jumps left to go to the Great Annihilator, and over 940 'First Discovered' systems, including another water world. The big question after visiting Sag A (after the Great Annihilator), is do I journey back to Colonia or head out to Beagle's Point?

Great Annihilator journey # 2

369 jumps left to go to the Great Annihilator (approx 8900Ly), and 873 'First Discovered' systems, one of which included an Earth-like world, with any luck this journey will see my 'first-discovered' total number of systems jump to 1000.

Great Annihilator journey # 1

Hung around Colonia to help out the local law enforcement and was granted the combat rank of 'Expert' for my efforts. Also met up with Commander Llanelwy and managed to get a shot of our ships framed by the front of Jaques station (still haven't figured out how to insert images into this logbook). Now on way to the Great Annihilator, about 10,400Ly away, or approximately 432 jumps.

From Colonia to Sag A - #1

Have finished exploring Colonia's local area, achieved the rank of Pioneer, 'first-discovered' 816 systems, and made my first neutron star jump. Now it's time for my next expedition, to travel to Sag A. Think I'll go via the Great Annihilator and hopefully get some nice pictures.