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Commander name:
Current ship:
Erebus [653-9x]
(Diamondback Explorer)
Member since:
May 8, 2018
Distances submitted:
Systems visited:
Systems discovered first:
Eorl Auwsy SY-Z d13-3468

I remember a time when the prospect of having to travel over 7000Ly seemed an immense task to conquer, now its the equivalent of nipping down to the shops.

So just over 7000Ly later I have arrived at Eorl Auwsy SY-Z d13-3468, settling down on a planet with the designation "ABC 1 H" at roughly the coordinates -20.5504 / -33.1485, landing by the so called 'ancient' ruins.

I'm still not sure if the folks back on Explorer's Anchorage were pulling my leg about an ancient 'Guardian' race and the remains of their civilisation been left in this and several other systems, but it'll make a pleasant distraction investigating these ruins on the way back to the bubble.

So time to dust of the SRV, see if I can remember how to drive it, and go a wandering amongst the ruins, wonder if I'll find anything valuable!?

Explorer's Anchorage

Finally arrived at Explorer's Anchorage, from Etain to Sag A to Beagle Point and back, a long journey that saw my FSD reach worryingly low points of reliability, but I managed to navigate the Abyss twice with nothing more than a 45Ly jump capable drive and sheer bloody mindedness.

Was it worth doing? Definitely! Was it a struggle out there in the Abyss? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. The sights are amazing, the sense of achievement is immense, but it does take some discipline.

So what next? Well, the talk on the station is about some 'guardian' ruins than have been found in several areas, one of them is about 7000Ly away, a drop in the ocean after my recent exploration distances.

So the modules are repaired, the FSD is ticking over and the paintwork has been touched up. With over 6000 hyperspace jumps under my belt and nearly 4000 first discovereds, its time again to push forward the boundaries of exploration.

Beagle Point

Finally arrived at Beagle Point!

Over 65000Ly from Sol, I have visited 1554 systems since leaving Etain, (over 5300 systems visited in total, over 3100 first discovered systems).

Met up with Commander Llanelwy and got some nice photos against the backdrop of Beagle Point 2 and the floating memorial to the system's namesake.

My ship, the Erebus has performed beautifully, the paintwork is looking a little scuffed, and a couple of modules are no longer operating at quite 100%, but we made it here, navigating the abyss via mostly scoopable stars with no need for any jumponium materials or FSD injection.

Damage primarily came from neutron star hopping, but as long as you have at least a 45Ly jump range and an auto maintenance field repair unit then for those who wish to try the journey to the other side of the galaxy, here is the complete list of systems I passed through, all 1554 of them from Etain in the bubble to Beagle Point. By the way, the most important thing you need for this journey...patience!

So where next? Formadine Rift, Hutton Orbital, back to Etain to continue exploring, plenty of time to think about this on the way back to the new station around the Sag A* area.


Crucis Sector JS-T b3-5, Achali, Scorpii Sector PY-R b4-1, Col 285 Sector ZM-F b26-0, Col 285 Sector IU-B b28-1, Col 285 Sector RG-Y b29-4, Praea Euq FG-Y d36, Col 359 Sector BO-R c5-24, Col 359 Sector FU-P c6-6, Scorpius Dark Region BQ-Y c36, Scorpius Dark Region JI-S b4-6, Pipe (stem) Sector YZ-P b5-3, Pipe (stem) Sector PI-T c3-9, Snake Sector XO-R b4-6, Snake Sector JH-M b7-8, Col 359 Sector LR-B c14-0, Col 359 Sector OX-Z c14-27, Col 359 Sector SD-Y c15-13, M7 Sector QE-W b3-6, M7 Sector ZL-S b5-8, M7 Sector HY-O b7-4, M7 Sector IS-S c4-31, M7 Sector XW-H b11-1, M7 Sector KS-T d3-129, M7 Sector UK-N c7-13, M7 Sector YQ-L c8-12, M7 Sector AC-K c9-21, Praea Euq MZ-R b45-3, Praea Euq WG-O b47-9, Praea Euq FT-K b49-5, Praea Euq FK-E c25-26, Praea Euq NW-A c27-25, Praea Euq FP-Y b55-1, Praea Euq IO-Z d13-59, Blu Thua AF-A b4, Blu Thua IR-W b1-5, Blu Thua NI-T b3-4, Blu Thua VU-P b5-4, Blu Thua OD-T c3-8, Blu Thua IM-W d1-98, Blu Thua MS-U d2-95, Blu Thua AX-B b13-0, Blu Thua HJ-Y b14-3, Blu Thua QY-S d3-78, Blu Thua MO-I c9-20, Blu Thua QU-G c10-20, Blu Thua MG-K b22-2, Blu Thua VS-G b24-4, Blu Thua BK-D b26-2, Blu Thua KW-Z b27-1, Blu Thua GX-L d7-30, Blu Thua CQ-S b31-5, Blu Thua TL-U c16-13, Blu Thua VJ-L b35-4, Blu Thua DW-H b37-1, Blu Thua ND-E b39-4, Blu Thua VP-A b41-5, Blu Thua SP-G d10-44, Blu Thua LO-T b44-6, Blu Thua XX-H c23-16, Blu Thua BE-G c24-24, Blu Thua NA-H b51-1, Blu Thua TR-D b53-0, Blu Thua ZI-A b55-0, Blu Thua IQ-W b56-2, Blu Thua SN-X c28-4, Smojai AA-A d16, Smojai EW-W b1-1, Smojai MI-T b3-2, Smojai TZ-P b5-1, Smojai CH-M b7-0, Smojai IM-W d1-20, Smojai MS-U d2-66, Smojai MS-U d2-3, Smojai QY-S d3-58, Smojai QQ-U b16-3, Smojai UE-R d4-36, Smojue RR-N b20-3, Smojai SH-I b23-1, Smojai AU-E b25-2, Smojai IG-B b27-0, Smojai QS-X b28-4, Smojai YE-U b30-0, Smojai GR-Q b32-2, Smojai OD-N b34-3, Smojai WR-S c17-11, Smojai AY-Q c18-1, Smojai JI-E b39-2, Smojai PZ-A b41-4, Smojai ZG-X b42-3, Smojai QW-J c22-14, Smojai TL-O b47-0, Smojai DT-K b49-0, Smojai LF-H b51-1, Smojai TR-D b53-2, Smojai KB-B c27-3, Smojai JQ-W b56-5, Smojai UI-X c28-7, Blu Euq AA-A c8, Blu Euq KX-U b2-0, Blu Euq EG-Y d20, Blu Euq MS-U c2-28, Blu Euq II-K b8-4, Traikaae XM-W d1-52, Traikaae JJ-D b12-6, Traikaae LY-L c7-1, Traikaae PE-K c8-45, Traikaae LA-R b18-2, Traikaae JF-R d4-161, Traikaae XS-L b21-9, Traikaae NL-P d5-100, Traikaae NR-E b25-11, Traikaae ZJ-Z b27-0, Blu Euq WT-V b29-13, Traikaae RD-S b31-1, Traikaae XU-O b33-15, Traikaae ZD-K d8-157, Traikaae NT-H b37-8, Traikaae VF-E b39-9, Traikaae DS-A b41-5, Blu Euq SP-G d10-210, Blu Euq SR-J c22-31, Blu Euq WV-E d11-221, Blu Euq CT-K b49-17, Blu Euq IK-H b51-3, Blu Euq QW-D b53-8, Blu Euq YI-A b55-4, Traikaae RX-W b56-6, Byeia Euq WJ-A b8, Byua Euq PY-W b1-11, Byua Euq TE-V b2-3, Byua Euq TG-Y d288, Byeia Euq YA-O b6-12, Byua Euq XK-R c4-65, Byua Euq DM-P c5-74, Byua Euq LU-B b13-14, Byua Euq LY-L c7-8, Byua Euq DO-U b16-15, Byua Euq RP-I c9-62, Byua Euq VV-G c10-9, Byua Euq BZ-J b22-23, Byua Euq HQ-G b24-2, Byua Euq HO-B c13-56, Byua Euq LU-Z c13-41, Byua Euq JH-U b30-0, Byua Euq VX-L d7-35, Byua Euq ZF-N b34-16, Byua Euq HS-J b36-5, Byua Euq QZ-F b38-20, Byua Euq JF-P c19-47, Byua Euq RR-L c21-29, Byua Euq MP-V b43-14, Byua Euq YH-Q b46-14, Byua Euq DK-G c24-20, Byua Euq OG-J b50-11, Byua Euq WS-F b52-5, Byua Euq PC-B c27-20, Byua Euq PM-Y b55-7, Byua Euq ZJ-X c28-36, Ploi Aewsy FB-A c82, Ploi Aewsy UZ-U b2-9, Ploi Aewsy NN-W c1-23, Ploi Aewsy RT-U c2-6, Ploi Aewsy RK-K b8-6, Ploi Aewsy ZW-G b10-3, Ploi Aewsy HJ-D b12-16, Ploi Aewsy FZ-S d3-75, Ploi Aewsy BO-U b16-16, Ploi Aewsy SK-I c9-8, Ploi Aewsy SM-N b20-11, Ploi Aewsy ZY-J b22-9, Ploi Aewsy CI-D c12-16, Ploi Aewsy NC-D b26-1, Ploi Aewsy RI-B b27-6, Ploi Aewsy BQ-X b28-7, Ploi Aewsy VX-L d7-64, Ploi Aewsy XY-S e3-1, Ploi Aewsy AT-S c17-30, Ploi Aewsy JY-H b37-6, Ploi Aewsy RK-E b39-2, Ploi Aewsy ZW-A b41-4, Ploi Aewsy LP-V b43-15, Ploi Aewsy UX-J c22-47, Ploi Aewsy BO-O b47-3, Ploi Aewsy IA-L b49-10, Ploi Aewsy SH-H b51-16, Ploi Aewsy KW-C c26-56, Ploi Aewsy HL-A b55-0, Ploi Aewsy OX-W b56-4, Ploi Aewsy WJ-T b58-7, Prielea PA-A d32, Prielea UK-T b3-18, Prielea OY-U c2-16, Prielea KJ-M b7-12, Prielea XM-W d1-309, Prielea DD-F b11-20, Prielea LP-B b13-21, Prielea OV-Z b13-10, Prielea WH-W b15-6, Prielea JA-R b18-1, Prielea WQ-G c10-76, Prielea AX-E c11-31, Prielea ED-D c12-86, Prielea QS-C b26-1, Prielea MP-Z c13-16, Prielea DW-V b29-1, Prielea LI-S b31-7, Prielea YA-N b34-11, Prielea FN-J b36-26, Prielea FU-Q c18-5, Prielea VL-C b40-16, Prielea EY-Y b41-24, Prielea LK-V b43-16, Prielea LW-E d11-393, Prielea GP-M b48-0, Prielea OB-J b50-4, Prielea SH-H b51-4, Prielea MR-C c26-112, Prielea QX-A c27-90, Prielea TY-U b57-8, Slulee DB-A c92, Slulee OA-A d303, Slulee SG-Y d358, Slulee SG-Y d65, Slulee ME-M b7-16, Slulee XF-R c4-121, Slulee BM-P c5-17, Slulee OV-Z b13-22, Slulee JY-L c7-91, Slulee NE-K c8-121, Slulee LG-P b19-8, Slulee TS-L b21-25, Slulee BF-I b23-30, Slulee JR-E b25-20, Slulee LP-Z c13-102 Slulee DW-V b29-39 Slulee TB-W c15-78 Slulee TU-O b33-34 Slulee ZL-L b35-2 Slulee JT-H b37-32 Slulee FU-Q c18-48 Slulee JA-P c19-69 Slulee NG-N c20-6 Slulee RM-L c21-110 Slulee XC-Q b46-28 Slulee FP-M b48-18 Slulee HL-E c25-24 Slulee LR-C c26-92 Slulee CA-C b54-23 Slulee WO-Z d13-244 Slulee SY-U b57-17 Pru Ain XQ-R b4-24 Pru Ain NY-U c2-65 Pru Ain WM-W d1-158 Pru Ain WM-W d1-354 Pru Ain CO-D b12-15 Pru Ain DX-N c6-57 Pru Ain XS-U b16-23 Pru Ain PP-I c9-25 Pru Ain TV-G c10-82 Pru Ain UD-K b22-24 Pru Ain BI-D c12-38 Pru Ain KC-D b26-0 Pru Ain WU-X b28-3 Pru Ain EH-U b30-0 Pru Ain RG-W c15-84 Pru Ain UF-N b34-0 Pru Ain CS-J b36-24 Pru Ain CK-I d9-319 Pru Ain VL-C b40-4 Pru Ain GQ-G d10-38 Pru Ain KW-E d11-124 Pru Ain WC-Q b46-19 Pru Ain DF-G c24-23 Pru Ain IV-K b49-8 Pru Ain PH-H b51-15 Pru Ain ZO-D b53-8 Pru Ain SI-B d13-139 Pru Ain SD-Z c27-31 Pru Ain XZ-S b58-12 Bleae Aewsy NO-W b1-1 Bleae Aewsy KN-W c1-55 Bleae Aewsy OT-U c2-46 Bleae Aewsy KZ-L b7-0 Bleae Aewsy SL-I b9-16 Bleae Aewsy AY-E b11-13 Bleae Aewsy ES-N c6-11 Bleae Aewsy OB-Y b14-10 Bleae Aewsy EZ-S d3-23 Bleae Aewsy IG-P b19-2 Bleae Aewsy QS-L b21-3 Bleae Aewsy LL-P d5-16 Bleae Aewsy FR-E b25-12 Bleae Aewsy ND-B b27-1 Bleae Aewsy VP-X b28-8 Bleae Aewsy DC-U b30-2 Bleae Aewsy TX-L d7-11 Bleae Aewsy XD-K d8-335 Bleae Aewsy AS-J b36-3 Bleae Aewsy CK-I d9-96 Bleae Aewsy WR-A b41-9 Bleae Aewsy GQ-G d10-433 Bleae Aewsy KW-E d11-306 Bleae Aewsy YY-H c23-126 Bleae Aewsy OC-D d12-629 Bleae Aewsy GL-E c25-159 Bleae Aewsy KR-C c26-219 Bleae Aewsy EG-A b55-25 Bleae Aewsy SD-Z c27-219 Bleae Aewsy WZ-S b58-40 Puekee OA-A d142 Puekee QU-U b2-10 Puekee KN-W c1-59 Puekee SZ-S c3-115 Puekee SL-I b9-17 Puekee AY-E b11-18 Puekee IK-B b13-50 Puekee EZ-S d3-989 Puekee ME-K c8-51 Puekee GV-Q b18-19 Puekee HF-R d4-921 Puekee YW-E c11-69 Puekee IM-E b25-76 Puekee QR-N d6-547 Puekee KP-Z c13-36 Puekee GX-T b30-39 Puekee WH-U c16-267 Puekee AC-L b35-20 Puekee IO-H b37-60 Puekee PA-E b39-76 Puekee FQ-G d10-497 Puekee FZ-W b42-52 Puekee RR-R b45-31 Puekee JW-E d11-1651 Puekee XY-H c23-200 Puekee BF-G c24-233 Puekee NC-D d12-2151 Puekee BV-B b54-123 Puekee JH-Y b55-154 Puekee VJ-X c28-471 Froarks BB-A c498 Froarks FH-Y c750 Froarks TA-T b3-217 Froarks NT-U c2-241 Froarks RZ-S c3-288 Froarks UR-G b10-29 Froarks ZL-P c5-513 Froarks KQ-Z b13-3 Froarks HY-L c7-287 Froarks EV-Q b18-102 Froarks TQ-G c10-176 Froarks UT-J b22-30 Froarks CG-G b24-14 Froarks PR-N d6-2717 Froarks JP-Z c13-1129 Froarks EX-T b30-63 Froarks RB-W c15-542 Froarks VH-U c16-639 Froarks XD-K d8-5321 Froarks KU-F b38-278 Froarks LG-N c20-1143 Froarks CE-X b42-254 Froarks KQ-T b44-90 Froarks XY-H c23-865 Froarks AP-M b48-25 Froarks BF-G c24-648 Froarks NC-D d12-4833 Froarks JR-C c26-530 Froarks NX-A c27-1251 Froarks RD-Z c27-126 Byua Ain AH-A b133 Byua Ain FH-Y c1371 Byua Ain QF-T b3-35 Byua Ain YR-P b5-275 Byua Ain QZ-S c3-420 Byua Ain NQ-I b9-23 Byua Ain ZI-D b12-326 Byua Ain CS-N c6-1088 Byua Ain GY-L c7-497 Byua Ain XT-S b17-13 Byua Ain OK-I c9-789 Byua Ain RY-J b22-433 Byua Ain ZK-G b24-272 Byua Ain HX-C b26-307 Byua Ain PJ-Z b27-371 Byua Ain XV-V b29-170 Byua Ain QB-W c15-280 Byua Ain UH-U c16-2322 Byua Ain ZM-J b36-8 Byua Ain HZ-F b38-74 Byua Ain PL-C b40-410 Byua Ain ZS-Y b41-495 Byua Ain LL-T b44-230 Byua Ain RC-Q b46-26 Byua Ain AF-G c24-1525 Byua Ain JW-I b50-41 Byua Ain PN-F b52-30 Byua Ain XZ-B b54-5 Byua Ain VO-Z d13-1282 Byua Ain RE-T b58-235 Oephaird AB-A c667 Oephaird LZ-U b2-184 Oephaird IN-W c1-449 Oephaird QZ-S c3-2276 Oephaird NQ-I b9-159 Oephaird YL-P c5-629 Oephaird DP-B b13-64 Oephaird GY-L c7-1912 Oephaird TN-U b16-165 Oephaird BA-R b18-295 Oephaird HF-R d4-3408 Oephaird UE-I b23-19 Oephaird LL-P d5-7968 Oephaird EJ-B c13-575 Oephaird IP-Z c13-839 Oephaird MV-X c14-275 Oephaird MU-O b33-108 Oephaird YN-S c17-764 Oephaird BK-I d9-1909 Oephaird KF-E b39-19 Oephaird FQ-G d10-8572 Oephaird FQ-G d10-5117 Oephaird JW-E d11-1741 Oephaird WD-O b47-263 Oephaird EQ-K b49-195 Oephaird EL-E c25-1270 Oephaird IR-C c26-821 Oephaird GH-Y b55-211 Oephaird QD-Z c27-835 Oephaird VO-Z d13-1291 Dryao Aowsy NA-A d7165 Dryao Aowsy IN-W c1-347 Dryao Aowsy MT-U c2-72 Dryao Aowsy QZ-S c3-970 Dryao Aowsy OL-I b9-4 Dryao Aowsy ZS-U d2-2163 Dryao Aowsy BS-N c6-2175 Dryao Aowsy FY-L c7-379 Dryao Aowsy JE-K c8-2577 Dryao Aowsy NK-I c9-754 Dryao Aowsy NN-L b21-53 Dryao Aowsy VW-E c11-1858 Dryao Aowsy ZC-D c12-86 Dryao Aowsy OR-N d6-8648 Dryao Aowsy SX-L d7-1058 Dryao Aowsy PB-W c15-2463 Dryao Aowsy TH-U c16-2642 Dryao Aowsy XN-S c17-630 Dryao Aowsy BU-Q c18-257 Dryao Aowsy FA-P c19-615 Dryao Aowsy AF-R e4-1580 Dryao Aowsy NM-L c21-3532 Dryao Aowsy NR-R b45-41 Dryao Aowsy VY-H c23-1898 Dryao Aowsy DL-E c25-677 Dryao Aowsy QI-B d13-1909 Dryao Aowsy LX-A c27-2912 Dryao Aowsy UO-Z d13-504 Dryao Aowsy TJ-X c28-176 Ogaimy ZA-A c392 Ogaimy LU-U b2-28 Ogaimy QG-Y d1678 Ogaimy QG-Y d5730 Ogaimy PZ-S c3-1986 Ogaimy TF-R c4-2695 Ogaimy BS-N c6-455 Ogaimy CZ-S d3-10512 Ogaimy JE-K c8-2922 Ogaimy NK-I c9-2836 Ogaimy RQ-G c10-429 Ogaimy VW-E c11-573 Ogaimy KL-P d5-6386 Ogaimy DJ-B c13-3987 Ogaimy HP-Z c13-3792 Ogaimy LV-X c14-1341 Ogaimy PB-W c15-676 Ogaimy TH-U c16-3422 Ogaimy AK-I d9-436 Ogaimy FA-P c19-3256 Ogaimy JG-N c20-3210 Ogaimy MM-L c21-1641 Ogaimy QS-J c22-2613 Ogaimy UY-H c23-1097 Ogaimy YE-G c24-281 Ogaimy CL-E c25-1897 Ogaimy QI-B d13-3123 Ogaimy QI-B d13-6427 Ogaimy PD-Z c27-2264 Shrogaei MA-A d9247 Shrogaei GO-W b1-2 Shrogaei GN-W c1-872 Shrogaei VM-P b5-17 Shrogaei CH-Y c2185 Shrogaei MA-A d7650 Ogaimy UO-Z d13-1133 Ogaimy OD-Z c27-1997 Ogaimy KX-A c27-891 Ogaimy GR-C c26-1979 Ogaimy CL-E c25-1092 Ogaimy MC-D d12-9970 Ogaimy IW-E d11-1921 Ogaimy IW-E d11-3394 Ogaimy NM-L c21-407 Ogaimy AF-R e4-4496 Ogaimy BU-Q c18-2952 Ogaimy XN-S c17-3219 Ogaimy TH-U c16-2965 Ogaimy PB-W c15-2526 Ogaimy TH-U c16-661 Ogaimy WY-S e3-2531 Ogaimy GU-F b38-35 Ogaimy JG-N c20-688 Ogaimy AZ-W b42-72 Ogaimy EL-P e5-4719 Ogaimy VY-H c23-3168 Ogaimy MC-D d12-2665 Ogaimy DL-E c25-2114 Ogaimy HR-C c26-887 Ogaimy LX-A c27-1126 Ogaimy HN-W b56-5 Ogaimy SJ-X c28-2959 Shrogaei CI-Y b41 Shrogaei CH-Y c1941 Shrogaei UM-W d1-10106 Shrogaei SF-R c4-2543 Shrogaei WL-P c5-1146 Shrogaei BS-N c6-2081 Shrogaei FY-L c7-1790 Shrogaei VO-S b17-53 Shrogaei GF-R d4-5864 Dryoi Pri GN-M c10-1377 Shrogaei KL-P d5-2801 Shrogaei YC-D c12-561 Shrogaei OR-N d6-8344 Dryoi Pri AS-D c15-430 Dryoi Pri EY-B c16-1089 Dryoi Pri IE-A c17-591 Dryoi Pri MK-Y c17-1153 Dryoi Pri QQ-W c18-243 Dryoi Pri WF-L d9-10563 Dryoi Pri YC-T c20-903 Dryoi Pri CJ-R c21-151 Dryoi Pri ES-H d11-336 Dryoi Pri KV-N c23-517 Dryoi Pri OB-M c24-808 Dryoi Pri SH-K c25-230 Dryoi Pri ME-E d13-6607 Dryoi Pri AU-G c27-255 Dryoi Pri EA-F c28-357 Dryoi Pri QK-C d14-6356 Hypoe Flyi SD-E c1-497 Hypoe Flyi MC-B d1-3304 Hypoe Flyi MC-B d1-9852 Hypoe Flyi EW-Y c3-806 Hypoe Flyi QI-Z d1-94 Hypoe Flyi UO-X d2-62 Hypoe Flyi QO-T c6-991 Hypoe Flyi UU-R c7-516 Hypoe Flyi YA-Q c8-243 Hypoe Flyi CH-O c9-661 Hypoe Flyi GN-M c10-1084 Hypoe Flyi GH-S d5-7313 Hypoe Flyi KN-Q d6-387 Hypoe Flyi KN-Q d6-5889 Hypoe Flyi OT-O d7-5897 Hypoe Flyi OT-O d7-3262 Hypoe Flyi IE-A c17-142 Hypoe Flyi SZ-M d8-1279 Hypoe Flyi QQ-W c18-137 Hypoe Flyi UW-U c19-186 Hypoe Flyi YC-T c20-1363 Hypoe Flyi CJ-R c21-784 Hypoe Flyi GP-P c22-196 Hypoe Flyi OB-M c24-632 Hypoe Flyi SH-K c25-1840 Hypoe Flyi IY-F d12-1776 Hypoe Flyi PT-Q e5-3521 Hypoe Flyi PK-C d14-865 Wepue HW-C d2955 Wepue VJ-C c2-1253 Wepue LC-B d1-7416 Wepue DW-Y c3-520 Wepue PI-Z d1-5466 Wepue XQ-Q b11-71 Wepue PO-T c6-1854 Wepue DB-Q a32-13 Wepue XA-Q c8-1681 Wepue BB-U d4-5410 Wepue FN-M c10-435 Wepue JT-K c11-1807 Wepue ML-D a53-24 Wepue VL-F c14-1037 Zunuae JV-X c14-4302 Zunuae RX-L d7-6083 Zunuae RH-U c16-1673 Zunuae VN-S c17-648 Wepue HH-U e3-125 Zunuae PS-J c22-5439 Zunuae TY-H c23-5114 Zunuae XE-G c24-1823 Zunuae BL-E c25-122 Zunuae FR-C c26-5654 Zunuae JX-A c27-7533 Zunuae PI-B d13-4115 Myriesly FN-W c1-1503 Myriesly JT-U c2-6874 Myriesly NZ-S c3-1517 Myriesly RF-R c4-6931 Myriesly VL-P c5-5773 Myriesly CQ-Z b13-136 Myriesly BZ-S d3-898 Byoomao XU-V d3-55 Byoomao JN-Q d6-8456 Myriesly FP-Z c13-7797 Myriesly JV-X c14-1729 Myriesly NB-W c15-1209 Myriesly VD-K d8-7883 Myriesly HG-N c20-4934 Byoomao ZL-J d10-3511 Byoomao HY-F d12-6112 Phua Aub XA-A c3446 Phroi Pri HW-C d9340 Phroi Pri PI-Z d1-265 Phroi Pri TO-X d2-7052 Phroi Pri PO-T c6-2436 Phroi Pri TU-R c7-3630 Phua Aub HE-K c8-4663 Phroi Pri BH-O c9-794 Phroi Pri FN-M c10-3813 Phroi Pri JT-K c11-2819 Phroi Pri FH-S d5-9518 Phroi Pri VL-F c14-1481 Phroi Pri JN-Q d6-6410 Phroi Pri KK-Y c17-3777 Phroi Pri VF-L d9-2988 Phroi Pri EP-P c22-1490 Phroi Pri IV-N c23-2196 Phua Aub WE-G c24-3213 Phroi Pri HY-F d12-5951 Phua Aub HR-N e6-51 Systimbu LC-B d1-5156 Systimbu TO-X d2-8310 Systimbu DN-M c10-2811 Systimbu AB-U d4-1135 Systimbu MT-O d7-8229 Systimbu BY-B c16-78 Systimbu QZ-M d8-172 Systimbu VC-T c20-978 Systimbu FR-M a89-36 Systimbu DP-P c22-2412 Systimbu DS-H d11-2765 Systimbu KE-E d13-4646 Systimbu PK-C d14-981 Scaulo TJ-C c2-3617 Scaulo KC-B d1-621 Scaulo BW-Y c3-1456 Dryao Chrea TM-W d1-7050 Scaulo WU-V d3-5156 Dryao Chrea JK-I c9-6779 Dryao Chrea NQ-G c10-6410 Dryao Chrea IL-P d5-6429 Dryao Chrea VC-D c12-4288 Scaulo TL-F c14-802 Scaulo XR-D c15-1560 Scaulo BY-B c16-2568 Scaulo FE-A c17-252 Scaulo MF-S a72-38 Scaulo UF-L d9-8073 Scaulo RW-U c19-2686 Scaulo YL-J d10-2013 Scaulo YL-J d10-7852 Scaulo DP-P c22-2153 Scaulo HV-N c23-112 Scaulo LB-M c24-405 Scaulo TN-I c26-1989 Scaulo KE-E d13-2664 Scaulo OK-C d14-8730 Scaulo OK-C d14-4883 Eorld Byoe LX-F c1461 Eorld Byoe EH-I b2-63 Eorld Byoe TJ-C c2-1535 Eorld Byoe XP-A c3-162 Eorld Byoe VO-Z e9251 Eorld Byoe FC-X c4-1749 Eorld Byoe JI-V c5-1298 Eorld Byoe RU-R c7-1797 Eorld Byoe VA-Q c8-726 Eorld Byoe AB-U d4-5969 Eorld Byoe DN-M c10-1262 Eorld Byoe EH-S d5-2988 Eorld Byoe XR-D c15-1698 Eorld Byoe BY-B c16-93 Eorld Byoe QZ-M d8-9590 Eorld Byoe HH-U e3-1656 Eorld Byoe YL-J d10-2622 Eorld Byoe SN-I c26-1 Eorld Byoe NR-Z a109-13 Eorld Byoe OK-C d14-8552 Eorld Byoe OK-C d14-7753 Brairee WP-A c3-1298 Brairee KM-Q a18-24 Brairee AL-J a22-21 Brairee UP-A a27-13 Brairee WU-V d3-412 Brairee AN-M a34-18 Brairee UR-D a39-4 Brairee AB-U d4-2814 Brairee SL-F c14-699 Brairee WR-D c15-242 Brairee MT-O d7-1020 Brairee QZ-M d8-2359 Brairee QZ-M d8-3371 Brairee QW-U c19-1512 Brairee UF-L d9-2370 Brairee GY-F d12-8093 Brairee EZ-N a102-10 Brairee YD-F a107-19 Brairee QX-X a110-4 Brairee OK-C d14-1642 Hypoe Bluae KC-B d1-9009 Hypoe Bluae KC-B d1-9013 Hypoe Bluae QU-R c7-1266 Hypoe Bluae TA-Q c8-1320 Hypoe Bluae VU-V d3-2883 Hypoe Bluae AB-U d4-2705 Hypoe Bluae IN-Q d6-2344 Hypoe Bluae QZ-M d8-6365 Hypoe Bluae TF-L d9-7570 Hypoe Bluae KN-S e4-9287 Hypoe Bluae BS-H d11-9258 Hypoe Bluae UT-G c27-461 Hypoe Bluae NK-C d14-5942 Hypoe Bluae NK-C d14-4537 Phroi Bluae QI-B e7429 Phroi Bluae FW-C d500 Phroi Bluae JC-B d1-7263 Phroi Bluae JC-B d1-1566 Phroi Bluae RO-X d2-4945 Phroi Bluae VU-V d3-995 Phroi Bluae DH-S d5-1285 Phroi Bluae LT-O d7-3161 Phroi Bluae GH-U e3-1674 Phroi Bluae PZ-M d8-5346 Phroi Bluae RG-K b42-124 Phroi Bluae YD-R c21-815 Phroi Bluae CK-P c22-724 Phroi Bluae KL-B b47-333 Phroi Bluae FY-F d12-3389 Phroi Bluae AV-E c28-435 Phroi Bluae MK-C d14-4557 Hyuqau IC-B d1-3719 Hyuqau DK-J b15-279 Hyuqau LW-F b17-188 Hyuqau TI-C b19-9 Hyuqau BI-M c10-1069 Hyuqau CH-S d5-6028 Hyuqau NJ-H b30-36 Hyuqau LT-O d7-1174 Hyuqau TF-L d9-3872 Hyuqau AS-H d11-8723 Hyuqau QT-L b55-196 Hyuqau YF-I b57-43 Hyuqau GS-E b59-27 Phroi Byoe SA-K b1-89 Phroi Byoe EW-C d2199 Phroi Byoe IC-B d1-674 Phroi Byoe MF-B b6-351 Vegnoae OY-L b7-134 Vegnoae NO-K b8-131 Vegnoae OR-W d1-1845 Vegnoae OR-W d1-4088 Vegnoae IA-Q c5-766 Vegnoae SB-D b13-97 Vegnoae PC-V d2-288 Vegnoae RN-T d3-1500 Vegnoae RN-T d3-105 Vegnoae SI-X b16-107 Vegnoae HW-L c8-88 Vegnoae RO-U b18-2 Vegnoae IH-K c9-927 Vegnoae NX-T d3-2003 Vegnoae TO-Q d5-190 Vegnoae SW-C b29-7 Vegnoae ZF-N d7-223 Vegnoae KQ-V b32-0 Vegnoae LE-V c17-238 Vegnoae HS-J d9-1440 Vegnoae HS-J d9-1717 Vegnoae HS-J d9-2007 Vegnoae RT-R e4-3069 Vegnoae RT-R e4-2553 Vegnoae VZ-P e5-125 Vegnoae JK-K c23-63 Vegnoae NQ-I c24-63 Vegnoae UF-E d12-3085 Vegnoae YL-C d13-444 Vegnoae CE-D c27-201 Vegnoae DS-A d14-581 Vegnoae ML-Z c28-32 Ploi Aowsy XY-A d140 Ploi Aowsy WI-A c1-154 Ploi Aowsy CK-Y c1-434 Ploi Aowsy OR-R b6-31 Ploi Aowsy ZY-N b8-17 Ploi Aowsy JG-K b10-55 Ploi Aowsy RS-G b12-94 Ploi Aowsy ZJ-P c6-327 Ploi Aowsy MH-Z b15-8 Ploi Aowsy YZ-T b18-13 Ploi Aowsy RD-I c10-37 Ploi Aowsy VJ-G c11-97 Ploi Aowsy BB-J b24-30 Ploi Aowsy JN-F b26-7 Ploi Aowsy TU-B b28-13 Ploi Aowsy PY-Y c14-582 Ploi Aowsy LO-U b31-19 Ploi Aowsy VV-Q b33-63 Ploi Aowsy FD-N b35-46 Ploi Aowsy ST-I d9-1343 Ploi Aowsy YW-F b39-10 Ploi Aowsy IE-C b41-133 Ploi Aowsy QQ-Y b42-69 Ploi Aowsy AY-U b44-102 Ploi Aowsy AM-K c22-257 Ploi Aowsy GN-I c23-1060 Ploi Aowsy KT-G c24-626 Ploi Aowsy JA-I b51-16 Ploi Aowsy RM-E b53-176 Ploi Aowsy BU-A b55-7 Ploi Aowsy JG-X b56-36 Ploi Aowsy TN-T b58-119 Spooreau FW-Y b5 Spooreau IA-A d3651 Spooreau ZM-W c1-435 Spooreau IX-N b6-59 Spooreau SE-K b8-199 Spooreau BR-G b10-49 Prae Flyi QO-X d2-2318 Prae Flyi BP-J b15-16 Prae Flyi FV-H b16-188 Prae Flyi RA-Q c8-262 Prae Flyi WT-A b20-200 Prae Flyi DG-X b21-133 Prae Flyi CH-S d5-3321 Prae Flyi HZ-I c12-87 Prae Flyi FX-K b28-99 Prae Flyi NJ-H b30-114 Prae Flyi VV-D b32-66 Prae Flyi DI-A b34-99 Prae Flyi LU-W b35-4 Prae Flyi TG-T b37-82 Prae Flyi FZ-N b40-18 Prae Flyi RC-T c20-259 Prae Flyi UX-G b44-91 Prae Flyi DK-D b46-83 Prae Flyi LW-Z b47-66 Prae Flyi TI-W b49-1 Prae Flyi PN-I c26-215 Prae Flyi NN-N b54-24 Prae Flyi UZ-J b56-119 Prae Flyi CM-G b58-32 Dryiqau OU-L b7 Dryiqau EW-C d316 Dryiqau ZM-G b3-42 Dryiqau HZ-C b5-63 Dryiqau PL-Z b6-86 Dryiqau XX-V b8-29 Dryiqau FK-S b10-22 Dryiqau NW-O b12-6 Dryiqau IO-T c6-78 Dryiqau GB-G b17-21 Dryiqau ON-C b19-47 Dryiqau YA-U d4-566 Dryiqau CH-S d5-358 Dryiqau MY-R b24-5 Dryiqau UK-O b26-8 Dryiqau GN-Q d6-374 Dryiqau UM-D c15-70 Dryiqau ZW-B b33-19 Dryiqau FO-Y b34-9 Dryiqau MA-V b36-34 Dryiqau UM-R b38-3 Dryiqau DZ-N b40-2 Dryiqau LL-K b42-7 Dryiqau TX-G b44-3 Dryiqau BK-D b46-12 Dryiqau JW-Z b47-2 Dryiqau XJ-U b50-10 Dryiqau IE-E d13-120 Dryiqau LN-N b54-14 Dryiqau YU-E c28-26 Dryiqau BM-G b58-18 Cyoagaea GX-F c34 Cyoagaea UG-I b2-8 Cyoagaea IC-B d1-82 Cyoagaea OL-Z b6-9 Cyoagaea WV-Y c3-10 Cyoagaea DK-S b10-19 Cyoagaea OR-O b12-8 Cyoagaea WD-L b14-10 Cyoagaea FQ-H b16-8 Cyoagaea NC-E b18-4 Cyoagaea UO-A b20-8 Cyoagaea YA-U d4-178 Cyoagaea YA-U d4-179 Cyoagaea CH-S d5-109 Cyoagaea GN-Q d6-10 Cyoagaea BX-K b28-3 Cyoagaea KJ-H b30-10 Cyoagaea SV-D b32-6 Cyoagaea AI-A b34-11 Cyoagaea IU-W b35-14 Cyoagaea QG-T b37-7 Cyoagaea MW-U c19-9 Cyoagaea KL-K b42-11 Cyoagaea VL-J d10-3 Cyoagaea YO-P c22-30 Cyoagaea MC-A a96-1 Cyoagaea PI-W b49-7 Cyoagaea YU-S b51-3 Cyoagaea GH-P b53-5 Cyoagaea ST-G c27-19 Cyoagaea MK-C d14-15 Cyoagaea CB-D c29-47 Qosoa EW-C d13 Qosoa CT-E b4-1 Qosoa RP-A c3-14 Qosoa VV-Y c3-31 Qosoa VX-V b8-4 Qosoa HQ-Q b11-13 Qosoa IO-T c6-0 Qosoa YO-J b15-14 Qosoa GB-G b17-8 Qosoa ON-C b19-12 Qosoa YA-U d4-26 Qosoa CH-S d5-76 Qosoa GZ-I c12-19 Qosoa YQ-M b27-5 Qosoa IQ-S a58-3 Qosoa NP-F b31-6 Qosoa VX-B c16-17 Qosoa DO-Y b34-3 Qosoa LA-V b36-4 Qosoa TM-R b38-3 Qosoa BZ-N b40-8 Qosoa VL-J d10-74 Qosoa RX-G b44-8 Qosoa DQ-B b47-0 Qosoa DQ-B b47-7 Qosoa LC-Y b48-8 Qosoa TO-U b50-4 Qosoa NN-I c26-8 Qosoa RT-G c27-3 Qosoa QZ-J b56-1 Qosoa XN-L a117-1 Graea Flyi DW-C d46 Graea Flyi SG-I b2-0 Graea Flyi EI-G a10-0 Graea Flyi ML-Z b6-2 Graea Flyi VS-V b8-2 Graea Flyi EF-S b10-1 Graea Flyi MR-O b12-0 Graea Flyi PO-X d2-31 Graea Flyi NP-R c7-1 Graea Flyi KC-E b18-2 Graea Flyi VB-O c9-8 Graea Flyi CW-W b21-2 Graea Flyi KI-T b23-1 Graea Flyi HU-I c12-10 Graea Flyi AH-M b27-2 Graea Flyi HT-I b29-1 Graea Flyi PF-F b31-0 Graea Flyi WW-B b33-2 Graea Flyi AD-A b34-2 Graea Flyi IP-W b35-0 Graea Flyi SW-S b37-1 Graea Flyi ZI-P b39-1 Graea Flyi XG-J d10-11 Graea Flyi PH-I b43-1 Graea Flyi YJ-P c22-5 Graea Flyi EG-B b47-1 Graea Flyi DY-F d12-28 Graea Flyi KC-K c25-4 Graea Flyi NI-I c26-3 Graea Flyi KD-N b54-1 Graea Flyi UK-J b56-1 Graea Flyi EI-E b59-0 Fachiae QQ-J b1-0 Fachiae MT-D c1-1 Fachiae JX-A d1-10 Fachiae RW-Y b6-0 Fachiae ZI-V b8-0 Fachiae FA-S b10-0 Fachiae PO-X d2-22 Fachiae IJ-T c6-5 Fachiae XJ-J b15-1 Fachiae TU-V d3-13 Fachiae UB-O c9-2 Fachiae XH-M c10-3 Fachiae BH-V b22-1 Fachiae KT-R b24-0 Fachiae FN-Q d6-12 Fachiae BS-K b28-0 Fachiae IE-H b30-1 Fachiae JT-O d7-3 Fachiae ZY-Z c16-4 Fachiae EF-Y c17-3 Fachiae RW-S b37-0 Fachiae ZI-P b39-0 Fachiae IV-L b41-0 Fachiae PH-I b43-0 Fachiae ZR-H d11-2 Fachiae EG-B b47-1 Fachiae ON-X b48-0 Fachiae WZ-T b50-0 Fachiae EM-Q b52-0 Fachiae MY-M b54-0 Fachiae LY-M b54-1 Fachiae TK-J b56-1 Fachiae BX-F b58-1 Graea Pri DW-C d15 Graea Pri TW-H b2-1 Graea Pri AJ-E b4-0 Graea Pri RK-A c3-0 Graea Pri VQ-Y c3-0 Graea Pri ZW-W c4-0 Graea Pri GG-Q b11-0 Graea Pri HJ-T c6-2 Graea Pri YZ-I b15-0 Graea Pri IH-F b17-0 Graea Pri OY-B b19-0 Graea Pri YF-Y b20-1 Graea Pri EX-U b22-0 Graea Pri MJ-R b24-0 Graea Pri TV-N b26-0 Graea Pri BI-K b28-0 Graea Pri JE-I b29-0 Graea Pri PV-E b31-0 Graea Pri VM-B b33-0 Graea Pri DZ-X b34-0 Graea Pri OU-M d8-4 Graea Pri TX-Q b38-0 Graea Pri YD-P b39-0 Graea Pri FV-L b41-1 Graea Pri KW-J b42-1 Graea Pri TI-G b44-0 Graea Pri ZZ-C b46-0 Graea Pri GM-Z b47-0 Graea Pri OY-V b49-1 Graea Pri WK-S b51-0 Graea Pri GS-O b53-0 Graea Pri NE-L b55-0 Graea Pri UU-E c28-1 Graea Pri DD-E b59-0 Striechooe ER-C d16 Striechooe ER-C d20 Striechooe HF-C b5-1 Striechooe SF-A c3-1 Striechooe XD-V b8-0 Striechooe DV-R b10-0 Striechooe EY-U c5-2 Striechooe IE-T c6-1 Striechooe AG-H b16-0 Striechooe GX-D b18-0 Striechooe OJ-A b20-1 Striechooe XV-W b21-0 Striechooe HD-T b23-0 Striechooe NU-P b25-0 Striechooe WG-M b27-1 Striechooe ET-I b29-2 Striechooe IT-O d7-5 Striechooe RW-B b33-0 Striechooe ZI-Y b34-1 Striechooe JQ-U b36-0 Striechooe RC-R b38-1 Striechooe BK-N b40-2 Striechooe JW-J b42-1 Striechooe TD-G b44-1 Striechooe YE-P c22-4 Striechooe GM-Z b47-1 Striechooe PY-V b49-0 Striechooe JC-K c25-2 Striechooe FX-O b53-1 Striechooe OE-L b55-1 Striechooe VV-H b57-0 Striechooe CI-E b59-2 Swuenoi FS-F c10 Swuenoi VH-G b3-1 Swuenoi NE-C c2-8 Swuenoi LG-Z b6-5 Swuenoi KI-Z d1-6 Swuenoi OO-X d2-19 Swuenoi KC-N b13-2 Swuenoi SO-J b15-0 Swuenoi SU-V d3-43 Swuenoi SB-O c9-9 Swuenoi RU-Y b20-1 Swuenoi AH-S d5-4 Swuenoi JO-R b24-3 Swuenoi JA-H c13-2 Swuenoi ZM-K b28-0 Swuenoi HZ-G b30-1 Swuenoi OL-D b32-1 Swuenoi MZ-M d8-49 Swuenoi FK-W b35-5 Swuenoi NW-S b37-1 Swuenoi WI-P b39-4 Swuenoi OX-S c20-19 Swuenoi KH-I b43-5 Swuenoi SD-R c21-7 Swuenoi WJ-P c22-4 Swuenoi YR-H d11-91 Swuenoi CY-F d12-43 Swuenoi VK-S b51-2 Swuenoi BC-P b53-7 Swuenoi QO-G c27-11 Swuenoi RA-I b57-3 Swuenoi ZM-E b59-2 Auphaibs ES-F c26 Auphaibs XN-E b4-0 Auphaibs GC-B d1-81 Auphaibs OM-X b7-0 Auphaibs WY-T b9-4 Auphaibs DL-Q b11-5 Auphaibs LX-M b13-4 Auphaibs SU-V d3-72 Auphaibs DR-F b17-4 Auphaibs WA-U d4-116 Auphaibs WA-U d4-69 Auphaibs DN-T b23-8 Auphaibs LZ-P b25-2 Auphaibs EN-Q d6-38 Auphaibs EN-Q d6-101 Auphaibs QM-D c15-6 Auphaibs TR-B b33-5 Auphaibs CE-Y b34-8 Auphaibs HV-U b36-4 Auphaibs QF-L d9-70 Auphaibs XT-N b40-0 Auphaibs FG-K b42-2 Auphaibs TT-E b45-8 Auphaibs VE-D b46-9 Auphaibs HX-X b48-10 Auphaibs PJ-U b50-1 Auphaibs MI-I c26-16 Auphaibs FI-N b54-3 Auphaibs UU-E c28-16 Auphaibs VG-G b58-11 Drootie HP-L b6 Drootie IY-D c1-33 Drootie BU-C b5-12 Drootie GC-B d1-93 Drootie RS-V b8-5 Drootie ZE-S b10-12 Drootie FW-O b12-12 Drootie MI-L b14-7 Drootie SU-V d3-6 Drootie MA-Q c8-3 Drootie PZ-Y b20-11 Drootie WL-V b22-4 Drootie HT-R b24-6 Drootie PF-O b26-8 Drootie XR-K b28-5 Drootie EE-H b30-2 Drootie MQ-D b32-12 Drootie YY-Z c16-28 Drootie EK-W b35-3 Drootie GL-W c18-11 Drootie YO-N b40-8 Drootie OX-S c20-40 Drootie UL-J d10-128 Drootie UE-D b46-4 Drootie AQ-N c23-28 Drootie MY-V b49-7 Drootie SP-S b51-5 Drootie JN-I c26-10 Smootiae WT-B b54-11 Smootiae JI-B d13-20 Smootiae NO-Z d13-109 Smootiae CT-X c28-20 Truechoae IK-A c6 Truechoae SV-X b1-0 Truechoae UG-W b2-1 Truechoae GQ-Y d56 Truechoae GQ-Y d79 Truechoae AE-Q b6-3 Truechoae IB-X d1-13 Truechoae GG-X d1-53 Truechoae NC-I b11-2 Truechoae KM-V d2-30 Truechoae QD-F b13-1 Truechoae YU-B b15-1 Truechoae NX-T d3-52 Truechoae JH-Y b16-1 Truechoae PN-W b17-0 Truechoae VT-U b18-0 Truechoae QN-I c10-3 Truechoae KM-P b21-0 Truechoae UY-G c11-1 Truechoae XJ-K b24-2 Truechoae ZJ-K b24-1 Truechoae CA-F c12-6 Truechoae DQ-O d6-59 Truechoae EQ-O d6-2 Truechoae YD-D b28-1 Truechoae OM-B c14-7 Truechoae EZ-C b28-1 Truechoae JW-M d7-28 Truechoae LR-M d7-11 Truechoae CF-S b33-3 Truechoae IW-O b35-3 Truechoae RI-J d9-27 Truechoae AQ-H b39-3 Truechoae IC-E b41-0 Truechoae VE-N c21-5 Truechoae XA-X b44-4 Truechoae DR-J c23-17 Truechoae HX-H c24-10 Truechoae WG-M b50-3 Truechoae GO-I b52-2 Truechoae IC-C d13-38 Truechoae MI-A d14-68 Truechoae EU-X b57-2 Byua Chrea IO-B c4 Byua Chrea XO-Z b1-0 Byua Chrea PA-Y c1-1 Byua Chrea JV-Y d62 Byua Chrea VU-O b7-0 Byua Chrea HX-K b9-3 Byua Chrea DJ-S c4-5 Byua Chrea HP-Q c5-15 Byua Chrea WQ-D b13-1 Byua Chrea ED-A b15-0 Byua Chrea SH-L c8-14 Byua Chrea WN-J c9-1 Byua Chrea ZN-P b20-3 Byua Chrea JV-L b22-0 Byua Chrea RH-I b24-4 Byua Chrea HB-O d6-44 Byua Chrea HB-O d6-22 Byua Chrea TD-X b29-0 Byua Chrea ZU-T b31-5 Byua Chrea IH-Q b33-4 Byua Chrea SO-M b35-1 Byua Chrea ZA-J b37-2 Byua Chrea IN-F b39-2 Byua Chrea XZ-G d10-4 Byua Chrea XL-Y b42-4 Byua Chrea HT-U b44-5 Byua Chrea PF-R b46-2 Byua Chrea VW-N b48-4 Byua Chrea DJ-K b50-4 Byua Chrea PB-F b53-3 Byua Chrea WQ-B c27-15 Byua Chrea EA-Y b56-1 Byua Chrea PT-Z d13-75 Bleae Briae MP-A c2 Bleae Briae HF-A d79 Bleae Briae QO-S b4-3 Bleae Briae YA-P b6-4 Bleae Briae FN-L b8-0 Bleae Briae OU-H b10-5 Bleae Briae XG-E b12-2 Bleae Briae NG-O c6-7 Bleae Briae LK-X b15-4 Bleae Briae UW-T b17-0 Bleae Briae AK-R d4-46 Bleae Briae KV-M b21-4 Bleae Briae TC-J b23-1 Bleae Briae DK-F b25-1 Bleae Briae QX-B c13-17 Bleae Briae JW-N d6-40 Bleae Briae BV-U b30-2 Bleae Briae IR-U c16-23 Bleae Briae LX-S c17-23 Bleae Briae CM-I b37-4 Bleae Briae LY-E b39-4 Bleae Briae SK-B b41-2 Bleae Briae YU-G d10-5 Bleae Briae GO-U b44-4 Bleae Briae HN-I c23-8 Bleae Briae TR-N b48-3 Bleae Briae BE-K b50-2 Bleae Briae JQ-G b52-2 Bleae Briae WL-B c27-6 Bleae Briae ZO-Z b55-1 Bleae Briae HB-W b57-2 Proyaa KP-A c4 Proyaa CR-X b1-0 Proyaa HX-V b2-2 Proyaa PJ-S b4-0 Proyaa YC-V c2-1 Proyaa AO-T c3-10 Proyaa OP-H b10-2 Proyaa JV-P c5-5 Proyaa EO-A b14-0 Proyaa NV-W b15-0 Proyaa WH-T b17-1 Proyaa ZT-I c9-6 Proyaa CF-R d4-36 Proyaa LM-B b27-1 Proyaa SY-X b28-1 Proyaa NX-L d7-15 Proyaa GC-R b32-1 Proyaa PI-K d8-10 Proyaa VF-K b36-1 Proyaa TO-I d9-22 Proyaa KK-S b45-0 Proyaa UR-O b47-1 Proyaa MJ-G c24-1 Proyaa IV-H b51-0 Proyaa SA-D c26-2 Proyaa WY-A b55-0 Proyaa FR-N e6-1 Proyaa LX-T b58-0 Cho Thua XF-Z b0 Cho Thua FF-A d3 Cho Thua OZ-R b4-0 Cho Thua VC-V c2-0 Cho Thua FT-K b8-0 Cho Thua LK-H b10-0 Cho Thua UR-D b12-0 Cho Thua SS-U d2-11 Cho Thua SC-M c7-1 Cho Thua XY-S d3-4 Cho Thua YT-I c9-1 Cho Thua EV-G c10-2 Cho Thua NM-K b22-0 Cho Thua KM-D c12-0 Cho Thua EG-D b26-0 Cho Thua IM-B b27-0 Cho Thua RT-X b28-0 Cho Thua NX-L d7-4 Cho Thua NX-L d7-5 Cho Thua HI-P b33-0 Cho Thua HX-S c17-0 Cho Thua QD-K d8-6 Cho Thua SO-I d9-4 Cho Thua OJ-P c19-0 Cho Thua QE-P c19-1 Cho Thua UK-N c20-1 Cho Thua YP-G d10-6 Cho Thua CX-J c22-0 Cho Thua HD-I c23-0 Cho Thua ME-G c24-1 Cho Thua QK-E c25-1 Cho Thua QK-E c25-0 Cho Thua TQ-C c26-1 Cho Thua YW-A c27-1 Cho Thua CD-Z c27-0 Cho Thua GM-W b56-0 Cho Thua NO-Z d13-1 Pyria Thua GA-A d0 Pyria Thua QG-Y c0 Pyria Thua UM-W c1-0 Pyria Thua YS-U c2-0 Pyria Thua CZ-S c3-0 Pyroo Eohn OX-V b8-0 Pyroo Eohn VJ-S b10-0 Pyroo Eohn YP-Q b11-0 Pyroo Eohn GC-N b13-0 Pyroo Eohn KI-L b14-0 Pyroo Eohn SU-H b16-0 Pyroo Eohn AH-E b18-0 Pyroo Eohn IT-A b20-0 Pyria Thua DQ-G c10-0 Pyria Thua HW-E c11-0 Pyria Thua DL-P d5-1 Pyria Thua KC-D c12-0 Pyria Thua OI-B c13-0 Pyria Thua PI-B c13-0 Pyria Thua TO-Z c13-0 Pyroo Eohn DN-Q d6-0 Pyria Thua XU-X c14-0 Pyria Thua BB-W c15-0 Pyria Thua FH-U c16-0 Pyria Thua JN-S c17-0 Pyria Thua NT-Q c18-0 Pyria Thua MT-Q c18-0 Pyria Thua QZ-O c19-0 Pyria Thua UF-N c20-0 Pyria Thua TF-N c20-0 Pyria Thua YL-L c21-0 Pyria Thua CS-J c22-0 Pyria Thua GY-H c23-0 Pyria Thua KE-G c24-0 Pyria Thua OK-E c25-0 Pyria Thua NK-E c25-0 Pyria Thua RQ-C c26-0 Pyria Thua II-B d13-2 Chua Dryiae BW-C d0 Chua Dryiae FC-B d1-0 Chua Dryiae OK-A c3-0 Chua Dryiae SQ-Y c3-0 Chua Dryiae JI-Z d1-1 Chua Dryiae JI-Z d1-0 Chua Dryiae RQ-Y c3-0 Chua Dryiae II-Z d1-1 Chua Dryiae MO-X d2-0 Chua Dryiae DJ-T c6-0 Chua Dryiae MO-X d2-2 Chua Dryiae HP-R c7-0 Chua Dryiae NQ-P c8-0 Chua Dryiae OB-O c9-0 Chua Dryiae TH-M c10-0 Chua Dryiae VC-M c10-0 Chua Dryiae ZI-K c11-0 Chua Dryiae DP-I c12-0 Chua Dryiae AC-S d5-2 Chua Dryiae GV-G c13-0 Chua Dryiae CN-Q d6-1 Chua Dryiae PW-K b28-0 Chua Dryiae TC-J b29-0 Chua Dryiae GT-O d7-0 Chua Dryiae SS-B c16-0 Chua Dryiae WY-Z c16-0 Chua Dryiae NU-M d8-3 Chua Dryiae CA-Y c17-0 Chua Dryiae GG-W c18-0 Chua Dryiae PF-L d9-2 Chua Dryiae IR-U c19-0 Chua Dryiae MX-S c20-0 Chua Dryiae QD-R c21-0 Chua Dryiae UJ-P c22-0 Chua Dryiae YP-N c23-0 Chua Dryiae CW-L c24-0 Chua Dryiae GC-K c25-0 Chua Dryiae KI-I c26-0 Chua Dryiae OO-G c27-0 Chua Dryiae SU-E c28-0 Chua Dryiae TP-E c28-0 Chua Dryiae KF-C d14-2 Nuwo CR-C d1 Nuwo HT-D c1-0 Nuwo CR-C d0 Nuwo GX-A d1-3 Nuwo OF-A c3-0 Nuwo GX-A d1-2 Nuwo RL-Y c3-0 Nuwo TW-W c4-0 Nuwo VR-W c4-0 Nuwo XC-V c5-0 Nuwo BJ-T c6-0 Nuwo FP-R c7-0 Nuwo IV-P c8-1 Nuwo JV-P c8-0 Nuwo UA-U d4-0 Nuwo SH-M c10-0 Nuwo WV-T d4-1 Nuwo AC-S d5-3 Nuwo BU-I c12-1 Nuwo AC-S d5-4 Nuwo HV-G c13-0 Nuwo JQ-G c13-0 Nuwo LB-F c14-0 Nuwo PH-D c15-0 Nuwo NM-D c15-0 Nuwo TN-B c16-0 Nuwo XT-Z c16-0 Nuwo MU-M d8-2 Nuwo BA-Y c17-0 Nuwo DV-X c17-0 Nuwo QA-L d9-1 Nuwo KH-U c19-0 Nuwo UG-J d10-5 Nuwo UG-J d10-1 Nuwo ST-Q c21-0 Nuwo YM-H d11-0 Nuwo AG-N c23-0 Nuwo ZF-N c23-0 Nuwo DM-L c24-0 Nuwo EH-L c24-0 Nuwo JN-J c25-0 Nuwo NT-H c26-0 Nuwo RZ-F c27-0 Nuwo SU-F c27-0 Nuwo UF-E c28-0 Nuwo LA-C d14-4 Straae Eohn CI-F c0 Straae Eohn GO-D c1-0 Straae Eohn FX-A d1-0 Straae Eohn KU-B c2-0 Straae Eohn QV-Z c2-0 Straae Eohn TB-Y c3-0 Straae Eohn XH-W c4-0 Straae Eohn WM-W c4-0 Straae Eohn AT-U c5-0 Straae Eohn DE-T c6-0 Straae Eohn NJ-X d2-5 Straae Eohn IF-R c7-0 Straae Eohn ML-P c8-0 Straae Eohn VV-T d4-0 Straae Eohn UX-L c10-0 Straae Eohn YD-K c11-0 Straae Eohn CK-I c12-0 Straae Eohn FQ-G c13-1 Straae Eohn FD-Q d6-1 Straae Eohn FD-Q d6-2 Straae Eohn QX-C c15-0 Straae Eohn IJ-O d7-2 Straae Eohn TD-B c16-0 Straae Eohn VO-Z c16-0 Straae Eohn UO-Z c16-1 Straae Eohn MP-M d8-3 Straae Eohn FW-V c18-0 Straae Eohn JC-U c19-0 Straae Eohn NI-S c20-0 Straae Eohn UB-J d10-4 Straae Eohn QO-Q c21-0 Straae Eohn VU-O c22-0 Straae Eohn YH-H d11-2 Straae Eohn YH-H d11-4 Straae Eohn CH-L c24-1 Straae Eohn FS-J c25-0 Straae Eohn DX-J c25-1 Straae Eohn AT-F d12-3 Straae Eohn HD-I c26-0 Straae Eohn MJ-G c27-1 Straae Eohn HA-J b56-0 Straae Eohn PP-E c28-1 Straae Eohn UV-C c29-0 Ceeckia AN-F c0 Ceeckia ET-D c1-1 Ceeckia GO-D c1-1 Ceeckia JZ-B c2-1 Ceeckia NF-A c3-1 Ceeckia RL-Y c3-0 Ceeckia VR-W c4-0 Ceeckia JD-Z d1-6 Ceeckia XL-O b12-0 Ceeckia FY-K b14-0 Ceeckia LP-H b16-0 Ceeckia TB-E b18-0 Ceeckia CJ-A b20-0 Ceeckia IA-X b21-0 Ceeckia UN-K c11-1 Ceeckia YT-I c12-0 Ceeckia CA-H c13-0 Ceeckia GG-F c14-0 Ceeckia GG-F c14-1 Ceeckia LM-D c15-0 Ceeckia PS-B c16-0 Ceeckia TY-Z c16-0 Ceeckia XE-Y c17-0 Ceeckia BL-W c18-0 Ceeckia FR-U c19-0 Ceeckia JX-S c20-0 Ceeckia IX-S c20-0 Ceeckia MD-R c21-0 Ceeckia VR-H d11-0 Ceeckia UP-N c23-0 Ceeckia WM-H d11-1

Beagle Point

Onto Beagle Point #3

What a navigation nightmare, I hit another large sector of 'unknown' permit systems, the only thing to do was to plot up and over the sector in a corkscrew style route, clearing the restricted systems and finally getting within 10000Ly of Beagle Point, now mapped out to a final 300 jumps. Next log will be from the Beagle Point system.

Onto Beagle Point #2

So after navigating around a no-permit area I've decided to take stock of this shake-down journey for the Erebus. So far I have navigated the galactic regions of the Inner Orion Spur, Inner Scutum-Centaurus Arm, Norma Expanse, Norma Arm, Empyrean Straits, Galactic Centre, Ryker's Hope, Izanami and Newton's Vault, with Erebus on the threshold of passing into the region known as Formorian Frontier, the hull is slightly degraded due to neutron star hopping, as are a couple of modules, but there have been some stunning sights along the way and I'm still on track to arrive at Beagle Point before the expedition, having visited over 5000 systems, of which over 3000 I have discovered first. The next question to ponder is where next after Beagle Point? I'm thinking possibly Ursae Majoris.

unknown permit required

Nigh on 30000Ly later, leaving Sag A behind for Beagle Point, I arrived at Phroi Byoe MF-B b6-351 and was suddenly hit with the issue that every star system in front of me required an 'unknown permit'. The only way to make my next waypoint in the journey was to jump above the galactic plane by over 700Ly (possibly closer to a thousand), and plot over this 'unknown permit' area before plotting back down to my next waypoint, the upshot of which is that the 22 jumps between last and next waypoint is now approximately 87 jumps in total, all in order to achieve the same distance towards Beagle Point. So the question is why has my navcomp locked out so many systems on the border of a sector? What does the pilot's federation know about this area that they're not telling? At least the new station should be in place at Sag A when I come back this way which will be handy to use as an operating base, as I'd like to know how big the locked-out permit area is.

Onto Beagle Point #1

I understand the Distant Worlds 2 expedition left today for Beagle Point, that puts them about 9000Ly behind me, I've plotted a course out over 70 waypoints averaging 1000Ly between each one, the expedition I think has plotted a route out over about 15 waypoints, so the race is on :)

Back to the void...

The Sanctuary at Etain is ghostly apparition of its former self, the scarred buildings stand as a monument to the humble souls they protected. The eerie recordings buried within speak of emotional and spiritual conflict.

I’ve never been so glad to leave a place, retreating to the embrace of the void as my ship soared away from that abandoned desolation.

Back at Founders World I realised that I’m too late to register for the Distant Worlds 2 expedition, however, as they don’t leave for 6 days and my favourite engineer Felicity has now increased the FSD of Erebus (my Diamondback Explorer) up to almost 50Ly for jump range, I’ve decided to head to Beagle Point. With any luck I should be there to welcome the expedition when it arrives, and I can meet up with Commander Llanelwy who has just arrived there.

Elite Explorer

When I docked at Gandharvi I was met with the pleasant surprise of having been awarded the rank of "Elite" for due diligence in exploration by the Pilot's Federation, they have also given me a permit for Founder's World.

Naturally this has meant a slight change of plans, with a detour to Founder's World before Etain now planned. Currently I'm around 130 jumps out from Eagle's Landing (having just traversed from the inner scutum-centaurus arm to the inner orion spur) which in turn is approx 7000Ly from Sol, so not too far to go.

Why explore?

“Space is big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist's, but that's just peanuts to space.”

― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

He wasn’t kidding! I’ve been out to Colonia, onto the centre of our galaxy and am now heading back to the bubble having traversed over 85000Ly. My Asp Scout has a new voice pack, coat of paint and name plates and is still going strong.

Whilst briefly back on Colonia another pilot asked me how I put up with the mundane grind of exploring. My answer to them has always followed the line of that humans strive to learn, to explore, to push boundaries, to see what’s around the corner. This is in many ways a fundamental need, and space exploration is a fantastic manifestation of that. The Universe is huge, beautiful and mysterious. Even if the other reasons were not there, this alone should be enough for us pursue exploration.

Space exploration is our final frontier and by far the most daunting yet.

For myself, I'm heading to Etain then onto the other side of the galaxy, the frontier beckons.