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Diamondback Explorer
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Aug 12, 2018
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3,273,782 Cr
A Journey to new technologies!

A couple of days back my antennas picked up a message from Felicity Farseer, an invitation to meet her at Deciat. Before going and racing to Deciatwith my newly bought DBX I had to find a place where to get Meta-Alloys. I was told by an old traveller in the tavern of Insing Vision that I could find Meta-Alloys in the Pleiades-Sector, at the planetary outpost of Darnielle's Progress. So off I took to Darnielle's Progress, a fly with over 20 hops, not the first time I did so many hops but the first time with my DBX, and to be honest I can jump much further with this ship than with my Type-6 or Cobra Mk. III. within a couple of hours, I was able to be at gunpoint. After buying Meta-Alloys, they only had 2 more in stock and those were contested by another traveller, I bought them for a high price and a favour. I refuelled my ship and plotted a route to Farseer Inc., Deciat another 25+ Hope travel. Luckily I was able to stop at a not much frequented Orbital Station and acquire a 3A fuel scoop for 990 kCr. not the cheapest but I did some other upgrading to my ship and spend 6 mio. Cr. for various stuff, like a power plant and so on resulting in a max jump distance of 27.25 Ly on which I still plan to improve. I did arrive safely at Deciat which I was happy about but not surprised, traffic reports said it was going to be a smooth ride and with a fuel scoop and some heatsinks you can travel fast without the need to stop at stations and interrupting my travel. --- END LOG ENTRY