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(Imperial Clipper)
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Dec 2, 2018
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88,895,954 Cr
New Purpose!

After exploring the Temple region for a while I have decided to make my way toward Colonia to restock and prepare for a either going back to the Bubble, or taking further steps into the Black. I'm not sure right now but I have 222 jumps to think about it.

Galactic Center Journey Update

CMDR's Log 2/Status: Idle/Current System: Smojai EI-B d13-16

After remembering I could plot a course further than 1000Ly's. I cleared 45 jumps from my previous location. Almost through the Inner Orion Spur, finally, however I need to make a pit stop on my way to Sag A* before I lose the chance for the remainder of my journey. Closest station is Amundsen Station in the Lagoon Sector, so I'm currently en-route with about 25 jumps to go.


I discovered Smojai XP-A b41-1, my first in a while. nothing very remarkable about this system though, a single HMC(1) world and a Type L LBS(2). I did find a couple WW's(3) though however I don't remember the system locations, I made a lot of jumps today and sometimes things get lost.

This is all I got for this update but I do plan on finishing my trip to Amundsen Station later today. I'll make my next update after that.


First! ;)

CMDR's Log 1: The Journey/ Status: Idle in NGC 6416 Sector AQ-Y D82/ Star(s): Type F, Type M x3.

Not sure why it's taken me this long to make one of these. I've been a CMDR for a while now, but I'm not good at sharing to be honest which doesn't help. First step taken though into a more proactive mindset, let's go!

Currently I am on a journey to see Sag A* for the first time. I'm about half way through the Inner Orion Spur in between spiral arms. Star density out here is thick with Type M stars and a lot of LB(1) type stars. The trip so far has been uneventful, a few WW's(2) here and there, a couple of AW's(3), and I think only one EL(4) so far. Not much else to add to this log so for now I'll leave it here.

(1) LB = Low Burning. I was never a fan of the name "brown dwarf" it always felt, incomplete. Never properly describing the object. So based on everything we know about this type of star class I came up with a snappier name, and thus the Type LB star was born.

(2) WW = Water World. (3) AWW = Ammonia World. (4) EL = Earth-Like.