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Commander name:
Current ship:
Asura Gate [SZT-RS]
(Asp Explorer)
Member since:
Dec 7, 2018
Distances submitted:
Systems visited:
Systems discovered first:
1,639,010,068 Cr
Medicinal Exobiology

Kezika sat in her ready room abord the Kirkbride, staring out at the star speckled sky somewhere between the core systems and Colonia. Her shipyard crews were working on transferring the specially modified frame shift drive from her Orca, Aristarchus into her Asp Explorer, Asura Gate.

It had been ages since she had actually explored using Asura Gate, however it had been the ship that she used in her early days as a CMDR to race out to the Asura system as a challenge. Generally, she preferred her Orca, however this particular excursion called for a smaller landing profile. Some of the various lifeforms she sought grew only in very rough terrain parts of planets.

The excursion was part of a research project being undertaken by C.E.A. Psychiatric Institutions Ltd. to research into the possibility of sourcing medicinal compounds from extraterrestrial lifeforms. It was also partially Kezika’s own long-time curiosity to explore into the far northwestern edge of the Mily Way Galaxy, which was why they were flying out in that direction.

A voice interrupted her thoughts as it came over her ready room speaker, “We have transferred the frame shift drive and surface scanners as requested and ship is ready to depart at your convenience Patron.”

“Thank you, I shall be right down,” she replied, getting up from her chair.

Mag-boots weren’t particularly needed now due to the carrier parking itself angled so the massive gravity of the sun was below it at the correct distance to create 1G of downward force in the carrier.

Staff cleared the landing pad in the hangar as Kezika approached and made her way onto the ship. Once everyone was clear she had the ship raised and detached from the maglocks. Carefully she swung the ship back over near the concourse, lining up her cockpit with the window of the carrier’s crew bar & lounge where her staff waited to see her off.

With a quick salute Kezika spun the ship and boosted off, initiating the jump to the next system once out of range of the carrier’s mass lock.

Champion to Attilius

Kezika watched out the window, along with the fellow passengers as the Beluga began entering the atmosphere of Ares, in CD-43 11917. She’d be fighting some of these other passengers later today, not physically but virtually. After some ceremonies and formalities at the convention center of course.

Today was the finals of the May 3308 CQC Pro Championship, eligible to those that had won qualifying events, but not yet won the Pro Championship previously. In Kezika’s case she had recently won the Imperial CQC Invitational and was now eligible for this event.

The prize included a cash sum, not of much concern to Kezika, as well as a permit to bring your personal ships through the CD-43 11917 system if you were already a CMDR, which Kezika was. Some of her competitors weren’t officially CMDRs yet, but these events were often used to gain needed piloting credentials towards Pilot’s Federation qualification.

After a few more minutes the Beluga settled down on a pad at the convention center. She followed her fellow passengers out. On the pad a man was splitting the passengers into a group for sponsors, and one for competitors.

Kezika stepped over to the right with the group of 3 other competitors, but was quickly interrupted by the man, “Sponsors are over here ma’am,” as he gestured towards the other group.

“I’m a competitor,” she replied, pulling her competitor badge out from her jacket.

The man made a hasty apology and continued herding together the other sponsors and leading them into the convention center. Admittedly Kezika did look a bit out of place among the competitors that were generally just wearing t-shirts and jeans, while Kezika was in formal Imperial suit with gold trimmings.

Another man came along shortly and led their group in through another door. After a couple of hallways, they were let into a large green room where a dozen competitors were already waiting.

The following hour consisted of a small meet and greeted and then the presentation on the rules, format, match listing, etcetera prior to the actual start of the tournament. Once that was completed the names of the 8 in the first match were called, of which Kezika was one of.

As one of the early matches this one was a team deathmatch with 8 competitors. In this case it was taking place in the Asteria Point map. Kezika stepped out from the greenroom and between the sim-pods onto the stage and made a few waves towards the audience before the emcee led her to her assigned simulator pod.

Above each pod was a large display to allow the audience to see what each competitor is seeing as they play through the match. Kezika sat down in her pod and inserted her badge into the appropriate slot. The pod responded by moving the sticks and seat into Kezika’s pre-set configuration.

After a three-minute testing session to make sure all competitors were comfortable and set to go, the match countdown began. Kezika began the match heading up into one of the T-shaped tunnels in the central enclosure. Generally, on this map someone will go for the weapon powerup in the center and then fly through one of those back into the open. Kezika was banking on them flying through her tunnel and catching them off guard. Sure enough someone came through and arced down the tunnel in front of her, giving her a good few shots on their rear before they could turn around to face her.

They made the turn, but by then they’d already taken too much damage and Kezika took them out without suffering too many hits to herself. Her team finished the match victorious, and Kezika was also the MVP on her team, granting her two points so far, one for the team victory that each person on the team received, and one for being the team MVP in the match.

More matches went by, some were wins, some were losses, which was standard in this tournament format. By the end of the set of team deathmatches, Kezika was tied for the lead with another competitor. Kezika however had played plenty with CQC Champions in her private matches in the past and was fairly confident in her ability to come ahead in the free-for-all deathmatch section of the tournament.

The deathmatch section of the tournament began, starting with 8-person deathmatches, then going down to 6, and finally 4. By rules of the format at certain stages as well the competitor list was trimmed down, and those below certain ranks taken out of competition.

Finally, the last match came. Kezika was leading the tournament at this point and would secure the victory if she didn’t do poorly in this last match. It was still fairly close though, so she’d still have to be on her top game. The final match would normally be a 4-person match, however the 4th person on the rankings mathematically could not win and was disqualified from the final round, leaving just three.

Kezika watched in anticipation as the match select roulette rolled on the screen, it finally landing on Ice Field. Kezika grinned and cheered internally, this was her strongest map, although her other two competitors she’d noticed also did well on this map too.

As the match started Kezika went for the stealth mode powerup first, followed by a shield booster, all the while carefully monitoring her radar. The blips of the others would appear briefly as they flitted between the various asteroids on the way to picking up their own powerups.

Throughout the match, one of the other competitors kept the score tied with her. The match was currently 500 to 500 between her and “DT” when she flew around one of the asteroids to see DT jousting with the other competitor.

Kezika slid her Gu-97 up behind DT’s F63 Condor and began opening fire with her Pulse Lasers. DT continued firing on the other competitor that was flying straight at them, as they only had a few percent of hull left.

DT didn’t damage them quickly enough and they flew past. However, they slammed straight into Kezika by mistake. The impact pitched Kezika’s fighter rapidly upwards as Kezika slammed the stick forward to counter it. For the other competitor though it was the nail in the coffin, finishing off the last of the hull.

Luckily for Kezika, since she was the last one to damage them, she was awarded the kill, with DT getting the assist, moving the match to 600:550. Then in a second stroke of luck, Kezika’s fighter stabilized right as it came back around 180 degrees, and she was able to immediately resume firing on DT, securing the kill just a few seconds later, bringing the match to 700:550.

With one final kill a few moments later as the other pilot came back to try and secure a revenge kill, the match was closed with Kezika as the winner and a score of 800:550. Kezika took a deep breath over the victory, and then stepped out of the simulator pod to the loud cheering of the gathered in-person audience.

After the cheering died down to a reasonable level the emcee spoke, “With that folks, we crown CMDR Kezika as the Spring 3308 CQC Pro Champion! For those with the VIP Pass, the autograph session begins in one hour in the VIP lounge!”

Helping with Healing (Part 1) (Collabs: KazukoHimura, Novak, JubeiHimura)

Kezika waited in a drawing room sipping on some Fujin Tea while waiting for Kazuko to finish packing and meet her to take her to the Wylair Verdure Center for the recommended night terror workup.

Meanwhile, Kazuko made her way through the main part of Kezika’s mansion in Fire Opal, heading straight for the drawing room that Kezika told her to meet her in. She had already packed her bags with clothing, toiletries, and a single plush for comfort, totalling up the space of a small luggage bag.

“I’m here, Kez,” Kazuko stated upon entering the drawing room. “I believe it’s time I take Doctor Tähine’s advice.”

Kezika noticed the suitcase and replied, “Perfect, my luggage is already in the uh… automobile.”

“I’m sorry, what?” Kazuko asked, confused.

“Sort of like an SRV for constructed roads, antique though in this case, but the Verdure Center is just around the way so figured I’d have the old thing pulled out for a spin, since it’ll just be us two,” came the explanation.

Kezika stood up and made her way to the door, closely followed by Kazuko to the front of the mansion where one of the staff was waiting next to a clearly very antique, but strangely brand new looking vehicle. Strangely the seating area was not enclosed, only a pane of curved glass in front of the seats. It was painted in a metallic apple green paint, and chrome adorned many of the surfaces, and on the side framed a white area with four chrome star shapes within.

Despite sitting perfectly still it constantly made a low rumbling noise as the staff member took Kazuko’s suitcase and opened the door for her to step in.

Kazuko raised an eyebrow, curious yet confused about this ‘antique SRV’, as well as the constant noise it made despite sitting still. Regardless, she stepped inside, taking a seat. It took her a moment to figure out how to belt herself in, but the lithe woman managed.

The staff member then moved around and opened a panel on the rear of the vehicle to deposit the luggage before moving on to open the door on the other side. Kezika slipped into the other seat in front of a wheel shaped contraption, but seemed to know what she was looking at as she dismissed the staff member and immediately moved a lever on the column the wheel came from.

After some mechanical sounds and foot movements by Kezika, the low volume rumbling became a bit louder as they began rolling forward down the mansion’s drive.

Upon hearing the mechanical sounds, and the low volume rumbling getting louder, and seeing Kezika’s foot movements, Kazuko’s eyes widened, and she began looking around.

“What is going on!? Is it supposed to make that noise?”

“Oh yes, this car was made not long after the second World War when they still used gasoline for engine fuel. Saw this come across the auction in the Wylair Heritage Resource Group’s sourcing boards and snatched it up for myself. Back in the 1950s they called this a ‘Star Chief’,” Kezika explained.

“Oh, so that’s just how it works, I see,” Kazuko stated, letting herself enjoy the ride. “Buying your own merch, huh?”

“Well a client that finds these things for us,” specified Kezika.

“I knew that!” Kazuko exclaimed.

After a few more turns through the town and gazes of many a hover car driver they turned up Wylair Verdure Center’s front drive. Kezika steered over around the side of the facility and buzzed in through a gate that opened to let them through.

She opened the rear panel and unloaded Kazuko’s luggage and then moved around to let Kazuko out of the vehicle as well. The two then proceeded into the door which was the rear staff lobby of the facility and made their way through another door into the main lobby of the facility.

A nurse sitting at the intake desk hastily stood up, “Oh Mistress Wylair! I wasn’t expecting you, what can you do for you?”

“Well for my friend here, she is scheduled for a follow-up inpatient monitoring under Doctor Tähine, if you could get her through intake paperwork, the clearance and admission itself has already been prepared by Rodolfo and will be relayed shortly.” Kezika explained to the nurse.

“Of course right away!” exclaimed the nurse before turning to Kazuko, “We’ll take you back into intake and have some paperwork and questions to fill out on the computers, just let me know when you’ve said farewells and we can proceed.”

“Alright,” Kazuko stated, turning to Kezika. “I’ll see you in 3 days, I guess. Or during visiting hours”

“Don’t you worry, it’ll only seem like a few hours at most, you’re strong,” Kezika replied, motioning an offer for a hug.

“I know. I have to be,” Kazuko accepted the offer, hugging Kezika tight. “If I’m not strong, I’ll..”

Kezika momentarily tightened the hug, “They’ll treat you well here, and I’ll be nearby if anything arises as well.” Kazuko nodded and let go, following the nurse to an office in the intake ward.

It was almost a case of deja vu for Kazuko as she seated herself in the chair in front of the intake desk, except for the fact that she was older and aware of what was going on, and had a small luggage bag containing some personal belongings. Once seated, she was given paperwork to fill out, which she immediately got to work on. It mostly contained things about her medical history and history with CEA facilities, seemingly checking for any updates against her existing records. Due to her having only been at an appointment within the past couple of weeks, there hadn’t been any changes since then. Once said paperwork was completed, she handed it back to the nurse at the desk.

“Alright, I’ll get this entered in, and meanwhile security will make sure to inventory your personals to make sure it is all allowed and what belongs to you in case anything is lost and found.” stated the nurse as she took the paperwork and began reading over it.

“Alright, that shouldn't be an issue.” Kazuko stated, opening her bag. Inside were some basic clothes, enough to last a couple days, a toothbrush, toothpaste, a hairbrush, and a plush bunny.

A security guard stepped over and quickly typed some notes on a datapad and took a picture, “Once we receive confirmation on your room I can escort you to the ward and unpack your stuff.”

“Oh, the room information has already come across, Eridanus 7,” the nurse inserted.

“Lead the way,” Kazuko stated, to which she was led to the Eridanus ward.

After Kazuko went into the intake office, Kezika made her way up from the entrance of the intake ward, through the marble accoutred rear lobby and up to the executive offices. However instead of heading into her own CEO suite she stepped into the office of her Vice President Rodolfo Moss, giving a slight knock on the door’s woodwork as she stepped through.

“Mistress Himura from our earlier discussion is doing intake paperwork, if you can make the ward determinations please,” the CEO said as she sat down at his desk.

“I’ve selected room 7 on the Eridanus ward as it has the appropriate auxiliary sleep telemetry equipment. Here’s the full room details,” Rodolfo said as he slid over a tablet.

Upon a few seconds of reviewing the room details Kezika replied, “Yes, that’s perfect, please inform the Eridanus ward staff I will be working with them as a peer support specialist during her stay.”

“Of course! Oh and don’t forget about Wednesday attire,” the VP stated as he began dialing a number on another tablet.

Kezika stood up, “Time you join in one of these Wednesdays I think,” she said as she headed out of the office, garnering a “perhaps,” in return.

The nursing station phone rang with a pulsating tone indicating a call from the C-Suite. Head Nurse Nettie hastily slid over to the phone to answer it, seeing Rodolfo’s name on the display, “Eridanus Ward!”

“Good afternoon Nettie, calling on two things, first to verify room 7 is free for an incoming patient?” he asked.

“Yes, housekeeping just came through and cleaned and restocked it,” she replied excitedly, nonetheless internally wondering why Rodolfo himself was personally verifying this, “you said there was another matter?”

“Indeed, I believe you’ve met Patron Wylair before at the grand opening,” the VP inquired.

“Oh yes at the head nurse’s dinner she held over at The Coriander Empress that night,” Nettie replied.

“Good so you’re already acquainted; she shall be visiting your ward over the next few days, and will also be acting in the role of a peer support specialist during her time on the ward, she should be down to see you within the next half hour or so,” Rodolfo explained.

“Well, we will be delighted to have her, I shall inform the staff, thank you” she said, after which Rodolfo disconnected the call.

Nettie selected a handful of her staff to pull into a meeting while telling the remaining staff members that she would gather them for a second meeting to keep the floor staffed for the duration of the first meeting. She headed into the staff conference room behind the nursing station with.

After everyone took their seats she began, “Alright, I just got off the phone with our Vice President, and he informed me that the CEO, Patron Kezika Wylair will be visiting our ward for the next few days. During this time she will be acting as a peer support specialist, blue scrubs and all. Has anyone here not met her yet?”

Three of the five staff in the room raised their hands, to which Nettie continued, “For those who haven’t met her, she’s quite grounded and personable, she has no problem with being addressed as simply Kezika. You don’t need to worry about any special protocols or anything, she does these visits from time to time, and when acting in this capacity she reports to the nurses as any other peer support specialist would, she knows this is the least disruptive way of doing things, so don’t let her being CEO put you off guard. Any questions?”

There were no questions by the staff in that meeting, so she dismissed them and gathered the remaining staff to let them know the same thing. She finished her second briefing just in time, as moments after she stepped back to the nursing station she heard someone badge in through the ward’s main door and saw Kezika step through.

Even though Kezika had done visits like this on other wards, she hadn’t done Eridanus Ward before. Nettie having only seen Kezika before in formal wear at a grand opening ceremony and business wear in the admin offices was a bit surprised to see her dressed only in blue scrubs.

Kezika had already spotted Nettie and made her way straight there, “Hey Nettie, I presume Rodolfo already briefed you?”

“Oh yes, and I just finished letting the staff know the drill, we have some of the patients in a music therapy class at the moment, and an incoming patient from intake shortly, but I think you’ve already caught Edie’s eye,” Nettie pointed out, noticing one of the patients approaching Kezika from behind with some artwork.

“Well you’re new! I’m Edie,” the patient said, catching Kezika’s attention.

“I am! I’m Kez, I’m here to do peer support, care to sit over here and show me that art while we wait for another new person?” she replied motioning over towards some of the tables that Edie had been sitting at before with art supplies.

Kazuko was led by the security guard from before through a few hallways, eventually being led to the entranceway to Eridanus Ward. Once through the airlock-esque door, the lithe woman was guided to what would be her room for the next couple of days; Room 7, as stated prior. She was then aided by the security guard in putting what few belongings she had with her away. After that task was completed, Kazuko was free to go, as long as she remained within the ward itself. The lithe woman quietly made her way through the hallway, looking around as to get her bearings, keeping locations in mind for later. After all, if she was going to be here for a couple of days, best not to get lost. In addition, she was searching for other individuals, fellow patients like herself. Kazuko’s search bore fruit once she reached one of the ‘corner’ rooms, not only spotting another like herself, but a familiar face as well.

“Kez?” Kazuko asked, her eyes widened in surprise.

“Ah finally got through the intake process did you?” Kezika asked, “Have a seat and join us.”

“Wasn’t expecting you here,” Kazuko remarked, taking one of the empty seats. “Hello to both of you.”

“I’ll be working on this ward as a Peer Support Specialist while you’re here, perfect way to make sure you have a familiar face while here since I’m licensed to act in this role,” Kezika explained.

Edie looked up after hearing Kezika stop talking to address whomever joined them “You’re new! I’m Edie!”

“I’m Kazuko. And yep, I just arrived,” Kazuko replied, giving a small smile. “And I see, Kez. That also explains your statement earlier.”

“Dinner should be arriving shortly in any case, coloring pages here to enjoy while you wait,” Kezika mentioned sliding a pile towards Kazuko.

Shortly before the therapy class going on in the conference room was completed some food warming carts and a mobile buffet were rolled in and positioned near the dining area. The clock indicated there were still a few minutes left before the music therapy class finished up.

Kazuko looked up from the coloring page she was working on upon smelling something delicious, only to spot the food warming carts AND the mobile buffet. Her stomach growled, prompting a blush upon her cheeks as she checked the nearby clock, frowning upon noticing there were a few minutes before dinner would be served. The lithe woman returned to the coloring page she was working on before, but her focus was clearly not as strong due to hunger.

A karaoke song could be heard coming to an end from the music therapy room. About a minute or so later a few of the other patients walked out along with a nurse that then headed over to the food carts and began distributing out the assigned trays that held the basics of a meal and any special dietary needs on a per patient basis. A few names were called when Kazuko heard her name called out.

Upon hearing her name called out, Kazuko made a beeline for the food carts at a brisk pace, she would have practically sprinted had the distance been longer. Once she received her tray, she immediately raced to the buffet, putting a bit of everything on her plate, as well as grabbing a soda to drink, having not had one in a while. Kazuko soon found her way to a place to sit, opting to remain near Kezika.

“You’re a hungry one aren't you,” Edie remarked as she noticed the mountain of food on Kazuko’s plate.

“Yeah, I guess I am,” Kazuko replied, keeping quiet on the exact reason why she ate so much.

Kezika waited until all the patients had received their trays before swinging by along with some of the nurses to grab from the spare trays. She also grabbed a few things from the buffet before returning to her seat with Kazuko and Edie.

Partway through the meal Doctor Tähine walked into the ward, and made his way over to Kazuko.

“Once you’re done eating we can have our first day meeting in consultation room 4,” the doctor informed Kazuko.

Kazuko looked up from her nearly finished meal upon hearing Doctor Tähine’s voice, nodding in response before returning to her food.

Once she had completely cleaned her plate, and was well sated, Kazuko bid Kezika and Edie farewell for the time being, heading straight for consultation room 4. Once inside, she took a seat in one of the chairs.

“You just arrived today, how has your time so far been?” Tähine inquired.

“It’s been alright so far. Familiar, almost,” Kazuko stated.

“That’s good to hear; on your intake paperwork you mentioned there had been a few night terrors since we last spoke, how would you rate their severity compared to the one that brought you to initially meet with me?” came the follow up from Tähine.

“Oh, those ones are much less severe,” Kazuko replied. “And they’ve returned to close to their usual frequency, too.”

“That’s a good start! Any case the room we assigned you is equipped with a cluster of sleep monitoring equipment that we can review the readouts of tomorrow and go from there,” the doctor explained, “any questions for me for now?”

“Sounds good to me,” Kazuko stated. “And no, no questions.”

“Well in that case, have a good night, I believe there is some recreation therapy planned shortly to partake in, and then sleep tight. All the monitoring stuff is hidden in a ceiling panel and uses laser microphones and other sensors to detect what needs to be detected,” the doctor explained while slowly standing up.

“I see. Thank you for letting me know about that,” Kazuko stated, slowly standing up. “And yes, you too.” With that, Kazuko left the office, making her way to the commons area.

Once inside the commons area, Kazuko looked around for either Kezika or Edie, easily spotting the former setting out board games.

“Guess I made it just in time,” she remarked, stepping closer.

“Yep! Recreation therapy time, variety of board games to play with others,” Kezika explained.

“Sounds like fun!” Kazuko exclaimed, her eyes lighting up. “Mind if I help set up?”

“Oh of course, pick whichever game you would like and set it up somewhere and we’ll see who’ll join in!” Kezika replied.

Kazuko nodded, selecting one of the card games from the stack before going to set it up. While doing so, she observed the slow trickle of other patients arriving, having finished her setup by the time the last few came in.

While Kezika moved around to other tables, helping some other patients set up their games, Edie took a seat across from Kazuko.

“What’cha playing, Kaz?” Inquired Edie. A few other patients had also joined the card game as well before Kezika made her way back to the table.

“7 cards each on this if I recall?” inquired Kezika.

“Planets to Planets,” Kazuko stated. “And yes, 7 cards each.”

“Well Kazuko is the newest person here, so she can be the judge first,” Kezika suggested.

“Certainly don’t mind that,” Kazuko stated, smiling slightly.

They played for a while, but soon it was time for snacks to come around, when Edie saw them coming out she turned to Kazuko. “I'll get snacks for us!” She exclaimed, then stood up and headed towards the snack trolley.

“Oh, that’s nice of you, Edie,” Kazuko remarked. “Thanks!”

Edie returns with a armfull of snacks, having to use the bottom of her top as a basket so she could carry them all.

“Here you go!” She exclaims as she plops them all on the table in front of Kazuko, before grabbing one for herself.

“Thank you very much, Edie,” Kazuko stated, smiling before opening one of the packaged snack foods. “Quite a lot, though, hopefully there’s still some left for the others.”

“There’s still a lot on the trolley, I thought you liked to eat a lot,” Edie explained nervously. “I can take some back if you want?” she was trying not to show that she is somewhat upset at the thought that maybe she took things a bit too far again.

“You’re good, any extra can be shared,” Kezika replied.

“Oh, there’s still a lot then? That’s good,” Kazuko stated, noticing that Edie seemed a bit nervous. “Again, thank you for bringing this to me. It’s definitely enough, possibly a little more. But if it is the latter, that just means I have more for later, which is also helpful. And, like Kezika said, can share them too.”

“Ok cool, I’m glad,” Edie responded, forcing a smile. She was still a bit uncomfortable, and not wanting to be alone. Edie munches down on her snack to try to cheer herself up.

The group continued playing the game and snacking until Kezika’s watch beeped.

“Ah, looks like it’s about time for quiet time to start, so shall we clean up then and get ready for bed?” Kezika asked.

“Alright, need any help with that?” Kazuko asked.

“Should be fine, I’ll clean up here and head up to my quarters to sleep myself, and see you all tomorrow,” Kezika said addressing the group, but giving a nod to Kazuko as well.

“Ohh already?” Edie remarked sullenly.

“Apparently, I was starting to grow a bit tired to be honest,” Kazuko remarked. “Night everyone!” With that, Kazuko headed back to her room.

Once inside her room, Kazuko made sure any windows were closed, as well as the door, before finding her luggage bag. Once it was found, she removed the clothes she was currently wearing, placing them inside-intending to use it as an impromptu laundry bin. She then retrieved her pajamas and additional undergarments from the dresser before ducking into the bathroom. Kazuko then shut the door, and turned the water on in the bathtub, slipping into it for a relaxing hot bath.

When the water became too cold for her liking, Kazuko drained the tub and stepped out to dry off. A towel (fresh from the dryer) awaited her, which she used to dry herself off before dressing into her pajamas. The lithe woman then stepped out of the bathroom and climbed into bed, setting any sleep aids that might be present to her liking before drifting off to sleep.

The airlock of the abandoned base was forced open courtesy of an overcharge, and seven suited figures rushed in. One of the figures shot a net out at Kazuko. Unable to move due to the severe pain in her turret-grazed side, the injured woman was easily captured. The ‘net’ containing her was dragged by one of the figures, able to continue to the ship from whence they came, despite Kazuko’s desperate struggles to escape. Her suit thankfully kept together despite being dragged across the base floor, then the surface of the planet, and the ship’s halls. Finally, the figure came to a stop when they reached the prison hold, to which she was thrown inside before the doors shut, leaving her in darkness.

Kazuko awoke with a shout, having kicked the sheets and blankets clear off her bed. She frantically looked around, bleary eyed and in a cold sweat, taking short, panicked breaths. Tears began to pour from her eyes as she choked back a sob, terrified to close her eyes again.

A soft knock came at the slightly ajar door as a nurse's head peeked in and looked over towards Kazuko's bed. Soft night lighting illuminates it just enough for Kazuko to be able to see her face.

"Nightmare dear?" the nurse asked with a soothing motherly tone.

Kazuko frantically nodded upon noticing the nurse peeking into her room, and hearing what she had said.

The nurse gradually brought the lights up a little, still quite dim, but a little brighter nonetheless, just enough to help see the room a good deal better.

"Care for a walk and warm drink dear? Clear the mind?" the nurse offered.

“Yes, please,” Kazuko whimpered. “And a small snack too, if that’s okay?” Her voice was still quite small. She then got up from her bed, still clutching her stuffed rabbit, and followed the nurse out the door.

The nurse walked with Kazuko and fetched her some warm tea and some cookies to snack on while taking a walk through various parts of the hospital before eventually returning to bed.

Roles of Collaborators [url=]KazukoHimura[/url]: As herself [url=]Novak[/url]: Playing the role of Edie [url=]Jubei Himura[/url]: additional editingHelping with Healing (Part 1) (Collabs: KazukoHimura, Novak, JubeiHimura)

Backstory Gap Filling

Kezika Turiel Wylair was born on Keltim (A 5) in the tropical resort city of Fire Opal on October 6, 3274 to parents Lieutenant Saero Gyran Wylair and Client Majesta Balkir Wylair-Collings. Saero was a career soldier serving on Imperial capital ships. Majesta working as a partner in the auction management firm Collings, Taro, & Fallas LLC, as well as an Imperial Client serving a patronage base in Fire Opal.

As a child Kezika took keen interest in human history from the World War Interim era of 1945 to 2044. Particularly focusing on the culture and entertainment products of the era. Much of her childhood entertainment ventures were from purchases of movies, television shows, games, and books from that time period.

Educationally she went to a small private school in Fire Opal which provided a focus for future business leaders. The school culture also emphasized military style discipline, and Kezika was educated in various hand-to-hand and weapon based martial arts. There were also simulator courses on ship piloting during this time.

Saero was killed in combat for the Empire in 3287 serving aboard the INV Cleopatra as a turret operator. Majesta began using Onionhead to cope with her grieving after his death and was fine for a while until she began mixing in hard narcotics with it for other effects. The abuse and drug mixing began causing more severe psychological and physical brain damages to herself.

In 3290, Majesta made multiple suicide attempts throughout the year caused by listening to hallucinations. After multiple hospitalizations an Imperial court ruled her as a danger to herself and court ordered her to a longer term treatment facility. While there, the doctors determined that some of the damage from her narcotic abuse were permanent and that Majesta would require lifelong psychiatric admission.

Her grandmother Lucca Collings officially became Kezika's legal guardian in that time, but as is common in Imperial culture, was not involved much in Kezika's day to day life, and changes to her lifestyle were negligible. The Imperial slave that had been working as her personal attendant remained so, and Kezika remained living at the Wylair Manor.

Kezika, as the eldest daughter of Majesta at this time inherited the Wylair family estate. However due to only being 16 years of age at the time it was held in a trust to the estate's majordomo until which time Kezika would complete university.

Additionally Majesta's cliens title of Client officially passed to Kezika at this time. While patronage tasks were officially performed by Kezika herself, almost all decision were made through advisory with staff for a few years while she gradually took on more of her official duties.

Beginning in 3291, Kezika enrolled in a prestigious university on Capitol to study the mix of political science and business administration. She also enlisted in the military as part of the university's attendance requirements. Due to her early schooling's martial focus she was deemed a fit for the Imperial Guard's SOF division.

She graduated from the university in 3295 with a bachelor's level degree, then continued postgraduate until 3297 to earn her master's level degree. She additionally spent much time in her military duties as well during this time, including many of both simulated and real operations. She also officially was licenced for ship piloting during her military time as well so as to be able to operate dropships and fighters on an as needed basis.

After returning to Keltim in 3297 she officially took control of Wylair Estate, and from 3297 onwards she managed the estate and investments. She grew the amount of Imperial Citizens pledged to her immensely through various incentives, and was also able to purchase out the other partners of Collings, Taro, & Fallas and rebranded the auction company as Wylair Heritage Resources specializing in World War Interim Era antiquities.

Around this time she had purchased the billet of an Imperial Slave by the name of Amaleigh Wessex to fill a butler role within the household. Kezika manumitted Amaleigh after just a few months due to exceptional work ethic and hired her normally into the butler position. Over the next few years Amaleigh has worked herself through a few promotions to be Kezika's equerry.

Additionally Kezika formed a mental healthcare and anarchoslavery rehabilitation business, 'C.E.A. Psychiatric Institutions Ltd.' during this time and grew it gradually over a few years through acquisition of existing facilities. In 3299 she purchased land and built the Wylair Verdure Center on the shore of a bay just outside Fire Opal to serve as a flagship hospital campus for mental healthcare in Keltim. With the grand opening Kezika had her mother Majesta moved from the Tangaroa system's massive asylum station to the Wylair Verdure Center.

In 3304, after some time of managing the Wylair family estate, Kezika had a desire to see other parts of the solar system outside of handful of systems and worlds she had been to as well as missing some aspects of her military career. She leveraged her connections from her time in the Imperial Guard and of her Patron to apply to the Pilot's Federation to become a CMDR. She officially became a CMDR of the Pilot's Federation on November 20, 3304 with paying the heft examination fee and scoring within the top one percentile of examinees.

Kezika promoted Amaleigh Wessex to be the majordomo of the Wylair Estate at this time as well when the prior majordomo retired. Another butler, Xavier Hampton was promoted to equerry to fulfill that role as Amaleigh vacated it.

Kezika is known to at little to no notice disappear out "into the black." In early December 3304, with an upcoming update from Universal Cartographics regarding recognition for mapping planets, Kezika travelled to Colonia overnight on a whim with the intent to get her name forever on the planet Jaques Station orbits. She also desired to get her name on the planets of the Asura system. She succeeded in accomplishing both of these goals.

In January 3305 she signed up and partook in the Distant Worlds 2 Expedition. She assisted in the mining efforts in Omega Sector. She also had her combat ship transported along to the Omega Sector to assist in combatting some political dissidents of the Omega Mining Operations that attempted to disrupt the construction of the starport.

In early April 3305, to the confusion of others on the Distant Worlds expedition she left from Morphenniel Nebula. She officially stated that she had urgent business to attend to back home, however observers noted that her jump was actually to Bleethuae PA-Y a7-0, the opposite direction from the Core Systems.

On April 6, 3305 some associates she met on Distant Worlds 2 received transmissions from her stating she had reached Oevasy SG-Y D0. Upon asking what happened to her plans she said she was simply "taking a quick detour first."

That did turn out to be true. From Oevasy SG-Y D0 she managed to return to the Core Systems within a week. Upon arrival she cashed in her exploration data to Universal Cartographics, which raised her net worth to above 1 billion credits. This milestone allowed her to successfully be elevated to the rank of Imperial Patron by petitioning her now former Patron she was represented by. She then flew back to Beagle Point at a blistering fast time of just under 12 hours to partake in the official closing ceremonies of Distant Worlds 2.

After that she added a real estate and governmental subsidiary to C.E.A. for the purpose of more agile facility development through station and planet ownership. Through this subsidiary she gained ownership of all the orbital starports in the Keltim system, massive tracts of land on Keltim A 5, as well as land rights and stations in other star systems.

She has since founded and ran her own mental health awareness expedition named Celebration of Early Astronomy under the banner of C.E.A. Psychiatric Institutions Ltd.

StKM 1-442

Far too long have my peers in the Keltim Empire League ignored the festering rot right under their noses in StKM 1-442. They chose to turn a blind eye because of its small population and cold worlds. But the shadowy sects of humanity certainly did not. Taking that lack of enforcement as free reign to use as dens for their anarchoslavery trading.

No longer I say! Effective immediately I, Patron Kezika Turiel Wylair will seize control of StKM 1-442 from my Keltim Empire League peers and transition it under the control of C.E.A. Psychiatric's governments division. We will then begin work on opening facilities to treat those that suffered anarchoslavery by the anarchistic factions of StKM 1-442 and their compatriots!

Story Collaboration with CMDR Jubei Himura and KazukoHimura

Recently completed story by CMDR KazukoHimura with collaboration and appearance by my character as well as CMDR Jubei Himura. Can be found here on Inara:

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Announcing Celebration of Early Astronomy 4

Officially announcing Celebration of Early Astronomy 4!

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Dates: January 08, 2022 to March 05, 2022

Planned Map (Still subject to alterations):

Distance: 39,335.54 Ly

“The early 2000s, they were often the speculative setting of early science fiction works. Early imaginings of interstellar travel, first contact with aliens, apocalypses, pandemics, you name it, there was probably a movie or book set in the early 21st century of it. While humanity may not have invented interstellar travel by 2020 as many novels and films purported, they still discovered plenty gems of our galaxy by then.

Lucky for us in 3308 we do have interstellar travel and can visit these gems that humans on Earth in the early 21st century could only dream of visiting. So that is just what we will be setting out to do. This expedition will visit many of the noteworthy celestial objects discovered by the early 21st century, some of which even still are considered noteworthy even today in 3308.

We will be setting off from our faction’s home system Keltim, also known as Gliese 149 to the humans of 2020. From there we will be travelling our route clockwise. Many of the sights on this expedition revisit those featured on earlier CEA expeditions for those that weren’t on those.

— Patron Kezika T. Wylair


Please fill out a sign-up form if you’re coming along! Note: even if you’re not sure yet all your details, the form will give you an edit link once you submit so that you can come back and edit your submission in the future with any changes you make. Just make sure to save your link!

Sign-up form: Roster: EDSM Page:

Summary and Information

Dates: January 08, 2022 to March 05, 2022 Waypoint Count: 35 Distance: 39,335.54 Ly Expedition Discord:

Odyssey Compatibility Notes: With Horizons and Odyssey at this time currently split and some people not having Odyssey we will do basecamps in Horizons if needed. There is a private question on the registration form regarding if you have Odyssey or not. When we announce basecamps the bot in our server will make a post that you can RSVP to if you plan on coming. We will cross-reference the attendee list with the Roster to make the determination of if the basecamp needs otbe help in Horizons or if only Odyssey compatible players are attending that particular one.



Start: Keltim End: T Tauri

===================== Current Waypoint List (each leg is 2 weeks)

Leg 1

  • Keltim (GL 149)
  • Betelgeuse
  • Mintaka
  • Alnitak
  • Rigel
  • PMD2009 48 (Orion Nebula)
  • Epsilon Orionis
  • VY Canis Majoris
  • ALS 299 (Thor’s Helmet Nebula)
  • CXOU J061705.3+222127 (Jellyfish Nebula)
  • Crab Pulsar (Crab Nebula)

Leg 2

  • BD+46 1067
  • Hypoe Ain MO-I D9-37 (Heart & Soul Nebulae)
  • RS Persei
  • Bubble Sector PD-S b4-4 (Bubble Nebula)

Leg 3

  • Mu Cephei
  • KY Cygni
  • BD+41 4004 (NGC 7027)
  • S171 43 (NGC 7822)
  • Sadr
  • Veil West Sector DL-Y D68 (Veil West Nebula)

Leg 4

  • HIP 102082
  • CoRoT-9 (CoRoT-9b)
  • 46 Upsilon Sagittarii
  • Snake Sector PD-S B4-1 (Snake Nebula)
  • PSR J1856-3754 (Coronet Pulsar)
  • IC 4604 Sector FB-X c1-17 (Rho Ophiuchi Cloud Complex)
  • Antares
  • Shapley 1 (Fine Ring Nebula)
  • HIP 62270 (Coalsack Nebula)
  • Alcyone (The Pleiades)
  • GMM2008 22 (NGC 1333)
  • 40 o Persei
  • T Tauri (Hind Nebula)


Each Leg will additionally have an announcement post on when they start detailing any optionals they may have added to them. Optional waypoints are subject to be added during the expedition up until the start of the leg.


Onionhead, Space Madness?

The foremost authority on cosmopsychosis treatment, C.E.A. Psychiatric Institutions Ltd. has released a statement regarding the new Onionhead Gamma Strain, The IHO’s findings of medicinal values, and Neomedical Industries recent statements.

Patron Kezika T. Wylair, President and Founder of C.E.A released the following statement:

“We support and agree with Neomedical’s goals of widening availability to the general public of potentially life saving treatments. Our research facilities in Keltim will also be looking into its potential applications for cosmopsychosis treatment, and we believe the results will be promising.”

Cosmopsychosis, commonly referred to as space madness is a psychiatric condition affecting billions across the galaxy and can be caused by prolonged stresses related to living and traveling in space.

Patron Kezika T. Wylair herself a space pilot of the Pilot’s Federation and no stranger to mental health advocacy has in recent years used her massive wealth to found C.E.A. Psychiatric Institutions Ltd. which has established itself as an authority in cosmopsychosis research at their flagship hospital, Wylair Verdure Center located in Fireopal on Keltim A 5.

The Interstellar Health Organization recently followed up on and verified the Kung Crew’s claims that the recently discovered Onionhead Gamma Strain also known as “Helix” had medicinal qualities. Specifically of interest to C.E.A. is in the use case as neuroleptic medication, a class of drug already used to treat some of the symptoms of space madness.

However there are of course many phases and trials any potential drug made with Onionhead Gamma Strain would have to go through before being considered safe and approved for use. Such requirements may also vary between jurisdictions and superpowers. The Federation however so far has had a long history with Onionhead, mostly negative, so the outlook on any potential availability in The Federation looks slim. C.E.A. Psychiatric Institutions Ltd. while registered as an Imperial corporation, and spearheaded by an Imperial Patron of the Keltim Empire League offers their medical services and products to anyone in the galaxy.

From Employee to Friend (Collab with Kazuko)

((True date: 09-30-3305))((Link to Kazuko's perspective:

Kezika had some cargo runs needing completed for some of the C.E.A. Psychiatric facilities. Keen as usual to give work opportunities to patients within the societal reintegration programs at her facilities she opened a work order to have a patient do the inventory verification process on her cargo Cutter, the Arcus.

The patient had been transferred up to Alfven Orbital from a facility on Keltim A 5, and was residing in a crew quarters during transport over to Laveykin Orbital in Tau-3 Eridani. However, due to some unforseen circumstances in the cargo loading area, the cargo loader bots were tied up loading another ship and causing a long wait for Arcus to get serviced. Dock officers had advised Kezika that it would be at least a few more house before they would be able to load their cargo.

"Xavier, if you could please have the chef prepare some Fujin Tea and prepare a charcuterie board from our selection of premium Earth pork for our guest, I shall go bring them up," Kezika requested of her ship's butler, Xavier Hampton, who rushed off towards the ship kitchen.

Kezika meanwhile grabbed her tablet and headed down the elevator to the ship's cargo hold, tapping at it to give a quick few tidbits of information about the temp-worker that the hospital had sent to her.

'Ah, slavery rehab patient... Kazuko Himura,' Kezika noted to herself as she walked into the cargo hold and immediately spotted them, sitting back against a cargo rack taking a short rest.

"Are you Kazuko Himura?" she asked, tapping off her datapad's screen.

"I am," Kazuko stated, "are the dock workers here? Is there anything I can do while I wait for them if they're not?"

"Pleasure to meet you, I'm CMDR Kezika, care to come up to the CMDR quarters for some Fujin Tea and charcuterie, while we wait?" she offered.

Kazuko gave a curious look in response, but after a moment responded, "Y-yeah, sure. Lead the way."

Kezika showed Kazuko the way to the CMDR quarter, showing her in towards the dining table Xavier had set up in the few minutes Kezika had been away. Kezika motioned to an open seat, which Kazuko sat at.

Prompt and on cue as always, Xavier gracefully swept by, setting down the larger charcuterie tray for Kazuko and pouring her a Fujin Tea, as well as one for Kezika. While Kazuko took a small sip from the tea for a moment. Kezika subtly heard a stomach growl from Kazuko as her guest spied the tray.

"Feel free to eat as much as you would like," she stated, "I had my chef prepare it just for you since we'll be here for a while waiting for this starport's cargo loaders to get to us. In the meantime, what do you enjoy doing in your free time?" she asked as Xavier came back with the smaller charcuterie tray for Kezika.

"Me?" Kazuko asked, between mouthfuls of food, "I play a lot of games, I guess. Been taking a liking to the ones set up in the facility's entertainment rooms. NOt to mention the puzzle box I've had for quite some time."

Kezika internally chuckled at Kazuko's excitement to the food, "Ah, yes, the Jaradharre Puzzle Box, exquisite programming on those," Kezika mused, "Any specific games in the entertainment system you're interested in?" she followed up, partially curious about the guest's interests as well as gathering feedback on the games, since Kezika hand selected some of the games available in those rooms.

"Anything that allows me to explore. Lately I've been playing a space flight simulator!" Kaz exclaimed, her eyes having lit up with excitement remembering the hours she spent engrossed in that particular game.

"Ah, so you find pilotiong ships enjoyable? Have you given any consideration into it as a profession when complete with the reintegration program?" Kezika asked, Kazuko visibly excited by the question.

"I have! I've always wanted to see what was out there. I've spent so long in just one place, I want to travel, I want to fly to new places! On my own terms, too! It's like the ultimate form of freedom!" Kazuko responded, extremely excitedly.

'Ah, really excited about space travel too, perhaps she could make a good CMDR herself,' Kezika thought about that response, "Nice, well I can see about potentially getting you set up to attend the Pilot's Federation Academy in Matet after you are discharged from your current program." she replied, after a moment of thought.

Kazuko was clearly trying to hold back tears, so Kezika gave her some time to not get overly excitable and enjoy her food. After finishing a few more cuts of meat Kazuko said something again, "Sorry about that... Got a bit too excited there," she said, blushing rose with embarassment.

"Oh! Excitement is wonderful! Any other games you enjoy? I personally enjoy some of the vintage World War Interim Era games," Kezika asked, to gauge other interests.

"I think the other games I enjoy are from that era? A lot of old role-playing games that allowed you to connect with other people using something called 'The Internet"," Kazuko replied.

The conversation went on, taking various turns for a while, with Kazuko finishing off the charcuterie board. After a few hours Xavier popped back into the quarters, "Ma'am, the cargo loaders have reported loading completion," he stated, speaking to Kezika.

"Guess that means i have to head back," Kazuko stated, turning to Kezika, "It was nice meeting you."

'She seems nice and personable, would be good to stay in touch with this one,' Kezika thought, grabbing a small electronic card from her pocket, "Ah yes indeed, and I must get the ship ready to launch and head back to Keltim, here is my contact card for you to keep in touch with," Kezika stated, holding out the card she grabbed a moment ago.

"Thanks! I'll keep in touch!" Kazuko exclaimed, taking the card and heading out of the CMDR quarters.

Kezika then headed to the bridge and waited for the green light that all ordered cargo was properly loaded before requesting liftoff, and heading back to Alfven Orbital in Keltim.