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Cobra MkIII
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Mar 15, 2019
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Made it!

Commanders Log April 24, 3305

Location: GalMap Ref: Beagle Point

Planet/Moon : 2

Radius (KM) : 1186

Base Camp Surface Coordinates : -16.001 / 169.212

Surface Gravity : 0.17

Geological Activity : none

After several days of traveling through the abyss i finally made it to Beagle Point. I believe madness is starting to set in... yesterday i defecated in the srv thinking it was the lavatory (took forever to clean up), i believe it was the result of eat some angorian space mushroom (similar to a psilocybin but 5x more potent). Ive since put the rest of my crop in the airlock and blasted them into space somewhere near the region of lorant Depot, this is for the best still have a long journey home. I plan to stick around Beagle Point for a week maybe 2 will report on sanity within the next couple of weeks.

En Route to Waypoint 11 DW2 Expedition

Commanders Log April 8, 3305


Aristo - GalMap Ref: PRU AUB DL-P E5-35

Planet/Moon : ABC 6

Radius (KM) : 4526

Surface Gravity : 1.14 Gravity Warning!

Geological Activity : Iron Magma

I've made a stop in PRU AUB DL-P E5-35 and have landed on Planet ABC 6 to observe they celestial Aristo quite the beautiful site, I will stay here for the remainder of the day to gather some resource and continue with my journey to WP11 tomorrow.