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majestic madness [NO-17C]
(Imperial Cutter)
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Apr 26, 2016
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4,891,394,218 Cr
Blue da ba dee

Metallic blue paintjob on a mining cutter; can it get any more luxurious?

Well, actually yes it could. You see, these rings where I've been mining, they spend a lot of time in the dark and no ships lights are powerful enough but we do have night vision! That said; I'd really like to be able to turn out the lights in the cockpit (well, we really can only call it a Bridge on the Cutter). Gutamaya do love their clean bright white interiors - which I don't have a problem with but the bridge could really do with a light switch (or even a dimmer!).

What a Pain-ite

I got a tip from a Mining enthusiast to go to this special spot to mine some Painite. I dusted off the Imperial Cutter and filled her with Mining lasers and collectors and headed off over there with a friend to help improve his credit balance. A couple of runs and he'll be able to afford that Anaconda he's been after for so long :)

So what happend since BP

Not much really ... I travelled back to Explorers Anchorage expecting them to have built a shipyard by now! Turns out they hadn't so I went to Colonia and from there back to the bubble and home-space.


Beagle Point - check!

Ok, now what? I'm really tired and my eyes hurt a little. I think I'll have a sleep. The Cmdr of the ship I've landed next to is either asleep or dead; no amount of flashing my lights and shouting in coms garnered any response. I've stuck a note on his cockpit window that I'm gonna have a kip now.

Time to contemplate the journey home after some exploration around here I think.

Game of Thrones

All this time in the black made be think about some books I saw in a museum last time I was in Scotland (Earth, Sol). Take the black; a fantasy story "A song of Ice and Fire". Would you know it; my entertainment suite has Galflix and in their oldies section was "Game of Thrones" written by HBO or whatever that means. Anyway - I'm on the 7th season of this show. It's only 2D and audio is a bit poor, but it's so good. I've almost flown into a few stars and planets during my exploration of "Newtons Belt" because of it. Seems Galflix is releasing the final series shortly - I can barely withhold my excitement to find out what happens!.. that is if I don't smash my ship up first.

Barrel-rolling for trouble

Here's a great tip for when you're on a long-distance expedition... don't try to learn FA-off planetary flying when the nearest station is not a few stones throw away... I'm lucky my ship is still in one piece though I've left a few scars on the planet (any my ship).

Permit-locked sectors

Why are there big sectors of space this far out in the middle of nowhere where hyperdrive systems cannot lock on!! I'm not much of a conspiracy theorist, but be this thargoids, guardians or some insidious faction of the governments or even something else unknown and worse ... I just don't like it and I think the sooner I get beyond these sectors the better!


I'm out here at WP8 after a what feels like a trippy surf on top of the Milky Way. Not much by way of bars and the like out this way - but the view is pretty cool.

I have caught myself talking to myself though - I don't think that's a good sign! I've heard softly spoken stories about how being out in the black away from home for such a long period can really go wrong! I hope I'm not going to go that way.

I do wish I'd brought a larger vessel out here though - don't get me wrong - I love this ship but for all it's size I'm pretty much sitting in the cockpit 24x7 ... though can I still call it 24x7, time out here is like inconsequential! If I were to switch off the chronometer I'd literally lose track!!

The Clash

I had stocked up on quite a few data-cards from Lave Radio oldies ... and I don't mean from the stale music archives of the early 31st century, I'm talking true classical music, back when civilisation was tied to the Earth barring a few visits out to the moon.

We're talking back to a time of true innovation in the history of music; none of that dark-mood-synth-pop out of Sothis, nor the regimented beat of imperial formality out of Achenar, not even the angelic sounding new-age slanted-rock from Colonia!

I'm referring to the latter half of the 20th Century!

I'm sitting in a bar in Explorer's Anchorage ... how original to call a bar just a few light years from Sag A* 'Event Horizon' - I would rather be out there exploring but those mechanics are prepping my ship for the long journey to the far-side of the galaxy.

Why am I writing about old classical music and a stupid bar in the middle of the galaxy? Well, one tune by ... 'The Clash' ... whoever they are (or were) really brought me to a very sudden realisation about what I (and half the other pilots in this bar) are about to do...

The question is 'Should I Stay or Should I Go'

Operatic Misery at the edge of time!

Ever felt stretched out beyond reality ... well this happened to me! Seems they make these ships to last, even on the boundary of space-time. Operatic Misery, my much enjoyed exploratory vessel had a bit of an escape at Distant Worlds 2 waypoint, 'Dryau Ausms KG-Y e3390'. Never doze off especially on your final jump into the waypoint. I didn't read ahead so was a little confused to see nothing of much in front of me after my power-nap!

Turns out I got a bit too close to the friendly little black hole here! Skirting along the edge of space-time boundary at the event horizon I wondered to myself how time has passed further out ... or has Faulcon DeLacy cooked some magic into their ship to protect it (and me from) those effects!

Time to find out as I stick the blackhole to my tail and boost away (and get that awful sick feeling at space bends back around me!!