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Jul 28, 2019
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524,429,747 Cr
Final push back to the bubble - heading to Maia.

5000ly to go - I suspect many of the interesting systems have been claimed from here on in, suddenly getting lots of commander’s names popping up, but few seem to have mapped as they passed, so once in a while I will still be able to scratch my name on a few planets for those that follow.

'Hidden' stars

Relaxing into a long set of jumps trying to return to the main bubble I got to Synuefua RK-F B31-3. I lazily scooped up some more fuel and then seemingly out of nowhere a T dwarf star looms up right in front of me nearly forcing the dreaded TOO CLOSE! message, I just swerved in time. The cheeky thing was so close to the M star that I hadn't noticed it.

Neutron star aaaarrrrrggggghhh!

Trying to get a boost from my first neutron star in the Elysian Shore sector but seem to have lost the knack! Things seemed easy in the old Cobra but the Anaconda is just not having it! UPDATE: finally managed a 122ly jump! but this is so slow and frustrating I'll only use it rarely best get back to an engineer as soon as possible.

Biological signals in system Dehoae FL-W D2-4

Bark mounds with all sorts of pods and growths on them - just leave enough for everyone!

Making a splash in Temple town.

If it's waterworlds you're after you could pop over to the Prua Hypa systems they seem to have loads including regularly more than one in a system and at Prua Hypa YR-1 B39-0 B 2 a twin waterworld pair of planets merrily spinning around each other. Double sunrise as I came up to map them was well worth a picture.

Plenty of Earths to go round.

Get yourself over to the Dehau systems they have plenty of Earth-like, Waterworld and Ammonia planets to boost you Codex cash. Happy Hunting!

Unclaimed facility a few jumps out from Colonia

Only a few jumps away from the Colonia bubble of 'civilisation' I came across a completely unmarked / unclaimed facility on EOL PROU FR-V D2-323 5 DA whilst looking for some volcanic activity that had shown up on my scanners. It had skimmers and guardians firing missiles at me but I still managed to grab some data from the mast. The planet seemed to be unexplored and definitely unmapped before my landing so how did someone set all this up and what are they guarding so far out?

Mining and missions around Colonia

Managed to mine low temperature diamonds and get big payout at Whirling Station but still can't get the hang of the seismic charges which would no doubt make mining much quicker. Might keep mining gear on board when I travel back to Sol in case there's any interesting finds along the way, depends if there's any jump range advantage to stripping the ship. A bit miffed that there seems little or no chance of getting hold of chemical manipulators out here - forcing you to go back to core systems to upgrade your jump range.

Far side of the Clover nebula

Got to the Clover Nebula (DRYOOE PROU AA-A H55) which has plenty written about it to find very few systems visited before me. Plenty of water worlds to add to my data banks. Of course once I got Colonia-side of the nebula the commander's names came thick and fast but still 20+ jumps and plenty to stick your name on if you are not in a rush!

Earth becomes a moon

Found an Earth-like planet orbiting a high metal planet as it's moon. I think that's the first time I've seen that. Check it out if you are passing PHRAE FLYOU MR-R C6-11.