CMDR Hawk of Battle profile > Logbook

Commander name:
Current ship:
thunderbird [HA-03T]
(Alliance Chieftain)
Member since:
Oct 28, 2019
Distances submitted:
Systems visited:
Systems discovered first:
3,025,382,859 Cr
October update

Logs updated as of today. All generation ships visited. All material bins full. Last file uploaded 124kb.

August update

Logs updated as of today. Phantom bought. Last file size 318kb.

May update

Logs updated as of today. Last entry from 24/5/2020, file size 734kb.

April update

Haven't been on in a while. Uploaded last months logs up to 22/3/2020, last log 1,636kb.

March update

Bought Vulture, engineered it. Unlocked Marco, plus gained intel on 5 more engineers. All logs updated as of 1/3/2020. Last log 438kb

Late entry

Been back in the bubble for a few weeks now. All journals updated to 23/2/2020. Currently working on unlocking more engineers/learning bounty hunting/learning mining/acquiring materials for upgrades.

December update

Added all journals up to and including 15/12/19. Setting off from Sag A* to Beagle