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(Imperial Cutter)
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Dec 3, 2019
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943,641,453 Cr
CMDR Luth Curmal 33060311-Black_hole_Maia

After a dull few weeks, catching a few hours here and there and making more money for my 2nd Imperial Cutter - My friend mentioned that a small black hole was in Maia.

At just 10 jumps from Ceos, I thought - Why not!

Hopped in the trusty Asp Explorer and trundled over to Maia to have a gander.

Pitstop - Maia, docked in Obsidian Orbital to refuel and repair.

Black hole is 300,000 Ls from the stn, a nice leisurely cruise :)

Pictures: - Approaching from afar, nebulae background - Still approaching, more nebulae and a void background - Arrival - Hole portrait - Not what I expected tbh

CMDR Luth Curmal 33060218 - Got some loose change :) = EDSM Badge 'Made my first billion!'

I've also gained the EDSM badge - 'Made my first billion!'.

After some painful lessons (T9 loses, a long-way from home Self Destruct and a Planet crash) and consuming a lot of time (1700 hrs+), I've done it, got my mattress stuffed - so it appears that I've got 1 Billion credits spare..

I've certainly NOT gained this Billion as loose change my any easy means, because I have time on my side and not too concerned with my Credit/Hr ratio!

Now to imagine I have no money again and work onwards to my next ship procurement goals:

  1. Anaconda - Bought 33060227;
  2. 2nd Imperial Cutter - Expeditions/Exploring - Bought 233060316;
  3. Imp Corvette;
  4. 2nd Python - Miner - Decided 30060229 to convert the currently owned ship to a core miner and work towards a 2nd Python with a basic miner fit;
  5. TBC - Ships I've not even thought about, Krait Phantom etc.
CMDR Luth Curmal 33060214 - Another trip to Betelgeuse

I departed Ngalinn, headed for Betelgeuse. Just 20 jumps, so a FSS now and then and stopped for screenies on the way:

Betelgeuse is a red giant star, 700 times the size of SOL. If it were placed in the SOL solar system, it would consume everything as far as Mars.

However, the star is 643 light-years from Earth, so Earth will be safe from the explosion, when Betelgeuse finally does supernova.

But Betelgeuse would still be visible from Earth when it does explode, probably for a few weeks, also easily noticeable during the day!

The last supernova which was visible to the naked eye was Kepler’s Star, 1604.

Upon arrival, bit of sight seeing. More screenshots: Betelgeuse III view

I found a water world when returning via SYNUEFE FG-F C14-10, Planet 10

It was unfortunately a murky sandy brown colour, not at all pretty.

CMDR Luth Curmal 33060213 Promoted King rank for the Empire

You know you a get a sense,'That feeling', your OCD has kicked in because something is not completed, tidied up??

Well over the weeks since gaining Duke rank, so I could purchase a Imperial Cutter, I just kept noticing 11% Duke, 11% Duke on my status.

It had to be progressed, I returned to Mainani & Ngalinn and smashed out the Courier missions and gained King Rank.

I even FSS the two systems, because that also irked my OCD!

CMDR Luth Curmal 33060208 Could not Resist, a Fer-de-lance procured

After recovering from my Cutter and fitment damage to my wallet, I snagged a Fer-de-lance for later enjoyment!

Anaconda once I get 200 mil more stashed under the mattress!

CMDR Luth Curmal 33060202 Veni, vidi, Vega et Sol

After visiting three of the Ursa Major systems, to clear my bucket list a bit more - I made a dash for Vega and then Sol, as they were so close. Between a rock and a hard place. Moon orbit Moon orbit Earth view Earth view 2

CMDR Luth Curmal 33060201 Screen shot dump

With poor planning I just stored screenshots, as ED0000xx etc.

So I'll just have to dump those I cant recall where and why specifically here: I think this is Earths moon

Type 9 Docked, cockpit scheen

Type 9 refueling

Type 9 refueling

Type 9 refueling

Ceos Type 9 hauling Possibly Rigel Possibly Betelguse Saturn, scnner mode Beluga maiden voyage from Brunel Hub 2nd sun looks warped Stunning sun prominence's Helm view Some moon, nice crater! Inbound for docking

CMDR Luth Curmal 33060201 Brestla

Brestla system, 'I Sola Prospect' planet stn is a key point of interest - Can be a suitable base for your Elite Dangerous life!

I visited not that long ago!

CMDR Luth Curmal 33060201 Ship Identification Chart

This was Elite identification chart

I dreamed of flying an Anaconda and or Python as a teenager, now I can buy both for about 100m credit and fit for another 200m no problems = very happy CMDR Luth Curmal! I'm smiling inside the visor :)

CMDR Luth Curmal 33060131 California...

A quick dash to California, well specifically: California Nebula, System California Sector DL-Y D25

Full System scan and a screenie or two, an amazing red colouring to the Nebula. Nebula Backdrop to Asp Explorer Cashing in the FSS efforts at Mic Turners outpost.