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Commander name:
Current ship:
Nebula Asp [1-RC]
(Asp Explorer)
Member since:
Jan 1, 2020
Distances submitted:
Systems visited:
Systems discovered first:
249,919,829 Cr
September 14, 3306

Here's something you don't see every day; a high metal content world with a ring!

enter image description here

September 14, 3306 Tritium Report

Myeadai CE-U b3-0

  • 12 one hotspot
September 13, 3306 Tritium Report

Myeadai VN-L b8-0

  • 1, one hotspot

Myeadai BZ-K b8-0

  • 5, one hotspot
September 4, 3306 Tritium Report

Myeadai IO-T c3-2

  • AB 1 one hotspot
August 27, 3306 Tritium Report

Myeadai CV-P b6-0

  • 2 two hotspots, close together but not overlapping
  • 3 one hotspot
  • 4 eight hotspots!
August 25, 3306 Tritium Report

Myeadai IW-N b7-0

  • 1 one hotspot
August 24, 3306 Tritium Report

Myeadai IH-M b8-0

  • 11 one hotspot

Myeadai AG-O b7-0

  • 1 one hotspot
August 22, 3306 Tritium Report

Myeadai IC-M b8-0

  • 3 one hotspot
August 22, 3306 A Triple Score!

I bounced into the Myeadai PW-W d1-5 system and starting scanning. Around the B star I found two water worlds and one ammonia world! I combined the three images into one for you.

  • B4: 814,269 CR
  • B5: 832,555 CR
  • B6: 1,246,901 CR

Plus the scans for the stars and other bodies the system brought in 5,154,437 CR, including first to discover/map bonuses totalling 2,658,063 CR.

Three Gems

August 21, 3306 Exploration Report

Discovered another water world today. This one has a huge ice cap (the one on the other pole is quite a bit smaller).

Myeadai BN-B c2-0 1 Sold for 2,245,511 CR

Water world with ice cap

Two water worlds in one day! It is a good day.

Myeadai FT-T c3-1 5 Sold for 1,904,646 CR

Water world