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Current ship:
Miner 49er [5-NB]
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Jan 1, 2020
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Systems visited:
Systems discovered first:
208,079,708 Cr
Moving On

Today I jumped Callbase Capricorn to Dryao Ain TI-B d13-3. The stars here are spread out a bit thinner, average of 20 to 50 light years apart.

I am about to jump the carrier to the system where I found the tritium hotspot. The planet with the hotspot is about 6,700 LS from the arrival point as well as being 2 jumps from this system. Mining will go much faster with the carrier over there.

August 14, 3306 Tritium Report

I have found 1 tritium hotspot in Dryao Ain XO-Z d13-4 in the ring of AB 1.

Might As Well Jump!

Commander's Log, August 9, 3306.

Having determined that my location for the past week is not going to yield a totally unexplored area, I ordered Callbase Capricorn to make a jump further into Kepler's Crest.

We have arrived at Schadgae QY-S d3-1.


Just explored this system and discovered that planet B5 has three tritium hotspots. The carrier will jump to that planet, which is 43,000+ LS from the arrival point, while I explore neighbouring systems.

enter image description here

Close Friends

In Schadgae YT-R c4-0, this is what I call close friends. The first two planets orbit a point between them, less than 1 ls apart.

enter image description here

August 8, 3306 Tritium Report

Well, I decided to just slack off for a few days and lay about the ship (carrier). Quite the luxury while out in the black. Back to the scouting though.

  • Schadgae ZU-P c5-0 5 three tritium hotspots
  • No tritium here, but Schadgae ST-R c4-0 is a first for me. This system has 2 stars and 13 planetary bodies, all of which are high metal content! Plus various asteroid clusters. If it wasn't so far from Sol, I'd sell this data to a mining corp.
  • Schadgae ZT-R c4-0 ABCD2, one hotspot
  • Schadgae ZT-R c4-0 ABCD4, one hotspot
  • Schadgae LB-O c6-0 4, one hotspot
  • Schadgae LB-O c6-0 5, one hotspot
  • Schadgae FH-B b27-0 3, 3 hotspots
  • Schadgae FH-B b27-0 5, 2 hotspots
Schadgae YU-P c5-0 ABC 4 a

Commander's Log, August 4, 3306.

As is my habit while on deep space exploration, I have landed the ship for the night.

Shot of a small rocky body.

Surface shot with scout ship and SRV..

August 4, 3306 Tritium Report

I am making a trip of 33 jumps from my carrier into Kepler's Crest. Here are the systems/planets where I have found tritium fuel:

  • Schadgae VF-D b26-0 P3(1), P4(1)
  • Schadgae YU-P c5-0 ABC3(1), ABC5(1), ABC7(5)

The second system listed was my destination. So let's update the statistics:

  • Systems Scanned: 83
  • Systems With Tritium: 14
  • Percentage Found: 16.9%

Conclusion; being closer to the galactic rim certainly reduces the possibility of finding planets with rings.

August 4, 3306

This corner where three galactic regions meet has been too thoroughly visited. I need to find my own space.

With that goal in mind, I am going to look for a place to explore. I will be leaving Callbase Capricorn in Schadgae RZ-V b29-0 for the time being. I'll be using Nebula Asp to head out to a range of 500 LY, exploring along the route. If I keep running into occupied systems, I'll shift course and explore in a rough circle around the carrier, staying near to 500 LY from it, until I find an unexplored area. Then, while I begin charting that area, I can have Callbase Capricorn jump into the neighbourhood to "catch up" with me.

Before leaving, I wanted to top up the carrier's fuel tank, which only required 80 tons of fuel. I headed out to the hotspot I reported a few days ago. It only took 5 or 6 rocks to mine 80 tons of tritium. The fuel mining is pretty darn good out here, boys and girls!

Here's a shot of where I was mining this morning:

enter image description here

August 1, 3306 Tritium Report

The system Schadgae RZ-V b29-0 has two planets, numbers 1 and 3, with one tritium hotspot each.

Statistics Update: 50 scanned, 11 with hotspots, 22%

I find myself in an area that has been explored. I will quickly refuel Callbase Capricorn then move on to a different area.

enter image description here

July 31, 3306 The Triangle

We have arrived at Schadgae TE-Y c14-0, which is as close to the centre of the intersection of the three borders as I think I can get. This system is actually in Kepler's Crest.

Not surprising, the system was previously discovered. However, the commander did not map the water world, so I snagged the first to map for it (and 800,000 CR in the process).

Tomorrow, I will examine how thoroughly this area has been explored, then I may decide to relocate. Perhaps I will go up or down to the galactic plane as most commanders seem to stick to the plane.