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Jun 19, 2016
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Off to the distant worlds

So I signed up to the Distant Worlds 2 expedition.

Its been fun and games so far. I have made new friends, joined Hull Seals, AKA the fleet mechanics and circumnavigated Quantum world with my SRV. That was a tough one, but I got trough it. Eventually.

Now it seems that I actually missed a waypoint on the expeditions, so I am heading back there and then getting towards WP4.

Patching firmware

Not going anywhere in a hurry. I was about to launch my ship when I noticed, that UI had large "Updating ship firmware" text in the middle of it. "73% complete... Estimated time remaining: 03h 28m".

Crap. Well I think now it is a good time to test the new coffee brewer grinder combo. I have never before tasted coffee ground from actual coffee beans...

...the anticipation...


I have been informed, that there are new ships entering the market soon... As I have been collecting funds for my next great exploration trip, this goes beyond that. I absolutely need to get my dirty paws on those ships! Regardless of what they cost!

Still shipping biowaste...

No wait! That came out wrong! I mean I am still transporting passengers! I dont know what went into me to blurp out such horrible thing!

Driving a bus

Like all proper explorers I do like to leave prepared. The problem is, that exploration is not exactly a cheapest possible ambition one might posess. Buying a proper ship and equipping it with all the best grade modules is mighty expensive and time consuming, not to mention all the work and toil expended to properly tune every single part of the ship by the best engineers in the galaxy. They are willing to exchange the services for a good amount of credits and several metric tons of rarest high quality materials.

Then there is the often overlooked matter of packaging vast amounts of food and other vital supplies to sustain the explorer during his/her long journey trough the darkness of the void. That is not free either, and must all be paid with cold, hard cash. Or not really. Standard account transfer will do just fine.

To fund all this madness I have to work. To haul cargo or haul people, which is pretty much the same thing. Hauling people had it's downsides, but there are many quite wealthy individuals who are willing to pay a pretty penny for me to take them to the ass end of nowhere. And I am pleased to do so.

For the last few days I have been picking rich assholes from Evans station in the Parutis system and transporting them to Vela dock in Medb system and oh boy are they paying me a ridiculously large sums of credits! I have made several millions in few days! My spending account has well over billion credits in it!

Couple more runs, and I dont have to worry about money for a long time and I might be able to fund myself a exploration trip of my dreams!

Once again and never AGAIN!

I have just returned from my travels. It was exhausting trip to the opposing edge of milky way, to meet my associate Commander Hagmari. It was joyous reunion in the darkness, for we were surrounded by nothing except the pitch black darkness of outer space. Road back felt long and tedious. Never again I say! And I know i'll be back there before the snow hits the ground on Terra.

Endless maze

I am lost. Utterly, completely lost in this maze of despair.

Constantly running on fumes, just barely reaching the next star, unable to plot any longer or meningful route that would actually take me somewhere.

I think I need some whiskey right now.


I've stopped at Graea Blou TZ-P d5-4 for some repairs.

Took the FSD and fuel scoop offline to let Automated Field Maintenance units give them a good and thorough overhaul.

Still aiming for Beagle Point.

I have to be alert when designating jump routes. It is so darn easy to get stranded into system without enough fuel to get anywhere. Stars are so sparsely divided here near the edge, and it only gets worse the closer I get. Neutron start are nice, but the last leg of the trail doesn't have many, so we have to resort to standard length, unboosted jumps. Limping like crippled dog.

It will become boring. Boring, mind numbing jumping from system to another.

Here in the midst of anarchy systems it is easy to grab a bottle thinking that it is not illegal.... It's not. Just lethal.

That is why I've kept myself away from spirits. Too strong. They'd be the death of me.

Time for more beer.

On my way

I've landed to Schee Blou OF-D c26-19 1. A High metal content world with a colour of bright orange. It's dirt looks like ground cheeto dust. My purpose on this lonely planet is to find some zinc and vanadium to refill my Advanced Field Maintenance unit. I dont really need those refills yet, but better be safe than sorry, right?

New voyage

I finished my previous tour; looking for some neutron stars and black holes. They were abundant and greedy person might have stayed there looking for more and more. But I need something more.

I have plotted a course to Eol Prou IW-W e1-1362. Hundreds of jumps trough neutron highway.

A new challenge. Not an easy one.