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P.R.E. Leap of Faith [AND-12]
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Jan 20, 2020
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1,441,000,020 Cr
10 APR 3306

My winding course has lead me to Eolls Graae PG-E b15-4 AB 1 A. So far I have traveled over 150kly, somewhere back there was the halfway point but I still need to get back. 182 deaths reported, some of those would be repeats. we just passed Colonia, a 15kly detour for those who took it, I didn't have the time. My power plant is holding at 93% and there's no turning back now.

It's a few hours before the meetup of the Orion Expedition and the Perseus Reach Expedition, this will be the most ships I've seen in one place since we launched in Feb. It may be the most ships I see again until civilization. When I return the new fleet carriers will have been active for some time, a decent opportunity to find my next large project.

I've logged thousands of new worlds, it should be worth a small fortune. As I travel I've been wondering what to do with this new found boon. For money-making capacity I've pondered pulling a few favors with Imperials for a mining Cutter. Or a second hauler Corvette. Or an Anti-Xeno Krait MK II. I'll have plenty of time to think about it and plenty of money.

By my best guess I may be a quarter of the way before I'm truly done and back in the bubble, it all greatly depends on my route back. Before I decide my course I'll hopefully have some more news from the bubble to see what sort of hurry I'll be in. It'd be a shame not to try to visit new regions and I have no schedule to keep after we finally reach Oevasy SG-Y d0, it could take until the end of the year to arrive home.

21 FEB 3306

I'm nearing Waypoint 3. There have been many notable systems cataloged, neutron stars, hypergiants, Earth-likes and glowing anemone. My pace has been fairly rapid, barely enough time to smell the roses. Sol is now 19.8kly away and that makes me feel like I've not even reached the deep end of the pool. I am glad to be in Vulcan's Gate, it seems more lively than Elysian Shore but over the course of thousands of stars who the hell knows. 47 of us are dead, 19 took the quick way out, there is one CMDR registered as having completed the expedition already. The point of it for me will be gathering with those who made it at the end and hearing their about their journeys alongside mine, then filing out back into the galaxy bound for anywhere. We have a long, long way to go.

16 FEB 3306

It took two days to cross the gap between the Formidine Rift and Perseus Arm but it was very rewarding. My course took me through a corner of the Errant Marches where I discovered my second unmapped neutron star system. I kept up a rapid pace in order to cross the gap, dock at Base Camp in the Soul Nebula and then attend the WP2 meetup. Still 500ly below the galactic plane, I would jump to a system, align the ship's nose towards the next jump while scooping, drop throttle, honk, examine the FSS for traces of water worlds, Earth-likes or Ammonia worlds. If I found none then throttle up while charging FSD. The Faith runs so cool that a corona isn't very dangerous.

About 300 jumps later I docked at the last outpost of humanity that I might see for months, Base Camp in Soul Sector EL-Y D7. After a top off, repair and restock, I was able to claim a quarter million in codex data and 220 million in cartographics. That's more than enough to buy a Cutter in cash, something to consider for when I next return to human space. I'll be a billionaire.

Setting off quickly, I was able to join voice channel as the Faith's rapid jump pattern surged towards Bubble Sector LX-T B3-1 1 A. A small meeting of late arrivals, 5 of us total. The hour was late but spirits were high. We could not dally but exchanged repair limpets and hot tips before a well executed mass jump. I'll see you all again at Waypoint 3 next week. Now that I've returned from the Rift and freshened the ship one final time, I've got a whole week to explore the next segment of the Perseus arm. I'd like to do smaller meetups or maybe Hull Sealing to plot more erratic courses, I'm not aware of many points of interest in these parts. I'm not sure where I'll go but I have a course to plot.

14 FEB 3306

First log entry. I've joined the Perseus Reach Expedition, it started 6 days ago. I quickly passed through well traveled routes far past the Heart and Soul Nebulas and out to the Formidine Rift. I couldn't resist the chance to see the Rift but my first two day's progress was a poor baseline for average pace.

Once I saw the Zarura, my pace slowed. The Formidine Rift has a challenging entry coming from the Soul Nebula, few stars far between. At this point my star class filter was more selective, I needed to avoid less valuable systems with cooler stars. The end of my second day in the Rift had the highlight of an undiscovered neutron star, 500 lightyears below the galactic plane with a ringed molten world as it's only companion. The next day I found life orbiting a distant gas giant, some crystal shards. I suspect that life in the Formidine Rift is not common.

The P.R.E. Leap of Faith has reached a point I'm comfortable with accepting as being far enough to qualify to my satisfaction as being a legitimate distance traveled through the length of the Rift, at least it's underside. I'll have to come back here with a farther jumping ship some day. The Faith has a schedule to keep. It's 5,232.19ly to my plotted course, a dark point out of the Rift and approaching the Perseus Arm. By traveling to the end of the Rift I've overshot expedition waypoint 2 and 3, I need to make the crossing back to the arm and consider a course that I won't have to double over later in the journey. Current course is 102 jumps, I'll do as many as I can tonight.