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1.321.004.693 Cr
Home log

Black hand of Jaaka attacked my home. I wasn't able to log my progress for a while. For now, the battle seems to have stabilized. I made a shit ton of credits by handing in explore data. that same data seemed to push back the opposition as well.

The thargoids appeared again. reports show that a "scout" class ship was found harvesting meta alloy. no one has figured out what this means and why they are doing this. Rumors are going around that strange signals are being found. at random. no one has been able to pinpoint it but what we do know that something big is coming. Galnet news reported that Salome and her followers found information of a large scale operation was going to protect man kind from... something. why it was hidden in the first place is still unknown.

the black is calling me. time to depart from home and find... something.

Star log 4

current system: Hyuedau GF-Q c5-8

Received transmission from Angels. Trouble back home and they need all the help they can get. with the data on the ships computer. I might be able to help them.

I was hoping to stay out here longer.

Time to bucky ball.

Star log 3

Current location: Hyuedau SL-P c5-16 B 1

Ship took a hard landing. I was about 90M above the surface and powered the thrusters too much which slammed the ship onto the surface. The shield took most of the damage from the landing. but the shield safety limiter fried to protect the electrical. I can still use the shield, but I might end up blowing the power distributor next if I'm not careful. Got new decor in the cargo room for everything is out of place. Systems show there was no breach in the room. Landing gear works, but I had to take a large sledge and torch to free it.

Damage report:

  • Hull 62%
  • bottom of ships hull deformed. no breach.
  • Shield limiter fried.
  • Cargo room 3 has uneven flooring
  • landing gear housing cut and deformed.
Star log 2

Current system: Preou Thua FG-Y g3

The ship looks better now, also restocked my FSD injector. Now that I have a good beam to the home systems, I've been compiling some distances. I forget that it takes nearly 24 hours to send the data back home. Its really dead out here, Galaxy scans from EDSM shows that there is only one other explorer out here. I've attempted to hail the Cmdr nearby, but only got static in return. must be noise from the stars.

Can't say I haven't found anything from this trip. there is so many terraformable candidates out here. even found a earth-like planet. not much more to report.


Star log 1

Current location: Flyai Drye PD-Z d1-3

This has to be a new record for the ship. sure I stopped for a few planets and water worlds. but this had to be the fastest travel time to get to the Vela. This place doesn't have much love for explorers. at least from what i can tell on the tracking data, but one could use the Formidine Rift as a reminder, that even though it looks like no one is here. doesn't mean that the people want to be tracked.

Found my first neutron star after arriving to Vela. Took minor heat damage on the way, didn't pay much attention to how close i was to the stars while bucky balling. The moment I find a good landable moon, I'll take the time to repair the ship. while I'm at it, I need to restock the FSD injector.

Once the inventory check list is done. its time to unlock the secrets to Vela Ultima.