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Poignant Denouement [ARAN]
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Hauling in Suhte

The T-9 freighter Prandial Delivery has helped the Pilot Trade Network deliver many kilotons of Agronomical Treatment to Ballard Survey in Suhte, earning a profit of 800 million credits.

Poignant Denouement

After finishing the biological survey, I have decided to finish outfitting the yet unused PvP Fer-de-Lance Poignant Denouement.

The target loadout is a combined 3PA/2RG shield tank outlined here:

Medusa's Rock

After traveling back almost ten thousand lightyears, Polite Defiance reached inhabited space in Crescent Sector GW-W c1-8, a remote system with a single asteroid starbase, Medusa's Rock, still more than five thousand lightyears from Sol.

This pitstop was becoming urgent due to Polite Defiance having sustained moderate damage to its FSD by neutron-boosting, and light internal and hull damage from reckless fuel-scooping.

After making repairs, we sold off all cartographic and genetic data gathered so far, with a net profit of almost three billion credits, pushing us into Elite I and Geneticist ranks, respectively.

Polite Defiance will now continue its return trip to the bubble.

Supermassive systems

Polite Defiance has arrived at the outward destination of its exobiology survey, the system Bya Eup GS-K d8-9.

Before returning to the bubble, it will be making several short trips within the Bya Eup sector, traveling to various supermassive (h-class) systems. The first of these is Bya Eup AA-A h0; a blue hypergiant approximately 700ly from GS-K d8-9.

Temple sector.

After about a week of travel covering about 10000 lightyears in about 150 jumps, Polite Defiance has arrived in the Temple sector, in Eussoths DH-T b18-1. The preliminary target is in reach and should be reached within a few days at most.

After this, a decision will have to be made: Polite Defiance can either return to civilization by the way it came (with minor deviation to avoid revisiting the same systems)... or it can head out further into the black, possibly in the direction of Colonia, which will be not much further than Sol.

Biological Survey

The DBX-class exploration vessel Polite Defiance has embarked on a short 14kly expedition into the galactic west, heading towards the Temple sector with a preliminary destination of Bya Eup GS-K d8-9, sampling all exobiology encountered on the way.

Relief work in Cemiess

Participated in the charity event in Cemiess at Mackenzie Relay. The Federal Corvette-class warship Placid Descriptivist eliminated over three hundred pirate ships in the Cemiess and Vequess systems. The Lakon Type 9 Heavy Freighter Prandial Delivery, supported by the Drake-class Carrier Primordial Dreamer, delivered well over twenty kilotons of fish and luxury items to Mackenzie Relay.

Canonn Research Expedition: Interstellar Anomalies

Participated in the astrometric research by Canonn investigating the interstellar anomalies dubbed Megaera, Alecto and Tisiphone. The first of these, Megaera, was discovered 3308-AUG-29 approaching Oochorrs UF-C c11-0 from restricted space toward the galactic rim. Over the weeks that followed, it made its path gradually hubward, approaching human space. After a week, it was joined by two other anomalies in the Elysian Shore and Formidine Rift respectively.

The surveys were performed on board the Lakon Diamondback Explorer-class picket boat Polite Defiance, supported by the Drake-class carrier Primordial Dreamer.

Battle for Azaladshu

Participated in the Battle for Azaladshu; fighting for the Separatists against the Federation, in the Federal Corvette-class warship Placid Descriptivist.

Accrued hundreds of kills and almost ninety million in combat bonds.


Participated in the Battle for Eurybia, October 3306. Belligerents are the Eurybia Blue Mafia and the Keltim Empire League, contending for control of Liz Ryder's engineering base Demolition Unlimited which is currently under the protection of Eurybia Blue Mafia.

Fighting against the Empire, the Anaconda-class warship Precarious Dividend has accrued several dozen kills and well over five million credits in combat bonds.