Galactic Mapping > Routes > From GCRV 1568 to New Growth

This route takes you from my usual home sector on one end of the bubble to the other and then out into Guardian space using mostly neutron stars. 60ly+ jump and two full strength boosts required if you're going to follow it to the letter.

New Growth is the only large pad station in this region for about 450 lightyears and a fairly comfy system surrounded by others with awesome mining and mapping opportunities (void opals, LTDs, tritium and terraformable planets abound!). Only thing to watch out for is that New Growth and the entire Pencil Nebula is that it's all currently lawless, so interdictions in New Growth proper from pirates is commonplace. Rest of the nebula is pretty sleepy though and you're unlikely to be bothered. If you got a full hold, probably avoid New Growth unless armed and/or escorted or you're looking to boost the economy.

You can instead go to Synuefe EL-H d11-96 (The Prospect) from M Puppis 35347 if you're in a medium size ship and/or if security is important to you and you're just coming to do Guardian stuff. From M Puppis or HIP 37966 you you can hit pretty much everything important Guardian-wise down here.

Vela Pulsar is also very close by, in addition to quite a number of other neutrons. If you're going to the outer spur, it's probably not a bad route to take as a kickoff towards it.

HIP 41817 is also a good kickoff if you need to go up to Rare Earth Riches. I'm still charting out a good route for that one though, so stay tuned I guess.

# System Coordinates Distance
#1 GCRV 1568 -33.90625 / -63 / -82.875
#2 18 Camelopardalis -57.9375 / 31.96875 / -122.5625 105,70 Ly
#3 Jackson's Lighthouse 157 / -27 / -70 228,99 Ly
#4 HIP 41817 300.0625 / 71.65625 / -154.75 193,35 Ly
#5 Synuefe HL-K b42-11 515.96875 / -46.46875 / -147.4375 246,22 Ly
#6 M Puppis 35347 556.96875 / -141.375 / -142.0625 103,52 Ly
#7 HIP 37966 770.25 / -181.5 / -59.46875 232,21 Ly
#8 Pencil Sector EL-Y d5 (New Growth / Pencil Nebula (NGC 2736)) 816.3125 / 2 / -44.03125 189,82 Ly