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Name: Iridium Wing
Allegiance: Independent
Government: Corporate
Linked minor faction: Iridium Wing
Home system: Ki
4 / 100

Welcome to the Iridium Wing

To Join Iridium Wing and/or Request Escort Services, please join us in the Iridium Wing Discord

Origin Story

Following the death of CMDR Carbonheart, Iridium Wing was created by CMDR WinterCharm on January 29, 3302 as a group of combat-oriented CMDRs with one goal in mind... To safely escort returning explorers home, whether it be in the Sol or Colonia Bubbles

The Reddit post that put the wheels in motion: S***. (Blown up by NPC after returning from the core.)

Mission Statement

  • We offer explorers this service free-of-charge with no expectation of gifts, mats, commodities, etc.
  • We employ organized, professional, and well developed escort tactics which have proven safe and effective in providing explorers with the best security that only the longest running premiere security force can provide.
  • We have a fleet of combat ready pilots and aggressively outfitted ships trained extensively in our procedures and tactics, ready to serve as your escort wing home.
  • We are led by experienced pilots who have been operating on missions since the early days of the Pilots Federation.
  • We hold NO allegiances to any power, faction (outside our own), or group while on missions, though each individual CMDR is free to follow the path of their choosing outside of our missions.

We also have an INARA Squadron if you would like to join there as well: