IC 1805 Sector DQ-Y e3 (Altera's Eye / IC 1805) [#14082376660]


This system is located at: -4337.375 / 12.3125 / -4425.40625

Coordonnées galactiques: R: 6 196,547 / l: 135,576 / b: 0,114
Coordonnées équatoriales: Ascension droite: 2h 36m 34,896s / Déclinaison: 60° 22'42,982''

Crédits estimés : 23 579 cr

Rapport de traffic

This system was visited for the first time on EDSM by Majkl.

Cela a été nommé par le Projet Cartographie Galactique avec le nom de : Altera's Eye / IC 1805

1489 ships passed through IC 1805 Sector DQ-Y e3 space, including 0 ship in the last 7 days.

0 ship passed through IC 1805 Sector DQ-Y e3 space in the last 24 hours.

A solitary Black Hole sat deep within it's own planetary nebula of hot blue gas, situated just below the IC 1805 Cluster.

enter image description here

There's planetside Tourism POI with a remarkable view of the near nebula.

enter image description here

Link : Altera's Eye

A large open cluster situated between the far edge of the Wayfarer's Graveyard and the Heart & Soul Nebulae, approx. 6,300 LYs from Sol. Whereas IC 1805 strictly speaking is the Heart Nebula, the cluster of young, massive stars is named Melotte 15. The cluster is just a few million years old and holds more than 2,000 solar masses. The cluster is in the process of mass segregation in which the lighter stars are ejected from the cluster's core, leaving only the heavy stars gravitationally bound to each other.

enter image description here