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25 déc. 2020
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The Mundanity of the Far Reaches - 10

The Sagittarius Expedition is a go! Only 185 jumps and 9 kLy left to go, found an undiscovered system with ANOTHER ELW! I've jumped to a few systems with black holes at their centers and it is honestly one of the most terrifying things I've done in a while, every single time I'm mortified I'm about to fly into it. It's yet to happen, but... eugh. Still gives me chills.

The Mundanity of the Far Reaches - 9(?)

Sadly, Mundanities 9 and 10 were lost, but luckily I haven't done much between, so all's well? I've been relaxing in Colonia for the past day or so, taking in the local color. It's so odd being here, it's like everything I know, just a little bit off. I should probably head out soon, but... ehhhh. I might just see the sights for now. To recap: I found my first undiscovered Earth-like, and I finally landed and got paid (if it wasn't obvious).

The Mundanity of the Far Reaches - 8

240 jumps left, writing this mid-flight because holy shit. My nav console marked a few points in the system I was in as "Notable Stellar Phenomena", so I naturally flew to it ASAP. When I got there, I discovered these MASSIVE, metallic, needle-like crystals! They were seemingly everywhere around me, I got a good few scans in and took some pictures before leaving. Each one of these was at least as big as my ship! They even came in multiple colors! In other news, I've finally reached the Inner Scutum-Centaurus Arm, and the difference between here and the Orion spur is mesmerizing. In front of me was a whole field of bright blue stars in every direction, except for right behind me. I'm nearly halfway to my destination, and I'm extremely excited to get there.

The Mundanity of the Far Reaches - 7

Apologies for the lack of updates, the mind is willing but the flesh is weak. At the very least, I made some great progress to my destination; 275 jumps and 13kLy left to go! I've made a mild "game" of looking for the name of the next sector ahead of me and seeing when I enter it. Some of these names are frankly bizarre, I ended my previous leg flying from the NYEAJAAE sector into the NYEAJOA. I'm genuinely curious how they name most of these, I'm familiar with the ones named after constellations and probes, but this is just strange.

The Mundanity of the Far Reaches - 6

320 jumps left, this is officially the furthest I've ever been from the bubble at 6,000 lightyears, with my visit to the Feast of Stars coming in second at around 5,000. I... didn't feel like doing a lot today, I mostly just laid in bed and talked with my friends over comms. I did spot a completely undiscovered water planet today, that was pretty satisfying. Hopefully, tomorrow I'll feel motivated enough to make some real progress.

The Mundanity of the Far Reaches - 5

About 350 jumps left until I reach Colonia, I decided to do something a bit risky and try my first neutron jump. I earnestly thought it would be a lot more difficult than it turned out to be; I assumed you had to align yourself with the target system while still inside the jet-cone. I still plan on flying there unassisted so I can scan whatever systems I happen to pass on the way there, maybe I'll ride the neutron highway on the way back if at all.

The Mundanity of the Far Reaches - 4

When I first started writing these logs, I mulled over names for a good while before deciding on this one. I knew then about as well as I know now that it would be completely apt to how most of these would turn out. 390 more jumps to Colonia, and I've spotted the first completely unvisited system of the journey already. Sadly, it was just an M-class red dwarf orbited by an ice planet, but they can't all be winners, can they? I've also been spotting a lot of terraformable HMCs spotted but never DSS'ed, which always gives me a small chuckle. Check your system maps, kids, it could earn you a cool 1.5 mil on top of what you were already getting.

The Mundanity of the Far Reaches - 3

After some fiddling around with souping up my FSD (0.5 Ly short of 50!), I've decided to make my inaugural trip to Colonia! The fact that my nav computer can't even reach far enough to plot a course there is a bit concerning, but as long as I don't make too too many mistakes, I'll be fine. After that, I'll visit Sagittarius A*, then double back before heading home.

The Mundanity of the Far Reaches - 2

Cleaned up the last of Cupid's Arrow, and already halfway home. Results are very enlightening indeed; nearly every system contained at least one metal-rich body or metallic ring! Every time I probed a ring, the whole thing lit up with platinum and monazite hotspots! Even stranger, nearly all of the MRBs showed bio signs. I got rid of my SRV Scarab a few days ago, and I'm already starting to regret it with all of my recent findings. Guess I'll just keep it in mind for next time. Signing off for now, just spotted three different water planets which look very promising.

The Mundanity of the Far Reaches - 1

Proper entry, right. As of right now, I'm navigating the NGC 7822 Nebula, running through the entirety of Cupid's arrow and scanning metal-rich planetoids for possible future mining expeditions. Results look promising so far, though what mining company would travel some 2,500 lightyears to strip mine a few moons is beyond me. Honestly, the real reason why I came to this nebula was the titular "Cupid's Arrow". The massive linear cluster highlighting the space around me sparked my curiosity. I first saw it while transporting a researcher to the 2MASS sector in the Elysian Shore. We were heading for a specific system known to some as the "Feast of Stars". I still remember the day I arrived. I nearly started crying when I entered the system, I couldn't believe my eyes. The O-type bearing over the entire area, dying everything in a rich blue light. Black holes dotting the area, lensing and contorting the space around them in ways I could barely comprehend. Then and there, I knew I had entered the right profession. Seeing sights like these is exactly what I'd always wanted.