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10 juin 2021
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Logbook Entry 3 "Buddenbrook"

Captain's logbook of the Alliance Space Ship Buddenbrook (LO-06P), date 17.06.3307, CMDR Lowtagoras


While continuing our efforts around the Wolf 397-System we've encountered a widely spread epidemic in the Babas-System. Alliance influence is rather thin in this system, but nevertheless I decided to take advantage of the Buddenbrook's status as a commando vessel to provide humanitarian aid in form of medical assistance by logistic support. As it turns out there aren't signs of a shortage of medical supplies, but unfavourable distribution of them. In agreement with my superiors we decided to not take economic advantage of the situation. Instead, reputation building and non-financial profits are to be prioritized. To guard the crew we conduct material transfers via drones; not even leaving the ship yet alone entering the stations if possible. Despite these quarantine-like strain the crew have to manage they still are in rather high spirits as of now. I intend to continue providing aid until the situation is under control.

As of now, no crewmember shows signs of an infection.

A notice of this decision and the plan of action has been transmitted to HQ. Updates to HQ are to be transmitted in twelve hour intervals.

Logbook Entry 2 "Buddenbrook"

Captain's logbook of the Alliance Space Ship Buddenbrook (LO-06P), date 16.06.3307, CMDR Lowtagoras

++Wolf 397-System, Orbis Starport Cregglezone++

The scheduled maintenance for the Buddenbrook is finished. All systems operate within expected parameters after rooting out bugs in the display programming. We conducted several hauling missions in the same area as before; proving our ship's worth and building up trust with several sub-factions of mainly allied and federal allegiance. These efforts payed off since we got legal access to the Beta Hydri-, Vega- and Alioth-System, enabling us to extend our range of support for the Alliance. Even though I'm sure that our business relationship with the federation may raise concern among allied officials, but I firmly believe that continuing relationships with those factions will open up opportunities to influence those in our favor.

As of now we will continue to strengthen economic bonds around the current system.

Logbook Entry 1 Appendix "Buddenbrook"

++Farack-System, Mitra Estate++

The Buddenbrook has successfully docked at the Orbis Station Mitra Estate. During our primary runs we were offered to do an additional delivery to this system. I accepted the task since compensation was rather generous considering the short distance to both system and port.

The drills didn't go as expected. Although the planetary launch with deactivated Flight Assistant went without trouble, docking at orbital star ports posed a much greater challenge to complete. We also experienced system failures of our displays, prompting me to abort the last drill in order to prevent damage to both station and ship. Those results show how reliant we are on current technology and how even more important it is to master the vessel's with manual controls only.

I am considering upgrading our lightweight thrusters to high-performance ones, but as of now a thorough maintenance check takes priority. Our liaison officer at the station scheduled one for the following two days, but depending on the results it is yet unclear whether further investigations may be necessary to root out the problems.

Logbook Entry 1 "Buddenbrook"

Captain's Logbook of the Alliance Space Ship Buddenbrook (LO-06P), date 11.01.3307, CMDR Lowtagoras

++He Bo-System, Planetary Outpost Finch Enterprise++

The "Buddenbrook" is the very first larger ship I have the pleasure to command since my service in the imperial navy. As a Python-class multi-purpose medium-sized ship her adaptability is quite good. After some contemplation I have decided to modify her into a medium-range trading vessel. The first test runs in the area of the Gateway systems and its neighbours are already concluded. With 280 tons of cargo capacity she doesn't reach the maximum cargo capacity of a type-7, but the ability to dock at smaller stations outweighs the difference. As does her engine capabilities which prove to be quite an upgrade of those of a 7. After a visit to my old acquaintance Felicity Farseer the Frame Shift Drive of the ship has been modified, making it capable of 44LY per jump when empty.

Final tests are scheduled for today. There are two deliverie runs to do which will get us to the Olgrea- and 78 Ursae Majoris systems. We haven't been able to purchase navigational charts for these regions, but considering their location there shouldn't be any troubles. The test's content will include various machine malfunction drills; most importantly the deactivation of the Flight Assist program in planetary environment during docking and undocking.