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23 août 2021
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The Good Samaritan

Today I rescued a family of 6. I was cruising through Col 285 Sector KW-M c7-16 and came across a distress signal. When I arrived at the crash site I found 6 escape pods. "Jupiter 2" inscribed on them and all of their names were "Robinson".

Moving on up!

Today I went a little upscale. I purchased a solid Python. With the extra cargo capacity and tons of guns, I should be able to make a little extra cash while I'm running around Ochosi. enter image description here

Before space madness sets in...

I got laid over in the Ochosi system. Figured I could do with a bath and a few days R&R. I picked up a slightly used Eagle, and have been using it to shuttle dispatches to and from Federation officers in Chakpa. It's a nice change of pace from all the sight seeing. I may hang around here a bit and pick up some extra cash before I head back out. Maybe even pick up a permit to Sol. I've never been to the cradle of civilization before.

Teaming with life!

The Hyades Sector is teaming with life. My investigations of the systems have yielded 16 bodies of interest. Scanning reveals 3-8 distinct life signatures no these 16 bodies. I have entered a log in my flight book to return and investigate these bodies further....

Efficient Scanning

I know most of the learned here already know how to do this, but I had a difficult time figuring it out, so I will share how to efficiently scan a planet. It seems apropos for this thread.

First, you want to be close enough for your firing reticle to cover the entire planet, not much more, and definitely not much less. I have a bobble head on the number 4 position on my dash and when the top of his head touches the planet it is pretty dead on.

enter image description here

enter image description here

As you can see, the reticle covers all sides of the planetary body.

Once you fire your first shot at the center, you will want to align the center reticle to the white 3 dot line as shown below.

enter image description here

You will want to do this for all four sides.

enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

Voila! 100% with only 5 probes. Now these images are for a 6 probe planet. This allows you to do it in 5. I also have a pic to show you how to hit the extreme back side for the 7 probe planets.

enter image description here

Permit to Isinor

Ran into a religious nutter talking about Isinor. He said it was a closed system, but he could hook me up with a permit if I made a proper donation to the cause. I happened to have a ton of astrometric data on board, so I worked out a swap.

One day I may have to go see what all the hubbub is.


I managed to find one more mat of bacteria... Man that was frustrating.

Stuck on HIP 19789

Can't believe how hard it is to locate a giant mat of bacteria... I've been stuck on this planet for ages looking for a single sample. My biological scanner ran out of juice. Had to plug it up for a while. I've covered miles on foot and made 3 hops around the planet looking for one more sample to complete the experiment...

Road to Riches, the beginning.

I began exploring in my new ASP Explorer: "Event Horizon". Sometimes you have to take a moment and reflect on the awesomeness of the galaxy.

enter image description here

Time to jet!

Managed to get a decent haul to market. It was more than enough to outfit an ASP Explorer. I think I will go see some sights. Take a little vacation from mining for a bit. She looks like a sports coup. Shiny red, swooped back wings and tail. Man, she is gonnna be fun to jet around in.