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Diamondback Explorer
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29 mai 2023
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1 705
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53 283 874 Cr
day 22: binary earths

found 2 earth likes orbiting each other. the alien wars must get insane. good this it was a time of peace when i visited the aliens. they gave me some fresh polonium as a gift!

day 21: 100 jumps

i did "100" jumps today. the earth likes were plentiful (2 earths in one system (alien wars???)) as well as the icy bodies and neutrons (about time). didn't find any polonium though, but technetium should do the trick for now (tastes like steamed niobium with the texture of raw yttrium)

day 20 part 1: back to the stars

i am finally out of the "formidine." the low amountages of stars made me very sad so i went back to the elysian shore, where more stars and watery worlds are located. onwards to that haloooooooooooooo

day 19 part 1: nothing

there are no worlds worth any money. no terraformables, watery worlds, or even earth likes. just lame icy bodies. icy bodies are the best, but money is better!!!

day 18 part 1: zurara

went to the zurara today and sold some data (and tech) at a carrier nearby. my ship is now green and i now have emergency funds in case i slam into an earth like going light speed.

day 17 part 1: formidine

i am in the "formidine" rift. the amount of tech (as in technetium) is unparalleled, making this the best region for tech (as in technetium). oh, and technetium makes for a very flavorful snack (tastes better than polonium with fungi).

day 16 part 1: o star and earth

i visited an o0 star today. why do they call them o stars if there is no o in blue? very bad naming. oh, and i also found an undiscovered earth (with aliens) only 20 light years away. more alien friends!

day 15 part 2: extreme pulsar

i visited an extreme neutron star today. i almost died, but at least i got pretty pictures for my diamondback sleeping quarters, so i can have happy nightmares.

day 15 part 1: liquid worlds galore

every single system i "go" to, there is one, or even two watery worlds. whatever, water is required for survival anyways.

day 14 part 1: double earth's

found another earth like "world" only 2 jumps away from the first one i found. more aliens equals more friends. more friends equals more fish. more fish equals more food. more food equal more survival. more survival equals more exploration. exploration equals life. aliens are life.