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29 mars 2018
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The Dark...

After Beagle Point.....after Beagle Point.... Nobody mentions the return. The overwhelming fatigue and loneliness. The constant DARKNESS. The void receding behind to be replaced with more and more void.

I have begun tinkering. The Cargo bay scoop has been malfunctioning, I have been recording myself notes and then playing them back to try to gain some form of human interaction, it seems to help...but then maybe I am feeding the madness.

I lost my wingman months ago now, after the turn coat tried to strangle me in my sleep I crushed his skull and sent him out of the airlock still choking on vital fluids. He was my brother.....

Now, alone and 25000 lyrs from the closest human....maybe I should have followed.

The only thing keeping me is my faith.



I am on the final approach to Beagle Point now. It's been a long journey but I have loved every minute. 56 jumps to go

The balck hole at the end of the Conduit

57 Jumps to go!

Nothing Neutrons

A bit late but I was in a patch of nothing but Neutron stars about a week ago on my way to Sag A* panicked a few times as came close to entering the cone upon system entry. Left that maze behind me thankfully. Now I am only 120 jumps from Sag.

Issues with auto dock

After coming close to a few stars my auto pilot shit itself today. No big deal really but I need to stay on top of my modules or they won't last.


So rumor has it that systems with AA-A have special astronomical bodies. It's a bit out of the way but worth looking into I think.

Distant worlds 2

So its arrived. Tomorrow I will set forth on a cosmic journey like none other, finally get to see Sag A and Beagle point then hopefully make some fresh discoveries.

Safe travels commanders.