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Delivery [LJS005]
(Asp Explorer)
Membre depuis le :
22 déc. 2018
Distances envoyées :
Systèmes visités :
4 042
Systèmes découverts en premier :
3 011
Solde :
4 017 488 709 Cr
Barnards Loop again

At last I can see that old familiar and somewhat annoying old nebula in the sky again...home is around the corner.

Guardian Bound

I hear tell of a Guardian FSD drive enhancer that can boost the range of any FSD?

Im done with this exploring for now, so I think I'll be heading there to check this rumour out.

Sagittarius A

Finally here: 9:12 on 5 April 2020.

Sagittarius A

I've left Colonia and am headed to Sag A - the Great Annihilator.

I have retrofitted my ship and lost a lot of the bulk. I am now lighter and have expanded my jump range by 60%. The trip will be much faster now!

Colonia was nive to visit and I met some interesting folks (engineers mostly), but I don't think I want to stay there. So, I'm off to the core and from then...well we shall see.

Dove Enigma

So finally here:

In perspective I have: 3,737,716,629 Cr.

I have visited 7,567 systems Level 2 scans: 18,492 Efficiency Bonuses: 420 Total Hyperspace distance: 265,256 ly SRV distance: 2.25 mm Approximate game time: 5W 16H 52 min Profits exploration: 1,434,181,206 cr Levle 3 scans: 20,350 Highest payout: 9,333,830 cr Total jumps: 10,008 Max distance from start: 26, 197 ly

EDSM reckons: 2,488 systems discovered first Total Value just over : 215,000,000 cr Total jumps 3,216

After cartographic: profit: 272,203,252 cr

Colonia bound

So, I'm finally within 20,000ly of Colonia central (Jacques anyways) and I can now plot a direct path! Lets see how long this takes.

Calling it all off - sort of

So, I have re-evluated my priorities base don my time out here in the black and has myself - Why am I out here, what am I looking / hoping for? I find that a hard question to answer. ON the other hand there are a lot more priorities back at the bubble that I would like to get involved with. So, I've decided to call off the Grand Exploration and instead there are only two destinations I want to get to - Colonia and Sag A. So I'm setting a 26,000ly course for Colonia and then onto Sag A before heading back home. Fast as you like. Oh I'll keep an eye out for WW, AW and ELW for the cash, but other than that its not sparing the horses as they say.

Back in the saddle

Its been ten months since my last entry...

Back at it again I suppose = lets see if I can make it to Colonia or Sag A before another long winded break.

I am sooo rusty I can't even find the coffee mug holder!

Docked at Soul Nebula

So, I've made it back to human civilisation, sort of. In any case I thought I'd take the opportunity to test the accuracy of EDSM' data on scan values for future reference.

According to EDSM I have scan values of 466,408,818. Of course I note that this does not take into account my 1,292,500 of CODEX entries. It does not also include scan bonuses and discovery bonuses.

So, after turning in my data, (30 minutes of it), I have earned 838,984,122 - which is almost double EDSM quoted amount.

Something to remember.

So, I'm fed, watered and the rest, and ready to go again. Sadly no outfitting so any planned changes I had in mind will have to wait until Colonia.

Back at it - next stop - Colonia.

Before I go - some new stats for you:

I have visited 6,410 systems, have 420 efficiency bonuses, jumped 221,541Ly, have made 1,434,181,208 from profits and jumped a total of 8,851 times.

To the Soul Nebula

I'm on the last leg of my journey to the deep space port in the Soul nebula - about 6,000 ly from my current point in the Formidine rift. Must say Im looking forward to some human contact...