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Nom du commandant :
Vaisseau actuel :
Ghost Axis Mundi [BLW-DW]
(Krait Phantom)
Membre depuis le :
19 janv. 2019
Distances envoyées :
Systèmes visités :
2 418
Systèmes découverts en premier :
Solde :
473 886 813 Cr
Explorer's Anchorage

We arrived near latest waypoint and in time, finally! Next we will visit the official waypoint 7 and Sagittarius a*.

Journey continues

After some traveling around the waypoints with our older 20ly capable ships we decided to go back to bubble, bought Krait Phantom's, went to Guardian Structure to find Guardian FSD booster blueprints then went to Felicity Farseer and engineered the FSD's and headed back to expedition.

Distant Worlds 2 journey begings 18.01.3305

"And so it begings". With CMDR Xernerherhap we started our journey towards the first official waypoint yesterday.