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Berry [EX2-CB]
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2 févr. 2019
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3 128
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1 216
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96 870 236 Cr
ET 1 Day 37

On my way back to SOL, I found a planet with some minerals I wanted for the AMU. The interesting part is I found a SRV wreck. Picture below. enter image description here

Anyways, to top it off I got a pretty good picture around the star.

enter image description here

And some more of the ship landing and a size comparing between the SRV and my ship. enter image description here

enter image description here

In the next system I gotten the following shot. enter image description here

On my last system for the day I got these shots. enter image description here enter image description here

Anyways down to business. I'm more than less a quarter way to the halfway point. If I keep up with the highway it takes 58 more jumps. Or I can amazingly enough just not take the highway and it will be 64 jumps. Without taking the boost outside the highway, it extends it to 205 jumps. I think it's best to take the longest way there. Right now I'm sitting at 11.7 mil CR in the bank, and almost 4.5 mill CR of data to sell. So almost 15 mil give or take. I need the following.

  • 6A FSD = 17 mil
  • 5A Power Distributor = 2 mil

So about 19 mil CR I can take a look at adding some mining stuff maybe. But most likely no. But 1 thing I must do is look at engineering all the stuff to get my weight down & jump range up. this is the blueprint

The above changes will give me 48 LY jump range with the FSD being engineered. Engineering everything will get me 59.68 LY. And if I add a 5H guardian FSD booster that will drive it up to 70 ly. Note that last one will cost almost 7 mil CR.

For the things it says I need. It says

  • Atypical Disrupted Wake Echoes: 4
  • Chemical Processors: 6
  • Phosphorus: 8
  • Strange Wake Solutions: 4
  • Chemical Distillery: 4
  • Eccentric Hyperspace Trajectories: 4
  • Manganese: 16
  • Arsenic: 10
  • Chemical Manipulators: 10
  • Datamined Wake Exceptions: 10
  • Sulphur: 2
  • Salvaged Alloys: 12
  • Conductive Ceramics: 32
  • Conductive Components: 14
  • Phase Alloys: 8
  • Proto Light Alloys: 18
  • Proto Radiolic Alloys: 10
  • Iron: 8
  • High Density Composites: 4
  • Germanium: 4
  • Proprietary Composites: 4
  • Military Grade Alloys: 10
  • Tin: 10

First thing is first, I need a good FSD.

So anyways, I need to aim for 200 mil to 300 mil. Remember I still want that other ship for combat.

ET 1 Day 36

So below the ____ is what I originally was putting down as today's log. I decided to head to the nearest station with a pretty good fuel scope due to the following. enter image description here

I was a pretty good ways out, and I notice the placement of the worlds on the dashboard. It kept bugging me, and I'm not flying for about 2 months like that if I can just turn back and fix it. This also allowed me to fix a few other things. I gotten rid of the extra fuel tanks all together, I added a 5A fuel scoop, added another AMU (6D), and I added a way to scan the surface. Looking at the boost problem a bit more, I found the only fix is to really replace the power distributor. I can't do that at this time.

Anyways, I did these fixes at TolaGarf's Junkyard. enter image description here

These changes actually added another good 5 or so LY jump range. Not great, but it is what it is.

Now, I decided I really need to get between SOL and here. So I'm going to take the highway to a pretty good point. From there I will just use the back roads. Basically, I'm using the highway to let me get to undiscovered systems much faster and closer to SOL at the same time. The system I think I'm going to head to for the mid point is Skaudai WZ-A b58-4. Going outside of the highway takes 371 jumps. With the highway it is 102 jumps. I might travel the highway to a point and just drop off. It appears the system picked is well traveled.

Anycase, traveling in a shortways I found life at one of the neutron stars. Like all the other times, I found the spike things. I'm honestly not sure if they are really alive or just rocks. But the codex says they are a live. But I found jellyfish looking things. When moving the camera or ship close to it, the thing puts out some dust and what looks like electric shock. The thing is actually kinda big and it does move.I can't tell if it was trying to move closer to me or not when I got a bit too close. But it is slow. Pictures below. enter image description here enter image description here

It appears life is only near the nebula. Somethings to note is the thing makes sound.

I found out today that my boost doesn't work. Looking into it, I think it's because I don't have enough power. While everything has enough power during normal times. Apparently, it requires more. I think the only way to fix it is through the thruster upgrade, power, or power distributor. So this leaves me with 2 choices. I can go back, and see if I can get those things upgraded. Or I can just deal with it until I get to SOL. I think I'm just going to deal with it. In short, that function doesn't really matter. And I need a 6A FSD more, and I don't have the funds for it. Speaking of, I can go back and just use Frank to get back home.....

So say if I want to go straight home with using the highway. It looks like it will be about 279 jumps or almost 2 weeks. VS the DB is about 126 jumps or about 5 days. So Frank halfs the time. But at the same time I still need a good amount of money for the upgrades. So with that in mind, I think it's best to keep going to SOL as is. It should be noted that just upgrading the FSD to 6A and doing the engineered trick. I will automatically have a 40 to 51 ly jump range. This obviously doesn't include my other upgrades.

Something to note, I did forget to add a planet scanner. But I did bring my car. I don't think I need the surface scanner at this time. Oh and another thing should be noted is the notes say my refuel time is 43 min long. Sooo ya. Maybe it's worth removing the big tank? Removing it will drop it to a 15 min wait. While it isn't something I like, it is better. Removing both drops it down to 7 min.

Isn't there a way I can just make my own fuel? I wonder if that is worth it.

ET 1 Day 35

On my way to the hub I ran across a system with 69 bodies. I found this interesting since it all couldn't really fit on the map when looking at it. Image below.

enter image description here

The system in question sadly doesn't have anything in it that I really want to mine.

In another system, I cam across a nice picture moment as seen below. It should be noted I almost burnt up due to how close the stars were to each other.

enter image description here

Same in another system. The odd thing is, it kinda looks like one star is eating the other. enter image description here

Anyways, I made it to the hub. I had to stop by one of the main stations before going to the hub so I can sell off my data.

Below is an image of the main station. It appears there is a good history behind it. enter image description here

Below is the history on it. I scan a few beacons right outside of the station. enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

As far as transporting my old ship. I think it will be anywhere from 10 to 20 mil. I should have enough, but just barely. This means I have no choice but to take the long way home. I stripped my old ship for everything I could. That away I can save as much money as possible. Below is an image of the new ship. I like the look, and I named it after my favorite dead dog (Berry).

enter image description here

After everything is said and done, I have about 12,683,116 mill CR. I'm currently sitting at about 30.06 LY jump range. I can jump that up a bit more, but I can't really afford to buy a better fuel scope now. I made a quick design on what to aim for when I get back to sol.

That I'm able to get around 65.95LY jump. I learned today, that when you get elite ranking in 1 thing, you can go to the Shinrarta Dezhra system. It appears that system has all modules and all ships. It also has everything at a 10% discount, and a 2% extra discount for your following elite ranking. So it might be worth me waiting anyways. The good news is there is plenty between SOL and here to get money with. The bad news is I just picked a random midway point since the map won't let me route all the way to SOL due to distance, and I'm looking at about 822 jumps.

What most likely will happen is I will just aim for 300 or 500 mill CR if possible (Keep in mind I need to get my other ship and stuff back home, and do other things). Then from there I can take the highway home. Even if I can't get that, I can check to see every day if I'm close enough to SOL to just route to it. At this rate, I'm doing about 25 jumps on average. This means 822/25=32.88 days to get to the midpoint :( (Note the DB was able to do about 55 ly jumps, and then to top it off I can't upgrade the scope. The only good news is maybe that 25 will be a bit higher since I have decent size fuel tanks.)

Anyways, before heading off I took a quick picture that compared the spike creature to the new ship. This can be seen below. The spike creature is a little bit bigger than the ship. enter image description here

I currently have the ship a few jumps from where I bought it. I figure at this point I have no choice but to scan everything. This is to included already found systems. Oh and lastly, I asked on the following link about the build. Something I need to take a look at is why I can't boost. But there is a few good replies on here.

(NOTE: If I can't get my new ship ready for the expedition in July. I can always take the old exploration ship. I figure this upcoming exploration trip will be good since it is about the same time I will be getting done with my degree. In fact, the exploration ends on July 20, and my degree will be done by July 24 I believe.)

ET 1 Day 34

I'm about 21 jumps from the hub. I think it will be another day before I get my new ship. It appears I'm still a bit away from my CR goal, but we will see what happens when I sale the data. Anyways, I forgot to look to see if the hub has a way to sell the data. It appears I need to head to Jaques Station first.

As far as things go. I am stopped by near an Earth like world. I took a quick picture of it below. I think I need to make my other goal on my way back taking pictures like this. I'm not sure if I ever will review this after I write this. But I might.

enter image description here

ET 1 Day 33

I am now a little less than 50 jumps from the hub. Looking at the tool on here and with what I have so far, I should have 20 mill CR over the cost of the ship. I'm thinking if I somehow do get 40 mil above, then I will take a look at using the highway. But the good news is, this lets me use the highway to get back to sol. But then again, I kinda really really want a Krait MkII to just mess around SOL. This is about 45 mill CR. So maybe I can just use the backroads and get that when I get home. When I get to the hub I also need to take a look at how much it will take to get my current ship back home.

As far as getting to the hub. I think at this rate I should be there within 2 days. One of my biggest hold ups is the fuel scope time, and this is why I want an upgraded ship. I basically maxed out my current ship in that aspect, and it takes a good 5+ min of waiting at any given star. I heard with some of them on the bigger ships, you only have to wait 1 min at most. (this is why I'm also doing 25 jump gaps. It is taking so long, and you do the same thing over and over and over. I'm spacing out after a point. This makes it where mistakes happen. This is a reason why I try to drive as little as possible in RL.)

ET 1 Day 32

The community goal is done, I have over 150 mill CR to spend, and I'm going to pick up me an Anaconda. I'm heading to Colonia Hub right now. During the CG I "donated" 106 units, and I got into the 75% mark with a 10,000,000 CR reward.

Before taking off I took a quick picture of the station. You can see this below enter image description here

Sadly, the megaship and everything else isn't there. But the good news is this gives me a reason to come out to the area during my next explorer trip.

Anyways, I'm sitting on about 150,434,301 CR. An Anaconda is about 146,969,451, and the insurance is 7,348,472. 150,434,301-146,969,451=3,464,850 cr difference.

I would like to get at least 20-40 mil above the cost of the ship. This should cover all items for rebuild and buying upgraded modules. Part of me wishes I kept at the CG and aim for an extra 10 mil. In any case, my main goal should be to get as much money between now and when I buy the ship. Otherwise, I will not be able to use the highway to get to SOL. I kinda want to end this trip after a month being out.

Based on the tools here, I already have 8.5mil+first finders fee. So we will see. If I luck out in finding a bunch of water worlds, I might get lucky.

As far what am I going to do after I get my ship. I'm going to take a look to see if there is any POI that I should go to. Otherwise, I'm going straight to SOL. I will have to really think about this as I go to the hub to get the ship. I'm about 75 jumps from it. I'm thinking 1-3 at max depending on if I make good timing or not.

I just notice I have a pretty good timeline on what the Explorer's Anchorage station looks like between 2/21/19 and 3/14/19 (now). Maybe I can add another when I come back for a visit. enter image description here

ET 1 Day 18

I ended up taking the back road all the way to the station near the center. Coming back to the station I found it changed a bit, and there is basic services.

enter image description here

I think I'm just going to wait until the CG to do anything else. I think after the CG is over, I might head back to SOL. I have to see how I feel. But the good news is I think by the time it is done, I will have enough to buy an Anaconda. Even better, it turns out that I'm 1 rank from Elite under the exploration.

ET 1 Day 14

So it turns out I didn't understand the announcement, and the CG isn't today/tomorrow. It actually starts March 7 (next week). Because of this, I'm now at Polo Harbour. I figure I can dump my data and restock.

It took me a good number of hours to get there. I think it will take a good few days to get back. I could use this as an opportunity to explore while I'm heading back.

Without the highway it will take about 128 jumps. With the highway it will take 70 jumps. Maybe the best thing I can do is travel the normal method until time gets close. If I travel about 25 jumps a day on average. I should get there in 5.12 days.

ET 1 Day 7

enter image description here

I made it to the first POI. On the way I found another planet with life, but I decided to skip this one. The reason for this is looking it up, there is only 4 types of life other than Thargoid and Human. The 4 are more than less plants/worms. They aren't anything interesting to me.

I have to do more research, but I think the type of life I was looking for relates to Thargoid. I will have to do more research into this and where to find it.

Now as far as the POI. I found when you get to the Great Annihilator you are dropped right in front of a black hole. It actually worried me a bit since all I seen was space warping all around the ship. I highly recommend stopping first when jumping to another black hole. It takes a few seconds to figure out which way is what.

While you're in the sphere of influence it's hard to see outside of it. I found the neat thing is around the black hole itself, it looked like it had a bubble of stars around it. You can see this below.

enter image description here

enter image description here

The sides mostly look like you're in gas. When you go in and out of the sphere of influence, it looks like the universe is wrapping around or unwrapping. I couldn't really get any pictures of going in and out. Below is a picture of the black hole with some distance between it and me. Notice how you can hardly notice anything there without the marker pointing out where/what you're looking at.

enter image description here

After going to the POI, I decided to go to Sagittarius A*. I ended up just using the highway mostly because the normal method would been 50+ jumps vs 17 jumps. I was going to stay in the POI overnight, but I heard of a new station near the center.

This is what it looks like when you first get into the system.

enter image description here

As far as Sagittarius A*. This black hole is much bigger, but isn't as bad when jumping into it. There is a nav beacon for tourist ships. As seen below, this is what it looks like from the nav beacon.

enter image description here

This is as close as I can get to the black hole. It turns out the closer you get, the more heat damage you take. Something to note is the lens effect. Note the image on the right and how it's reflected a few times within the black hole space.

enter image description here

Getting some distance from the center, it looks like I'm still within the lens effect a good ways. I got this quick picture before taking off to the station.

enter image description here

After getting to the system with the rumored station, I found a LaGrange Cloud. Within this cloud I found some life. This is much much closer to the life I've been looking for. But sadly, it doesn't look like there is a way I can interact with it. Not unless if I shoot it, and I don't have a way to do that on my exploration ship.

Below is some pictures I've taken of the life.

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

About the new station. From my understanding, it will have some community goals within the next week to help build the station services. Below is the current state of the station. Right now I can only outfit, sell goods, and refuel my ship.

enter image description here

Below is a copy and paste of what is happening with this station.

The Explorer's Anchorage docking hub has now been deployed close to WP7. This constitutes stage 1 of construction The hub has outfitting facilities, but not very much else in the form of station services at the moment. Mining gear is available to buy there. The station superstructure deployment will occur in stages over the coming weeks.

Stage 2 of construction will be deployed on February 28th when more of the superstructure will appear.

Stage 3 of construction will be deployed on March 7th, and this date is when the 2nd CG will begin. The CG tier goals will determine what extra services will come online. The CG is expected to last one week.

So I just need to return by Feb 28 (about 7 days). So what I could do is go back to the nearest system with a shipyard, and get my mining ship. There is a pretty good hint that is what is being asked for. I don't know what materials however to bring. It should be noted any modules I can transfer directly to this station. It will take 72 hours or 3 days however. But looking at everything that is there. It doesn't look like that is needed. But it should be noted that I would need to bring any limpets back with me.

If I head to a station to get a mining ship, I will be looking at going to TolaGarf's Junkyard. This is about 57 jumps to it using the highway. And maybe 239 back. I should expect the 57 jumps to take about 2 to 3 day in itself. And then the 239 jumps to take maybe a week to get back. (So this might not be an option to start with). In which case, I need to just explore the local area. Maybe work on resting a bit and getting some Vanadium. And then hang nearby so I can help out when the event starts. If I luck out, maybe they will build the services as they go.

.... 25 jumps a day on average. 57/25=2.28+3=5.28+(239/25=9.56)=14.84 which means I will only get the tail end of the CG at best.... (It might be best to just explore and have fun anyways. It isn't like I have the ship/stuff to make a dent in any CG)

But if I stick around. What do I explore next?

ET 1 Day 6

I checked the rest of the system out, and I couldn't find any life. I did find a good mining spot, but I'm not sure if it's worth it due to the distance from the nearest station. That and I found plenty of mining spots in other systems.

I decided to keep heading to the POI while using the back roads. I haven't found much of anything I think is important. But I did find it might not be worth going to far out of my way since the chances of finding life seem to very very low. One of the systems I traveled almost 380k LS to scan some rings. Other than more mining spots. I found nothing.

I don't think I will go all the way to the POI today. I'm about 14 jumps with the backroads.

I simply wasn't feeling good due to RL stress. In short I think I messed up a major job interview.


UPDATE: I kept going, and I found a planet with life on it. It appears to be tube like. I found you can shoot stuff off of some of them to get things to repair/build whatever. It turns out the life on the planets most likely will be like this across the board.

At first I thought of driving over the entire planet, but I quickly found out that was a bad idea.

I got a picture of the life I found. enter image description here

Due to how dark everything was, I found out low gravity + not being able to see doesn't mix well.

enter image description here

At points I was almost sideways while driving.

enter image description here

enter image description here