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Discovery [EOT-03]
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2 avr. 2019
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4 825
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1 767
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847 902 877 Cr
Carrying on

So I made it to imperial count before it started boring me. I'll carry this on later. Bought some new ships meanwhile (Anaconda and Krait Phantom) and released some more engineers. After mining some Painite I choose to gain ma federal rank (maybe to visit Sol one day. Hotas on PS 4 is also working fine now.

New scopes

I started training combat in my new FDL and made it already 9 to bounty vouchers :) I guess I'll continue on this when I'm back. To gain my rank for the empire I started missions for imperial minor factions and find it easy with data missions near Ngalinn. After that I'll collect more data and material at Jamesons remise and Dav's Hope to fill up my storage for the greedy engineers.

Busy with grinding and squadron missions

Now that I'm back, I started to try some new things and gain ranking in trade, experiment a little with mining, bought some new ships and get more engineers contacted. I managed to get Prof. Palins acceptance to pimp my thrusters. I'm afraid I'll also have to increase my fighting skills as I need to free up Tod "The Blaster" Mcquinn.

My squadron also needs assistance with some missions, increasing influence in some systems and win one or another war. Hope I can help here...

Changed my mind again

As I'm slowly wandering towards home I decided to switch over to neutron-star overcharging from time to time to accelerate my trip a little. I will still do my scans on interresting objects and systems anyway. When I'm back home, I will try to support my squadron a little and get myself some Guardian modules as well as some more engineer modifications. o7

The way is the destination

From Sag A* I started to inspect some of the interesting spots in the center and then back in a easterly bow back to the bubble. Trying to collect some more data from unexplored systems and guardian ruins on the way. Hope to shoot some nice pics and find some more life in the universe.

Made it to the center

I made it to Stuemeae FG-Y d7561 and landed on Explorers Anchorage. Will do a visit of Sagittarius A* the next day, need a good shower and nice dinner first. I'll visit some systems around the center to see if there's something to be discovered.

I changed my mind

I think I will postpone my plans to go bounty hunting until I'm back in the bubble. After reading that it might be a bad idea to try this without A-rated and engineered modules, I decided to continue my voyage to Sag A* with my explorer ship. Maybe I sell the Chieftain or get it transferred to my home system in the future when I'm back home. I might pimp my ship and go for a second try then.

Fly save

Next step to gain combat rank and unlock Mel B

I bought an Alliance Chieftain and equipped it as good as possible around Colonia. I'm goin to do some training on pirate hunting and gain some reputation maybe if not too bad with it. I'll probably earn some bounty vouchers to unlock Mel Brandon.

Made my first goal

I finally reached Colonia on May 9th. I had a lot of problems with my FSS scanner and wasn't able to collect a lot of data.

I also decided, shortly before I reached Tir, to change destination to Magellan. I stopped at Walhalla Port, sold my exploration data and continued to Colonia.

Now I will look araound a few days in this wonderful area.

Fly save, CU

Journey to Colonia

I started my tour to Colonia a few weeks ago. To increase the chance of finding some undiscovered systems, I decided to go down, some 100 ly below the galactic plane and plot my course slightly left to the standard routes.

I discovered some nice systems and bodys so far but no ELW or black holes until now. I'm currently heading from the Skaudea sector to Tir, hoping to find some more interesting spots or anomalies.

Fly save cmrd's