Notícias Galáticas

  • 9 de agosto de 3309
  • Thargoid Scythes Undertake ‘Human Harvest’

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    A new type of Thargoid vessel is hyperdicting human ships and capturing living passengers.

    Aegis has designated the hunter-class alien ship as a ‘Scythe’. Aden Tanner released an assessment of its capabilities:

    “This Thargoid vessel has been designed not just for combat, but to hyperdict ships and extract human beings from them. Our observations of its tactics suggesting that abduction is its primary purpose.”

    “A Scythe’s initial attack mirrors that of its Glaive cousin, by attempting to disable frame shift drives and deplete shields. It then launches a unique strike to makes passenger cabins and cargo holds uninhabitable. The resulting escape pods are rapidly drawn onboard onto the Scythe intact.”

    Further observations were made by Vice Admiral Skylar Anderson, the Empire’s military liaison to Aegis:

    "Due to their modus operandi, it now seems likely that the Dedicant’s population was forced to abandon the megaship and subsequently abducted en masse by these vessels.”

    “The Thargoids have been capturing escape pods for years, but now it seems to have become a strategic priority. Perhaps they view ‘harvesting’ us in the same way as obtaining meta-alloys from barnacle sites. We can only imagine what unpleasant intentions they have for living human specimens.”

  • 4 de agosto de 3309
  • Cultists Blamed for Dedicant Tragedy

    President Zachary Hudson has accused the Order of the Far God of being directly responsible for the fate of the Dedicant megaship.

    “Our assessment of these Thargoid-worshipping extremists has been proved correct,” he told The Federal Times. “Hijacking the Dedicant to deliver it to their alien gods is an act of treason and mass murder.”

    “I have ordered the Proactive Detection Bureau to root out every deluded individual with sympathies for this twisted cult. Automatic life sentences will ensure that these traitors never again put innocent people at risk.”

    The declaration brought political pressure on all three presidential candidates to state their intentions for the Far God cult should they be elected.

    Vice President Jerome Archer: “I will be pleased to continue President Hudson’s policy on dealing with these religious fanatics: stricter controls, increased surveillance and tougher sentences.”

    Shadow President Felicia Winters: “Regardless of their misguided beliefs, thousands of former citizens also lost their lives during this Thargoid attack. I am lobbying for an independent security review into these tragic events.”

    Zachary Rackham: “Hear me out. There’s a simple solution to all this. When I’m president, only criminals will pay tax. That’ll be a far more effective deterrent than imprisonment!”

    Dr Alfred Ulyanov, an expert on the Order of the Far God, observed that the cultists had no way of communicating with the Thargoids: “The deeply distressing logs found on the Dedicant prove that the arrival of the Thargoids was unexpected, and certainly not the rapturous experience they believed it would be.”

    The Federal Intelligence Agency is continuing to investigate the Dedicant in the HIP 19600 system. The Alliance’s amnesty programme with the Federation has been officially halted, but the Far God religion remains legal in most Allied territories.

  • 3 de agosto de 3309
  • The Fate of the Dedicant

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    The lost megaship Dedicant has been located in HIP 19600, with signs of Thargoid attack and all inhabitants missing.

    The Dedicant was being prepared by Federal authorities to deport imprisoned members of the Order of the Far God when it unexpectedly jumped into hyperspace. Pilots who helped decipher its fragmented distress call were informed of the recent discovery by the Imperial Navy.

    Executive Agent Jalen Locke of the Federal Intelligence Agency issued a statement:

    “We can confirm that the Dedicant has been discovered adrift in the HIP 19600 system. There is evidence that the Thargoids penetrated the hull in multiple locations, and thousands of escape pods were launched. Unusually, there are no bodies onboard and we have not been able to locate any of the escape pods. The whereabouts of all three FIA security teams and over 8,000 Far God cultists cannot be determined.”

    “A series of personal logs, portraying some harrowing experiences, are helping us to piece together what happened during the Dedicant’s disappearance. We are liaising with military intelligence to learn more.”

    In related news, Aegis made an announcement on all public channels:

    “Independent observers have detected a new type of Thargoid vessel operating within the Maelstroms. Little is known of their capabilities as yet. They have been provisionally classified as a ‘hunter’ due to their size, which is similar to the Glaive.”

    “Aegis has only corroborated sightings of these ships in close proximity to the Thargoid Titans. However, we have received reports that they may be active elsewhere. Pilots are advised to exercise maximum caution if they encounter these vessels.”

  • 28 de julho de 3309
  • Thargoid War Update: July 3309

    <p>Vox Galactica journalist Jade Sanderlyn reports on the latest news emerging from the front lines of the conflict. “Events in the war continue to move quickly, sometimes outpacing the ‘speed of news’. In my last update, I mentioned that the Thargoids had occupied over a thousand systems. But by the time that was published, the number had reduced considerably. According to my sources, anti-xeno squadrons and independent pilots are reclaiming systems at a higher rate than Thargoids can conquer them.” “This incredible achievement suggests we are finally gaining the advantage in this war. The hopelessness that many have felt over the last nine months is now tempered with optimism. Our naval forces are proving that the alien fleet is not undefeatable.” “My sources also passed on some unsettling stories from pilots working beyond the frontline systems. A few of them seem to think that the Thargoids’ interest in occupied escape pods – which is well documented – has recently increased. Apparently, there have been claims that Thargoid vessels went out of their way to abduct escape pods launched from ships damaged in battle.” “These are little more than unsubstantiated rumours, of course, and not something I would usually include in a factual report. But we know so little about the Thargoids that even circumstantial changes in their behaviour might be significant. And I can’t be the only one who finds such tales chilling.” “Otherwise, the most significant news this month was Azimuth Biotech’s corporate convention and the launch of its AX module redesign. Aegis clearly has the lead in both public sentiment and government support at this time, but it seems like Azimuth has no intention of ceasing its contributions to the war effort anytime soon.” “This is Jade Sanderlyn for Vox Galactica. Stay safe out there.”</p>

  • 27 de julho de 3309
  • Dedicant Quest Yields Results

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    The missing megaship Dedicant is close to being located after fragments of its distress call were tracked down.

    The scrambled messages were discovered on comms beacons in the LP 714-58, Wuniez, Olurung and Kwakimo systems. Combined decryption efforts eventually led to another beacon in the HIP 19912 system, where the Dedicant’s original transmission was revealed:











    Vice Admiral Amir Rafiq of the Imperial Navy provided an update:

    “Imperial Intelligence specialists are currently analysing the comms beacon in HIP 19912 to trace the message to its point of origin. We have orders not to commence any joint operations with the Federation, but I am authorised to make our findings public.”

    Executive Agent Jalen Locke of the Federal Intelligence Agency told the media:

    “We appreciate the assistance from the Empire , and from all the independent pilots who helped find this distress call. It has confirmed our theory that the prisoners managed to regain control of their former vessel, using various modifications made to its internal systems.”

    “FIA security teams are standing by to launch a rescue mission as and when the Dedicant’s location is pinpointed. They will retake the megaship by force if necessary and detain all Far God cultists onboard.”

  • 20 de julho de 3309
  • Azimuth Releases New AX Weapon

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Rare goods delivered to Xi Wangda helped ensure that Azimuth Biotech’s arms convention was a success.

    CEO Torben Rademaker confirmed the initiative’s completion:

    “From today, the Overcharged Gimballed AX Multi-Cannon with Auto Loader is available at all rescue megaships, as well as Azimuth Biotech’s core markets. I am confident that this will prove useful those brave pilots who enter combat with Thargoid ships. Once again, my company has proved that its ingenuity and experience in developing anti-xeno weaponry cannot be surpassed.”

    “I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks to all of the corporate, financial and military representatives who attended the convention. Many fascinating proposals were discussed, most of which must remain commercially confidential for now. Suffice to say, the future for Azimuth Biotech and our partners looks bright.”

    “Finally, the event was helped enormously by the supplies of Albino Quechua Mammoth Meat, Gilya Signature Weapons and Harma Silver Sea Rum, as well as those who eliminated criminal elements in the Xi Wangda system. I have authorised reimbursement for delivered goods from Musashi and bounty vouchers from Cartier City.”

    Newsfeeds, business analysts and ICE channels have discussed the clandestine nature of Azimuth Biotech’s convention. Some wondered if the corporation would be able to function without external financing. Others suggested that cooperation with mainstream companies may rehabilitate Azimuth in the eyes of the superpowers.

    The attendance of senior staff from the Holloway Bioscience Institute has also raised eyebrows within the scientific community. An editorial in The Empirical remarked: “Holloway’s expertise in studying vacuum-dwelling life forms is almost unparalleled. If Azimuth were to forge closer ties with the institute, the resulting xenological research capabilities might even surpass those of Aegis.”

  • The Hunt for the Dedicant

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Traces of a distress call from the Dedicant megaship have been detected in the LP 714-58 system.

    Vice Admiral Amir Rafiq, a spokesperson for the Imperial Navy, broadcast an announcement on all public channels:

    “An Imperial scout ship travelling through LP 714-58 has intercepted several fragmentary signals. Their identifying markers confirmed that they originated from the Dedicant. We believe there has been an encryption error in the system’s communication beacons, which prevented the distress call from being rerouted to its intended destination in the Federation.”

    “Officially, the Imperial Navy no longer performs joint operations with our Federal counterparts. Nor do we involve ourselves in the activities of the illegal Far God cult. Nevertheless, we are sharing this information as a humanitarian gesture. Our hope is that this may aid a rescue mission for those trapped aboard the lost megaship.”

    The Dedicant made an unscheduled hyperspace jump from the Popontia system on the 15th of June, while imprisoned members of the Order of the Far God were being transferred onboard to be relocated in the Alliance.

    Executive Agent Jalen Locke of the Federal Intelligence Agency released a statement:

    “It is unexpected to receive any kind of assistance from the Empire, but on this occasion we are grateful. Three security teams, comprised of 50 agents each, are currently on the Dedicant along with over 8,000 cultists. This is the first indication that the megaship remains intact and that our people are calling for help.”

    “FIA specialists are en route to the LP 714-58 system. However, deciphering interstellar comms signals is a difficult and time-consuming task. We would appreciate any assistance from independent pilots if they are able to detect any further messages.”

  • 17 de julho de 3309
  • Presidential Candidates Outline Manifestos

    The three candidates in the Federal presidential election have taken part in a second live debate to discuss policies.

    The event was more closely moderated than the first debate in June. The candidates discussed their campaigns in detail, with minimal interruption from their rivals.

    Republican Party candidate Jerome Archer is the current vice president and a former director of the Federal Intelligence Agency. He explained his intentions to tighten security and increase military spending:

    “Shielding citizens from external threats, whether human or alien, is always my top priority. Ms Winters lacks any significant achievements in her political career, if we’re honest. Whereas I can refer to many successes – such as the Proactive Detection Bureau – which prove I am a man of my word.”

    Shadow President Felicia Winters, leader of the Liberal Party, was previously the secretary of state in Jasmina Halsey’s administration. She outlined her plans to reinvest in civil infrastructure by increasing corporate taxation:

    “Our economic model will look to increase tax revenue generated by large corporations, greatly improving the quality of life for billions of people through public service investment. Mr Archer’s obsession with police-state programmes can only push the Federation further toward an authoritarian dystopia.”

    Independent candidate Zachary Rackham is a well-known business magnate, who privately owns many Federal companies. His campaign pledges have proved highly popular, but remain light on detail:

    “Is anyone else as bored of these two windbags as I am? All politicians do is make empty promises, but I’m in the business of giving people what they want. As president, I’ll make every single person rich and successful, just like – say it with me, come on – just like me!”

    All three candidates pledged to prioritise funding for the Federal Navy’s anti-xeno efforts until the ongoing conflict with the Thargoids reaches a conclusion.

    In related news, Congress confirmed that the election date has been shifted again. Refugee advocacy groups have argued that all residents of Federal systems lost to Thargoid invasion are entitled to vote, and the active re-registration of this demographic in new territories has forced a further delay. The election is now expected to be held in the last quarter of 3309.

  • 13 de julho de 3309
  • Deliver Rarities for Azimuth Event

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Azimuth Biotech has requested shipments of rare commodities to Xi Wangda, as luxury supplies for its business convention.

    Torben Rademaker, CEO of the anti-xeno corporation, announced the initiative via public channels:

    “We expect this prestigious gathering to be attended by many representatives from research groups, manufacturing companies and military forces. To ensure that our esteemed guests are made welcome, we will pay handsomely for shipments of Albino Quechua Mammoth Meat, Gilya Signature Weapons and Harma Silver Sea Rum.”

    “The cornerstone of this event will be the commercial launch of Azimuth’s newly modified ship-mounted weapon: the pre-engineered Overcharged Gimballed AX Multi-Cannon with Auto Loader. Our proprietary redesign will make a significant contribution when engaging Thargoid vessels in combat. Those who contribute the greatest number of rare goods will be rewarded with some of these revolutionary modules.”

    Deputy Prime Minister Angela Corcoran, who coordinates the Alliance’s involvement with Aegis, remarked on Azimuth’s campaign during an interview for the Old Worlds Gazette:

    “Anything that increases survivability against the Thargoids is surely welcome. But it does grind a little when it comes from the same organisation that escalated the war so significantly.”

    “Furthermore, Mr Rademaker is placing a positive spin on Azimuth’s connections with third parties, rather than admit that it is a necessity. Activist groups such as Operation Wych Hunt have diminished the corporation’s stellar influence in recent months. Their actions might have forced Azimuth to rely on external support in order to compete with Aegis.”

    Pilots can make their deliveries to Musashi in the Xi Wangda system. Azimuth Biotech has acknowledged that transporting these valuable items increases the likelihood of being targeted by pirate forces. The corporation will therefore offer a further reward for redeeming bounty vouchers at Cartier City on wanted ships in the system, in order to maintain local security.

  • 10 de julho de 3309
  • Azimuth Plans Corporate Convention

    Azimuth Biotech has announced an invitation-only event for prospective business partners and military liaisons.

    CEO Torben Rademaker provided a statement to the media:

    “New opportunities have emerged for Azimuth to resume the lead in anti-xeno operations. With Thargoid fleets rampaging through the core systems, and Aegis’s questionable policy of providing utility modules over increased firepower, humanity’s defence once again falls to us. But our organisation will no longer work in solitude.”

    “I have extended the hand of partnership to selected financiers, military figures, research groups and manufacturing companies. They are invited to convene and discuss methods of helping us to resist the evil of the Thargoids.”

    Business analyst Marlon Royce published this report via Vox Galactica:

    “Ostensibly, this appears to be a public relations exercise for Azimuth Biotech. However, the company’s relative lack of support from independent pilots in a recent Thargoid tissue sample initiative has accelerated the company’s search for allies. Rumours among the tech community hint that the convention precedes the announcement of a weapon schematic redesign to whet the appetite of investors.”

    “Azimuth is using private couriers to transport guests to and from the convention, entirely at its own expense. This generous professional courtesy also guarantees anonymity for attendees, making it difficult to determine who is on Rademaker’s guest list. Given nerves over Operation Wych Hunt disruption, this seems a wise choice.”

    “We do know that Herculean Machines and Space Lanes Cargo are sending representatives. Aanya Gupta, CEO of Holloway Bioscience Institute, also agreed to meet with the rival xeno-researcher. But the rest are avoiding being publicly associated with Azimuth Biotech, which faced enormous criticism for its role in the Battle of HIP 22460 and the Thargoids’ subsequent retaliation.”

  • 6 de julho de 3309
  • Kokoller Mining Initiative Concludes

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    A mining campaign organised by Kokoller Limited has drawn to a close, with the organisers declaring it a success.

    The Federal corporation requested deliveries of bertrandite, coltan and praseodymium to supply the Kokoller system’s refinery base, ostensibly to manufacture supplies for the Federal Navy’s anti-xeno war efforts.

    Spokesperson Paul Dyson provided a message to participants:

    “It is genuinely a pleasure to see so many pilots respond to our call for raw materials. Harvesting those asteroid belts is no easy task, but the performance has been remarkable. I can promise all those involved in the campaign that the profits raised from refining and distributing these resources will go to a very worthy cause. Those credits are in good hands.”

    Kokoller Limited has confirmed that all contributors to the campaign can now collect their rewards from Utley Hub in the Kokoller system.

  • 3 de julho de 3309
  • Imperial Mother in Medical Emergency

    Lady Florence Lavigny, the mother of Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval, has been placed under medical supervision following a sudden illness.

    An official statement was released by the Imperial Palace:

    “The Imperial Mother, Lady Florence Lavigny, has suffered an unexpected medical emergency. She is being cared for by a specialist team at her Lake Parisot estate on the planet Topaz . Details of her illness are not being shared at this time.”

    “Her Majesty the Emperor has cancelled all appointments and travelled to be at her mother’s side. The latest report states that Lady Lavigny has undergone surgical treatment and is in a poor but stable condition. We know that all citizens will join us in wishing the best for this prominent member of the Imperial Family.”

    Royal correspondent Gudrun Vestergaard provided some background to the story:

    “The Duvals always ensure that each Emperor’s parents are afforded the greatest respect, not to mention the finest medical care. Although the Imperial Mother’s ailment remains unspecified, not many fear it to be fatal at this early stage.”

    “Though Lady Lavigny’s engagement to the late Emperor Hengist Duval brought the highest of profiles, she has typically sought to avoid the spotlight. Despite this, she has repeatedly been in the eye of a media storm. In 3250, her husband Prince Aristide de Lavigny met with a mysterious accident that was never fully explained. Decades later, it was revealed that their daughter Arissa had been sired by Emperor Hengist. Upon being selected by the Senate in 3301, Arissa adopted the new surname of Lavigny-Duval to reflect her previously unknown royal heritage.”

    “Princess Aisling Duval, Archduke Otto Lombardo-Duval, Countess Guinevere Lavigny and many other Imperial Family members have all sent their hopes for a rapid recovery. A similar message came from Hadrian Augustus Duval, in an apparent attempt to rebuild bridges after his recent public spat with the Emperor. As the descendant of another of Hengist’s affairs, perhaps Hadrian feels more of a kinship with Florence Lavigny than most others in the Duval dynasty.”

  • 30 de junho de 3309
  • Thargoid War Update: June 3309

    The latest report on the ongoing struggle against the Thargoids from Vox Galactica reporter Jade Sanderlyn.

    “As the war reaches its eighth month, Thargoid invasion forces occupy over a thousand systems. Billions of people have been evacuated or lost as a result. Although this ongoing conflict has made little impact on everyday life for the other side of the bubble, it continues to dominate the media.”

    “The beginning of June saw the release of Aegis’s latest development: the pulse wave xeno scanner. This module allows any pilots who dares approach the Titans to gather much-needed data, triggering what The Empirical referred to as a ‘scientific gold rush’. We are a long way from fully comprehending the purpose of these gargantuan constructs, but the tools to do so are at least beginning to arrive.”

    “Unsurprisingly, Azimuth Biotech also declared its interest in the Titans. This led to the corporation competing indirectly with Aegis to collect tissue samples directly from the hull of the Thargoid motherships. Although there was significantly greater support for the tri-superpower agency - no doubt an encouraging sign for Aegis’s Professor Tesreau - Azimuth’s results suggest that some retain faith in Salvation’s legacy.”

    “On the subject of faith, another media talking point was the recent mysterious disappearance of the Dedicant. This Order of the Far God megaship, impounded for months by the FIA, was scheduled to deport tens of thousands of imprisoned adherents from the Federation to the Alliance. But with only a few thousand on board, the ship made a sudden hyperspace jump out of Popontia. Theories abound as to its fate, ranging from a simple engine malfunction to the Far God rescuing its loyal worshippers. Even in wartime, it seems everyone loves a mystery.”

    “On the front lines, of course, there is no time for such distractions. Thargoid Glaives hunt down human ships. Revenants seek to eliminate human trespassers on conquered worlds. Titans launch wave after wave of Thargoid vessels further into the core systems. Here, the focus remains locked onto the deadliest adversary we have ever faced. But the resistance is holding fast, and some traction is being made by anti-xeno forces. Systems are being recovered from alien control. There is hope that the tide is slowly turning.”

    “This is Jade Sanderlyn for Vox Galactica. Stay safe out there.”

  • 29 de junho de 3309
  • Mining Initiative Begins in Kokoller

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    A campaign to attract deep space mining pilots has been launched by the Federal corporation Kokoller Limited.

    With the Federation diverting considerable resources toward sustaining its anti-xeno countermeasures, some systems are looking to alternative options for sustaining stocks of raw materials. Kokoller Limited is seeking to take advantage of a strong position in its home system, by running a campaign to procure additional resources for the local economy.

    Spokesperson Paul Dyson had the following to say:

    “I believe that continued support of the Federal Navy’s efforts to protect us is an obligation of all stellar factions. It would be in poor taste to complain or seek sympathy for the impact on our business operations while our brave military personnel risk their lives to keep us safe.”

    “That said, while the galactic economy continues to function, it falls on us to maintain high incomes to fund the war via taxes and charitable contributions. One could say that maximising profits is our moral duty. Therefore, raw materials are requested to keep our refineries churning out resources.”

    Kokoller Limited has invited all asteroid miners to bring shipments of bertrandite, coltan and praseodymium to Utley Hub in the Kokoller system.

  • 26 de junho de 3309
  • Presidential Candidates Hold Live Debate

    Vice President Jerome Archer, Shadow President Felicia Winters, and entrepreneur Zachary Rackham have exchanged political views in a live debate.

    The Republican, Liberal and independent candidates came together for an event that was broadcast across all Federal media networks. The event provided a platform to outline each candidate’s manifestos for voters, and engage in discourse on key issues.

    The debate began smoothly, but did not continue in that vein as the three strong personalities clashed just a few questions in. Shortly after the broadcast, ICE channels began circulating a particularly popular segment in response to a question about Federal policy on public safety:

    Archer: “Vigilance will be our watchword, and I aim to continue President Hudson’s excellent record on security.”

    Rackham: “Oh, is that a fact? Lost any megaships recently, Jerome?”

    Archer: “It’s hardly appropriate for me to comment on an ongoing FIA investigation. Although I realise that ‘appropriate’ may not be part of Mr Rackham’s vocabulary.”

    Winters: “Perhaps it is appropriate, Mr Vice President, when the Dedicant situation is a direct result of your party’s repressive policies on religious expression.”

    Rackham: “Woah there, ma’am! Is it any less repressive than all the tax hikes your fanciful friends will bring in?”

    Winters: “Our marginal increases in taxation, mostly aimed at interstellar corporations, will result in significant reinvestment – ”

    Rackham: “Listen, hear me out. What our people need – what they deserve – is to pay zero civil taxes. That’s right, no tax at all! What’s more, I’ll make sure the government co-funds every single business enterprise, large or small.”

    Winters: “And after the economy collapses, how will you achieve that? By selling off the treasure you stole during your pirate days?”

    Rackham: “Now that’s cold even for you, Ms Winters! Firing off ICE rumours is not a good look on an elected official.”

    Despite impressive viewing figures, many political commentators considered it to be ‘unnecessarily personal’ and ‘portraying the Federation in a poor light’. A second debate is being scheduled, which promises to address these criticisms through close moderation.

  • 23 de junho de 3309
  • An Audience with the Preceptor

    The Order of the Far God has reached out to Seo Jin-ae, offering information on the possible fate of the Dedicant.

    The megaship was due to transport members of the True Chapters sect from the Popontia system to the Alliance-governed Mullag system, but made a hyperspace jump ahead of schedule and disappeared. The Federal Intelligence Agency has interrogated cult members still waiting in Federal prison cells, but reportedly obtained no useful information.

    Days later, Aegis was directly contacted by chapters of the Order within independent space. They volunteered to discuss the Dedicant but only with Seo Jin-ae, whom they refer to as ‘the Preceptor’ for her ability to interpret to the Thargoid hive mind.

    After meeting Far God representatives at a secure location, Seo Jin-ae made a public statement:

    “The meeting wasn’t as productive as the FIA hoped. I asked the cultists for information, but they wouldn’t stop jabbering about their religion. They wanted me to share ‘divine commandments’ from the Titans, and kept asking when the Far God would arrive to cleanse the galaxy. I’ll always be grateful to these people for rescuing me a few months ago, but it’s hard work convincing them I’m not a prophet.”

    “During the brief period I got them talking about the Dedicant, they admitted knowing nothing about a True Chapters scheme to retake the megaship. And they certainly have no clue where it is now. The meeting was mostly a waste of time.”

    “One thing was possibly useful, though. Apparently, the interiors of Far God megaships are remodelled to make them ‘deliberately confusing for heretics’. Corridors like insect tunnels, rooms turned into hive cells – that sort of thing. When I told them the FIA had already examined the ship’s layout while it was in custody, one cultist argued they hadn’t found the ‘secret doors’. They explained how Theta Seven failed to get the hyperdrive working after he gained control of the Sacrosanct, and claimed the crew of that ship rigged the thing with traps. Maybe that’s how the FIA agents lost control of the Dedicant.”

  • 22 de junho de 3309
  • Aegis Receives Titan Materials for Xeno-Research

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Aegis and Azimuth Biotech have concluded rival campaigns to deliver tissue samples harvested from the Thargoid Titans.

    Titan tissue samples were obtained from the surfaces of the Thargoid capital ships using research limpets and brought back to human space by daring pilots.

    Dr Maximo Fonseca, the Allied scientific liaison to Aegis, delivered a congratulatory message:

    “It takes a special kind of pilot to travel through the Maelstroms and fly across the surfaces of these enormous motherships, but it seems such courage is not in short supply. The samples we received will undergo scientific testing by Allied, Federal and Imperial specialists. We are confident that they will shed light on the Titans’ capabilities and the technologies used in their construction.”

    A parallel campaign by Azimuth Biotech also received deliveries of Titan-based materials, but the number of shipments were notably fewer than those provided to Aegis. Observers have labelled this outcome as encouraging for Aegis’s reputation, with the tri-superpower initiative failing to attract contributors away from private corporate interests in the past.

    Pilots who contributed on behalf of Aegis can collect their rewards from Wiberg Station in the Kioskurber system. Supporters of Azimuth Biotech can do likewise from Stebler City in the Djeriman system.

  • 16 de junho de 3309
  • Disappearance of the Dedicant

    The Dedicant has disappeared from Popontia, just a few hours after thousands of Far God cultists boarded the megaship with a Federal escort.

    The cultists were due for transfer aboard the vessel from Federal to Allied space, where amnesty has been offered by Prime Minister Mahon. In exchange for their release, the True Chapters sect agreed to unlock access to its secretive databanks and sacred texts prior to departure. The Dedicant instead initiated a hyperspace jump ahead of schedule, failing to arrive in the Mullag system as planned.

    The Federal Navy and the Allied Defence Force both deployed search parties along the route between systems. Their initial reports stated that no signals were detected, and have found no evidence that the Dedicant was intercepted or destroyed. The megaship’s current location and status remain unknown.

    Executive Agent Jalen Locke of the Federal Intelligence Agency issued a press statement:

    “We have completely lost contact with the FIA security teams controlling the Dedicant. This is of grave concern, considering there are thousands of Thargoid-worshipping criminals aboard. We are operating under the assumption that the cultists somehow overpowered our people and absconded with the megaship.”

    Dr Alfred Ulyanov, a leading expert on the Order of the Far God, also spoke to the media:

    “The True Chapters are undoubtedly more proactive than the Far God orthodoxy, but their nature remains essentially fatalistic. This makes it hard to imagine them taking on armed FIA agents in combat. It seems more likely that a third party was involved, although we cannot discount the possibility that the Dedicant’s original owners found a way to divert its course through hyperspace.”

  • 15 de junho de 3309
  • Aegis and Azimuth Compete for Titan Samples

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Requests for tissue samples obtained from the Thargoid Titans have been made by Aegis and Azimuth Biotech.

    Leon Banerjee, science correspondent for Vox Galactica, reported on the rival initiatives:

    “The Titans offer a tremendous opportunity for xenological research, but carry equally significant risks. These involve passing through the Maelstroms’ caustic clouds and energy barriers, avoiding Thargoid patrols, and escaping with tissue samples intact. Only the most determined pilots would undertake such missions, and the two leading anti-xeno organisations seek to attract these individuals with considerable payouts.”

    “There are numerous unique materials identified so far. In this campaign, both Aegis and Azimuth Biotech are looking to acquire a large stock of tissue samples. These are recovered using research limpets at various points on the Titan’s architecture, acquired from minor flaws in the Titan’s highly protective outer layers.”

    “Ships outfitted with a pulse wave xeno scanner and research limpet controller – or a suitable multi-limpet controller - can collect these materials. Aegis has developed its caustic sink launcher and Thargoid pulse neutraliser to pass through the Maelstrom, and will look to use further xenological resources in additional advancements. Azimuth Biotech, meanwhile, has vowed to use samples to develop ‘cutting-edge military countermeasures to Thargoid aggression’.”

    Pilots signed up to the Aegis initiative can deliver any Titan tissue samples to Wiberg Station in the Kioskurber system. Meanwhile, Azimuth supporters can deliver samples to Stebler City in the Djeriman system.

  • 12 de junho de 3309
  • Far God Deportation Programme Approved

    The Federation has agreed to the expulsion of all adherents of the Order of the Far God to the Alliance.

    President Zachary Hudson issued a statement alongside the government decision:

    “Any ideology that worships the Thargoids is destructive and treasonous, especially now we are at war with that species. I believe that rather than waste taxpayers’ money keeping these deluded individuals incarcerated, the Federation is better off without them.”

    “This morning I accepted Prime Minister Mahon’s proposal. All former citizens known to have pledged themselves to this toxic religion will be transported beyond our borders and into the care of the Alliance.”

    Security services have prioritised the True Chapters cultists currently imprisoned in the Popontia system, labelling them as high-risk compared to orthodox Far God followers. They will be escorted to Alliance space aboard the Dedicant, having agreed to provide full access to the megaship’s databanks and the Order’s sacred texts for Federal assessment. The Dedicant will then collect cultists held in other Federal penal facilities, ferrying them to Allied systems.

    Political correspondent Sofia Trevino wrote an opinion piece for The Federal Times:

    “Could there be an ulterior motive to this unexpected decision by the President? Perhaps Hudson is mindful of his legacy, with his term of office approaching its end. By tempering his ‘strong man’ reputation with a degree of leniency, he can better portray himself as a firm but fair leader in the Federation’s history books.”