Galactic News

  • October 26, 3307
  • Alliance and Marlinists Address Refugee Crisis

    The Marlinist Colonies have offered to provide help for political refugees who sought sanctuary in Alliance space.

    In 3306, the Empire’s security forces began arresting followers of Marlinism, suspecting them of being linked to the NMLA. Many pro-republican Imperial citizens fled to the Federation, but some set course for the Alliance instead.

    The situation has been highlighted by Prime Consul Kayode Tau of the Marlinist Consulate:

    “Having made a desperate journey for survival, over a million Marlinists are now dispersed across Alliance territory. Most are clustered in small groups, lacking basic supplies and facing extreme deprivation. Some Alliance systems have offered citizenship, but others are attempting to expel them as illegal immigrants.”

    “The Empire wishes to repatriate these people, which means harsh interrogation for some and lifelong persecution for others. I hope to negotiate with the Alliance to arrange an alternative – transportation to the Marlinist Colonies. There they will be welcomed into the democratic society established by their brethren.”

    Ambassador Elijah Beck, head of the Alliance Office of Diplomatic Relations, has agreed to meet with Prime Consul Tau to examine solutions. The Imperial Diplomatic Corps officially refused an invitation to join this discussion.

  • October 25, 3307
  • Senators Offer to Protect Hadrian Duval

    The recent NMLA attack in the Paresa system has encouraged the Imperial Senate to reach out to Imperator Hadrian Duval.

    An official pronouncement was made by Senator Caspian Leopold:

    “A majority of us believe that preserving the Duval bloodline is paramount for the future of the Empire. Hadrian Duval is not officially a member of the Imperial Family but he is the grandson of Emperor Hengist, meaning his as-yet unborn child is also of royal lineage.”

    “The NMLA has already murdered many Duvals, including Prince Harold. Indeed, Hadrian himself barely survived an assassination attempt last year. It’s clear that the Empire can provide greater security than he currently has, and it is our duty to do so.”

    “Therefore, we propose making both Hadrian and Lady Astrid wards of the Senate. They will be placed under the highest level of protection, at least until this grave threat has abated.”

    Imperator Hadrian Duval is currently holding discussions with a delegation from the Senate. Political observers believe that their proposal may be conditional on him severing ties with Nova Imperium, an isolationist organisation that was once outlawed in the Empire.

    Independent newsfeeds have speculated that since the NMLA’s terror campaign began, Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval has been under similar senatorial protection and performing her duties from a secure location.

  • October 22, 3307
  • Scriveners-Clan leistet Orion University Widerstand

    Der raumfahrende, an Bord eines uralten Dredgers lebende Stamm hat der Orion University die Übernahme ihres Schiffs verweigert.

    Vox Galactica veröffentlichte einen Augenzeugenbericht vom freischaffenden Reporter Casey Kilpatrick im System Oochost PC-C c29-0:

    "Nachdem der Scriveners Clan gefunden wurde, dauerte es nicht lange bis die Orion University da war. Ihr Megaschiff, die Scientia Aeterna, setzte den Hyperantrieb des Dredgers mit Hilfe einer Serie von Admin-Codes außer Betrieb. Diese hatte man aus den Universitätsarchiven zusammen mit den Beweisen, dass das Schiff, welches im Jahr 3088 als Dredger J-403 in Betrieb genommen wurde, ihr Eigentum ist.

    Auch wenn sie nicht in der Lage sind, zu entkommen, haben die Scriveners sich entschieden, sich zur Wehr zu setzen. Alle Kommunikationsanfragen wurden vollkommen ignoriert. Ich habe gesehen, wie verschiedene Schiffe versuchten, am Dredger zu docken, nur um auf geschlossene Luftschleusen oder eine elektrifizierte Hülle zu stoßen.

    Es scheint klar, dass diese Leute nicht willens sind, ihre Heimat nur aufgrund jahrhundertealter Gesetze aufzugeben. Es ist auch offensichtlich, dass die Orion University an mehr interessiert ist, als nur ihr verlorenes Eigentum wiederzugewinnen ...

    Die Scriveners besitzen etwas, das sie als 'Wissensbasis' bezeichnen. Dieser enthält alles, was diese Gelehrtengesellschaft während ihrer langen Reise gelernt hat. Welche Entdeckungen diese Datenbank wohl enthält? Und wie weit die Universität wohl gehen wird, um diese in ihre Finger zu kriegen?"

  • Scriveners Clan Resists Orion University

    The spacefaring tribe that lives aboard an ancient dredger has refused to allow Orion University to take possession of the vessel.

    Vox Galactica published an eye-witness account by freelance reporter Casey Kilpatrick from the Oochost PC-C c29-0 system:

    “Once the Scriveners Clan was found, it wasn’t long before Orion University arrived. Their megaship, Scientia Aeterna, remotely disabled the dredger’s hyperdrive using a series of override codes. These had been unearthed from the university’s archives, along with evidence that the ship – commissioned in 3088 as Dredger J-403 – legally belongs to them.”

    “Despite being unable to escape, the Scriveners have made a stand. All requests to communicate were roundly ignored. I’ve watched several craft try to dock with the dredger, only to be met with sealed airlocks and an electrified hull.”

    “It’s clear that these people are unwilling to give up their home simply because of centuries-old legislation. But it’s also apparent that Orion University is interested in more than just reclaiming lost property…”

    “The Scriveners possess something that they refer to as a Knowledge Core, which contains everything that this scholarly society has learned during its long voyage. What discoveries might this database contain? And how far will the university go to get their hands on it?”

  • October 21, 3307
  • Torval Mining Ltd Requests Resources

    Pilots Federation ALERT

    Senator Zemina Torval’s new corporation requires deliveries of commodities to its megaship in the EGM 559 system.

    Constantia Torval, the senator’s daughter and operations director of the company, provided details of the initiative:

    “Now that we are a fully independent business, additional resources are urgently needed to continue providing services to the Empire. My goal is to ensure that the Torval name remains synonymous with efficiency and dedication.”

    “Shipments of geological equipment, microbial furnaces and mineral extractors can be delivered to the megaship Pride of Bitterwood in the EGM 559 system. From there, they will be transferred to our headquarters at Torval Orbital in LTT 198.”

    The Pride of Bitterwood is part of a corporate fleet recently purchased by Torval Mining Ltd. Most are currently in the LTT 198 system being outfitted for mining and transport operations. Business analysts believe that these megaships were funded by Zemina Torval after selling the majority of her shares in Mastopolos Mining.

  • October 20, 3307
  • Federal Agents Crush Jupiter Division Extremists

    A pro-corporatist group planning a series of terror attacks has been shut down by the Federal Intelligence Agency.

    An update on the operation was delivered by Deputy Director Bethany Blake, who runs the Proactive Detection Bureau:

    “Special forces have now arrested the organisers of the underground organisation called Jupiter’s Wrath. This was a collection of citizens radicalised by Jupiter Rochester into believing that they could replace democratically elected leaders with corporate overlords.”

    “This successful operation was only possible thanks to information provided by the PDB. Without this surveillance network, we would be entirely unaware of Jupiter’s Wrath and many leading politicians may have lost their lives.”

    “Our analysts are now updating the PDB’s algorithms to highlight citizens who are at risk of radicalisation. We will prevent domestic terrorism by identifying those being corrupted by hostile ideologies.”

    In response, Congressman Bai Zheng was quoted in The Federal Times:

    “This is an unnerving development in the PDB’s evolution. It’s also what many of us in Congress feared. We are not targeting people who have committed a crime, but people whose personal opinions are unpalatable to the government.”

  • October 19, 3307
  • Jokers’ Deck Hunts the Winking Cat

    Francesca Wolfe of the Wallglass Investigations Agency has sent a final report from her infiltration of the secretive gambling circle.

    “The bad news is that Jokers’ Deck security caught up with me as I was trying to sneak onboard a ship to get off-planet. The good news is that they didn’t gun me down, or even threaten to press charges. Instead, they offered me a job!”

    “Lexi October, the current host, was surprisingly gracious. Turns out she’s a fan of the Galactic Mysteries pieces that Gunnarson and I run, but more importantly, she believes we could give her what she really wants – the Winking Cat.”

    “She explained that the Joker playing card that was stolen is hugely symbolic to the group, having belonged to its original founder. She also assured me that Jokers’ Deck is extremely private but not criminal. Its members sign legal waivers, and there is a strict honour code to ensure all bets are paid.”

    “So, Lexi October wants to hire us to track down the infamous Winking Cat thief and retrieve the ceremonial playing card. This may also be a way for her to save face with her fellow super-rich gamblers, who are understandably unhappy about the exposure.”

    Erik Gunnarson, Wolfe’s detective partner, added:

    “It’s a huge relief that Wolfe is safe, but what has she got us into now? Will we really be able to catch the Winking Cat? I wouldn’t bet on it.”

  • October 18, 3307
  • Scriveners Clan Dredger Located

    Pilots Federation ALERT

    The dredger inhabited by the nomadic Scriveners Clan has been found within the Oochost PC-C c29-0 system.

    Independent pilots conducted a search for the vessel in response to a request from Orion University, which claims that the Dredger-class bulk cruiser is its commercial property.

    Vice Chancellor Leland Pettigrew announced the operation’s success:

    “Congratulations to the pilots who managed to locate Dredger J-403. The university will shortly dispatch a megaship to take ownership and arrange repatriation for its current occupants.”

    The dredger is currently orbiting an ice world in the Oochost PC-C c29-0 system. It is believed to be collecting raw material from planetary rings to sustain its onboard systems, a design feature that allows it to remain self-sufficient indefinitely.

    There has been no communication with the Scriveners Clan, the spacefaring tribe descended from an academic institute that was later absorbed into Orion University. It is known that they shun contact with all outsiders to protect their Knowledge Core, a repository of research conducted over the past two centuries.

  • October 15, 3307
  • NMLA Aims to ‘Extinguish the Duval Line’

    The Neo-Marlinist Liberation Army has taken responsibility for the attack on Dyson City starport in the Paresa system.

    The primary targets were Imperator Hadrian Duval and his wife Lady Astrid Minerva-Duval, who is pregnant with his child. Although they survived, the bombing left many thousands dead and injured.

    The following message was sent across NMLA propaganda channels:

    “As long as a single Duval is left alive, the Republic of Achenar cannot be rebuilt. It is our duty to extinguish that entire line and free our people from Imperial oppression.”

    Praetor Leo Magnus gave a statement on behalf of ACT:

    “It is significant that this latest broadcast is not from Theta Seven, the NMLA’s mouthpiece and de facto leader. We believe that Theta Group – the team of weaponsmiths that built the caustic enzyme bombs – has split in two.”

    “According to the communications we intercepted, Theta Seven and half of his followers went into hiding after the attacks against the Marlinist Colonies in July. The others continued their terror campaign and were responsible for this latest atrocity. ACT is currently pursuing leads and hopes to learn more soon.”

    Nova Imperium has repeated a call for pilots to help rescue survivors from Dyson City in the Paresa system.

  • October 14, 3307
  • Colonia Bridge Project Receives Deliveries

    Pilots Federation ALERT

    Twin initiatives in the Alcor and Colonia systems have procured materials to construct new dockable megaships.

    Brewer Corporation made an announcement regarding its Colonia Bridge project:

    “A positive response has led to generous shipments of ceramic composites, computer components and thermal cooling units being received. As a result, Brewer Corporation can now commence work on enhancing the transportation infrastructure between the core systems and the Colonia region.”

    “Thanks to the dedication of the galactic community, 30 dockable megaships will be placed along the Colonia Bridge route by the 28th of October. These will serve as stationary ports, providing vital facilities for travellers. Planning is already underway for the second phase of this project, placing further megaships every four to five hundred light years working out from the Alcor and Colonia systems.”

    “Payment for contributing pilots is now available at Macdonald Settlement in the Alcor system and Jaques Station in the Colonia system. Both starports also offer a temporary discount on purchasing and outfitting to owners of our Drake-class Carriers.”

    Brewer Corporation will soon be reaching out to the top ten pilots from both the Alcor and Colonia initiatives, to provide naming suggestions for the dockable megaships being placed on the route to Colonia. Submissions will be subject to review by the Brewer Corporation board of directors.

  • Orion University Searches for Dredger

    Pilots Federation ALERT

    Rewards are being offered by Orion University to locate the Scriveners Clan dredger, which it claims as its legal property.

    The self-sustaining Dredger-class bulk cruiser was launched two centuries ago by an academic institute that was later absorbed by the university. Since then the dredger has become the home for a nomadic tribe called the Scriveners Clan, which refuses contact with all outsiders.

    Vice Chancellor Leland Pettigrew told the media:

    “Orion University is willing to reward pilots who can pinpoint the dredger’s current location. We believe it is still within 500 light years of the Perseus Dark Region KC-V c2-2 system.”

    “Pilots who are interested in helping should first dock at Ring Mine station in the 2MASS J03291977+3124572 system, to automatically sign up to the search operation. Our associates at the starport, Deep Space Mining, will provide further information including details of the reward.”

  • Terrorist Attack at Hadrian Duval’s HQ

    Pilots Federation ALERT

    Explosions have struck Dyson City starport in the Paresa system, home of Hadrian Duval’s organisation Nova Imperium.

    The starport suffered severe structural damage plus the corrosive effects of caustic enzymes, characteristic of the customised weapons used by the NMLA. Initial reports state that over fifteen thousand people have been killed and a similar number injured.

    The following statement was issued by Praetor Leo Magnus, the former head of security for Nova Imperium who was seconded to ACT:

    “Shortly before this attack, my team intercepted a communication between suspected Neo-Marlinist supporters. This referred to an imminent attempt to kill Imperator Hadrian Duval, Lady Astrid Minerva-Duval and their unborn child.”

    “I immediately ordered the Praetorian Guard to move the Imperator’s family off-station, which was achieved minutes before the bombs detonated. I am pleased to report that they survived this brutal attack, but unfortunately the remaining population could not have been evacuated in time.”

    A state of emergency has been declared in the Paresa system, with an urgent request for independent pilots to assist with rescuing survivors from Dyson City starport.

    The Empire confirmed that as per the Treaty of Paresa, it will provide military and medical support to Nova Imperium. ACT is performing investigations to learn more about the attack.

  • October 13, 3307
  • Federal Terrorist Network Exposed

    The Proactive Detection Bureau has been instrumental in identifying violent corporatist extremists within the Federation.

    Deputy Director Bethany Blake of the Federal Intelligence Agency gave a statement to the media:

    “In recent weeks, our surveillance algorithms flagged a series of coded communications for investigation. We found that a network of radicalised citizens were discussing plans to assassinate members of Congress and leading political figures.”

    “This movement, which calls itself Jupiter’s Wrath, is inspired by Jupiter Rochester’s failed attempt to enable corporations to directly rule the Federation. Their goal was to enact revenge on those who they consider to be the ‘enemies of Jupiter Division’.”

    “Using data intercepted by the Proactive Detection Bureau, FIA agents performed a series of coordinated strikes in several Federal systems. Over a thousand armed extremists were arrested before they could act. We are currently working to identify the remaining Jupiter’s Wrath members.”

    Vice President Jerome Archer claimed that this was further validation of the Domestic Counter-Terrorism Act, which permitted the PDB to be established. However, Shadow President Felicia Winters commented:

    “I commend the FIA for performing their duties. But I also question the timing of this operation, coming so soon after President Hudson’s appallingly reckless attempt to capture Yuri Grom. To me it seems calculated to show his administration in a positive light, while ignoring the violation of citizens’ privacy.”

  • Orion University Claims Ownership of Dredger

    The ancient spacefaring home of the Scriveners Clan is the legal property of Orion University, according to newfound historical records.

    The Scriveners Clan is a nomadic tribe travelling onboard a self-sufficient Dredger-class bulk cruiser. Their society is descended from an academic organisation that sent out a research fleet two centuries ago. Unlike some dredger clans, they refuse to have any contact with outsiders.

    Vice Chancellor Leland Pettigrew of Orion University made this statement:

    “In the year 3088, Dredger J-403 was commissioned for an exploration mission by an academic institute named Scrivener College. This was absorbed into our university in 3125. Documents detailing these facts were recently discovered in our archives and verified by the courts.”

    “Therefore the dredger, including all of its contents, is legally owned by Orion University. Naturally we bear no ill will toward its current populace, but the vessel they inhabit has always been our commercial property.”

    The Scriveners Clan dredger was last seen in the Perseus Dark Region KC-V c2-2 system, where it was salvaging the Hesperus megaship. On the 9th of July it made a hyperspace jump to an unknown destination within 500 light years.

    Orion University is the largest independent educational institution in the core systems, rivalled only by the Imperial Science Academy and Olympus Village University.

  • October 12, 3307
  • Jokers’ Deck Hit by Art Thief

    The secretive gambling circle of the super-rich has been raided by the notorious criminal known only as the Winking Cat.

    The information was revealed by Francesca Wolfe of the Wallglass Investigations Agency, who infiltrated the event. Her report, which was relayed from an unidentified location, has been published by her fellow detective Erik Gunnarson.

    “I’m not sure this will reach Gunnarson, but I must try. After the security alert the staff started getting their IDs checked, which might have revealed mine to be fake. I managed to slip out of the warehouse and into an abandoned industrial district. I still don’t know what planet I’m on, but I’ve found an old comms transmitter to send this message.”

    “Before I escaped, I learned what had caused the alert. There was a VIP ceremony involving the group’s most precious possession: an ancient Joker playing card. Apparently this has been passed between senior members of Jokers’ Deck for centuries, always held by the current host. But when Lexi October publicly unveiled the card, she found it had been replaced by one showing a different graphic – a winking cat.”

    “It’s two years since we’ve heard from the galaxy’s greatest larcenist, but there’s no doubt that only the Winking Cat’s legendary skills could have circumvented their security systems. I’m fascinated that a battered scrap of card has greater value than any of the billion-credit items being wagered here.”

    “Guards are searching for the thief now. I hope I can get off-world before they find me instead. They’re armed to the teeth and not in the mood to talk…”

  • October 8, 3307
  • Corporate Split between Mastopolos and Torval

    Senator Zemina Torval’s company Torval-Mastopolos Mining has become fully independent from its parent corporation.

    The former subsidiary of Mastopolos Mining has officially rebranded itself as Torval Mining Ltd. Zemina Torval is listed as its CEO, with her eldest daughter remaining as operations director. The starport Torval Orbital in the LTT 198 system serves as the company’s headquarters.

    Business correspondent Anton Lagorio reported for The Imperial Herald:

    “Although Torval Mining Ltd is now an independent company, shares are legally transferable between it and Mastopolos Mining. This has allowed loyal supporters of both Zemina Torval and Gabriella Mastopolos to flock to each other’s banner. As a result, Torval Mining Ltd has acquired many ships, staff and resources from its former parent.”

    “There have been assurances that the split was amicable and in line with Imperial traditions of honourable conduct. Constantia Torval has promised customers that mining and transportation services would be maintained to the same high standard.”

    “Speculation continues over what caused this unexpected rift between the Torval and Mastopolos families. It seems that Zemina Torval is focusing on providing benefits for her own children and grandchildren, rather than her cousins on the Mastopolos side, but the reason for this change of heart remains unclear.”

  • October 7, 3307
  • Yuri Grom Victorious Against Federation

    Pilots Federation ALERT

    The battle between Delta Pavonis Galactic Interstellar and EG Union has concluded successfully for Yuri Grom’s forces.

    Freelance war correspondent Karleen Troy reported via Vox Galactica:

    “For the past week, the Delta Pavonis system has been aflame with ship-to-ship engagements. But despite a fierce effort from Federal auxiliaries, EG Union was able to muster superior numbers.”

    “Eventually the Federal flagship, Freedom’s Foundation, was boarded. I picked up comms chatter that described intense fighting before EG Union soldiers overran Federal troops. Since then I’ve learned that Yuri Grom has agreed to let the surviving crewmembers leave, but is claiming the megaship as ‘spoils of war’.”

    The following message was sent by Yuri Grom on public channels:

    “President Hudson has revealed his true nature as the corrupt heart of the Federation’s rotting carcass. This treachery will not be forgotten.”

    Pilots who supported Yuri Grom can collect their rewards from the Indomitable megaship. Delta Pavonis Galactic Interstellar confirmed that although the Freedom’s Foundation is now under EG Union control, reimbursement for all Commanders who fought for Delta Pavonis Galactic Interstellar will be processed remotely by the 9th of October 3307.

  • Iniciativas paralelas del proyecto Colonia Bridge

    ALERTA de la Federación de Pilotos

    Las campañas de entrega en los sistemas de Alcor y Colonia pretenden mejorar los viajes a estas distantes colonias.

    Brewer Corporation subvenciona el proyecto Colonia Bridge. Recientemente esbozó los detalles en una rueda de prensa:

    "La región de Colonia tiene un gran potencial para negocios y viajeros, pero el largo viaje puede resultar prohibitivo. Brewer Corporation está invirtiendo en la infraestructura de transporte entre los sistemas centrales y Colonia, con el fin de hacer que recorrer esos miles de años luz sea más fácil.

    Se dispondrán hasta 30 meganaves atracables a lo largo de la ruta a Colonia, lo cual proporcionará un valioso respiro a los viajeros, además de recursos tales como el tritio. Las meganaves atracables deberían estar operativas para el 28 de octubre: esto señalará la compleción de la primera de tres fases que componen el proyecto Colonia Bridge. La meta es establecer meganaves atracables cada cuatrocientos o quinientos años luz desde los sistemas Alcor y Colonia.

    Para lograr esto, necesitamos grandes cantidades de compuestos cerámicos, componentes informáticos y unidades de enfriamiento térmico. Todo ello se podrá entregar en Macdonald Settlement, en el sistema Alcor, o en Jaques Station, en el sistema Colonia".

    Colonia Council financia parte de la iniciativa, dada la importancia de la misma. Por ello, en Jaques Station los requisitos de mercancías para meganaves se reducen.

    Brewer Corporation ha confirmado que además de ofrecer pago por los materiales, pedirá a los diez principales contribuyentes en Alcor y Colonia que proporcionen potenciales nombres para las nuevas meganaves. Las propuestas serán revisadas por la junta directiva de Brewer Corporation.

    Como incentivo añadido, habrá descuentos temporales cuando se compren y equipen portanaves tanto en Macdonald Settlement como en Jaques Station, según la contribución de los pilotos.

  • Twin Initiatives for Colonia Bridge Project

    Pilots Federation ALERT

    Delivery campaigns in the Alcor and Colonia systems aim to improve journeys to the distant colonies.

    The Colonia Bridge project is being funded by Brewer Corporation, which outlined the details in a press release:

    “The Colonia region has great potential for businesses and travellers, but the long voyage can be prohibitive. Brewer Corporation is investing in the transportation infrastructure between the core systems and Colonia, to make crossing those thousands of light years easier.”

    “Up to 30 dockable megaships will be placed along the route to Colonia, providing travellers with valuable respite and resources including tritium. These stationary megaships should be operational by the 28th of October, and will mark the completion of the first phase of the three-phase Colonia Bridge project. Its aim is to place dockable megaships every four to five hundred light years working out from the Alcor and Colonia systems.”

    “To achieve this, we require large quantities of ceramic composites, computer components and thermal cooling units. These can be delivered to either Macdonald Settlement in the Alcor system or Jaques Station in the Colonia system.”

    The Colonia Council is subsidising part of the initiative, due to the importance of this enterprise. As a consequence, the commodity requirements for the megaships at Jaques Station are reduced.

    Brewer Corporation has confirmed that as well as offering payment for the materials, it will ask the top ten contributors at Alcor and Colonia to submit potential names for the new megaships. Submissions will be subject to review by the Brewer Corporation board of directors.

    As an added incentive, there will be temporary discounts on purchasing and outfitting fleet carriers at both Macdonald Settlement and Jacques Station, based on pilots’ contributions.

  • October 5, 3307
  • An Undercover Report on Jokers’ Deck

    Francesca Wolfe of the Wallglass Investigations Agency provides an inside view of the Jokers’ Deck gambling circle.

    “Gunnarson’s intel was correct. The latest host is multi-billionaire investor Lexi October, the lady who rescued Supratech from bankruptcy. We’re in one of October Consortium’s disused warehouse complexes, which looks derelict on the outside but is a fabulous glittering palace within. I don’t actually know what planet I’m on, since all the servants – including me with my fake ID – were transported here in total secrecy.”

    “Jokers’ Deck is exactly what you’d expect of a luxury casino for the super-rich. Exquisite food, sumptuous clothes, and dozens of games from deadlock poker to Giant Verrix racing. Wagers are made using billion-credit chips, precious gemstones and even land deeds to an entire continent. And that’s not counting the VIP rooms that I can’t get into.”

    “I’ve served exotic drinks to several famous faces, such as Duchess Rouncival and Scorpio DeVorrow. I’ve seen Senator Leatrix talking earnestly to Ambassador Rochester about a princess they both know. Arch-Corsairs Trask and Volantyne from the Kumo Council are here, taking on Zachary Rackham at the roue mortelle tables. And there’s no mistaking the voice of Alliance megastar Xiona whenever she wins big.”

    “Oh, and who should walk in just now but… wait, I can hear an alarm. Looks like a security alert. Damn it, have they detected me? I should – ”

    The message was published by Erik Gunnarson, who added this coda:

    “I’ve heard nothing more from Wolfe since receiving this, and she didn’t check in at a scheduled rendezvous point. I’ve decided to share her report as a warning to Jokers’ Deck. If anything happens to her, just remember we know who you are.”