Galactic News

  • August 12, 3308
  • Fleets Withdraw from Thargoid-Controlled System

    The Alliance, Empire and Federation have confirmed that the remains of their anti-xeno taskforces have fully retreated from the HIP 22460 system.

    Fleet Admiral Tayo Maikori declared: “The Thargoids are now heavily entrenched in HIP 22460. Federal search and rescue teams are attempting to locate survivors, but our window of opportunity is closing as the enemy forces increase in number.”

    A similar statement came from Senator Denton Patreus, who admitted “The aliens have successfully established a stronghold within human-occupied space.” The Imperial Navy has been instructed to prioritise evacuating its own ships and crew.

    The Alliance Assembly and the Council of Admirals have been engaged in emergency discussions with representatives from Sirius Corporation. Early indications suggest a restructuring of anti-xeno operations is underway.

    Across the core systems, public fears of a mass Thargoid invasion are running high. Planetary security forces are on alert, with every spacegoing military preparing for the possibility of fighting Thargoid vessels. Many public figures have expressed their concerns, including Aegis’s former head of research Professor Alba Tesreau:

    “I am utterly horrified by events in HIP 22460. Many of us feared that Azimuth’s experiments would lead to catastrophe, but the widespread loss of life is still a sickening shock. Salvation critically underestimated the Thargoids’ ability to adapt, a failure rooted in his perception of them as purely reactive creatures.”

    “This tragedy is worsened by the fractured responses of the superpowers, which are reluctant to continue sharing information with external organisations. Without a dedicated research effort, we cannot analyse the Thargoid technology used in HIP 22460 or formulate a suitable defence.”

  • August 11, 3308
  • The Silent Aftermath

    The Thargoid victory in the HIP 22460 system has raised many questions which neither Azimuth Biotech nor the superpowers have officially responded to.

    Ernesto Rios, field correspondent for Vox Galactica, published a report summarising the latest developments:

    “Two days have passed since the massacre in HIP 22460, which left many thousands dead. There have been no updates from the Alliance Defence Force or the Federal or Imperial navies. All press outlets have banned their journalists from entering the system, due to the extreme risk of Thargoid attack. We still lack specifics as to why the Proteus Wave failed. As the echoes of these horrific events fade, the authorities’ silence is deafening.”

    “Azimuth Biotech’s surviving megaships, the Glorious Prospect and the Musashi, remain in the nearby Pleiades Sector CW-U B3-2 system alongside Sirius Corporation’s vessel El Centinela Cadejo. These are accepting a steady trickle of survivors from HIP 22460, whose escape pods or ships survived long enough to regain power before the Thargoid onslaught reached them. Medical personnel have refused press access to medical bays, preventing interviews with eye-witnesses.”

    “Without any formal statement from Azimuth, and with Salvation’s status still unknown, we can only speculate on what happened in HIP 22460. The Thargoids’ method of resisting the Proteus Wave’s energy pulse remains unexplained, and their subsequent dominance of the system has caused widespread unease. Rather than ending the Second Thargoid War, Salvation may have escalated it to terrifying heights.”

    Heimar Borichev, deputy editor of The Sovereign, also commented on the situation:

    “Obviously this is a great tragedy, and we must honour those who lost their lives. But essentially, the Thargoids have just defended themselves from the xenocide we sought to inflict upon them. Can we really justify our moral outrage at this species, for protecting themselves against our weapon of mass destruction? Could all of this have been avoided?”

  • August 10, 3308
  • Thargoids Conquer HIP 22460

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    The Proteus Wave’s failure has resulted in Thargoid forces overwhelming the coalition fleet in HIP 22460.

    Independent and military observers have confirmed that although Salvation’s anti-xeno superweapon was activated as scheduled, it had only a temporary effect on the Thargoids. Soon afterwards, human ships in the system found themselves without power following a second unknown energy pulse and were rapidly targeted by hostile Thargoid vessels.

    Vox Galactica announced that the reporter Jade Sanderlyn was able to jettison her escape pod before her drifting craft was destroyed. She delivered this summary:

    “It didn’t work. The Proteus Wave didn’t work. I saw its energies ripple out from the planet, I felt it, we all did. The Thargoids reeled and went dark, but only briefly. Then something else occurred, a noise which shook our bodies, screeching through our skulls. Something alien.”

    “Suddenly all systems went down: engines, comms, everything. All the flashing beams of capital ship weapons fire disappeared. Every human ship in our vicinity went dead, leaving us floating through space.”

    “I watched through the canopy as the Thargoids swarmed everywhere, more than I’d ever seen before. The Bright Sentinel was their first target, and they unleashed a blazing barrage against it. Nobody on board could have survived.”

    The superpowers have announced that HIP 22460 is off-limits to civilian traffic, and should now be considered Thargoid territory. The Alliance Defence Force, Federal Navy and Imperial Navy have each begun compiling official lists of every military ship deployed to the system which remains unaccounted for.

    Azimuth Biotech likewise issued a statement confirming that both the Bright Sentinel and Heart of Taurus megaships have been destroyed, with all Proteus Wave project engineers missing and presumed dead. No information on the status of Salvation has yet been offered by the corporation.

  • August 9, 3308
  • Contact Lost after Proteus Wave Fired

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Communication with all ships in the HIP 22460 system has unexpectedly terminated, following the Proteus Wave’s activation.

    As intended, the energy pulse from Salvation’s Guardian-based superweapon disabled all Thargoids in the system. This was followed by a second pulse of similar intensity from an undetermined source, which rendered the Bright Sentinel megaship powerless. The Thargoid vessels displayed signs of returning to life, after which all comms channels fell silent.

    The Alliance Defence Force, Federal Navy and Imperial Navy have verified that they are no longer receiving signals from their capital ships. Azimuth Biotech has been unable to contact the Bright Sentinel or Heart of Taurus. There has been no word from Salvation or any Azimuth personnel within the system.

    Some newsfeeds have begun publishing eyewitness reports from independent pilots, claiming that the Thargoids have resumed attacking all human ships. These statements have not been independently verified.

    However, the superpowers are insisting on caution until the status of the Thargoid fleet can be ascertained. They have advised that non-military ships should avoid entering the HIP 22460 system until further notice.

  • August 8, 3308
  • Azimuth Claims ‘Thargoid Doomsday’ Imminent

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Salvation’s anti-xeno superweapon is now complete and final preparations are underway in the HIP 22460 system.

    Commodore Morag Halloran, Azimuth Biotech’s military coordinator, broadcast this announcement from the Bright Sentinel megaship:

    “Salvation has confirmed that the Proteus Wave core mechanism is fully active. Calibration inside the Thargoid structure on the surface of HIP 22460 10b has successfully concluded. Power sources derived from Guardian designs are building to the required levels, and a final series of safety checks are currently underway.”

    “Upon detonation, the energy pulse generated by the Proteus Wave will cause catastrophic disruption to all Thargoid biomechanical technology within range. Every alien vessel in HIP 22460 will immediately cease to function. Salvation predicts that the wide-ranging impact of the superweapon will drive all Thargoids out of the core systems. In practical terms, tomorrow will be their doomsday.”

    “This is the culmination of years of research, coupled with Salvation’s revolutionary technology. The project could not have been realised without the military support of the Alliance, Empire and Federation. Azimuth is also grateful to those pilots who delivered vital materials and risked their lives to hold back the Thargoid fleet. Take pride in the knowledge that your courage and dedication will help bring an end to the Second Thargoid War.”

    The superpowers’ anti-xeno taskforces have sent out urgent calls for emergency support to prevent Thargoid forces from attacking the Proteus Wave site in these critical final hours.

  • August 5, 3308
  • Azimuth Divides Media Opinion

    Editorial pieces published by newsfeeds across the core systems illustrate a range of viewpoints on current events in HIP 22460.

    Eye on Achenar: “There is no doubt that the real threat to our Empire will arise once the Thargoids are gone. That’s when Federal aggression will undoubtedly resume, fuelled by centuries of envy at our glorious splendour.”

    Citizens' Chronicle: “Some may have mocked Princess Aisling Duval for describing Salvation as ‘a master of self-promotion and public manipulation’. But her political instincts are astute, and we believe she is right to warn us against this dangerous man.”

    Sol Today: “We can all see what will happen as soon as the Thargoids have been dealt with. The Imperials will declare war against our democracy, seeking to enforce their totalitarian regime upon freedom-loving Federal citizens.”

    Federal Free Press: “The government’s focus on Salvation means that vital domestic issues are being ignored. Our economy is still geared toward military spending rather than helping those families and communites who rely on state support.”

    Old Worlds Gazette: “Cooperating with Sirius Corporation to harvest meta-alloys in the Coalsack Nebula was the primary cause of increased hostility from the Thargoids. Is the Alliance responsible for providing the conditions that allowed Salvation to obtain such power?”

    The Tau Ceti Journal: “Senior figures in the business sector are concerned that Azimuth Biotech, despite some recent market uncertainty, has the potential to become the most influential corporation with all three superpowers. Its success in the HIP 22460 system could reshape the financial markets considerably.”

    The Empirical: “Ram Tah has published theoretical papers on the Guardian technology derived from the Proteus experiments. However, he admits that full comprehension of the superweapon’s construction requires scientific data held exclusively by Salvation.”

  • August 4, 3308
  • Resources Supplied to Xeno-Retrieval Programme

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    A delivery campaign in the Pleiades Sector CW-U B3-2 system has provided vital commodities to Azimuth Biotech.

    The technical materials will enable Azimuth to analyse the salvaged wreckages of Thargoid vessels, following the activation of the Proteus Wave in the HIP 22460 system.

    Captain Maxim Lagunov, commanding officer of the Glorious Prospect megaship, delivered a statement to conclude the initiative:

    “Over the last week, I have been pleased to witness so many ships arriving at the Glorious Prospect in response to Director Rademaker’s request. Our cargo holds are now well stocked with HN shock mounts, micro controllers, neofabric insulation and radiation baffles. My crew are already arranging for these to be distributed to Azimuth’s xenological research centres.”

    “Pilots who signed up to this campaign can now collect credit payments. We also have a limited stock of pre-engineered Guardian shard cannons, which have been ferried across from our sister ship Bright Sentinel, and these will be awarded to the most dedicated contributors.”

    The Glorious Prospect will remain in the Pleiades Sector CW-U B3-2 system alongside the Musashi, which is offering anti-xeno weaponry and redeeming Thargoid combat bonds. Two other Azimuth megaships, Bright Sentinel and Heart of Taurus, are in the nearby HIP 22460 system where the Proteus Wave project is approaching readiness.

  • August 2, 3308
  • Superpowers Commit to Salvation

    The leaders of the Alliance, Empire and Federation have publicly confirmed their support for Azimuth Biotech’s anti-xeno operation in HIP 22460.

    Prime Minister Edmund Mahon reiterated his position during an interview with the Old Worlds Gazette:

    “It is our duty to protect the peoples of the Alliance. Since we currently lack a dedicated naval fleet, we must rely on partnerships with key military providers. With Salvation’s advanced weaponry and Sirius Corporation’s large-scale logistical might, Allied worlds have never been safer from Thargoid attack.”

    The Imperial Senate discussed Professor Alba Tesreau’s accusations of criminality against Azimuth Biotech, to which Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval responded:

    “Professor Tesreau remains a respected member of the Achenar Research Council, but a single viewpoint cannot eclipse the strategic significance of the Proteus Wave project. Our military experts are confident that, should the weapon deliver on the promises Salvation has made, the Thargoid threat will be diminished. A review of the situation will then be conducted.”

    During a promotional tour of marine training centres in the Eta Cassiopeiae system, President Zachary Hudson told reporters:

    “Director Rademaker is absolutely correct: those who deliberately sabotage Azimuth Biotech’s operations are only helping the Thargoids, which is tantamount to treason. The Federation’s citizens have the right to live without fear of alien invasion, and Salvation’s ingenuity will help us preserve that right.”

    One Allied megaship, three Farragut-class battle cruisers and three Majestic-class interdictors are currently deployed in the HIP 22460 system to defend the Proteus Wave against the Thargoids.

  • July 29, 3308
  • Superweapon Construction Completed

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Work on the Proteus Wave in the HIP 22460 system has concluded, according to an announcement from Azimuth Biotech.

    “This is Salvation. The core mechanism of the Proteus Wave is now fully assembled. Under my guidance, specialists are performing checks at the selected site on HIP 22460 10 b. Additional power capacitors are also being installed to improve energy transfer management.”

    “Over the next few days, the Proteus Wave will be calibrated within one of the Thargoid structures, the unique properties of which will greatly amplify the weapon’s signal. This breakthrough was only made possible due to decades of xenological research conducted by Azimuth, alongside pioneering theories on cross-species interfaces.”

    “Commodore Halloran reports that even greater numbers of Thargoid vessels have arrived within the Proteus Wave’s effective range. But it is now absolutely critical that they are prevented from approaching the planet. At all costs, the superweapon must be protected until it is ready for activation.”

    The Allied, Federal and Imperial anti-xeno taskforces continue to engage Thargoid forces within the HIP 22460 system. Volunteers are still urgently needed to support their capital ships and take part in defending the Proteus Wave project. The Musashi, an Azimuth megaship in the nearby Pleiades Sector CW-U B3-2 system, will redeem all Thargoid combat bonds.

  • July 28, 3308
  • Thargoid Salvage Operation Requires Resources

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Azimuth Biotech has called for commodities to be delivered to the Glorious Prospect in the Pleiades Sector CW-U B3-2 system.

    Director Torben Rademaker, head of strategic operations, outlined the new initiative:

    “Once the Proteus Wave has eliminated the Thargoids, the second phase of our corporate strategy will commence. As per our agreement with the Alliance, Empire and Federation, Azimuth Biotech is licensed to collect limited quantities of any remaining non-human material in the HIP 22460 system. The powerless Thargoid vessels will be taken to specialised laboratories for examination, and the subsequent results shared with the superpowers’ military intelligence divisions.”

    “Unfortunately, Azimuth has experienced significant losses in several systems, as a result of actions taken by ‘Operation Wych Hunt’ saboteurs. This has prevented us from setting up research labs and analytical equipment, delaying our xeno-retrieval programme considerably.”

    “To counteract this setback, we require shipments of HN shock mounts, micro controllers and radiation baffles. The Glorious Prospect megaship stands ready in the Pleiades Sector CW-U B3-2 system to receive these deliveries.”

    As well as credit payments, Azimuth Biotech has agreed to make pre-engineered Guardian shard cannons available as an additional reward for pilots who transport the greatest volume of commodities.

  • July 27, 3308
  • Tesreau Highlights Azimuth’s ‘Inhumanity’

    A counter-statement regarding Azimuth Biotech has been published by Professor Alba Tesreau, former head of research at Aegis.

    “The recent declaration by Director Torben Rademaker paints a false picture of those pilots who are actively working against Azimuth Biotech. He frames them as criminals and alien sympathisers, betraying humanity to the Thargoids. This could not be any further from the truth. It is Azimuth’s own inhumanity that they are fighting against.”

    “It’s unsurprising that Salvation’s focus is now on HIP 22460, given this system has long been part of Azimuth’s sinister legacy. On planet 7c is the abandoned settlement Fort Asch, where unlicensed scientists performed monstrous experiments to link human minds with Thargoid vessels. We know from Project Seraph’s sole survivor, known as Subject D-2, how brutal the results were.”

    “Alongside the Bright Sentinel above planet 10b is the Overlook, a derelict megaship drifting within a caustic cloud of debris. Some may have assumed it is the scene of a recent Thargoid attack, but in fact it once served as the headquarters of Black Flight. This secretive organisation arranged strike teams to suppress evidence of the Thargoids from the general public. Azimuth’s collaboration with Black Flight helped it establish a monopoly on xenological research.”

    “For the past two centuries, Azimuth has ruthlessly sought to obtain and weaponise alien technology. The crew of the Alexandria were sacrificed in order to steal Guardian material for its superweapon. Now that same genocidal device, paid for with the blood of thousands, is being hailed as a ‘noble enterprise’.”

    “Caleb Wycherley has reinvented himself as Salvation, but his modern persona cannot conceal his malignant nature. Those who Rademaker accused of betrayal are in fact driven by conscience and a sense of justice. I call upon the leaders of the Alliance, Empire and Federation to follow their example, and withdraw support for this nefarious organisation.”

  • July 26, 3308
  • Guardian Artefact Campaign Concludes

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    The third phase of an initiative to acquire Guardian artefacts for the Proteus Wave has ended successfully.

    Commodore Morag Halloran, Azimuth Biotech’s military coordinator, announced:

    “Salvation has asked me to extend his sincere thanks to all pilots for exploring ancient Guardian sites and transporting their discoveries to the Bright Sentinel in HIP 22460. The quantity of artefacts delivered over the past three weeks has surpassed our targets.”

    “The most recent shipments are now being ferried down to the surface of HIP 22460 10b. The Proteus Wave’s core mechanism is mere days away from being fully assembled. Calibration tests will then begin within the Thargoid structure, which will vastly amplify the superweapon’s disruptive frequencies.”

    “It is now mission critical to defend the project. The Thargoids appear frenzied by the system’s concentration of Guardian technology, which is drawing their vessels in ever-greater numbers. I am liaising closely with the Allied, Federal and Imperial taskforces, but we require even more volunteers to provide tactical support to their capital ships.”

    With the delivery initiative concluded, contributing pilots can now collect their rewards from the Bright Sentinel megaship in the HIP 22460 system.

  • July 25, 3308
  • Azimuth Condemns ‘Alien-Loving’ Resistance

    As its anti-xeno initiative in HIP 22460 continues, Azimuth Biotech has been deliberately targeted by protestors in other systems.

    Director Torben Rademaker, head of strategic operations, made a public broadcast from the corporation’s headquarters at Hind Mine starport:

    “Azimuth Biotech is dedicated to the vision of Salvation, whose expertise will soon quash the Thargoid blight once and for all. The Alliance, Empire and Federation have put aside their differences to turn this ambition into a reality. But a fractious minority are determined to prevent this, giving the Thargoids a window of opportunity to avoid their fate.”

    “Almost immediately after our corporate rebrand from Taurus Mining Ventures, Azimuth came under attack. A rabble of buccaneers and political agitators forcibly expelled our assets from the Merope and Qarato systems. Only by extreme and costly means were we able to retain Hind Mine, as the mob rampaged through the once-peaceful T Tauri system.”

    “Their appalling acts have not only endangered Azimuth Biotech’s long-term financial growth, but also delayed the manufacture of the Proteus Wave in HIP 22460. Perhaps ‘Operation Wych Hunt’ is made up of deranged Far God cultists, since they seem hell-bent on sabotaging humanity’s greatest defence against the Thargoids.”

    “Naturally, Azimuth Biotech has petitioned the relevant authorities to take appropriate action. We are also reaching out to any independent pilots who supported Salvation’s past projects. To these loyal to his cause, I implore you to defend our noble enterprise. Show these alien-loving traitors that they are on the wrong side of history.”

  • July 22, 3308
  • The View from the Front Line

    Vox Galactica reporter Jade Sanderlyn has broadcast an update on the conflict taking place in the HIP 22460 system.

    “The fierce fighting in HIP 22460 has intensified over the past week. Swarms of Thargoid vessels can be encountered throughout the system, cutting down any ill-prepared ships within range. The combined human forces are battling furiously to diminish the alien fleet.”

    “A total of seven capital ships, all armed with experimental weaponry, are now providing support for AX squadrons. I’ve been mesmerised by the intense volleys of energy beams that flash from these gigantic craft, seeking out the dark-hulled Thargoids as they swoop and spin with an eerie grace. Distance offers these sights a strange beauty, a distraction from the ugly fact that many lives are lost with each skirmish.”

    “It appears the Alliance’s military pact with Sirius Corporation is starting to gain traction. The megaship El Centinela Cadejo recently arrived in Pleiades Sector CW-U B3-2 from Arimpox, providing logistical support for the Alliance Defence Force in HIP 22460. My military contacts inform me that Azimuth Biotech had sought to restrict Sirius Corporation vessels from participating in the Proteus Wave campaign, perhaps fearful of corporate espionage. Li Yong-Rui would approve of the rather deliberate choice to move El Centinela Cadejo to the same system as Azimuth’s Musashi and Glorious Prospect megaships.”

    “Meanwhile, the hellish situation in HIP 22460 rages on. I’ve reported from several battlefields, but this one is something of an endurance test. Every day I watch squadrons deploy to a conflict, and every day watch them return with fewer vessels. All I can do is hope that this carnage will eventually lead to something worthwhile.”

    “This is Jade Sanderlyn for Vox Galactica. Stay safe out there.”

  • July 21, 3308
  • Criminals Crushed by Federal Campaign

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    A Federal operation in the Andowatye system has finally brought down the Red Family crime syndicate.

    Executive Agent Faisal Sacranie of the Federal Intelligence Agency announced the successful conclusion:

    “I am pleased to confirm that FIA agents were able to capture Oberon Church, the so-called ‘man of smoke’, as well as his surviving lieutenants. With its kingpin’s arrest and most remaining forces destroyed, the Red Family organisation no longer exists as a functional crime organisation.”

    “On behalf of the FIA, I am grateful to all pilots who helped eliminate these felons. The United Andowatye Democrats will redeem bounty vouchers for all contributors at Bosch Station in the Andowatye system.”

    Vice President Jerome Archer gave a statement to The Federal Times:

    “One of the Federation’s most notorious organised crime networks has been eradicated, largely due to vital information obtained by the Proactive Detection Bureau. Its ability to unearth enemies of the Federation and bring them to justice remains unparalleled.”

    The Proactive Detection Bureau was created when Vice President Archer successfully passed public surveillance legislation in 3307. Political commentators have theorised that Archer’s presidential campaign next year will stress the PDB’s role in high-profile victories such as the defeat of Jupiter’s Wrath and Red Family.

  • Proteus Wave Approaches Completion

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    New Federal and Imperial capital ships have arrived in HIP 22460 as Azimuth Biotech’s operation nears its conclusion.

    The following message was provided to all newsfeeds for public broadcast:

    “This is Salvation. The Proteus Wave’s core mechanism will be fully constructed one week from today. We will then begin integration with the surface site on HIP 22460 10b, using designs of mine which are unique to the superweapon’s operation.”

    “As anticipated, the Thargoid presence in the HIP 22460 system has escalated considerably. Providing the sufficient majority of their fleet is within range of the Proteus Wave, the casualties will be devastating enough to drive the Thargoids out of the core systems forever.”

    “I urge all superpower-affiliated and independent ships to hold the line. Only through determination and sacrifice will we finish our crucial work.”

    In HIP 22460, the Federal Navy and Imperial Navy have each deployed additional capital ships as the conflict has grown in scale and ferocity. These huge vessels are directing large-scale firepower against the Thargoids.

    Independent pilots are also being incentivised to destroy the alien vessels, with opportunities to obtain Salvation’s pre-engineered Guardian gauss cannons. Thargoid combat bonds can be redeemed at the Musashi in the nearby Pleiades Sector CW-U B3-2 system.

    Azimuth Biotech’s campaign for Guardian artefacts, which form the most vital components of the Proteus Wave, is now in its final phase. Deliveries can be made to the Bright Sentinel megaship in HIP 22460 until Tuesday the 26th of July.

  • July 19, 3308
  • Azimuth’s Final Call for Guardian Artefacts

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    The campaign to deliver Guardian artefacts to Azimuth Biotech in the HIP 22460 system has reached its third phase.

    Commodore Morag Halloran outlined the final stage of the initiative:

    “We have received an impressive number of Guardian caskets, orbs, relics, tablets, totems and urns at the Bright Sentinel over the past two weeks. Thanks to this supply, construction of the Proteus Wave has progressed satisfactorily.”

    “However, Salvation has requested that further shipments of artefacts are sourced from Guardian sites. There can be no shortfall of these vital components, and the superweapon will make use of every one we can provide.”

    “We have projected a substantial increase in the number of Thargoid vessels within HIP 22460, as they react to the increased concentration of technology created by their ancient enemies. AX fighters and squadrons are asked to continue engaging the enemy’s forces to provide safe passage for incoming transports.”

    Pilots who previously contributed to this initiative can collect rewards from the Bright Sentinel megaship in HIP 22460, which is continuing to accept new shipments of Guardian artefacts.

  • July 18, 3308
  • The Xenocide Debate

    As construction proceeds on Salvation’s Proteus Wave, there is widespread dispute on the issue of eliminating the Thargoids.

    An article by Heimar Borichev, deputy editor of The Sovereign newsfeed, has divided public opinion:

    “Salvation’s latest superweapon is designed to attract and then destroy members of the species we’ve named ‘Thargoids’. If successful, it would wipe them from the core systems entirely. But there are a number of questions that nobody seems to be asking, including this: do we have the right to take such action?”

    “What’s that, you say? The Thargoids are the aggressors, out to destroy humanity? Or are they just defending historical territory from our expanding presence? Remember, they were navigating space a million years before we were. If a new species suddenly emerged on our worlds and began strip-mining our lands, how would we react?”

    “Now, I’m not suggesting we should pledge ourselves to the Far God cult and start praying to Thargoids. But how much of the considerable military budget spent on this interspecies war could have been saved by a simple conversation? Has anyone genuinely attempted to communicate with them? If we’d been more focused on diplomacy instead of extermination, we might have found a way to parley with the Thargoids by now. How many lives could have been saved if our two races had exchanged a few words?”

    “I maintain there is no justification for xenocide. This whole war is as manufactured as our name for these beings. Ask yourself why the superpowers would like you to believe they’re fighting monsters who can’t be reasoned with. Ask yourself how this benefits the politicians, the corporations, weapons manufacturers, security forces. Ask yourself who the real monsters are.”

  • July 15, 3308
  • Azimuth’s Plan Elicits Further Reactions

    Prominent figures on the political stage have commented on Salvation’s anti-xeno operation in the HIP 22460 system. Key points from each are collated below.

    Archon Delaine: “My opinion on the Thargoids remains the same: burn them all! As I stated at the Galactic Summit, the Kumo nation stands ready to help wipe out these alien scum.”

    Yuri Grom: “I trust Salvation as little as I trust the Federation. What guarantee do we have that this Proteus Wave will not be turned against human targets, once the Thargoids are dealt with?”

    Senator Zemina Torval: “Azimuth Biotech has emerged as a strategically significant corporation. I’ve advised the Imperial Senate to establish long-term commercial links that are mutually beneficial.”

    Hadrian Augustus Duval: “The Thargoids are a genuine threat. Yet I hope that our military collaboration with the Alliance and the Federation is a temporary measure only. The Empire must develop the strength to stand alone.”

    First Minister Octavia Volkov: “Thargoid attack is an ever-present danger for the Marlinist Colonies. We are observing events closely. Personally I do not view Azimuth as a trustworthy ally.”

    Ambassador Jasmina Halsey: “I’m pleased to see the Federation working closely with the Alliance, but disappointed that it is limited to anti-xeno matters. Whatever happens in HIP 22460, we should grasp this opportunity to increase diplomatic as well as military cooperation.”

  • July 14, 3308
  • Pilots Urged to Defend Proteus Wave Project

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    As the Thargoid presence increases in the HIP 22460 system, Azimuth Biotech and the superpowers call for reinforcements.

    An urgent bulletin was transmitted from Commodore Morag Halloran aboard the Bright Sentinel:

    “A series of actions by ‘Operation Wych Hunt’ saboteurs have resulted in delays to Azimuth Biotech’s supply infrastructure. As a result of these traitorous acts, we have been forced to amend the construction timetable for the Proteus Wave.”

    “Salvation informs me that it will be approximately two more weeks until the weapon is fully assembled. This delay increases the Proteus Wave’s exposure to Thargoid intervention, potentially undermining the project. But we remain convinced that the majority of pilots are committed to ensuring a human victory.”

    “After discussions with Admiral Atherton, Admiral Price and Admiral Ziegler, the coalition has agreed to provide funding for increased defences in HIP 22460. For the next two weeks, independent pilots can claim reimbursement for the hazardous task of engaging the Thargoids.”

    “Thargoid combat bonds can be handed in at the Musashi megaship in the nearby Pleiades Sector CW-U B3-2 system. The most dedicated Commanders by contribution will be rewarded with Salvation’s pre-engineered Guardian gauss cannons.”