Galactic News

  • July 21, 3307
  • Federation Threatened by Further Secession

    More Federal factions are considering declaring independence following the recent conflict in the Azaladshu system.

    Sofia Trevino, political journalist with The Federal Times, published an overview of the situation:

    “When Azaladshu Free seceded in reaction to the government’s surveillance laws, it inspired three other factions to do the same, making ten systems and a billion people independent. Superpowers routinely gain and lose systems via local politics, but this was a rare instance of member factions abandoning their fealty.”

    “The newly sovereign nations have severed all links with the Proactive Detection Bureau, so their communications are no longer being monitored. Despite broad public support for the Domestic Counter-Terrorism Act, many citizens still consider personal privacy to be a constitutional right.”

    “Dozens of other factions are now considering independence. This affects only a small percentage of the systems under Federal control, but is highly embarrassing for President Hudson as well as Shadow President Winters – her organised resistance to the surveillance laws is what inspired factions to secede.”

    “Advocacy, the civil rights organisation, claims that the Federal Intelligence Agency has begun arresting secessionist ringleaders under spurious charges. If true, it suggests that the government will go to any lengths to prevent a full-scale rebellion spreading throughout the Federation.”

  • July 20, 3307
  • IHO Reports on New Onionhead Variant

    The Interstellar Health Organisation has published a preliminary analysis of onionhead gamma strain, a recreational drug also known as ‘helix’.

    “As with the alpha, beta and Lucan strains, the active component is derived from seeds produced by the onionhead flower native to the planet Panem. These contain alkaloid compounds that have a temporary psychoactive effect on human perceptions and cognitive functions.”

    “In the gamma strain, these compounds have been genetically modified using synthetic molecules of unknown origin. This has diluted the concentration of psychotropics, therefore producing less intense hallucinogenic episodes.”

    “The practical advantages of these modifications are twofold. First, they allow onionhead to be economically mass-produced using artificial environments rather than grown as natural crops. Second, the gamma strain is more hardy and able to survive for longer periods in storage or sub-zero temperatures.”

    Dr Himari Grey, an independent healthcare analyst, commented:

    “The IHO’s report suggests we are looking at a type of onionhead designed to be sold in greater volume than previous variants. Its sophisticated composition means it is unlikely to have been developed by the Blue Viper Club. It’s possible that the nomads acquired it from an unidentified research facility, and have now cut a deal with the Kumo Crew for distribution.”

  • July 19, 3307
  • Galactic Mysteries: The Far God Cult

    The enigmatic Thargoid-worshipping religious order is examined by Erik Gunnarson of the Wallglass Investigations Agency.

    “Of all the myriad faiths practised across the galaxy, the Far God cult is one of the strangest and least understood. But in recent years it has grown from a fringe sect to a widespread religion.”

    “Its central tenet is that an unknowable being exists beyond our dimension – the Far God. What we call the Thargoids are its heralds, preparing for when it descends from hyperspace to instantly wipe out all life. This apocalyptic creed therefore attracts people who have nothing to live for, and who find purpose in awaiting armageddon.”

    “The cult has no official name or spokespeople, and its followers willingly replace their names with titles such as adherent, disciple and witness. This dehumanising approach includes its members wearing simple black robes and making their hive-chapels resemble Thargoid bio-technology, complete with ammonia fumes.”

    “Despite praying to an alien species, this is not the Thargoid fifth column many feared it to be. In fact they are pacifistic fatalists, expecting death and never offering resistance. This has caused them to be victimised by other doomsayer cults, anti-xeno activists and even the Federal Intelligence Agency… yet their serene patience has allowed them to survive.”

    “The discovery of two abandoned void-temples in the Etain system provided an insight into the cultists’ mindset. Here can be heard the final testaments of people willingly entombed in suspended animation to await the Far God’s arrival.”

    “More recently there are reports of several chapters of the sect migrating to the Panjabell system. This is controlled by the Pleiades Concordat, a theocracy devoted to the Far God, so perhaps it is preparing something bigger – or stranger – than we’ve seen before.”

  • July 15, 3307
  • Data Required for Marlinist Election

    Pilots Federation ALERT

    Rival candidates have requested deliveries of data to help secure their bids to lead the Marlinist Consulate.

    The Marlinist Colonies are voting for who will be elected as their prime consul. This influential role will diplomatically represent all Marlinists and make broad decisions on their behalf.

    The first candidate is Verity Dexter from the Marlinism Reformation Party, which is acting as the NMLA political wing. She has the support of Senator Lorcan Scordato to be made an Imperial patron:

    “I am in a unique position to finally provide our people with a voice in the Imperial Senate, and to speak for Neo-Marlinists. As prime consul, I will negotiate a permanent peace with the NMLA.”

    The second candidate, Kayode Tau of the Free Marlinist Movement, is focused on sustaining the Marlinist Colonies:

    “Neo-Marlinism and terrorism have no place within our republican ideals. I will strive to keep our systems independent, and to protect the rights of peaceful Marlinists everywhere.”

    In order to help secure their campaigns, both candidates have requested deliveries of anomalous bulk scan data and unusual encrypted files. Shipments for Verity Dexter should be delivered to Stillman Hub in the HIP 22550 system, while those for Kayode Tau are expected at Tilman Point in the Hyades Sector RO-P b6-2 system.

    The Alliance, Empire and Federation have recognised the Marlinist Consulate as an ambassadorial body, and agreed that the election of its prime consul is a strictly internal matter.

  • Kumo Crew Campaign Starts Drug Production

    Pilots Federation ALERT

    The Kumo Crew syndicate has procured enough materials to introduce a new product to the market.

    The drug originated with the Blue Viper Club, a piratical travelling community whose dredger is currently in the vicinity of Kumo City station.

    It was confirmed that enough shipments of agronomic treatment, liquid oxygen and performance enhancers were received to enable immediate mass production. Pilots also fought to protect haulage vessels from pirate ships, suspected to be Kumo Crew rivals.

    The Interstellar Health Organisation has obtained a product sample and confirmed that, despite the name ‘helix’, it is a new variant of the recreational drug onionhead. As such, the product will be legally classified as onionhead gamma strain when it appears on the market.

    Despite claims of medicinal and psychological benefits, it is likely to be illegal in most systems. President Zachary Hudson, Princess Aisling Duval and several other political heavyweights have expressed outrage at the open manner by which its ingredients were procured.

    Archon Delaine, warlord of the Kumo Crew, responded:

    “Every system government generates revenue from the pharmaceutical trade, so the holier-than-thou attitude from these hypocrites turns my stomach. Helix brings happiness, and provides income for my people. I make no apologies!”

    Rewards for pilots who contributed to this campaign are now available at Kumo City in the Pegasi Sector PN-T C3-14 system.

  • July 13, 3307
  • Marlinist Colonies Face Political Division

    The Marlinist Consulate, established to represent Marlinists across the galaxy, has triggered political instability among the colonies.

    Local newsfeed The Marlin Standard detailed the situation:

    “The formation of the Marlinist Consulate will shortly conclude with the public election of its leader. The prime consul will serve as the official Marlinist representative to the superpowers, establish foreign embassies and make wide-reaching diplomatic decisions.”

    “One of the two leading candidates is Verity Dexter from the Marlinism Reformation Party, who promises to speak for the Neo-Marlinist fringe. The Free Marlinist Movement’s candidate, Kayode Tau, directly opposes that position.”

    “Senator Lorcan Scordato has championed Dexter’s bid, proposing that she be recognised as an Imperial patron to represent pro-Marlinist citizens of the Empire. Despite many protests, Chancellor Blaine concurred that patronage is within the purview of individual senators.”

    “Some Marlinists see this as a chance to finally obtain influence in the Senate, after centuries of being marginalised. Others are enraged at Neo-Marlinists gaining legitimacy and acting as the NMLA’s political wing.”

    “The rift has affected parliament, where First Minister Fairfax again urged Minister Aaron Whyte to cease representing the NMLA and hand over all information to ACT. Whyte retorted that his diplomatic breakthroughs would soon make the counter-terrorism unit redundant.”

  • July 12, 3307
  • The Story of Onionhead

    A new product being manufactured by the Kumo Crew could be a version of onionhead, the controversial recreational drug.

    Dr Himari Grey, an independent healthcare analyst, published this review on Vox Galactica:

    “Little is yet known about ‘helix’, but the persistent rumour that it is derived from onionhead has sparked keen interest from physicians, politicians and narcotics users alike.”

    “Onionhead’s active ingredient is extracted from plant seeds found only on Panem in the Kappa Fornacis system. Its psychotropic and hallucinogenic qualities are well documented, but there is conflicting evidence regarding addictive strength and toxicology.”

    “This didn’t stop it being banned in the Federation in 3300 by former President Jasmina Halsey, who was concerned about its popularity among youth culture. Political fireworks followed when Fleet Admiral Vincent bombed onionhead crops against her orders, which five years later led to the Scythe of Panem terrorists seeking revenge.”

    “Production soon shifted to the Tanmark system, where the Lucan onionhead strain boosted its popularity. Two further variants have appeared since, a result of enterprising genetic engineers modifying the seeds to flourish in different ecospheres.”

    “Could helix be another strain? The Interstellar Health Organisation (IHO) is currently acquiring samples for analysis, so we’ll soon know if this marks a new chapter in onionhead’s notorious story.”

  • July 9, 3307
  • Scriveners Clan Abandons the Hesperus

    Pilots Federation ALERT

    The dredger belonging to the Scriveners Clan has left the Perseus Dark Region KC-V c2-2 system, where the Hesperus megaship is located.

    The 200-year-old ‘ghost ship’, once owned by Azimuth Biochemicals, was discovered in April when the nomadic clan began salvaging it for materials and data.

    Erik Gunnarson of the Wallglass Investigations Agency speculated:

    “When the Scriveners laid claim to the Hesperus, I expected only a cloud of fragments would remain. But their salvage operation has been prematurely abandoned, after stripping the megaship’s innards and leaving behind a mostly intact hull.”

    “Why have they done this? Perhaps because this particular dredger clan avoids outsiders. Public interest in the Hesperus inspired thousands of curious travellers to see it for themselves, potentially drawing more scrutiny than the secretive tribe could bear.”

    “Alternatively, the Scriveners detected richer pickings elsewhere – either fresh resources for the dredger to consume or new information for their ‘Knowledge Core’. In theory they could still be tracked down as their vessel’s hyperdrive has a similar range to modern-day fleet carriers.”

    “We know very little about the Scriveners, and even less about other clans. However, with the recent appearance of the Blue Viper Club dredger at Kumo City, I’m hopeful more may be revealed about these roaming societies.”

  • July 8, 3307
  • Independence Spreads from Azaladshu System

    Pilots Federation ALERT

    The Azaladshu Free faction has defeated the forces of Neche Inc and retained independence from the Federation.

    As a result, the Azaladshu, LFT 824, LHS 277 and LTT 3919 systems have confirmed their independent status. The victory also inspired the Coalition of Uteran, Lp 726-6 Free and Gluscap Labour factions to secede from the Federation, affecting all systems under their control.

    Mayor Constanza Noguera, leader of Azaladshu Free, declared:

    “A Federation that abuses the rights of its people has no authority. With the help of our loyal supporters, we’ve made a stand for dignity and civil rights.”

    The situation has caused turmoil in Congress, with President Zachary Hudson being criticised for his inability to contain this rebellion.

    Shadow President Felicia Winters responded to accusations that she orchestrated the seceding factions:

    “I support their rejection of our harsh surveillance laws, but not their methods of protest. I have no wish to see the Federation lose member systems for any reason.”

    Pilots who supported the Azaladshu Free faction can collect their rewards at Eratosthenes Ring station.

  • Kumo Crew Initiative to Produce New Commodity

    Pilots Federation ALERT

    The Kumo Crew syndicate is requesting deliveries to mass-produce a recreational drug named ‘helix’.

    The drug is believed to originate with the Blue Viper Club, a nomadic clan travelling aboard an ancient dredger that recently appeared near Kumo City station.

    Arch-Corsair Kay Volantyne, representing the Kumo Council, provided details to local newsfeed The Pegasi Sentinel:

    “Helix will change lives across the galaxy! Derived from high-quality organic crops, and with many medicinal and psychological benefits, it is guaranteed to bring contentment.”

    “All we need to kick-start manufacture are deliveries of agronomic treatment, liquid oxygen and performance enhancers to Kumo City in the Pegasi Sector PN-T C3-14 system. The Kumo Council also offers generous bounties on all wanted ships to protect traders carrying these commodities.”

    Many authorities have registered concern that this will exacerbate drug addiction and misuse, which are common social problems. However, some markets have shown interest in the potential new product.

    Vox Galactica has reported rumours that helix may be a previously unknown strain of onionhead, a highly popular psychedelic. It remains unknown whether the Blue Viper Club cultivated helix aboard their dredger or acquired it from another source.

  • July 5, 3307
  • La branche politique de l'ALNM suscite la controverse

    Le groupe paramilitaire ALNM a confirmé que la faction Marlinism Reformation Party agit désormais en tant que représentante politique.

    Une déclaration anonyme a été diffusée via les canaux de propagande de l'ALNM :

    « Nous soutenons le ministre Whyte pour représenter la cause néo-marliniste et parler en notre nom. Nos objectifs restent les mêmes : le retrait de la famille Duval et l'instauration des élections démocratiques au sein de l'Empire. »

    Les réactions ont été couvertes par plusieurs fils d'actualités :

    L'Imperial Herald : « La proposition du sénateur Scordato d'ouvrir les relations diplomatiques avec les colonies marlinistes est déjà discutable. Mais l'empereur pourrait-elle accepter un jour le dialogue avec des extrémistes qui ont essayé d'assassiner la famille impériale ? »

    Le Federal Times : « L'idée de négocier avec des terroristes est aussi abjecte pour l'Empire que pour la Fédération. Et pourtant, l'occasion d'empêcher un autre “Neuf Martyrs” ne peut être ignorée. »

    L'Alliance Tribune : « En l'absence d'une avancée de l'UAA, peut-être qu'une discussion pacifique est la meilleure manière de désamorcer la menace terroriste... Même s'il s'agissait du dénouement escompté par l'ALNM depuis le début. »

    Le Marlin Standard : « Beaucoup de nos concitoyens accueillent avec bienveillance des liens plus étroits avec l'Empire, surtout si cela implique de pouvoir contacter les amis et la famille laissés derrière. Cependant, l'utilisation de notre parlement comme plateforme par l'ALNM a causé une agitation généralisée. Aaron Whyte étant ouvertement défié par les autres ministres, une guerre civile marliniste n'a plus l'air si impensable. »

  • NMLA Political Wing Causes Controversy

    The NMLA paramilitary group has confirmed that the Marlinism Reformation Party faction now acts as its political representative.

    An anonymous statement was broadcast via the NMLA’s propaganda channels:

    “We support Minister Whyte in representing the Neo-Marlinist cause and speaking on our behalf. Our objectives remain unchanged – the removal of the Duval family and democratic elections within the Empire.”

    Reactions were covered by several newsfeeds:

    The Imperial Herald: “Senator Scordato’s proposal to open diplomatic relations with the Marlinist Colonies is already contentious. But could the Emperor ever accept dialogue with the extremists who tried to murder the Imperial Family?”

    The Federal Times: “The idea of negotiating with terrorists is as abhorrent to the Empire as to the Federation. And yet, the opportunity to prevent another ‘Nine Martyrs’ cannot be ignored.”

    The Alliance Tribune: “In the absence of any breakthroughs from ACT, perhaps peaceful discussion is how we defuse the terrorist threat... even if that was the NMLA’s endgame all along.”

    The Marlin Standard: “Many of our people welcome closer ties with the Empire, especially if it involves contacting friends and families left behind. But the NMLA using our parliament as its platform has caused widespread unrest. With Aaron Whyte being openly challenged by other ministers, a Marlinist civil war no longer seems unthinkable.”

  • July 2, 3307
  • Dredger Clan Arrives at Kumo City

    Pilots Federation ALERT

    A Blue Viper Club dredger has entered the Pegasi Sector PN-T C3-14 system, and may have links with the Kumo Crew syndicate.

    The Dredger-class bulk cruiser has taken position near Kumo City, one of five starports recently constructed by pirate warlord Archon Delaine.

    Dredger Clans are nomadic communities that travel on the fringes of civilisation, and their ancient vessels are rarely seen. Pilots in Pegasi Sector PN-T C3-14 have been warned to keep a safe distance from the dredger.

    Francesca Wolfe of the Wallglass Investigations Agency published her observations:

    “The Blue Viper Club is a fiercely independent tribe with an unsavoury reputation. Dredger Clans typically survive by gathering materials and salvage, but these people indulge in more criminal behaviour including drug running and raiding outposts.”

    “The clan occupies more than one dredger, but these have never entered an inhabited system before now. There has been no conflict with local factions or system security. However, unmarked personnel shuttles have been witnessed travelling to and from the dredger.”

    “Are we looking at a piratical alliance between the Blue Viper Club and the Kumo Crew? Is Archon Delaine expanding his reach to the Dredger Clans? Or have they brought him something of value that they discovered in deep space?”

  • July 1, 3307
  • ‘Salvation’ Eclipses Aegis to Obtain Guardian Artefacts

    Pilots Federation ALERT

    Rival delivery campaigns by Aegis Research and Taurus Mining Ventures in the PMD2009 48 system have concluded.

    Guardian artefacts were delivered to the megaship Glorious Prospect, which was contracted on behalf of the anonymous ‘Salvation’, in greater quantities than to the Aegis megaship Archimedes.

    Patience Middleton congratulated those who supported Taurus Mining Ventures:

    “This is a clear show of faith in the noble goals of ‘Salvation’. As a further sign of our commitment to those goals, we are pleased to provide the top 75% of contributors a specially engineered Class 2 Fixed Guardian Shard Cannon.”

    The Pilots Federation has issued a caution that any ship modules offered by Taurus Mining Ventures will be automatically marked as ‘‘hot’, requiring extra costs to be cleaned prior to installation.

  • Federation Battles Independents in the Azaladshu System

    Pilots Federation ALERT

    Conflict has erupted between the Azaladshu Free and Neche Inc factions, as multiple Federal systems declare independence.

    This was sparked by Azaladshu Free withdrawing from the Federation, which transformed Azaladshu, LFT 824, LHS 277 and LTT 3919 into independent systems. The faction strenuously opposes government monitoring of Federal citizens’ private communications.

    Three other Federal factions are on the verge of declaring independence: Coalition of Uteran, Lp 726-6 Free and Gluscap Labour. All are closely monitoring the situation in Azaladshu and considering their next move.

    Mayor Constanza Noguera, leader of Azaladshu Free, made this statement:

    “We refuse to accept the Federation’s draconian surveillance laws. I call upon all supporters of independence to help us fight for our sovereignty!”

    The declaration brought a swift reaction from President Zachary Hudson:

    “As Azaladshu Free has violated the Federal Accord, I have no option but to order Neche Inc to engage with these criminals. Thanks to advance intelligence on the secession, we were able to establish the megaship Fortress Liberty in the system to help retake it for the Federation.”

    In Congress, Shadow President Felicia Winters faced criticism for allowing the secession to occur within her sphere of influence. She reiterated that she does not support rebellion, but does consider the Proactive Detection Bureau to be unconstitutional.

  • June 29, 3307
  • Four Federal Systems Declare Independence

    The Azaladshu Free faction, which controls four systems, has seceded from the Federation in protest against civilian surveillance.

    The unexpected declaration followed the election of new leadership for Azaladshu Free, which currently controls the Azaladshu, LFT 824, LHS 277 and LTT 3919 systems.

    Mayor Constanza Noguera announced:

    “The Federation has become corrupt, authoritarian and untrustworthy. In particular, the public surveillance laws to spy on innocent people cannot be tolerated. From now on, we will govern our systems as independent sovereign nations.”

    Political observers believe that several other Federal factions are also planning to declare independence. All are within Shadow President Felicia Winters’s sphere of influence, although she has publicly renounced any support of these actions.

    Congress has stated that secession is illegal under the Federal Accord, and ordered Azaladshu Free to revert to normal membership status. The Federal Navy and other military organisations have been placed on alert.

    President Hudson has reacted strongly, stating that “This degree of organised criminal behaviour only proves that the Proactive Detection Bureau is needed to maintain order.”

    Shadow President Winters countered by claiming “Removing our citizens’ right to privacy is the cause of this rebellion, not the solution.”

  • June 28, 3307
  • Imperial Senate Considers Marlinist Diplomacy

    A proposal for the Empire to formally open diplomatic relations with the Marlinist Colonies has been made by Senator Lorcan Scordato.

    The eight systems are populated by ex-Imperial citizens who fled to avoid persecution for their beliefs in Marlinism, which advocates democratic representation.

    Returning from a fact-finding mission to the colonies, Senator Scordato told the Senate:

    “The Marlinist community is primarily focused on peaceful co-existence alongside the Empire, rather than trying to reform the Republic of Achenar. And now that Minister Aaron Whyte speaks for the Neo-Marlinists, we have an opportunity to prevent further extremist actions via diplomacy.”

    Although some senators agreed, others such as Denton Patreus stressed that “As a matter of honour and principle, the Empire does not negotiate with terrorists.”

    Several newsfeeds observed that both the Alliance and the Federation are looking into opening formal diplomatic channels with the Marlinist Colonies. Similar debates have occurred in the Assembly and Congress regarding the acceptance of an NMLA political wing.

    First Minister Jenna Fairfax has repeated calls for the Marlinism Reformation Party to cease representing the Neo-Marlinist fringe. However, she also announced plans for a Marlinist equivalent to the Imperial Diplomatic Corps that would undertake ambassadorial duties.

  • June 25, 3307
  • New Alliance Starports Become Operational

    Pilots Federation ALERT

    Two Alliance stations have been constructed following a successful re-election campaign by Prime Minister Edmund Mahon.

    Enterprise Market in the LHS 2522 system and Prosperity Core in the Sharru Sector FW-W c1-19 system are now fully operational. Prime Minister Mahon welcomed visitors to the new starports, promising that they would “further enhance the Alliance’s commitment to creating opportunities”.

    However, Councillor Nakato Kaine triggered heated debate in the Alliance Assembly when she made this announcement:

    “My investigation turned up irregularities in the tritium mining campaign, suggesting that it only received enough deliveries to allow one starport to be built. Furthermore, docking records seem to indicate that Sirius Corporation made up the shortfall with a number of unregistered donations.”

    “Sirius Corporation now has a presence in the Sharru Sector FW-W c1-19 system. This suggests disturbing parallels with the company’s recent dealings to help build Archon Delaine’s new starports. The question is – what did Mahon promise in return?”

    A statement from the Office of the Prime Minister clarified that Sirius Corporation was one of many companies currently partnered with the Alliance to support its expansion programme. It did not address the discrepancy in tritium deliveries or refer to any contributions from the megacorp.

  • June 24, 3307
  • Detailoberflächenscanner-Kampagne erreicht ihr Ziel

    WARNUNG der Pilotenvereinigung

    Piloten haben Waren angeliefert, um es der Sirius Corporation zur ermöglichen, einen voll augmentierten Detailoberflächenscanner dauerhaft zu produzieren.

    Das verbesserte Schiffsmodul wird in Kürze käuflich erwerbbar sein. Zuvor war es nur in einer Terraforming-Initiative von Sirius Atmospherics Ende 3306 erhältlich.

    Der augmentierte Detailoberflächenscanner V1 erhöht die Sondenreichweite auf das Doppelte des momentan erreichbaren, was effizienteres Erschließen von Planeten ermöglicht.

    Der Erfolg des Projekts wurde von Sinclair Faraldo, Marketingdirektor der Sirius Corporation, verkündet:

    „Wir sind den Piloten, die CMM-Komposite, Myon-Bildgeber und synthetische Reagenzstoffe wie angefordert geliefert haben, sehr dankbar. Die Massenproduktion des verbesserten Detailoberflächenscanners hat bereits begonnen, und er wird bald bei Menschentechnologie-Brokern verfügbar sein.“

    Alle Piloten, die an dieser Kampagne teilgenommen haben, können nun ihre Bezahlung an Bord von Ashby City im System Luyten’s Star abholen.

  • Aegis und „Salvation“ ringen um Guardian-Artefakte

    WARNUNG der Pilotenvereinigung

    Aegis Research und Taurus Mining Ventures haben Lieferungen von Guardian-Artefakten ins System PMD2009 48 angefordert.

    Die konkurrierenden Kampagnen finden als Folge der Entdeckung eines Schlachtfeldes zwischen Guardians und den Thargoiden im Trapezium Sector YU-X c1-2 1a statt.

    Patience Middleton sendete im Namen von Taurus Mining Ventures folgende Nachricht:

    „‘Salvation‘ hat die alleinigen Rechte zur Nutzung des Proteus-Standorts beansprucht, welcher einzig und allein durch sein Expertenwissen gefunden werden konnte. Er hat uns beauftragt für Guardian-Schatullen, -Kugeln, -Relikte, -Tafeln, -Totems und -Urnen die zum Megaschiff Glorious Prospect geliefert werden, zu bezahlen.“

    Aegis Research hat auch ein Megaschiff ins System PMD2009 48 gerufen, die Archimedes. Professor Alba Tesreau kündigte an:

    „Es ist von höchster Wichtigkeit, dass Aegis die an Bord der Alexandria verlorenen Guardian-Artefakte ersetzt. Ohne genügend Materialen wird unser Anti-Xeno-Forschungsprogramm schwer gebremst.

    Wir sind uns des Risikos bewusst, dass die Sammlung von Guardian-Technologie auf einem Megaschiff die Thargoiden anziehen könnte, wie es im Delphi-System passiert ist. Dieses System ist jedoch weitaus weiter von bekannten Gebieten mit Thargoidenaktivität entfernt, und wir hoffen so ihrer Aufmerksamkeit zu entfliehen.“

    Die Allianz, das Imperium und die Föderation sehen den Diebstahl von Guardian-Artefakten von Aegis als eine kriminelle Handlung an. Daher werden Piloten gewarnt, dass alle Schiffsmodule, die von Taurus Mining Ventures erhalten werden, als „heiß“ gekennzeichnet sind und daher zusätzliche Säuberungskosten vor der Installation verursachen werden.