Galactic News

  • April 27, 3308
  • Marlinist Refugees Migrate from Alliance

    Over two million ex-Imperial citizens who sought sanctuary with the Alliance are now being repatriated to the Marlinist Colonies.

    Ambassador Elijah Beck, head of the Alliance Office of Diplomatic Relations, announced:

    “Political refugees from Imperial systems have been arriving since late 3306, following the Empire’s crackdown on Marlinism. At the time they had no legal status or resources, and relied entirely upon the charity of local factions for their survival.”

    “Our successful negotiations with the Marlinist Consulate have now led to a solution. The Assembly will fund safe passage to the Marlinist Colonies for all refugees in Allied space. Pending security checks, they will be granted full citizenship.”

    The decision was welcomed by First Minister Octavia Volkov:

    “Thanks to the Alliance’s generosity, any Marlinists currently within their territory can now take advantage of free transportation to a colony system of their choice. There we will provide state support and work opportunities, to help them establish new permanent homes.”

    “More than a million people who fled the Empire are still unaccounted for, having dispersed throughout the core systems. I call for them to contact us via the consulate, and join our growing republican society.”

  • April 26, 3308
  • Kumo Crew Appoints New Council Leader

    Archon Delaine has announced that pirate leader Callan Salamanca is the newest member of the Kumo Council’s upper echelon.

    Political journalist Conrad Sterling provided an overview for Vox Galactica:

    “The Kumo Council was formed by Archon Delaine to delegate his control over the criminal syndicate. Each member has the title of corsair, and oversees a region or system within his territory. But Delaine’s most trusted advisers, known as arch-corsairs, work with him on strategic goals.”

    “The latest addition is the son of Gideon ‘Soulless’ Salamanca, one of the most infamous warlords in the Pegasi sector. Following Salamanca’s unexpected death from a cardiac event, Delaine has elevated Callan to take his father’s place on the council, despite the young man’s reputation for impulsive behaviour.”

    “Two others remain in the council’s inner circle. Vidar Trask has been close to Delaine for many years and is known to be an expert administrator. Kay Volantyne was originally part of the Blue Viper Club dredger clan, before she negotiated its alliance with the Kumo Crew.”

    “Delaine continues to style himself as the ‘sovereign ruler of the Kumo nation’, striving for an air of legitimacy. The Kumo Council reinforces this approach, but is often called upon to justify or deny their regent’s brutal excesses. With rumours that Callan Salamanca is already misusing his newfound authority, this delicate balance might prove to be unsustainable.”

  • April 25, 3308
  • Sirius Vows to Defend Alliance

    Sirius Corporation has claimed that the recent Thargoid incursions prove the necessity of its strategic defence pact with the Alliance.

    The Didio, Novas and Sosong systems are currently withstanding a coordinated attack from large numbers of Thargoid vessels. Independent pilots have rushed to their aid while the three superpowers prepare their respective fleet responses.

    A press conference was held by Admiral Nikolas Glass, the liaison between the Alliance Defence Force and the Sirius Navy:

    “This unexpected onslaught only underlines the Alliance’s need for military support. The Thargoids can strike anywhere at any time, and Allied systems such as Didio are vulnerable. Only with Sirius Corporation’s help can we ensure their safety.”

    Journalists pointed out that the Council of Admirals had selected Admiral Rachel Ziegler to lead their anti-xeno taskforce instead of Admiral Glass, despite that being his specific area of expertise. He replied:

    “Well, as you know, the pact is still within its trial period and hasn’t yet been ratified by the Assembly. So there are limits to how involved Sirius Corporation can be at this stage. I’m sure my colleague will do a fine job while I focus on providing broader support to the Didio system, such as additional secondments to Salvation’s fleet.”

  • April 22, 3308
  • Rackham Consolidates in Beta Hydri

    The Beta Hydri system has become the commercial and political headquarters of wealthy entrepreneur Zachary Rackham.

    The Tau Ceti Journal reported that Rackham Capital Investments owns a majority of shares in the Beta Hydri Corporation, the system’s controlling faction. As a member of its board of directors, Rackham has had a role in governing the system for many months.

    At a press conference, a spokesperson for Rackham Capital Investments said:

    “Mr Rackham was born on the planet Homeland, so he is enthusiastic about giving back to his former community. For example, building Rackham’s Spire helped revive the construction industry in Los Pioneros. We have also invested in several local companies, such as the Luxe Somptueux hotel chain – now rebranded as Rackham’s Rooms – and MacArthur Mining Ltd.”

    Several newsfeeds asked if Rackham’s political position in Beta Hydri paved the way for running as an independent candidate in next year’s presidential election. However, the spokesperson declined to comment.

    The Federal Times’s coverage of the story included an observation by financial journalist Bryanna Blanco:

    “As far as my research can tell, Zachary Rackham’s citizenship documents have never been made public or independently verified. My guess is that Calico Zack wasn’t born in the Federation at all, but hails from some anarchic backwater where piracy is a way of life.”

  • April 21, 3308
  • Marlinist Colonies Receive Starport Resources

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    The construction of new Marlinist starports has begun after materials were delivered to the HIP 22550 system.

    Enough shipments of aluminium, computer components, power generators and titanium were received at Stillman Hub to facilitate the building of 2 orbital stations. These are expected to become operational by the 5th of May 3308.

    The campaign’s conclusion was marked by a statement from First Minister Octavia Volkov:

    “Not for the first time in our turbulent history, we are indebted to all pilots who have shown support for the Marlinist Colonies. With these additional starports, we can increase local commerce and contribute to the wider economy.”

    “It is my sincere hope that our handful of systems will one day form the nucleus of a Marlinist Republic, which can peacefully co-exist alongside our Imperial cousins.”

    The Free Marlinists of Carinae faction is now rewarding all pilots who took part in this initiative at Stillman Hub in the HIP 22550 system.

    In related news, Prime Consul Kayode Tau has been invited to establish an office of the Marlinist Consulate on Capitol. This is being widely viewed as a sign of increased diplomatic tolerance from the Emperor.

  • Superpower Systems Overrun by Thargoids

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Thargoid fleets have invaded the Didio, Novas and Sosong systems, placing over ten billion lives at risk.

    Local security services in all three systems have reported overwhelming numbers of hostile Thargoid vessels. Several starports have been directly attacked with caustic enzyme weapons, and the combined death toll is already in the hundreds of thousands.

    Didio, Novas and Sosong are members of the Alliance, Empire and Federation respectively. Three admirals have been selected to mount a defence: Henry Paul Atherton of the Imperial Navy, Maxton Price of the Federal Navy and Rachel Ziegler of the Alliance Defence Force.

    However, it will be days before each can marshal sufficient forces. Therefore the factions Emperor’s Grace, LTT 4772 Alliance Mandate and Union of Sosong Democrats have sent out emergency calls for assistance to all independent pilots.

    With Aegis now officially disbanded, its fleet is being temporarily operated by Frontline Solutions. The combat logistics corporation has made the ships available with a volunteer pilot force, which will support the superpowers in systems invaded by Thargoid fleets. Sources indicate a more permanent solution is being sought, as Frontline Solutions CEO Imogen le Ray is believed to be resistant to a long-term commitment of her company’s resources to the anti-xeno effort.

    The Alliance, Empire and Federation are currently liaising with Salvation, whose unique weaponry has proved effective against Thargoid incursions of similar magnitude. As yet, Salvation has made no public statement.

  • April 19, 3308
  • Yong-Rui: ‘History Will Judge Sirius’

    The CEO of Sirius Corporation has addressed public concerns regarding its anti-xeno defence pact with the Alliance.

    Li Yong-Rui’s comments were made during an in-depth interview with The Alliance Tribune:

    “The best way to predict the future is to study the past. This is as true of interstellar organisations as it is of individuals – our former actions indicate the probability of behaviour. So I invite you to study the role that Sirius Corporation has previously played on the political stage.”

    “Ever since the Battle of Achenar and the widespread conflicts of the 2300s, our neutrality has allowed us to mediate between the Empire and the Federation on many occasions. More recently, we defused inter-power tensions by establishing the Marlinist Colonies, which provided permanent homes for millions of refugees.”

    “It should also not be overlooked that the Galactic Summit was hosted in the Sirius system, where we encouraged humanity’s leaders to peacefully debate their differences. Furthermore, our development of the frame shift drive has revolutionised exploration and allowed many independent societies to flourish.”

    “Some continue to cast aspersions on our strategic partnership with the Alliance, and I fully understand their caution. The fear that corporations can only act self-servingly is born from a millennium of notable examples. But it is history that will judge Sirius Corporation’s efforts to defend and preserve civilisation. I truly hope the Alliance will play a significant role in those efforts.”

  • April 18, 3308
  • Salvation Strengthens Bonds with Superpowers

    The anonymous anti-xeno scientist Salvation has received further military support from the Alliance, Empire and Federation.

    Multiple official sources have highlighted the increasing number of crew members being seconded from the Alliance Defence Force, Federal Navy and Imperial Navy. Previously, enlisted members had been forced to resign their commissions, but regulatory changes now permit temporarily serving on vessels owned by Salvation’s commercial partner Taurus Mining Ventures.

    One of the recent volunteers, Lieutenant Andrew Jones, was quoted by Vox Galactica:

    “Most of us are here because it feels like Salvation is the only one taking the fight to the Thargoids. Now that Aegis is as good as gone, he’s our best hope for stopping these aliens before they wipe us all out.”

    Other non-naval recruits from the superpowers are providing support in intelligence, logistics and security. A number of specialists are alleged to be working directly with Salvation on his anti-xeno superweapons, which are derived from Guardian technology.

    In related news, scientific research journal The Empirical reported that no evidence of atypical radiation has been detected in the Synuefe CE-R C21-6 system. This has raised questions as to the purpose of Taurus Mining Ventures’s recent mining operation.

  • April 15, 3308
  • Rackham for President?

    Multi-billionaire Zachary Rackham has discussed standing as an independent candidate for the Federal presidency in 3309.

    The issue was raised during the opening of a new superstructure named Rackham’s Spire on Homeland in the Beta Hydri system. At a press conference in the tropospheric suite, Mr Rackham was asked for his views on the proposed Hudson Contravention.

    He replied by light-heartedly hinting that he might run for office himself: “With two Zacharys on the ballot, I’m guaranteed to get some votes by mistake!”

    Financial journalist Bryanna Blanco wrote an opinion piece for The Federal Times:

    “Rackham’s Spire literally stabs the sky above Los Pioneros, rising so high that during the day its shadow moves across the city like a colossal sundial. Extravagant, expensive and impossible to ignore, it’s practically an altar to the man who built it.”

    “I’ve spent half of my career investigating Rackham, and I’m convinced that he always has an ulterior motive. In this case it seems obvious: by laughing off suggestions about standing for election, he makes people expect it to become true. It’s blatantly the first step to a forthcoming campaign.”

    “It still mystifies me how Rackham makes people forget his past. Most newsfeeds refuse to acknowledge his former identity as Calico Zack, one of the last century’s most notorious pirates. All they portray is the wealthy and successful businessman – and now, perhaps, a future president of the Federation.”

  • April 14, 3308
  • Support Required for New Marlinist Starports

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    A delivery campaign in the HIP 22550 system will help build additional starports for the Marlinist Colonies.

    First Minister Octavia Volkov delivered this public address:

    “The Marlinist Colonies were born out of desperation, but we have evolved into a fully fledged society. Emperor Arissa has formally accepted our status as an autonomous democracy, albeit one that retains cultural and historical ties with the Empire.”

    “To celebrate and consolidate our independence, we have launched an initiative to construct up to six new orbital stations. For all those who wish to take part, we require shipments of aluminium, computer components, power generators and titanium to be transported to Stillman Hub starport.”

    “I am also delighted to announce that Universal Cartographics has approved our petition to rename the original eight systems of the Marlinist Colonies. These are expected to officially change in the near future.”

    The Free Marlinists of Carinae faction has confirmed that it will offer rewards to pilots who deliver the necessary materials to Stillman Hub in the HIP 22550 system.

  • April 13, 3308
  • Sirius Defends Alliance Territory

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Sirius Corporation megaships will soon arrive in the Coalsack and Witch Head Nebulas to provide anti-xeno support.

    The three vessels are intended as a demonstration of Sirius Corporation’s military capabilities, prior to the strategic defence pact being ratified by the Alliance Assembly.

    A public statement was provided by Admiral Nikolas Glass, the Sirius Navy representative on the Alliance Council of Admirals:

    “The Coalsack Nebula and Witch Head Nebula regions are where Alliance interests are most at risk from Thargoid attack. From tomorrow, our megaships will serve as bases from which anti-xeno operations can be conducted.”

    “All ships in the area are invited to make use of the Song of Mecchi in the Coalsack Sector Vu-O B6-6 system, the Kandula's Truth in the Siniang system, and the Li Chyou Winds in the Onoros system.”

    “As a further gesture of our dedication to protecting the Alliance, these megaships will offer a unique pre-engineered heat sink module. We trust that this will prove especially useful to those brave pilots who face the Thargoids in combat.”

  • April 12, 3308
  • Arissa Accepts Marlinists’ Independence

    Following a referendum by the Marlinist Colonies, Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval has formally recognised their autonomous status.

    Prime Consul Kayode Tau of the Marlinist Consulate reported on his latest meeting with the Emperor:

    “Her Majesty was clearly uncomfortable with the democratic way in which the ex-Imperial citizens in the colonies now govern themselves. But she gracefully acknowledged that the Marlinist population had declined her invitation to become an Imperial protectorate, and would thus remain independent.”

    “However, there was a proviso to Emperor Arissa’s acceptance of the decision. She insisted that the Marlinist Colonies must work with the Empire’s intelligence agencies to prevent any resurgence of the NMLA or similar terrorist groups.”

    It has since been agreed that Imperial Intelligence and the Marlinist Constabulary would collaborate on identifying Neo-Marlinist extremists. Colonel Saskia Landau and Major Milo Castile, both former co-leaders of ACT, have agreed to work together once again.

    In recognition of the minority who voted to rejoin the Empire, dedicated customs and immigration channels for registered Marlinist citizens will soon be established.

  • April 8, 3308
  • Marlinists Reject Emperor’s Offer

    A public referendum in the Marlinist Colonies has resulted in the majority voting to remain fully independent from the Empire.

    Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval had proposed to make the colony systems an Imperial protectorate in return for Marlinist allegiance to the Imperial throne. This would have permitted an autonomous government while creating many civil and military links.

    First Minister Octavia Volkov announced the referendum’s results in the Marlinist Parliament:

    “Our people have given us a clear mandate: the colonies stand alone. In accordance with the key principles of Marlinism, we reject monarchy rule in favour of republican governance and direct representation.”

    “Most of us are still haunted by the trauma of becoming refugees in 3306, when millions of innocent Marlinists were accused of supporting terrorist acts. We fled from an Empire that had become intolerant and abusive. This cannot be so easily forgotten.”

    “Nevertheless, we recognise that approximately a quarter of our population voted to accept the Emperor’s proposal. The ties to our homelands remain strong, and we still share much culture and history with the Empire. But the will of the masses is evident.”

    “I offer my thanks to Her Majesty for extending this offer, and call upon her to recognise and respect the decision of the Marlinist Colonies.”

  • April 7, 3308
  • Taurus Mining Ventures Operation Concludes

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    A corporate initiative to mine and deliver ores to the Synuefe CE-R c21-6 system has ended successfully.

    Taurus Mining Ventures had performed scientific research within the system, claiming that the properties of some natural substances had been altered by an unknown type of local radiation.

    The company’s head of research Dr Ruben Carpenter announced:

    “We now have sufficiently large quantities of coltan, lithium hydroxide and methanol monohydrate crystals mined from locations in Synuefe CE-R c21-6. These irradiated ores will be analysed to determine their potential commercial value. Samples that were provided from other systems will also be very useful in our comparative studies.”

    “To all the pilots who assisted in this endeavour: thank you! Your hard work is greatly appreciated. The Heart of Taurus megaship will remain in Synuefe CE-R c21-6 for several weeks, and you may collect your rewards from there.”

    Taurus Mining Ventures confirmed that studies to identify the source, effects and application of the local radiation are continuing. The scientific journal The Empirical has reiterated that these ‘atypical radioactive signatures’ have not been independently verified.

  • April 5, 3308
  • Marlinists Hold Public Referendum

    The population of the Marlinist Colonies will vote to accept or decline the offer to become an Imperial protectorate.

    Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval’s proposal aims to build links between the independent colony systems and the Empire, from where the Marlinists originally fled as political refugees in 3306.

    The Marlin Standard ran an editorial summarising the situation:

    “Should the Marlinist Colonies remain an isolated republican society, or should we move beneath the Empire’s protective wing? It’s a question that most of us never expected to be asked.”

    “Many expressed fierce anger that Emperor Arissa has dared to ask for our allegiance. In her desperation to hunt down the NMLA she persecuted all believers in Marlinism, arresting thousands and displacing millions of her own citizens. Can we now trust her to welcome us back?”

    “Others are concerned that the Marlinist Colonies remain vulnerable, claiming that becoming a satellite nation of the Empire would provide military defences as well as economic boosts. And for those still holding on to their past lives, the attraction of reconnecting with friends and family in the Empire is strong.”

    “Whatever the outcome, First Minister Octavia Volkov’s swift decision to put this issue to a referendum is a splendid example of Marlinism in action. Votes are already being cast, and the result will be revealed at the end of this week.”

  • April 1, 3308
  • Hudson Contravention Vote is Suspended

    Federal Congress has temporarily postponed making a decision on whether to extend presidential term limits.

    President Zachary Hudson had proposed to repeal the 77th amendment of the Federal Accord, which specifies that a president can serve for a maximum of eight years. If approved, Hudson would become eligible for re-election in June 3309.

    A statement was delivered by President Hudson:

    “I have agreed that more time is needed to analyse the potential repercussions of this change to the Federation’s constitution. A congressional subcommittee will perform a detailed inquiry to investigate the civil and legal aspects.”

    “In addition, I am very conscious of the public disturbances caused by the Hudson Contravention. This delay should help to defuse political tension and provide our security services with an opportunity to keep the peace.”

    Shadow President Winters welcomed the president’s decision, and spoke of her eagerness to read the subcommittee’s report.

  • March 31, 3308
  • Reorte System Remains Allied

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    The Reorte Pro-Alliance League’s success over the Reorte Mining Coalition means the system will stay in the Alliance.

    A greater quantity of advanced medicines, skimmer components and building fabricators were delivered to the Trobairitz megaship than to the opposing faction. As a result, Reorte will remain an Allied system.

    Pilots who contributed to the Reorte Pro-Alliance League’s initiative can now collect their rewards at the Trobairitz, along with the additional pre-engineered heat sink modules provided by Sirius Corporation.

    Chief Administrator Louisa Leblanc proclaimed:

    “I am deeply grateful to all those who helped convince our people that Reorte’s future is more secure with the Alliance. We look forward to working alongside Sirius Corporation on increasing defences against the Thargoids.”

    The Reorte Mining Coalition’s CEO Fergus Cassidy expressed his regret that their campaign to renounce membership of the Alliance failed to gather the necessary support. He thanked those who supported them, and confirmed that credit rewards for contributing pilots are now available at Davies High starport.

  • Taurus Mining Ventures Calls for Support

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Taurus Mining Ventures has requested help with a mining and delivery operation in the Synuefe CE-R c21-6 system.

    In recent weeks, the mining corporation has performed research on what it claims are atypical radiation signatures detected within Synuefe CE-R c21-6. It now seeks shipments of the system’s native ores to explore commercially valuable applications of any molecular changes caused by this radiation.

    Dr Ruben Carpenter, head of the company’s research division, outlined the initiative:

    “I’m very excited to offer pilots this opportunity to support our scientific studies, which will hopefully prove lucrative for all involved. We require coltan, lithium hydroxide and methanol monohydrate crystal to be mined from locations within Synuefe CE-R c21-6 and delivered to the Heart of Taurus megaship.”

    “We will also pay for shipments of the same ores that have been mined from other systems. These will allow us to compare samples, in order to refine our commercial processes.”

    Taurus Mining Ventures is known for its close association with the anonymous anti-xeno specialist known as Salvation. However, there is no indication that this mining operation is connected to Salvation’s efforts to combat the Thargoids.

  • March 29, 3308
  • Empire Reaches Out to Marlinists

    Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval has outlined a plan for the Marlinist Colonies to be officially reconnected with the Empire.

    The Marlin Standard published an exclusive report from Prime Consul Kayode Tau, after he attended a diplomatic meeting on Capitol:

    “The essence of Emperor Arissa’s proposal is a pledge to grant the status of Imperial protectorate to the Marlinist Colonies, in return for swearing allegiance to the throne.”

    “In practice, local government would remain autonomous but the Imperial Navy and security agencies would have a permanent presence. There would be investment in trade, with Empire-based companies as preferred partners. New channels of transportation and communication would be opened between Marlinist and Imperial systems.”

    “Emperor Arissa and I discussed the issues at length. Following her experience with the Lords of Restoration, Her Majesty now accepts that most believers in Marlinism are not terrorists or revolutionaries. She has, however, insisted that the Empire must be watchful for any Neo-Marlinist resurgence.”

    “When I broached the topic that some senators had suggested absorbing the Marlinist Colonies by force, the Emperor assured me there would be no military action. She spoke of her ‘need to cleanse the wounds left by the NMLA’, and I believe this is a genuine sentiment.”

    The Marlinist Parliament has received full details of the proposal and is preparing a response.

  • March 28, 3308
  • Taurus Prepares Mining Operation

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Plans for a new mining initiative by Taurus Mining Ventures in the Synuefe CE-R c21-6 system have been announced.

    The corporation’s megaship Heart of Taurus has been conducting scientific studies on ‘unusual radioactive signatures’ within the system. The next phase of this work is to identify mineable resources to learn more about the radiation’s effects.

    Dr Ruben Carpenter, head of the Taurus Mining Ventures research division, provided an update:

    “The source of the radiation found in Synuefe CE-R c21-6 has not yet been unidentified. But our team has theorised that naturally occurring ores in the system may have altered properties. If we are correct, that ore may have high commercial value once processed into usable metals and minerals.”

    A public statement was delivered by Commodore Morag Halloran:

    “It is paramount that we maintain positive relations with the community of independent pilots. Therefore, Taurus Mining Ventures will subcontract the forthcoming operation to members of the Pilots’ Federation. The company will be pleased to offer suitable rewards for mining these irradiated materials, details of which will be specified by Dr Carpenter in the next few days.”