Galactic News

  • December 20, 3308
  • The Voice of the Empire

    On the Empire’s homeworld Capitol, fears over imminent Thargoid invasion sparked a public gathering outside the Imperial Palace.

    Cassia Carvalho, political journalist for The Imperial Herald, reported from the scene:

    “The arrival of the Thargoid Maelstroms has triggered protests on many Allied, Federal and independent worlds. The Empire is rarely troubled by such disruption, so the spontaneous march by tens of thousands of citizens through Capitol’s streets caught the media and security services by surprise.”

    “Chancellor Anders Blaine addressed the crowd, his image projected above us all. He spoke of the Imperial Navy’s swift response to the Thargoid threat, making assurances that our systems were protected and we were all safe.”

    “But this wasn’t enough to quell the increasingly strident demands that more should be done. I saw anger, frustration and fear etched into those shouting faces. The newsfeed images of burning and broken starports, of Thargoid vessels laying waste to ordinary people’s homes, were all too clear in everyone’s minds.”

    “I genuinely wasn’t sure which way this impromptu demonstration would go. Might the crowd’s strong emotions even transmute into violence? And then a new voice rang out across the square: the unmistakable tones of Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval herself, standing tall as she slowly descended the palace steps toward us.”

    “‘Remember this: we are Imperials,’ she told her people, her commanding voice amplified for all to hear. The crowd parted in silence as she neared, allowing her to stride amongst us. ‘We possess the strongest civilisation, the grandest achievements, and the most courageous hearts. We shall meet anything that dares to threaten us, human or alien, and we will defeat it. Our Empire will endure!”

    “By the end of her address, which lasted some ten minutes, emotions had indeed been transmuted – into exultant, cheering jubilation. Our Emperor had stood with us in person, reminded us all of our heritage and our duty. The Thargoids will undoubtedly come. But in that moment we were determined to face them together.”

  • December 19, 3308
  • The Supercruise Factor

    Thargoid vessels are interdicting human ships travelling through systems that have been occupied by their fleets.

    The Thargoids’ ability to force craft to drop out of hyperspace is well documented. Over the past couple of weeks, pilots have reported that the interdiction ability used by human ships in supercruise is also being utilised by the alien forces.

    Colonel Bris Dekker, an engineer who specialises in frame shift drive technology, submitted his analysis to The Federal Times:

    “Being intercepted by the Thargoids mid-way through an interstellar journey is certainly a disturbing experience, but not necessarily a fatal one. Many ships have survived such encounters, unless they happen to be carrying Guardian or Thargoid artefacts. By contrast, these more recent incidents are uniformly acts of aggression, with ships being wrenched out of supercruise and immediately fired upon.”

    “We don’t know precisely how the Thargoids achieve this, though some theories are gathering support. But the intention is clear: to make the hunting of humans vessels easier. Anti-xeno pilots should note that they can no longer escape the Thargoid blasting though their shields by simply entering supercruise.”

    “Possibly, this is more of a shift in tactics than a new technological development. All reported interdictions have taken place in recently invaded systems close to the Maelstroms, rather than in the aliens’ more well-known haunts. Whatever the reason, the invading Thargoid force has adapted to more efficiently catch its prey.”

  • December 16, 3308
  • Final Maelstroms Advance Thargoid Occupation

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    A further 13 systems have fallen under Thargoid control as the last of the Maelstroms materialise.

    The three rogue signal sources – designated Thor, Raijin and Hadad – entered human-occupied space yesterday. As with the previous five anomalies, they manifested as colossal clouds of corrosive gas over 100 kilometres in diameter.

    Pilots who attempt to investigate the Maelstroms have been warned that the highly caustic nature of the clouds can disable and destroy ships. Xenologists have speculated that the cloud is a defensive asset, maintained by the huge numbers of caustic generators clustered within.

    All eight Maelstroms are now established at their destinations, positioned in a broad semi-circle along the fringe of the core systems. Each of these entities has become the centre of an expanding Thargoid sphere of influence. Populated systems in the surrounding regions have been dominated by extremely hostile Thargoid vessels, causing enormous casualties and catastrophic damage. Many more inhabited systems are at risk of invasion.

    Eleven rescue megaships have entered service at key locations to aid and process the millions of refugees fleeing these attacks. These ships also act as hubs for defence operations to support those systems struggling to resist the Thargoid fleets.

    The Alliance, Empire and Federation have deployed capital ships equipped with anti-xeno weaponry to defend their respective territories. As yet there appears to be no technology or strategy capable of engaging the ominous power of the Maelstroms directly.

  • December 15, 3308
  • Corrs Toy Emporium Calls for Help

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Sandra Corrs, CEO of the largest manufacturer of children’s toys in the core systems, has requested help this holiday season.

    Many parents will be familiar with Sandra’s Workshop, recognising the company logo stamped across countless datapads, interactive suites and tactile play sets designed for youngsters. But the joy of this year’s festive season is at risk, with the recent Thargoid invasion impacting the Workshop’s distribution chain.

    In an interview with Vox Galactica, Corrs explained:

    “We typically use a fleet of transports provided by our partner company, Dolph’s Routes, to deliver presents to good children all across the bubble. But those transports have been assigned to provide evacuation support to 63 Tauri. Entirely understandable, and I applaud the company for its brave work. But it does leave many presents without a sleigh, as my grandfather used to say!”

    “I’m hoping that independent pilots will fill the vacancy left to deliver festive gifts to the children in time for the upcoming holidays. Arrangements will be made to provide a variety of wonderful rewards for those pilots who help keep youthful spirits high in these troubling times.”

    Pilots willing to help Sandra’s Workshop can collect festive gifts from the Frost Dock outpost in the Njambalba system. A beacon outside Frost Dock will distribute delivery information when scanned.

  • Enhanced AX Weapon Update

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    The continued project to provide enhanced AX weaponry for all ships has announced its latest progress update.

    Independent pilots have been tasked with establishing a manufacturing base at select locations in the core systems. Thanks to these focused efforts, the following weapons are now available for purchase:

    Enhanced AX Multi-cannon (Turreted)

    Enhanced AX Missile Rack (Turreted)

    Enhanced AX Multi-cannon (Fixed)

    These modules are offered at all rescue megaships, which can be found using the Galaxy Map filter. Ships looking to engage Thargoid forces are advised to equip these weapons, particularly in Maelstrom systems where Guardian-based technology has proven ineffective.

    Work continues on the other enhanced weapons, based on designs by the engineers Liz Ryder and Zacariah Nemo which improve the original Aegis models. A further update will be provided next Thursday, unless no additional modules have been established during the week.

  • Enhanced AX Weapon Project

    <p>Pilots’ Federation ALERT The continued project to provide enhanced AX weaponry for all ships has announced its latest progress update. Independent pilots have been tasked with establishing a manufacturing base at select locations in the core systems. Thanks to these focused efforts, the following weapons are now available for purchase: Enhanced AX Multi-cannon (Turreted) Enhanced AX Missile Rack (Turreted) Enhanced AX Multi-cannon (Fixed) These modules are offered at all rescue megaships, which can be found using the Galaxy Map filter. Ships looking to engage Thargoid forces are advised to equip these weapons, particularly in Maelstrom systems where Guardian-based technology has proven ineffective. Work continues on the other enhanced weapons, based on designs by the engineers Liz Ryder and Zacariah Nemo which improve the original Aegis models. A further update will be provided next Thursday, unless no additional modules have been established during the week.</p>

  • December 13, 3308
  • The Darkest Days

    Newsfeeds have published their reactions as the Thargoid Maelstroms launch fleets to overpower multiple inhabited systems.

    Sol Today: “Be in no doubt: we are in a war for survival! Dark days are upon us. No more ridiculous ideas of peace with the aliens. No more time for politics or debate. The Thargoids have come to wipe us out unless we stand up and fight.”

    Old Worlds Gazette: “This is the most severe Thargoid attack ever recorded. Hundreds of thousands slaughtered. Millions more fleeing their homes. Stations and planetary ports bombarded, entire star systems conquered… all in a few days. Many fear that nowhere will be safe if these savage onslaughts cannot be halted.”

    Citizens' Chronicle: “The speed with which our navy responded to defend Imperial citizens against the Thargoids must be applauded. However, it is becoming harder to ignore the screams from less fortunate systems. Might their cries melt our Emperor’s heart enough for her to consider extending the Empire’s protective wings?”

    The Empirical: “The hazardous nature of the Maelstroms has challenged all efforts at scientific examination. In terms of scale and composition they resemble small nebulae yet are surely artificial. Their highly corrosive clouds share chemical signatures with known Thargoid technology, but prevent all scans from identifying what generates them.”

    The Sovereign: “The Kingfisher tragedy has been eclipsed by the current conflicts, but one detail we felt worthy of note was the discovery of Thargoid Sensors among the megaship’s wreckage. The leading theory is that one of the volunteer crewmembers smuggled these aboard, in the hope of attracting the Thargoids’ attention to the megaship’s peaceful communications. This misguided individual was likely unaware that Thargoid vessels can become hostile upon detecting their technology on human ships. One hopes that nothing more sinister was in play.”

  • December 8, 3308
  • Carnage Wrought by Further Maelstroms

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    The rogue signal sources Cocijo and Oya have arrived at their estimated destinations.

    Their impact mirrored that of the Taranis, Indra and Leigong Maelstroms. A total of 16 neighbouring systems were immediately overwhelmed by Thargoid fleets, which launched devastating bombardments against orbital starports and planetary infrastructure.

    Other inhabited systems in the vicinity are resisting occupation. Superpower capital ships and independent pilots are currently battling to protect the local populations.

    Five rogue signal sources have now manifested as Maelstroms, with three more approaching at faster-than-light speed. Many systems have completely fallen to the Thargoids in the vicinity of each Maelstrom. Safeguard Interstellar reported that millions of refugees are threatening to overwhelm emergency services and rescue teams. Military forces are also struggling to contain the enormous numbers of Thargoid vessels.

    Professor Alba Tesreau is one of many xenologists and other specialists trying to learn more about the mysterious Maelstroms. She gave a brief update to Vox Galactica:

    “Full-scale war with the Thargoids has always been my greatest fear. It is now a reality. It’s more crucial than ever that we obtain an understanding of this species, particularly these powerful new entities deployed against humanity.”

    “Seo Jin-ae, who possesses a base comprehension of Thargoid intent via her neural implants, believes these are focused, systematic strikes rather than a frenzied assault. She feels that the Thargoids are working toward a specific goal, but cannot yet identify its nature.”

    “The one advantage given to us by the arrival of further Maelstroms is the potential that Thargoid forces will be distributed more evenly across systems. With an expanded front line, defensive efforts may gain additional traction when defending or recapturing systems from the aliens.”

    In related news, Azimuth Biotech’s new anti-xeno megaship has entered service in the T Tauri system. Eternal Vigilance was commissioned following an initiative in November, which was challenged by a counter-campaign aiming to prevent the corporation’s resurgence.

  • January 26, 3308
  • Chase Admits Kingfisher Mission ‘A Mistake’

    Congressman Dalton Chase has made a public statement regretting his involvement with the Thargoid Advocacy Project.

    Chase became a member of Congress after an electoral campaign focusing on inter-species diplomatic relations. He was a key organiser and fundraiser for the Kingfisher megaship, which attempted to open communications with the Taranis entity but was subsequently destroyed with no survivors.

    In a press statement delivered from Olympus Village on Mars, Congressman Chase announced:

    “The tragic fate that befell the Kingfisher has affected me deeply. I now recognise that sourcing the means for those activists to intercept Taranis was, however well intentioned, a mistake. Such an endeavour should not have been attempted by inexperienced citizens, no matter their courage and tenacity.”

    “In honour of those brave people, I pledge to focus on proposals to introduce xeno-diplomacy as Federal policy. Rather than civilians needing to risk their lives, we should be bringing such operations to the Federal Navy at a congressional level.”

    Secretary of State Lana Berkovich has petitioned Congress to launch an investigation into Chase’s involvement with the xeno-peace movement. She described his role in the loss of over 3,000 lives as “beyond reckless”.

    Although the Thargoid Advocacy Project has faltered following the Kingfisher incident, some of its core members were recently involved in organising anti-authoritarian rallies. According to former spokesperson Timothy Culver:

    “The superpowers’ involvement in the massacre at HIP 22460, when they supported Salvation’s attempted xenocide, makes them responsible for the Thargoids launching this counterstrike. We need to bring our leaders to account.”

  • Plans for Enhanced AX Weaponry Accelerate

    Two leading engineers have revealed designs to improve the stock anti-xeno weaponry available to pilots.

    Liz Ryder and Zacariah Nemo have provided module modifications for many years, specialising in explosive and kinetic weapons respectively. Over the past year they have collaborated privately on the AX weapon designs introduce by Aegis in 3303, seeking to improve the efficiency of delivering a compound, hazardous to Thargoid vessels, which tips AX ammunition.

    While something of a pet project between the two, the recent invasion of human space by Thargoid forces has made the need for these designs far more urgent. Ryder explained to The Imperial Herald:

    “Zac and I share a passion for weapon upgrades, and have often used this project as a way to unwind after a long week’s work. He’s a weird guy but fascinating to work with. But when the Taranis signal arrived and the Thargoid forces started taking control of systems, we knew we had to reveal the designs to the public.”

    “They’re not quite ready to go, though, which is why we’re only announcing the project now. We’re going to need help from independent pilots to finish off the prototypes and get a manufacturing base set up.”

    The designs would improve the effectiveness of both the fixed and turreted AX multi-cannon and missile rack designs. A gimballed AX multi-cannon is also scheduled, with a campaign to introduce this coming next week.

    Details about each weapon’s project is available from most mission boards.

  • December 5, 3308
  • Refugees Flee from Thargoid Offensive

    Millions of people are being evacuated from systems that have suffered devastating attacks by Thargoid fleets.

    An enormous humanitarian effort is underway, with rescue megaships positioned at key locations near each Thargoid-occupied system. Captain Justine Kemp of Rescue Ship Hutner, currently stationed in Enayex, described their operations to Vox Galactica:

    “As per newly established procedures, all contracted transports carrying refugees from systems facing Thargoid invasion are directed to our landing bays. Emergency teams perform triage services and give direct aid where possible. But the focus is on quickly processing them for relocation to temporary housing, away from the warzones.”

    “This is the most intense situation I’ve ever had to deal with. We’re taking in enormous numbers of people, not just from starports but from planetary settlements too. Virtually everything in some of these systems is ablaze, and the refugees just keep coming.”

    Vox Galactica also published a selection of soundbites from various civilians escaping from Thargoid-occupied systems:

    “It all happened so fast. Our family was eating together when the whole port seemed to shake. My son had befriended a trader who’d landed a few days ago, and he convinced her to take us on board her Hauler. The lurches as we weaved through Thargoid ships almost made me bring up the food we’d been enjoying minutes earlier.”

    “I was at a starport observation window when their ships, those weird star-shaped things, zipped right past. Then the other side of the habitat ring just vanished. Fire and splinters of metal... All the sirens blared, and the crowds surged toward the bays. Heat filled the corridors and smoke clogged our lungs. I didn’t even see the ship I ended up on, only a sea of panicked faces smeared with grime.”

    “I’m looking for my dad. He was injured when I last saw him. Burns from that green corrosive stuff that punched through our quarters. The Commander didn’t have room on his ship for everyone. I convinced him to take my dad first. But now I can’t find him. The medics don’t have time to talk to me. I hope he’s here somewhere. He’s got to be here somewhere.”

  • December 1, 3308
  • New Maelstroms Increase Thargoid Conquests

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Two more rogue signal sources have reached human space, wreaking similar destruction to the Taranis Maelstrom.

    The Indra anomaly arrived in the HIP 20567 system, with the Leigong anomaly slowing to a halt in HIP 8887. The Maelstroms, as these entities have been classified, both manifested as enormous gaseous clouds. These are known to be extremely hazardous to any ship venturing too close, but the nature of what lies within remains unknown.

    As with Taranis, each new Maelstrom pre-empted staggering numbers of Thargoid vessels flooding nearby populated systems. Recent reports indicate that the alien fleets have completely dominated 9 systems in proximity to HIP 20567 and none close to HIP 8887. Starports, settlements and outposts have all been devastated or abandoned, with the total number of casualties unknown but feared considerable.

    A total of 16 systems are currently facing active Thargoid invasions and are transmitting emergency calls for assistance. Rescue megaships have been designated as the gateway destination for refugees. The superpowers have also positioned anti-xeno capital ships to defend Allied, Federal and Imperial territories that have been invaded.

    Public media channels have expressed grave concerns about the remaining rogue signal sources, which are en route to the core systems. It is expected that these will establish five more Maelstroms, each generating a new wave of Thargoid forces. With the combined death toll rapidly climbing, civil and military authorities alike are scrambling to implement a suitable response.

  • November 30, 3308
  • Havoc as Thargoids Overrun Multiple Systems

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Nine systems have called for help against massive Thargoid attacks intent on wiping out civilian populations.

    Ernesto Rios, field correspondent for Vox Galactica, reported:

    “The arrival of what military scientists have labelled the ‘Taranis Maelstrom’ has brought terror and carnage to millions. As soon as the rogue signal source arrived, local inhabited systems became flooded with enormous numbers of Thargoid vessels. Six populated systems close to Hyades Sector FB-N b7-6 were rapidly overwhelmed, while another nine systems in the region are currently facing full-scale invasions.”

    “I’ve travelled between several of these systems, and seen for myself the horrific loss of life. Starports are ablaze and covered with corrosive enzymes. Planetary infrastructure is crumbling under the Thargoids’ tremendous firepower. Passing ships are being wrenched out of hyperspace. These attacks seem more merciless than ever before, as if the aliens are determined to eliminate every human population structure they detect.”

    “Rescue megaships have been established at a safe distance from the invasion’s current front line, facilitating mass evacuation of civilians. These vessels will also stock anti-xeno weaponry for independent pilots seeking to assist the defence efforts or protect themselves while transporting refugees.”

    “Both President Hudson and Prime Minister Mahon have declared a major emergency, ordering Federal and Allied capital ships to engage the Thargoids. Senator Patreus has dispatched an Imperial Navy force to the Modigi system to defend its territory from Thargoid attack.”

    “The Taranis Maelstrom itself is the target of intense study, although patrolling Thargoids in the Hyades Sector FB-N b7-6 system make scientific analysis hazardous. Professor Palin and Ram Tah have both warned that this enormous entity appears to have a protective ‘cloud’ of unknown composition, which is proving dangerous to ships that approach it.”

    “With the other seven rogue signal sources racing toward the core systems, militaries and security forces are preparing for the worst. Will the other seven rogue signal sources bring similar terror? And is humanity capable of withstanding an onslaught of this magnitude?”

  • November 29, 3308
  • Vista Genomics Boosts Biodata Payouts

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    The exobiology company Vista Genomics has increased payments for genetic data collected by independent pilots.

    Dr Klaus-Peter Sonnek , one of the corporation’s research directors, outlined the changes in a press release:

    “Public and corporate interest in xenology-related fields remains high, but recent Thargoid aggression has increased the risk in collecting of such data. Vista Genomics is well-placed to incentivise the continued collection of samples. Therefore, we can officially confirm that substantially improved financial rewards will be offered for all genetic data submitted via our outlets.”

    “We are also aware of many civil and military projects focusing on the Thargoids, a species that makes extensive use of biomechanical technology. There is enormous value in gathering as much exobiology data as possible to provide comparative baselines for anti-xeno research efforts.”

    Commanders can use the Genetic Sampler tool to acquire genetic data from various species of alien flora found on planetary surfaces. This can be sold on the concourses of ports, megaships and fleet carriers which have an active Vista Genomics vendor.

    In other news, Sirius Corporation has announced that its popular modified heatsinks and anti-xeno missile rack have been made available to pilots via its company tech brokers. Active Sirius Corporation megaships – Chariot of Rhea, El Centinela Cadejo, Kumiho Sky, Spirit of Laelaps and The Witness Odysseus – now host Sirius tech brokers on board.

  • Taranis Unleashes Thargoid Invasion Fleets

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    The Taranis anomaly has arrived in Hyades Sector FB-N b7-6, triggering a ferocious wave of Thargoid attacks in the region.

    Multiple inhabited systems are experiencing wide-scale invasions by countless numbers of Thargoid vessels, with casualties expected to number millions in the coming days. Several systems have already reported a complete loss of human control, with ports abandoned amid heavy losses.

    The Alliance Defence Force and Federal Navy have responded by sending capital ships, which will support independent pilots and anti-xeno squadrons. Neither superpower has entered the Hyades Sector FB-N b7-6 system, from which the Thargoid fleets seem to be emanating.

    There have been conflicting descriptions of the rogue signal source itself, which finally slowed to a halt after weeks of faster-than-light travel. Dr Remy Leroux, a xenologist working for Professor Palin, transmitted a garbled report describing Taranis as “not a single object but a colossal swirling maelstrom of some kind”, before all contact was lost.

    These initial reports have not been verified, and many authorities consider them to be unreliable or exaggerated. However, warnings have been issued that the Hyades Sector FB-N b7-6 system is extremely dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

    Speaking to The Alliance Tribune, Admiral Rachel Ziegler remarked: “Our focus at present is on defending the populated systems from swarms of highly aggressive Thargoids. Whatever this ‘maelstrom’ actually is, it’s clearly been sent with the purpose of eradicating human influence in the region.”

  • November 28, 3308
  • Militaries on Alert as Taranis Approaches

    The Hyades Sector FB-N b7-6 system has been identified as the location where the rogue signal source named Taranis will finally arrive.

    Professor Ishmael Palin gave a statement to confirm the findings of several scientific groups:

    “Data correlated from many long-range scans proves that the anomaly’s velocity is reducing steadily. At its present rate of descent, Taranis will arrive at Hyades Sector FB-N b7-6 in approximately 24 hours. I have sent a research team, led by my colleague Dr Leroux, to gather data on its arrival.”

    Admiral Maxton Price of the Federal Navy commented:

    “Fortunately, this particular system is uninhabited so no populations are directly at risk. We are monitoring the situation rather than deploying capital ships. Civilian traffic is ordered not to enter Hyades Sector FB-N b7-6 until we know more about Taranis’s capabilities.”

    The Alliance Defence Force issued a similar announcement from Admiral Rachel Ziegler:

    “The Thargoids’ overall strategy remains unknown, as does the true nature of these rogue signal sources. But there is certainly no reason to place ourselves in their path intentionally. It’s possible that, as with HIP 22460, the Hyades Sector FB-N b7-6 system could become a no-go zone occupied by an overwhelming number of Thargoid vessels.”

    Despite making no official statement, it is believed that the Imperial Navy is likewise holding back from deploying a military fleet to the Taranis anomaly. Independent analysts have suggested that the destruction of the Kingfisher megaship in Hyades Sector YO-Q b5-1 has contributed to the superpowers’ caution, with capital ship losses in HIP 22460 also fresh in the memory.

  • November 25, 3308
  • Xeno-Peace Supporters Killed by Thargoids

    Investigations in the Hyades Sector YO-Q b5-1 system have confirmed that Thargoid vessels attacked and destroyed the Kingfisher megaship.

    Vox Galactica published this on-the-scene report from field correspondent Ernesto Rios:

    “Independent and Federal sources have verified that the Kingfisher was struck by multiple barrages from Thargoid weaponry. Medical teams are currently exploring the wreckage of the megaship in search of crew and passengers. Sadly, from what I’ve seen, the scale of the damage suggests that the chances of survival are extremely low.”

    “Further confirmation came with the discovery of a log made by Dr Elias Pope of Orion University, who was overseeing attempts to communicate with the Thargoids. Although I have yet to hear this recording myself, it apparently describes exactly what happened when the Taranis anomaly passed through the system.”

    “As news of the tragedy spreads, it has triggered a vociferous backlash against the Thargoid Advocacy Project. This fringe group recently gained a degree of respectability with the involvement of Congressman Dalton Chase and other media figures. But now there is widespread anger that, as Sol Today’s editorial put it, ‘Thousands of people were sent to die based on a vague hope that these alien warmongers might suddenly play nice.’”

    “Congressman Chase himself told the press that he is reviewing the latest reports from Hyades Sector YO-Q b5-1, and cannot yet make any official comment. As the public face of the Kingfisher mission, it’s likely that any formal demands for accountability will be directed his way.”

    “Meanwhile, Taranis draws ever closer to human-inhabited space. The Kingfisher’s destruction proves definitively that the rogue signal sources are of Thargoid origin, and that their intentions are hostile. With the prospect of the Second Thargoid War escalating to new levels, tensions throughout the core systems have never been higher.”

  • November 24, 3308
  • Kingfisher Megaship Vanishes

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Contact has been lost with the Kingfisher megaship in the Hyades Sector YO-Q b5-1 system, just over a day since its arrival.

    The Kingfisher was equipped to transmit signals to the interstellar anomaly named Taranis, with the goal of opening communications with it should such a possibility exist. Over 3,000 supporters of the xeno-peace movement were aboard the megaship when it departed the Andavandul system.

    Rani Zaman , a spokesperson for the Thargoid Advocacy Project team monitoring long-range comms with the megaship, issued a statement to the media:

    “I regret to say that all attempts to raise the Kingfisher on any frequency have failed. The last message we received was highly distorted, but seemed to be a distress call. We are asking for immediate assistance to locate the megaship and provide whatever support may be needed.”

    The Federation responded by cancelling the temporary permit restriction to the Hyades Sector YO-Q b5-1 system for all vessels except fleet carriers. This permit was arranged at the request of Congressman Dalton Chase, who played a key role in procuring the Kingfisher megaship for use by TAP volunteers. With access to the system reinstated, Federal investigators have been despatched to assess the situation.

    Observers have confirmed that the Taranis anomaly passed through Hyades Sector YO-Q b5-1 at faster-than-light speed. As with the other rogue signal sources, Taranis continues to move towards the core systems.

  • November 23, 3308
  • Praise for the Pro-Peace Project

    Congressman Dalton Chase has applauded the increased public support for the goal of opening diplomatic channels with the Thargoids.

    During an exclusive interview with ICE-caster Joy Senne, he said:

    “Not so long ago, the idea of communicating with the Thargoids seemed absurd. But look at what’s happening in Andavandul right now! There’s so much support from the galactic community. People are placing their faith in a better future than just endless warfare.”

    “My only regret is that I won’t be joining my fellow campaigners aboard the Kingfisher after all. The duties of my new congressional position mean that my diary has become full extremely quickly, with many commitments to uphold. But I’ll be travelling with them in spirit as they journey out to meet Taranis, and prove to its Thargoid controllers that humanity is ready to co-exist peacefully.”

    Joy Senne revealed that she had planned to ICE-cast a live show from the Kingfisher megaship, as it encountered the interstellar anomaly known as Taranis in the Hyades Sector YO-Q b5-1 system:

    “I was so disappointed when they told me that only direct transmissions aimed at Taranis would be permitted, to avoid confusing the ‘stargoid’ with other signals. Our good friend Heimar Borichev was due to join the crew today, but he messaged me less than an hour ago saying he’d fallen ill unexpectedly. So it’s left to the brave volunteers – we’re counting on you, Kingfisher!”

    The Sovereign newsfeed confirmed these plans for its deputy editor, adding that opinion polls in independent systems suggested a 32% approval rate for the Thargoid Advocacy Project. Allied and Federal media primarily view the xeno-peace movement as ‘misguided’, while in the Empire the most common keyword associated with them is ‘suicidal’.

  • November 22, 3308
  • Kingfisher Megaship Makes Final Preparations

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    The Kingfisher megaship has received commodities in advance of its mission to communicate with the first rogue signal source.

    The Thargoid Advocacy Project reported that the shipments of semiconductors and Muon Imagers will contribute to the communications array aboard the megaship. The deliveries of basic medicines, fruit and vegetables will be made available to its crew and passengers, which include thousands of pro-peace supporters.

    Deutsche Elite Piloten Interstellar has announced that contributors can now collect payment from Blenkinsop Hub in the Andavandul system. This includes bounty voucher reimbursements for all pilots who eliminated criminal vessels threatening deliveries during the initiative.

    The Kingfisher will tomorrow make the journey from Andavandul to the permit-locked Hyades Sector YO-Q b5-1 system. The first of the rogue signal sources, which has been named Taranis, will travel through the system within the next 48 hours. The precise nature of these faster-than-light anomalies remains unknown, but it is now accepted that they are of Thargoid origin.

    Scheduling conflicts have prevented Congressman Dalton Chase from leading the diplomatic mission, despite his prominent role in organising the Kingfisher’s construction. The Sovereign’s deputy editor Heimar Borichev, another vocal supporter of the xeno-peace has announced plans to report from on board the megaship.