Galactic News

  • February 26, 3310
  • Target the Titans – Guardian Nanite Torpedoes Released

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Aegis is preparing concerted attacks against Thargoid Titans using the new weapons now available at rescue megaships.

    A successful delivery campaign brought in enough supplies of neofabric insulation, ion distributors and energy grid assemblies to mass-produce the Guardian nanite torpedoes. YZ Ceti Blue Galactic and Co, acting on Aegis’s behalf, is distributing rewards and reimbursing bounty vouchers from Clement Orbital in the YZ Ceti system.

    A press conference was held by Aegis leadership, including a statement from Professor Alba Tesreau:

    “The Guardian nanite torpedo is our most important invention yet. Once again, we are utilising the advanced sciences of the Thargoids’ ancient adversary. And once again, we are relying on pilots’ skill and determination to face the Titans at close quarters.”

    “I am painfully aware that many abducted people are still in captivity aboard the Thargoid motherships. Scan results suggest that the majority have now been rescued, but those remaining may not survive these attacks. We are forced to accept that their sacrifice will result in fewer deaths than if the Titans are allowed to remain operational.”

    Anti-xeno strategist Aden Tanner discussed Aegis’s tactical approach:

    “These torpedoes must be aimed at the thermal vents on a Titan’s hull. A sufficiently large payload of Guardian nanites should paralyse these vents. The mothership will be forced to discharge the colossal heat it generates by exposing its inner regions to space. That will provide us with sensitive targets for more conventional weaponry to inflict serious – hopefully critical – damage.”

    “Aegis has marshalled Allied, Federal and Imperial ships to undertake this mission, but we calculate they will not be enough. Only with the support of independent Commanders can we hope to deliver enough nanites to affect each Titan. This could prove to be the most important victory in humanity’s history… or our most devastating defeat. Now, more than ever, we need you all.”

  • February 15, 3310
  • Guardian Nanite Torpedoes Enter Production

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Deliveries are urgently needed to begin manufacturing a new weapon capable of causing severe damage to Thargoid Titans.

    Professor Ishmael Palin has been leading on the project, using theories developed by Ram Tah. Aegis released an official statement on all newsfeeds:

    “We can now reveal the results of Ram Tah’s experiments into Guardian relics. These ancient objects were crystalline supercomputers that relayed data across the Guardians’ information networks. His theory was that their transformation into Unclassified relics at Thargoid surface sites was caused by an inbuilt defence mechanism, which could perhaps be weaponised.”

    “Ram Tah discovered that exposure to certain electromagnetic frequencies caused Guardian relics to open and activate clusters of microscopic nanites. These react aggressively against Thargoid biotechnology by disrupting it on the molecular level. Most significantly, tests proved that these nanites are unaffected by the anti-Guardian field generated within Maelstroms.”

    “Professor Palin, aided by Aegis technicians, has used Guardian-hybrid engineering to construct a ‘soft’ warhead that delivers a nanite payload. The torpedo is armoured using organic compounds from Thargoid spire sites, to prevent anti-Guardian fields affecting it in flight. Our strategists believe that these weapons could affect a Titan’s heat regulation systems, causing internal damage and eventually even total destruction.”

    “Mass production of the Guardian nanite torpedo and its launcher module has begun. But further supplies are needed to construct enough for simultaneous attacks against all eight Thargoid motherships.”

    Aegis has asked for shipments of neofabric insulation, ion distributors and energy grid assemblies to be delivered to Clement Orbital in the YZ Ceti system. The initiative is being managed by YZ Ceti Blue Galactic and Co, which aims to protect deliveries by redeeming bounty vouchers on all wanted ships.

  • February 8, 3310
  • Anti-Titan Project Boosted by Thargoid Spire Materials

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Chemicals harvested from Thargoid spire sites have accelerated Aegis’s development of a weapon to destroy the Titans.

    Professor Ishmael Palin requested samples of coral sap, impure spire minerals and semi-refined spire minerals, which were delivered to the Arque system. These will be used to produce an armoured layer to protect the weapon against the Maelstroms’ anti-Guardian zones.

    Professor Alba Tesreau, head of Aegis, explained more at a press conference:

    “I am well aware that obtaining these substances from the Thargoid spire sites has doubtless cost lives. But the importance of this work cannot be overstated. Without resistance to the Maelstroms’ electromagnetic fields, the weapon based on Ram Tah’s theory is doomed to failure.”

    “The Alliance, Empire and Federation have all agreed to redirect the majority of Aegis funding to the anti-Titan project. We have also drafted in extra help to construct prototypes and fast-track testing procedures. Although details remain classified, if the results continue to be positive, we may be able to go public in as little as a week.”

    Aegis has confirmed that all those who contributed to this initiative can now collect their rewards from Austen Town Station in the Arque system.

  • February 1, 3310
  • Harvest Thargoid Materials for Anti-Titan Project

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Aegis is urgently requesting deliveries of Thargoid spire site materials to Professor Ishmael Palin in the Arque system.

    The alien minerals are needed for vital research based on a new theory by the engineer Ram Tah. His research has suggested a method of defeating the Thargoid Titans, although details of the proposal remain classified by Aegis.

    Professor Palin, the leading expert in Thargoid biotechnology, explained the initiative:

    “I am confident that Ram Tah's theory holds water, and we are working together on its practical applications. There are no guarantees as yet, but we could be on the cusp of developing a weapon with which to engage the Titans.”

    “However, such a weapon must be able to function within the Maelstroms’ electromagnetic fields, which disrupt all Guardian-based technology. I am developing a resistant armour using the organic compounds produced by Thargoid spire sites.”

    Aegis has cautioned pilots that operating within the spire sites is highly dangerous, and that they are likely to encounter Thargoid vessels as well as defensive drones. Anti-xeno strategist Aden Tanner commented:

    “I won’t pretend to understand all the science behind Ram Tah and Palin’s work. But what little I’ve seen made me feel something very rare these days: hope. There’s never been a more crucial time for everyone to rally together, and perhaps help us achieve the impossible.”

    Deliveries of coral sap, impure spire minerals and semi-refined spire minerals can be made at Austen Town Station in the Arque system.

  • January 25, 3310
  • Guardian Deliveries Accelerate Anti-Titan Project

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Shipments of Guardian relics and Unclassified relics have boosted hopes of developing a weapon against the Thargoid Titans.

    The Aegis-led initiative gathered supplies of the crystalline relics left behind by the Guardian species, as well as the Unclassified relics that result when they interface with Thargoid surface sites.

    These were requested to support a project based on new theories expounded by the engineer Ram Tah, considered the leading expert on Guardian history and technology.

    Aden Tanner, who works as an anti-xeno strategist for Aegis, made a brief comment to Vox Galactica:

    “As always, we’re grateful to every pilot who took part to support Aegis. I don’t mind sharing that Ram Tah is delighted, and is currently refining his theory with the aid of specialists from all three superpowers.”

    “We hope to reveal more details very soon, but at this point it’s worth managing expectations around the proposed anti-Titan weapon. It remains true that our existing armaments are incapable of inflicting damage on Thargoid motherships. But if Ram Tah is correct, we may be able to reveal certain vulnerabilities by exploiting a newly discovered aspect of Guardian technology.”

    A spokesperson from Aegis also revealed that Professor Palin is supporting Ram Tah’s research, stating: “The most prominent engineers of our age are once again working together to defend humanity against the Thargoid threat.”

    Aegis has confirmed that all participants in the delivery campaign can now collect their rewards from Felice Dock in the Meene system.

  • January 18, 3310
  • Guardian Relics Needed for Anti-Titan Research

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    The engineer Ram Tah requires urgent deliveries of Guardian relics and Unclassified relics to the Meene system.

    Professor Alba Tesreau, head of Aegis, made an announcement to launch the initiative:

    “Since the arrival of the Thargoid Titans, we have developed several new modules to bypass their defences. But these motherships remain a constant presence in our space, continuing to unleash never-ending swarms of Thargoid vessels.”

    “A recent theory presented by Ram Tah has the potential to change this situation. Although details of his research remain classified for the moment, the theory is derived from the Thargoids’ inherent vulnerability to the technologies of their ancient enemy, the Guardians. Having witnessed Ram Tah’s laboratory tests only yesterday, I was hugely encouraged that his work could lead to the end of this devastating war.”

    “Aegis is doing everything it can to support this crucial initiative. We therefore request deliveries of Guardian relics, as well as the Unclassified relics that are created when these crystalline objects are inserted into an ancient Thargoid surface site. Quantities of both objects are needed to rapidly refine Ram Tah’s theory and develop prototypes. Ram Tah has promised to reveal more details to the public should these prototypes succeed.”

    Aegis has asked that Guardian relics and Unclassified relics be delivered to Felice Dock in the Meene system, the site of Ram Tah’s workshop.

  • December 21, 3309
  • Seo Jin-ae Departs Utopia in Silence

    Seo Jin-ae has returned from a visit to Utopia following an invitation from Simguru Pranav Antal to discuss the possibility of Salvation’s survival.

    The leader of the Utopia commune invited her to review the schematics that she recovered from an abandoned Azimuth Corporation facility in March. The schematics detailed a mysterious Guardian-based device named the Nemesis Failsafe. Seo Jin-ae believes this was used by Salvation to transfer his living mind to a remote location before his death in HIP 22460.

    Aegis confirmed that it has no information about the meeting in Utopia, and that Seo Jin-ae refused to discuss the matter with them upon her return.

    Pranav Antal transmitted a message that was shared across public newsfeeds:

    “My sincere thanks to Seo Jin-ae for allowing me to explain my theories about Salvation’s ‘Nemesis protocol’. We have agreed not to disclose our conclusions. I must respect that Seo’s experiences with Salvation, along with her present goals, are very personal to her. It is my hope that Utopia’s findings are useful to her in some way.”

    “A far more significant message that I would like to share concerns the increasing likelihood of humanity’s extinction. I speak not of the Thargoid war, but the ceaseless rivalries wrought by our innate tribalism. Now that our communities have become interstellar superpowers, this flaw in our nature could lead to the collapse of civilisation amid fire and ruin.”

    “In the past, I have urged leaders to abandon militaristic posturing in favour of diplomacy. We must focus on what draws us together rather than our differences. Utopia will continue to serve as an exemplar of this philosophy, which may one day steer us toward a more holistic path.”

  • December 11, 3309
  • Utopia Shares Update on Nemesis Failsafe

    Simguru Pranav Antal has discussed Utopia’s analysis of the designs for a Guardian-based device allegedly constructed by Salvation.

    The schematics for the Nemesis Failsafe were unearthed by Seo Jin-ae, who believed that Salvation had developed a way to digitise and relocate his mind upon physical death. Following concerns that Utopia was involved, Aegis shared these designs with the commune to confirm that there was no connection with their Sim-Archive technology.

    Pranav Antal recently sent a message to Aegis, which has been made public with Utopia’s permission:

    “After studying the designs intensively, our neurosmiths have gained some insights into the Nemesis Failsafe. Salvation’s unique knowledge of Guardian energy particles and their applications exceeds even our understanding. But we have formulated a theory about what happened when the ‘Nemesis protocol’ was activated aboard the Bright Sentinel megaship, shortly before its destruction in HIP 22460.”

    “I would like to discuss this matter in person with Seo Jin-ae. Her unique experience with Salvation’s methods and independent research into his character may help me resolve some remaining questions.”

    Vox Galactica’s science correspondent Leon Banerjee reported:

    “The Nemesis Failsafe question is generally viewed with scepticism, if not outright mockery, among leading exoneurologists. Nobody disputes Salvation’s expertise at weaponising Guardian artefacts, but few believe that a living mind could be converted into electromagnetic pulses, even using alien technology.”

    “Azimuth Biotech is also dismissive, not just about the science but the very idea that Salvation may have survived. Torben Rademaker has referred to it as ‘inappropriate and disrespectful to the memory of our founder Caleb Wycherley.’ Nevertheless, Aegis has agreed to transport Seo Jin-ae to meet Pranav Antal, if she accepts his invitation.”

  • November 24, 3309
  • Azimuth Biotech: ‘We Can Serve Alliance’

    Azimuth Biotech has suggested that it can replace Sirius Corporation as the Alliance’s anti-xeno military partner.

    The move follows the Alliance Assembly’s decision to reevaluate its strategic xeno defence pact with Sirius, amid concerns that the megacorp has not sufficiently protected Allied systems from the Thargoids.

    CEO Torben Rademaker offered the following statement during a recent shareholder presentation:

    “Azimuth Biotech is – and always has been – the only corporation to specialise in anti-xeno weapons tech. Sirius Corporation, once the trend-setter in so many fields, has become complacent and is now best described as a household goods manufacturer with delusions of grandeur. Aegis is a loosely connected gang of publicity-seekers playing war games with technology developed by uncredited researchers. But Azimuth specialists have been diligently researching the Thargoid species ever since we made first contact with them two centuries ago.”

    “We can supply the Alliance Defence Force with weaponry and defensive technology guaranteed to be a match for anything in the Thargoids’ arsenal. I’m prepared to meet with Prime Minister Mahon personally to work out the details of our proposal.”

    The Alliance Assembly has not yet formally responded, but Councillor Hildegard Dressler said: “Our vulnerability to Thargoid attacks means Azimuth should be seriously considered to reinforce our security.” Councillor Ainsley Niven took the opposite view: “There will be mass uprisings if we collaborate with the most notoriously immoral company in history, one soaked in the blood that Salvation spilled in his pursuit of greatness.”

    Leon Banerjee, science correspondent for Vox Galactica, observed:

    “It’s worth noting what Azimuth is not offering the Alliance: the anti-xeno superweapons that once cleared entire systems of Thargoids. Resurrecting Proteus Wave technology after HIP 22460 would cause a public outcry, but that wouldn’t greatly concern Rademaker. Therefore, we can deduce that Azimuth’s ability to weaponise Guardian artefacts died along with Salvation, leaving the corporation struggling for relevancy following his death.”

  • August 31, 3309
  • Human Presence Causes Thargoid Withdrawal

    The Thargoids have unexpectedly abandoned the region around Wregoe BU-Y b2-0, mere days after being discovered.

    They were believed to be present due to an ancient site on the planet Wregoe BU-Y b2-0 1 c, which hosted a conflict between Guardian and Thargoid forces millions of years ago. Aegis has confirmed reports that all Thargoids have now disappeared from that area of space. Aden Tanner delivered a summary:

    “Our pilots can no longer detect a single Thargoid ship anywhere in that region. In military terms, they have undertaken a full tactical withdrawal. It usually requires overwhelming firepower to drive out Thargoid forces, especially from multiple systems. In this case, there was no fleet action or anti-xeno operation sufficiently large to cause this response.”

    Dr Jeong-Hui Shin of the Holloway Bioscience Institute observed:

    “This is atypical behaviour for the Thargoid species. Their territorial instincts are usually aggravated by the arrival of humans, as witnessed in several of the nebula colonies. It is unprecedented for them to avoid engaging us in battle. We can only theorise that their purpose for being in this region was interrupted, perhaps even invalidated, by our presence.”

    Dev Venkatesh, a prominent xeno-peace advocate and former lecturer at Orion University, told Vox Galactica:

    “Frankly, this is a disappointing development. Here was a chance to observe this intelligent race in a non-combat environment, but it’s clear that our ships disrupted the Thargoids’ plans. I find it encouraging, however, that they chose to simply retreat instead of fight. We must hope that a similar opportunity will one day present itself, and perhaps we can approach it with greater caution.”

  • August 29, 3309
  • Thargoid War Update: August 3309

    Vox Galactica’s Jade Sanderlyn reviews developments in the ongoing war against the Thargoids.

    “There have been some impressive territorial gains against the Thargoids in recent weeks. The number of systems controlled by the Titans’ invasion fleets has tumbled, allowing many millions of people to return to their homes. This is largely thanks to coordinated action by independent pilots and anti-xeno squadrons.”

    “However, I take no pleasure in reporting that the ‘unsubstantiated rumours’ I discussed last month are true. The Thargoids’ increased interest in capturing escape pods has been verified, with the appearance of a new vessel designed for this very task. Scythe-class hunters are now launching attacks en masse, using a combination of unique hull-breaching munitions and recovery drones to abduct living people.”

    “It’s believed that the Scythes were responsible for the disappearance of thousands aboard the Dedicant. There’s a horrific irony that most of these abductees were members of the Order of the Far God, finally getting their wish to be saved by their ‘angels’. From the logs found aboard the megaship, adrift in the HIP 19600 system, there was nothing holy about the experience.”

    “It’s fair to say that these latest revelations are further proof of the fluid nature of the war. They prove that the Thargoids are still adapting their tactics to the current challenge humans provide. What purposes they may have for human specimens remains unknown. But the psychological impact of that mystery – not knowing what they’re doing with the people they capture – will weaken the morale of many anti-xeno fighters.”

    “Another discovery this month was a planetary site in the Wregoe BU-Y b2-0 system. This contained both Guardian ruins and crashed Thargoid vessels, and is only the second of its kind ever recorded. More intriguingly, Thargoids active in the region are not attacking human ships on sight.”

    “Several pilots told me that this is still normal Thargoid behaviour near some of our populated nebula colonies. But xeno-peace activists feel that this discovery presents an opportunity. The Holloway Bioscience Institute is already planning an independent research expedition to the area. We’ll be watching what happens there very closely.”

    “This is Jade Sanderlyn for Vox Galactica. Now more than ever, stay safe out there.”

  • August 17, 3309
  • Ancient Alien Battleground Discovered

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Wreckage from a past conflict between the Guardian and Thargoid races has been found in the Wregoe BU-Y b2-0 system.

    The crashed remains of Thargoid vessels, alongside structures of Guardian origin, are located on Wregoe BU-Y b2-0 1 c. Conflict between the two species occurred millions of years ago, but physical evidence of this is extremely rare. The only comparable site, in the Trapezium Sector YU-X c1-2 system, was initially found two centuries ago by the Azimuth Biochemicals ship Proteus and rediscovered in 3307.

    Wregoe BU-Y b2-0 was one of several systems under investigation following a report by Commander Renia Rakowski, who encountered a Thargoid interceptor in nearby Wregoe GA-X B3-0.

    The Holloway Bioscience Institute has sent teams into the area to explore the possibility of xenoarchaeological research. Dr Jeong-Hui Shin gave a statement to The Sovereign newsfeed:

    “It is fascinating that none of the Thargoid vessels operating in this region are immediately aggressive. One of our theories is that they are still following million-year-old orders to attack the Guardians. Therefore, from their perspective, humans are an unknown species and not identified as an enemy. Alternatively, they may be pursuing non-combat functions such as meta-alloy harvesting, as with the Thargoids that can still be found in some nebulas.”

    Prominent xeno-peace advocates including Timothy Culver, Bernadette Wells and Dev Venkatesh have called for further study of the area. They claim that this is “an opportunity for non-hostile interactions with the Thargoids,” who may have developed “an autonomous subculture that is more amenable to coexistence with humanity, providing certain boundaries are respected.”

    Other pro-peace groups have demanded that naval forces should not be sent into the region, as the Thargoids may view this as a provocation. At present, Aegis is focused entirely on gathering information and is not aware of any anti-xeno deployments against Wregoe BU-Y b2-0.

  • May 18, 3309
  • Thargoid ‘Hunter’ Vessel Class Confirmed

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    A new type of Thargoid vessel, first encountered within the Maelstroms, is interdicting ships in Thargoid controlled systems.

    Aegis highlighted the threat as part of its research into the Thargoid capital ships. Commodore Emil Varga, the Allied military liaison, gave this statement:

    “The first explorers to breach the Maelstroms’ inner regions encountered a previously unseen Thargoid vessel, larger than a scout but smaller than an interceptor. These medium-sized craft have been categorised as hunters, with this specific class designated the ‘Glaive’ due to its blade-like protrusions.”

    “The Glaives operated close to the motherships, so it was initially believed they acted as sentries. But in recent days they have appeared within systems under Thargoid control. Pilots lucky enough to survive these encounters report being forced out of supercruise by Glaives and aggressively attacked.”

    “Personally, I believe that our newfound ability to penetrate the Maelstroms caught the Thargoids by surprise. In response, they have redeployed the mothership’s defenders to a more offensive role. Such rapid tactical adaptation is not typical of this species, which is a good indicator that we have them worried.”

    Aden Tanner provided more details following a research mission:

    “The Glaive is extremely aggressive and attacks any human ship within range. Its high-intensity energy weapons take the form of lightning bolts, similar to a Thargoid interceptor, but this vessel is faster and more manoeuvrable.”

    “Anti-xeno pilots should be advised that Glaives are also capable of disabling Guardian-based weaponry. This only became apparent when encountering them outside of the Maelstrom systems, where the Thargoids’ anti-Guardian field is permanently present.”

  • May 10, 3309
  • Into the Maelstroms

    Aegis has confirmed that the first ships equipped with Thargoid pulse neutralisers have entered the inner regions of the Maelstroms.

    The new module provides a temporary shield against the electromagnetic pulse that is generated when ships reach a certain point within the Maelstroms. Until now, this has prevented all attempts to identify what Thargoid constructs may exist within the caustic clouds.

    Rear Admiral Daniel Parry, the Federal Navy’s liaison to Aegis, reported:

    “Armed ships crewed by military and xenology specialists have now been sent into each Maelstrom. These pathfinder missions will attempt to gather as much tactical and environmental data as possible.”

    “We have also received information from Commanders who returned intact from the Maelstroms’ core areas. We are unable to authenticate these accounts at present, but they are being collated and analysed. The Allied, Federal and Imperial high commands will authorise an official report in due course.”

    A secondary statement was provided by Commodore Emil Varga, the Alliance’s military liaison:

    “If the preliminary data obtained by independent pilots is accurate, one common factor is that they encountered a significant Thargoid presence. Aegis warns all pilots that they enter the Maelstroms at their own risk, and should prepare for combat situations.”

    “All of the eight systems containing Maelstroms are still affected by the same anti-Guardian field that was first witnessed in HIP 22460. Therefore, weapons based on Guardian technology will not function and should be replaced with other anti-xeno armaments.”

  • May 2, 3309
  • Resources Needed for Thargoid Pulse Neutraliser

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Aegis has requested materials in the YZ Ceti system to mass-produce a defence for ships entering the Maelstroms.

    Professor Alba Tesreau, head of the tri-superpower agency, announced the initiative at a press conference:

    “Final tests have been conducted on the Thargoid pulse neutraliser, which offers ships a brief window of insulation from the energy wave encountered inside a Maelstrom. Their primary components are based on unclassified relics, which are created by interfacing Guardian artefacts with Thargoid surface sites. Ram Tah and Professor Palin have donated some of their research supplies to this project.”

    “Aegis has been assigned a generous budget to purchase large quantities of cobalt, ion distributors and power converters. These will be used to create a manufacturing and distribution base, making the Thargoid pulse neutraliser commercially available on all rescue megaships.”

    Clement Orbital in the YZ Ceti system will serve as the delivery point for all shipments. Aegis has been authorised to redeem bounty hunting vouchers for all wanted ships in the vicinity, since transporting such valuable materials is likely to attract pirates.

    Representatives from the superpowers and the scientific community congratulated Aegis, while military figures emphasised the importance of finding ways to hinder or destroy the Maelstroms. Rear Admiral Daniel Parry claimed: “This is the most strategically significant breakthrough to date. It will allow us to modify our military tactics based on what is discovered inside the deadly clouds.”

  • April 17, 3309
  • Aegis Reports on Utopia’s Sim-Archive

    A scientific delegation from Aegis has visited Utopia to compare its Sim-Archive with Salvation’s Nemesis Failsafe designs.

    A summary from Dr Maximo Fonseca was shared with newsfeeds:

    “Simguru Antal agreed to meet with us as a sign of good faith, and to refute claims of collaboration with Salvation. He personally introduced us to the neurosmiths of Utopia, who can digitally encode electrochemical activity within the brain. I took part in a demonstration, uploading some of my own long-term memories into the Sim-Archive. Afterwards, my colleague Dr Cooper enjoyed a remarkably accurate simulation of my university graduation thirty years ago, who claimed she found it hard to believe the memory was not her own.”

    “Analysis of the Nemesis Failsafe designs that we provided was swift, but the differences were stark. From what we understood of the summary by Utopian researchers, the Nemesis process irreversibly transforms a person’s entire neuronal network into esoteric energy particles. But there was no suggestion how the particle stream might be directed or stored.”

    Further scrutiny by Aegis specialists confirmed that the Nemesis Failsafe relies heavily on Guardian technology, much of which remains a mystery. Early indications suggest that Allied, Federal and Imperial leaders agree that Salvation was unlikely to have sought assistance from the Utopia commune.

    Simguru Pranav Antal released a rare public statement:

    “The Sim-Archive is designed to preserve human thought, not to extract it from living minds. One day, experiencing other people’s stored memories will be as common as searching for information on a database. Utopia’s role is to unite us all by bringing down the barriers between our individual universes.”

    “Salvation’s design very much relates to the preservation of one’s self, rather than the storage of information for future generations. Whatever knowledge of Guardian technology he may have possessed is likely lost to us now.”

  • April 10, 3309
  • Salvation-Utopia Link Raises Concerns

    Similarities between the Nemesis Failsafe and Utopia’s Sim-Archive have led to questions being asked about a possible connection.

    Independent journalist Flint ‘Firemaker’ Lafosse reported on Seo Jin-ae’s recent discoveries:

    “We all knew that Salvation had a messiah complex, so it’s no surprise that he planned to keep his colossal ego alive after his ancient body died. We also know that Pranav Antal has been digitising his followers’ brains for years.”

    “My question is: did Salvation modify Antal’s system for his own private use, rather than reverse-engineer Guardian technology? Or maybe Azimuth and Utopia were secretly working together all this time, and the Sim-Archive has always been Guardian-based? It would explain how Utopia is able to maintain funding for its little tech-bohemian commune.”

    This theory was critiqued by The Federal Times’s technology correspondent Harlow Nassry:

    “It is a fact that most of Utopia’s scientific development remains opaque. But the few inventions that have been examined – such as the nanomedicines acquired by Vitadyne Labs – contain no molecular markers of Guardian origin. The Sim-Archive’s memory-recording techniques are based on exoneurological research conducted over hundreds of years.”

    Dr Maximo Fonseca, the Alliance’s scientific liaison to Aegis, gave a statement to the media:

    “Since successful applications in this field are so rare, we cannot ignore the potential relation between the Nemesis Failsafe designs and the Sim-Archive. I have made contact with Simguru Pranav Antal and explained the situation. He kindly invited me and my staff to visit Utopia and discuss the matter. Our findings will determine whether a formal investigation into Salvation’s current status is warranted.”

  • April 3, 3309
  • Nemesis Failsafe: Fact or Fiction?

    Azimuth Biotech has rejected Seo Jin-ae’s unverified claim that Salvation survived by relocating his mind using advanced Guardian technology.

    CEO Torben Rademaker issued this statement:

    “I can officially confirm that Azimuth Biotech has no knowledge of any project related to a ‘Nemesis Failsafe’. Frankly, suggesting that anyone could transmit their living mind across space stretches her credibility past breaking point.”

    “Seo Jin-ae’s absurd outbursts have justified our fears that she suffers from paranoid delusions, and has falsified data to support her personal vendetta. And she now seems to have an exalted position among the Far God cultists. Only those deranged unfortunates would take her flights of fantasy seriously.”

    An article in the scientific journal The Empirical addressed the concepts featured in Seo Jin-ae’s statement:

    “The field of exoneurology, whereby the human mind is isolated from the neuronal network and transferred to an artificial host, is mostly comprised of failed experiments. Only the Utopia commune has ever claimed significant success. Their Sim-Archive allegedly duplicates an individual’s memory engrams and uploads them to a sophisticated digital emulation program. But independent reviews of this technology have been prevented by the reclusive nature of Utopian society.”

  • March 30, 3309
  • Seo Jin-ae: ‘I Believe Salvation Survived’

    Aegis has published a personal statement from Seo Jin-ae, who claims to have evidence that Salvation planned to escape death in the HIP 22460 system.

    “First of all, yes, Caleb Wycherley died when the Thargoids attacked the Bright Sentinel in HIP 22460. But, I believe, only physically. He was developing technology to automatically relocate his mind, an emergency protocol he named the Nemesis Failsafe.”

    “I know how implausible that sounds, but the files I recovered from an Azimuth Biotech archive prove his intentions. For several years, Salvation ran a private project to reverse-engineer a Guardian artefact which could store consciousness. The design showed neural interactions as digital impulses, and made reference to exactly retaining his identity and memories.”

    “Salvation had already extended his life to over 250 years, and was obsessed with staying alive until he could wipe out the Thargoids. I’m convinced that he has survived in some bodiless form, and that Azimuth has known all along.”

    Aden Tanner, who works for Aegis as an independent specialist, also released a statement:

    “I’ll admit that the designs Seo found seem authentic and incredibly advanced. But the files contained no concrete proof that the Nemesis Failsafe was constructed, or if it could actually work. I’m more concerned that she was being hunted by unknown parties, who would likely have succeeded if not for the Far God cult’s intervention. Perhaps it needs to be restated that actively seeking to hinder Aegis, or its valued personnel, is a crime against all three superpowers.”

    In related news, the Testament megaship that rescued Seo Jin-ae from unidentified attackers has now left the Luyten’s Star system, following a week of clemency offered by Federal authorities. A spokesperson for President Hudson reiterated that the Order of the Far God remains illegal in the Federation.

  • January 20, 3309
  • Thargoid War Update: January 3309

    Vox Galactica reporter Jade Sanderlyn has published a summary of the current situation in the conflict against the Thargoids.

    “Many of us who witnessed those terrifying events in HIP 22460 felt that it was both an ending and a beginning – that history had turned a page. Five months later, the Second Thargoid War has escalated to a point which may yet close the book altogether.”

    “The arrival of the eight Maelstroms resulted in 44 populated systems being completely overwhelmed by the Thargoids. Dozens of neighbouring regions were also attacked by their fleets, leaving starports and settlements ablaze. Billions were killed and billions more fled from their homes as panicked refugees, creating the greatest humanitarian crisis of all time.”

    “Despite the lack of coordination previously provided by Aegis and Salvation, anti-xeno efforts have been herculean. Allied, Federal and Imperial warships rapidly responded to form a vanguard against the invaders, and thousands of independent pilots have valiantly fought the Thargoid swarms across multiple battlefields.”

    “Military experts believe that neutralising the Maelstroms will stem the endless waves of Thargoid vessels. Unfortunately, their caustic clouds and repulsing energy waves prevent our ships from exploring whatever resides within. They also generate the same disruptive field found in HIP 22460, which prevents any Guardian-based weapons from functioning within the system.”

    “But there is hope. A small but steady flow of unclassified relics, those strange artefacts recovered from Thargoid surface sites after the Proteus Wave fired, have made their way to Professor Ishmael Palin and Ram Tah. A leading theory is that they share esoteric properties with several of the Thargoids’ recent technological advances, and may hold the key to developing countermeasures. Many other scientists are focusing on xenological research, striving to locate a weakness or develop an advantage.”

    “Until such a breakthrough occurs, we are reliant upon our spacefaring warriors to contain the most destructive adversary the human race has ever faced. This is Jade Sanderlyn for Vox Galactica. Stay safe out there.”