Galactic News

  • January 11, 3310
  • Zemina Torval Returns to the Senate

    The Imperial Senate has formally welcomed back Senator Zemina Torval, following an absence of several months.

    Torval’s reappearance put an end to rumours that she was suffering from ill health. Her youngest daughter, Senator Petra Torval, had been standing in for her mother by representing the Imperial populace of the Synteini system.

    Addressing the Senate, Zemina Torval said:

    “I am grateful to this august body, and to Her Majesty the Emperor, for permitting me a short respite from my duties. I have used this time to fully discharge my corporate responsibilities. As is common knowledge, ownership of Torval Mining Ltd has been transferred to my eldest daughter Constantia. She will ensure that Imperial industries continue to be supplied with vital mineral resources.”

    “My attention is now fully focused on my senatorial work. This is where I have best served the Empire, and will continue to do so for many years to come.”

    Cassia Carvalho, political correspondent for The Imperial Herald, observed:

    “At 132 years old, Zemina Torval is one of the oldest serving members of the Senate. During her decades of service she has made many enemies, all of whom must have been deeply irritated to see her return, looking and sounding as formidable as ever.”

    “The reason she avoided retirement could be that Chancellor Anders Blaine is considering taking that route for himself. Due to her seniority, Torval has temporarily deputised as chancellor on more than one occasion. If Blaine stands down and the most powerful position in the Senate becomes vacant, that would certainly justify Torval’s decision to focus exclusively on her political career.”

  • November 23, 3309
  • Mining Campaign in LHS 3872 Concludes

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Torval Mining Ltd has announced that sufficient quantities of mined resources were delivered to its subsidiary faction.

    The Aristocrats of Cuacocha, who control the LHS 3872 system, received the shipments of mined lithium hydroxide, painite, praseodymium and tritium. They have confirmed that all participating pilots can now collect their rewards at Curbeam Hub.

    Constantia Torval, the corporation’s recently appointed CEO, gave a statement:

    “With this successful event, Torval Mining Ltd advances toward even greater prestige and profitability. I offer sincere thanks to our partners and contributors.”

    The campaign’s background was discussed by Gwendolyn Nash, Empire correspondent for Vox Galactica:

    “Senator Zemina Torval handing Torval Mining Ltd to her oldest daughter is the latest of several curious developments in recent years. She established the company by branching out from Mastopolos Mining, severing connections with more distant family members. She also transferred many investments to her other daughter Petra Torval, who is also a senator, and grandson Titus Torval, an Imperial Intelligence captain.”

    “Coupled with the fact that she has missed several Senate meetings recently, speculation is rife that the 132-year-old has entered the twilight of her corporate and political careers. But as even her sternest opponents would attest, it is never wise to underestimate Zemina Torval’s willpower.”

  • November 16, 3309
  • Torval Mining Campaign Marks Ownership Change

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    A mining initiative is being held in the LHS 3872 system, as Torval Mining Ltd welcomes its new CEO.

    Senator Zemina Torval, owner of the Imperial company until recently, has formally transferred her controlling shares to her eldest daughter. Constantia Torval was already director of operations, but will now oversee all corporate decision making from the highest chair.

    From the press suite on Curbeam Hub starport, Ms Torval gave an announcement from the megaship Zetian’s Recall:

    “My mother’s tireless efforts to build a corporation worthy of our family name have brought enormous success and esteem to the Torval portfolio. It is my honour to continue supplying vital resources to the great industries that drive our Empire.”

    “To mark the occasion, Torval Mining Ltd offers generous payments for newly mined quantities of lithium hydroxide, painite, praseodymium and tritium. The campaign is being managed by the Aristocrats of Cuacocha, who will receive shipments at Curbeam Hub in LHS 3872. This follows my new policy to subcontract mining operations to other Imperial factions, in order to meet expanded resource extraction quotas.”

    “A Torval Mining Ltd mining laser will also be awarded to those pilots who make a concerted effort to support our endeavours.”

    Anton Lagorio, business correspondent for The Imperial Herald, reported:

    “This announcement confirms rumours that Constantia Torval had been allowed to take the reins in managing the family company. Under her guidance, Torval Mining Ltd has expanded its sphere of operations and obtained many lucrative new contracts. Whereas Zemina Torval’s policy was to manage as much as possible in-house, her daughter seems keen to build corporate relationships with subsidiaries within the Empire.”

  • April 25, 3309
  • The Mystery of the Mars Assassin

    The suspected ‘Imperial assassin’ who shot Caine-Massey CEO Johann Fleischer has been cleared of any connection to the Empire.

    Executive Agent Viola Trask of the Federal Intelligence Agency gave a statement to the media:

    “Our investigation has verified that the man we have in custody is a professional mercenary named Kieran Rayne , a native of the Alpha Caeli system. For over a decade, he has operated as a freelance contract killer using multiple false identities. The motive for the killing is not yet clear.”

    “Despite early indications, there is no evidence that Rayne was hired by Torval Mining Ltd to eliminate Mr Fleischer. The mission was arranged anonymously via an unregistered comms network that we are unable to access. The Imperial-issue weapon and security equipment that he used were provided to him specifically for this task. This seems to be a deliberate choice to foster the impression that the assassination was ordered by elements within the Empire.”

    “It has not gone unnoticed that the evidence implicating an Imperial Intelligence agent was ‘too good to be true’. I’d like to stress that the FIA was fully aware of this possibility. It is unfortunate that Caine-Massey executives deployed their security forces in Tavgi before our investigation was complete.”

    Congress has accepted the report and stated that no further action will be taken. It is expected that once the FIA’s questioning is complete, Rayne will face a life sentence in a maximum-security prison.

    Philippa Barlow-Lyons, the new CEO of Caine-Massey, addressed this development during an address to the corporation’s employees:

    “I know that nobody can ever replace Johann, who meant so much to us all. In his memory, I aim to run things exactly as he would have wanted. We have no choice but to accept the results of the investigation and formally withdraw our accusation against Zemina Torval and her family. I concede that grief may have gotten the better of me in recent days. But in my heart, I know that one day the truth will be laid bare, and the guilty will face Federal justice.”

  • April 13, 3309
  • Torval Mining Victorious in Corporate Conflict

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Fierce combat in the Tavgi system has resulted in Torval Mining Ltd overcoming Caine-Massey’s partner Tavgi Blue Life Inc.

    The conflict was triggered by the murder of Caine-Massey’s former CEO Johann Fleischer. The assassin was tracked from Mars to the Torval Mining megaship Orchestral Falcon. Circumstantial evidence suggested he was an undercover Imperial agent.

    Senator Zemina Torval, whose family owns the company, declared:

    “Loyal defenders of the Empire have helped to bring hostilities to an end and can now collect their rewards from the Orchestral Falcon. This accusation from Caine-Massey is baseless – I am not in the habit of assassinating my business rivals. Our security teams have detained the interloper from Federal space who was using false ID as an Imperial mining prospector, and handed him over to the authorities.”

    Shortly after, a statement was released by Colonel Saskia Landau, the head of Imperial Intelligence:

    “My colleague Captain Titus Torval brought this issue to my attention, once he was implicated in the matter. The man who allegedly shot Mr Fleischer has been transferred to our secure facilities for questioning. We anticipate that his true identity and motivations will soon be revealed.”

    The board of directors at Tavgi Blue Life Inc announced that their business partnership with Caine-Massey will be terminated, citing “displeasure at the loss of life incurred by this incident”. However, the faction will honour its pledge to reimburse independent pilots who supported Caine-Massey’s operation, with rewards available at Gordon Enterprise.

  • April 6, 3309
  • Corporate Battle Erupts in Tavgi System

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    The killing of Caine-Massey’s CEO has sparked conflict between the Federal corporation and Imperial rival Torval Mining Ltd.

    Acting CEO Philippa Barlow-Lyons provided a statement regarding the hostilities:

    “The Federal Intelligence Agency tracked Johann Fleischer’s assassin from Mars to the Tavgi system, whereupon he boarded the Orchestral Falcon, one of Torval Mining’s megaships. We demanded that he be handed over to stand trial for his crime. They refused to even acknowledge us. Zemina Torval thinks she has taken her revenge and got away with it. She is wrong.”

    “Caine-Massey has instructed Tavgi Blue Life Inc, our business partner in the system, to board the Orchestral Falcon – by force, if necessary – and apprehend the suspect. We will do whatever it takes to arrest the Imperial Intelligence agent we hold responsible for murdering a captain of Federal industry.”

    A response was issued by Senator Zemina Torval:

    “Caine-Massey is using its CEO’s death to excuse a deliberate strike against my company, damaging our share price and testing the will of our political connections. Torval Mining Ltd will defend its property, as well as the honour of the Empire, against this unjustified assault.”

    To support their combat operations, Tavgi Blue Life Inc and Torval Mining Ltd have called upon Federal and Imperial naval auxiliaries to report to Gordon Enterprise and the Orchestral Falcon respectively.

    The conflict has heightened political tensions between the Empire and the Federation. With the majority of superpower naval forces deployed to the Thargoid front line, system authority vessels around Tavgi have been placed on alert.

    President Zachary Hudson was quick to comment that “my administration upholds the right for our factions to seek justice”. Senator Denton Patreus stated: “The Empire stands ready to shield its citizens, businesses and territories from attacks by foreign powers, xeno or otherwise.”

  • April 4, 3309
  • ‘Imperial Assassin’ Stokes Superpower Tensions

    Federal mining corporation Caine-Massey has accused Senator Zemina Torval of assassinating its CEO Johann Fleischer.

    An update from the Federal Intelligence Agency prompted a remarkable declaration from Philippa Barlow-Lyons, the company’s acting CEO:

    “Thanks to the FIA’s assembled security footage, we now know that the man who murdered Johann Fleischer departed from Olympus Village Spaceport using a false Federal ID. He then transferred to the Tavgi system under another alias, claiming to be a prospector for Torval Mining Ltd. And so, the trail leads directly to the culprit.”

    “It is very clear that Zemina Torval ordered Johann’s death as an act of revenge, after he defeated her efforts in January 3308 to obtain one of Caine-Massey’s most lucrative mining contracts. Analysis of the hitman’s weapon and other equipment matches those typically used by Imperial Intelligence. And who is a senior officer in that ruthless spy network? Zemina’s own grandson, Titus Torval.”

    Senator Torval has not acknowledged or responded to the accusation. A formal statement was delivered directly to Congress by the Imperial Senate:

    “We categorically reject the suggestion that any members of this august body, or of Imperial Intelligence, are connected to these events. The Empire no longer has any political or commercial involvement with the Federation, and remains focused on its extensive anti-xeno operations.”

    President Zachary Hudson publicly assured Caine-Massey, which is known to be a long-standing corporate donor to the Republican Party, that further resources will be directed to the investigation. He added:

    “This is a timely reminder that all citizens should be vigilant against the enemy within. If we discover that Imperial assassins and sleeper agents are responsible for this heinous crime, the Empire will be expected to act in a manner we find satisfactory.”

  • January 23, 3309
  • The Pro-Aegis Stance of the Princess

    Princess Aisling Duval’s call for the Empire to commit to a resumed Aegis project, alongside the Alliance and Federation, has received a harsh response.

    Admiral Denton Patreus was approached for comment by the Eye on Achenar newsfeed:

    “We all have our part to play in the Empire, but questioning military policy is hardly within a princess’s remit. I would humbly suggest that Her Highness focuses on those areas where she excels: charity work, hosting parties, advocating the wellbeing of the citizens and so forth.”

    A similar viewpoint was expressed by Senator Zemina Torval, who simply remarked: “Perhaps I am old-fashioned, but there was a time when attempting to challenge the Emperor’s decree was viewed as an insult to the throne.”

    Hadrian Augustus Duval’s response was less confrontational but clear: “I firmly believe that non-collaboration is the best direction for the Empire, and respectfully ask Aisling not to undermine this policy through the press.”

    However, Senator Caspian Leopold offered an alternative take:

    “Princess Aisling has a much better understanding of political realities than many give her credit for. After personally consulting with scientific, military and political specialists, she has concluded that reforming Aegis is the logical move. Far from challenging Emperor Arissa’s policy, this is a heartfelt attempt to support her reign by increasing the Empire’s chances of victory against the Thargoids.”

  • October 21, 3308
  • Hadrian Duval Endorses Imperial Isolation

    The Empire’s withdrawal from all cross-superpower operations has gained the full support of Hadrian Augustus Duval.

    Political journalist Cassia Carvalho reviewed the situation for The Imperial Herald:

    “As the illegitimate grandson of Emperor Hengist, Hadrian Duval has long been considered the ‘black sheep’ of the Imperial Family. Only a few years ago, he sought to replace Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval on the throne. But he has since been pardoned and accepted as a genuine Duval, albeit with no royal title or position.”

    “Now, for the first time, Hadrian openly approves of the Emperor’s decisions. As he told Paresa News Network: ‘Walking away from the Alliance and Federation is the right path for the Empire to take. The Imperial Navy deserves to be our priority, to reinforce our strength and better defend us against our enemies.’”

    “Senator Zemina Torval dismissed this as a ‘hypocritical volte-face’, but in truth, Hadrian has always championed isolationism and traditional Imperial values. He seems as surprised as anyone to find that Emperor Arissa now shares some of his political ideologies. Ironically, it is now Princess Aisling Duval who has emerged as the voice of rebellion against Imperial policy.”

    “Others in the Senate have suggested that Hadrian Duval might serve the Empire in a more official capacity, or be bestowed a title and accepted into the nobility. The Emperor may find that the young man who was once her greatest threat could be transformed into a loyal ally.”

  • July 15, 3308
  • Azimuth’s Plan Elicits Further Reactions

    Prominent figures on the political stage have commented on Salvation’s anti-xeno operation in the HIP 22460 system. Key points from each are collated below.

    Archon Delaine: “My opinion on the Thargoids remains the same: burn them all! As I stated at the Galactic Summit, the Kumo nation stands ready to help wipe out these alien scum.”

    Yuri Grom: “I trust Salvation as little as I trust the Federation. What guarantee do we have that this Proteus Wave will not be turned against human targets, once the Thargoids are dealt with?”

    Senator Zemina Torval: “Azimuth Biotech has emerged as a strategically significant corporation. I’ve advised the Imperial Senate to establish long-term commercial links that are mutually beneficial.”

    Hadrian Augustus Duval: “The Thargoids are a genuine threat. Yet I hope that our military collaboration with the Alliance and the Federation is a temporary measure only. The Empire must develop the strength to stand alone.”

    First Minister Octavia Volkov: “Thargoid attack is an ever-present danger for the Marlinist Colonies. We are observing events closely. Personally I do not view Azimuth as a trustworthy ally.”

    Ambassador Jasmina Halsey: “I’m pleased to see the Federation working closely with the Alliance, but disappointed that it is limited to anti-xeno matters. Whatever happens in HIP 22460, we should grasp this opportunity to increase diplomatic as well as military cooperation.”

  • February 1, 3308
  • ACT Defies Imperial Decree

    The Affiliated Counter-Terrorism unit is actively investigating Imperial Intelligence, despite the Senate ordering it to cease operations.

    Inspector Mara Klatt, one of ACT’s co-leaders, told the media:

    “We are convinced that elements within Imperial Intelligence provided support to the NMLA. Our view is that a modified version of the Omega Grid software was supplied to the terrorists, allowing them to build their own dark-comms network. Thanks to Captain Saskia Landau’s inside knowledge, we are learning how to detect a unique identifier associated with the network employed by the NMLA.”

    “Our actions may have political repercussions, but this taskforce is dedicated to finding and destroying the NMLA. We must follow the trail wherever it leads.”

    Civil and military leaders in the Empire have reacted with outrage, including Senator Zemina Torval:

    “Are we expected to risk our citizens’ lives by letting our security services be compromised? How might the Alliance or Federation respond if we attempted to hack into Interpol or the FIA?”

    However, a plea for cooperation was made by Princess Aisling Duval:

    “If nefarious groups within our Empire have helped the NMLA, we must uncover the truth. I firmly believe that the Emperor herself remains in danger, and ACT might help us to learn her fate.”

  • January 11, 3308
  • Torval Mining défie Caine-Massey

    L'entreprise de la sénatrice Zemina Torval tente de remporter un contrat d'extraction minière précédemment accordé à la corporation Caine-Massey.

    L'accord affecte plusieurs entreprises opérant du côté du système Dulos et à la périphérie de l'espace fédéral, et qui se procurent depuis une décennie du minerai et d'autres matières premières auprès de Caine-Massey. Torval Mining Ltd a officiellement déposé un dossier pour l'appel d'offres de ce contrat arrivé à échéance.

    Constantia Torval, directrice des opérations de l'entreprise et fille de Zemina Torval, a fait la déclaration suivante :

    « Les services que nous fournissons à l'Empire nous ont permis de connaître un succès aussi rapide que phénoménal. Nous voyons dans cette opportunité la chance de toucher un plus grand nombre de clients et de les convaincre de l'intérêt de faire appel à Torval Mining. »

    Johann Fleischer, vice-président de Caine-Massey, a rétorqué :

    « Notre corporation est fière de ses origines fédérales et de fournir depuis de nombreuses années à ces systèmes les ressources dont ils ont besoin pour se développer. La candidature de Torval Mining n'est rien d'autre que la manœuvre d'une sénatrice impériale visant à asseoir son influence au détriment des intérêts fédéraux. »

    La Federal Commerce Authority s'est prononcée sur la demande d'intervention formulée par Caine-Massey. Son enquête préliminaire a reconnu le caractère hostile de la proposition déposée par Torval Mining, mais souligne l'absence de clause d'exclusivité empêchant les entreprises concernées d'engager des négociations avec un fournisseur impérial à l'expiration du contrat avec Caine-Massey.

  • Torval Mining Challenges Caine-Massey

    The company owned by Senator Zemina Torval is attempting to acquire a mining contract previously awarded to the Caine-Massey corporation.

    The agreement affects multiple corporations on the fringes of Federal space around the Dulos system, who for the last decade have purchased mined ore and other raw materials directly from Caine-Massey. With the contract up for renewal, Torval Mining Ltd has made an official bid.

    An announcement was made by Constantia Torval, the company’s operations director and daughter of Zemina Torval:

    “We have enjoyed enormous success in a short space of time by providing services to the Empire. This is an opportunity to reach a broader customer base, and convince them that they too can benefit from Torval Mining’s expertise.”

    Johann Fleischer, the vice president of Caine-Massey, remarked:

    “Our corporation is proud of its origins within the Federation, and we have supplied these systems with resources for many years. This is a surreptitious attempt by an Imperial senator to boost her own standing by hijacking Federal business.”

    The Federal Commerce Authority has responded to Caine-Massey’s request for intervention. An initial review found that, while it recognises the aggression of the Torval Mining claims, there is no exclusivity clause in place that prevents the companies in question from holding talks with an Imperial supplier now Caine-Massey’s contract term is expiring.

  • December 31, 3307
  • A Retrospective of 3307 (Part Four)

    The last in a series that reviews the events of the past year, by noted historian Sima Kalhana.

    “October brought further controversy for the Federation, when a diplomatic conference in the Delta Pavonis system was revealed to be a honey trap designed to capture Yuri Grom. Only a rush of support for EG Union allowed their ruler to escape, causing political embarrassment for President Hudson.”

    “There was more corporate drama when Zemina Torval relinquished her long-held majority sharehold of Mastopolos Mining, fuelling rumours of a family rift with her cousins. Torval Mining Ltd became a fully independent corporation run by her daughter Constantia.”

    “The Colonia Bridge project officially started the first of two phases this year which would see the construction of 56 megaships between the Alcor and Colonia systems. Brewer Corporation enjoyed great public support for improving this travel corridor along the 22,000 light year journey, and revealed plans to enhance it further in the new year.”

    “Hadrian Duval, his wife Lady Astrid and their unborn child were the specific targets of another starport bombing by the NMLA. It proved unsuccessful, but did result in the Imperial Senate offering them protection in order to secure the Duval bloodline. It also led to a manhunt for Theta Seven, the galaxy’s most wanted terrorist.”

    “In November, Orion University claimed that the dredger occupied by the Scriveners Clan was legally their property, but the nomadic descendants of its original crew refused to give up their home. The stand-off caught the public attention, with some supporting the clan’s right to independence and others keen to discover what their Knowledge Core contained. Ultimately the Scriveners retained their freedom, sailing off into the void with their secrets intact.”

    “Many were shocked when Admiral Tanner, Aegis’s military chief, went rogue and tried to force access to a starport controlled by Salvation’s allies. His conviction that the anti-xeno superweapons were responsible for provoking the Thargoids was, however, not enough to win the day.”

    “The NMLA threw everything they had at the Mudhrid system in an attempt to rescue Theta Seven, who was hiding among the Far God cult to avoid capture. But the terrorists were crushed by ACT and a coalition of ships, with Theta Seven martyring himself by destroying the hijacked megaship Sacrosanct.”

    “A happier event in December was the birth of Hector Duval, son and heir of Hadrian and Lady Astrid. There were celebrations across the Empire, but also questions asked about the future of the Duval dynasty and if the child might one day inherit the Imperial throne.”

    “The year ended as it had begun, with Thargoid vessels swarming into nebula systems. But with incursions steadily increasing over recent months, there were fears that this time they might prove unstoppable. Salvation’s superweapons were once again deployed to halt the aliens’ progress, but will they be enough to prevent the Thargoids from threatening humanity in 3308?”

  • October 28, 3307
  • Ressourcen für Torval Mining Ltd

    WARNUNG der Pilotenvereinigung

    Wichtige Materialien wurden ins System EGM 559 zur Unterstützung von Zemina Torvals neuem Unternehmen gebracht.

    Das Megaschiff Pride of Bitterwood erhielt zahlreiche Lieferungen von Geologie-Ausrüstung, mikrobiellen Öfen und Mineralextraktoren. Diese werden nach Torval Orbital im System LTT 198 transportiert, wo eine Unternehmensflotte für Torvals neue Unternehmung ausgestattet wird.

    Direktorin Constantia Torval gab den Abschluss der Kampagne bekannt:

    "Alle hier bei Torval Mining Ltd sind mit den Beiträgen zufrieden. Diese Lieferungen werden sicherstellen, dass das Ziel des ersten Jahres erreicht wird und wir dem Imperium weiterhin qualitativ hochwertige Dienste anbieten können."

    Torval Mining Ltd war einst ein Tochterunternehmen von Mastopolos Mining, wurde aber nach einem Bruch zwischen Zemina Torval und ihren Cousins in der Mastopolos-Familie selbstständig. Beide Unternehmen sind nun Geschäftsrivalen im Industrieabbausektor des Imperiums.

    Die Megaschiffe Champion of Commerce und The House Ascendant sind neuerdings in die Systeme Laguz und 21 Eridani gesprungen. Sie sind Teil der Unternehmensflotte, die jüngst von Torval Mining Ltd gekauft wurde.

  • Resources Boost for Torval Mining Ltd

    Pilots Federation ALERT

    Vital materials have been delivered to the EGM 559 system to sustain Senator Zemina Torval’s new corporation.

    The megaship Pride of Bitterwood received multiple shipments of geological equipment, microbial furnaces and mineral extractors. These will be transferred to Torval Orbital in the LTT 198 system, supplying the starport acting as the primary base of operations for Torval's new venture.

    Operations director Constantia Torval announced the campaign’s conclusion:

    “All of us here at Torval Mining Ltd are pleased with the contributions. These supplies will ensure that we meet our first year’s targets and continue providing high-quality services to our customers in the Empire.”

    Torval Mining Ltd was originally a subsidiary of Mastopolos Mining, but became autonomous following a rift between Zemina Torval and her cousins in the Mastopolos family. The two corporations are now commercial rivals in the Empire’s industrial mining market.

    The megaships Champion of Commerce and The House Ascendant have recently jumped to the Laguz and 21 Eridani systems, respectively. These vessels represent part of the corporate fleet recently purchased by Torval Mining Ltd.

  • October 21, 3307
  • Torval Mining Ltd Requests Resources

    Pilots Federation ALERT

    Senator Zemina Torval’s new corporation requires deliveries of commodities to its megaship in the EGM 559 system.

    Constantia Torval, the senator’s daughter and operations director of the company, provided details of the initiative:

    “Now that we are a fully independent business, additional resources are urgently needed to continue providing services to the Empire. My goal is to ensure that the Torval name remains synonymous with efficiency and dedication.”

    “Shipments of geological equipment, microbial furnaces and mineral extractors can be delivered to the megaship Pride of Bitterwood in the EGM 559 system. From there, they will be transferred to our headquarters at Torval Orbital in LTT 198.”

    The Pride of Bitterwood is part of a corporate fleet recently purchased by Torval Mining Ltd. Most are currently in the LTT 198 system being outfitted for mining and transport operations. Business analysts believe that these megaships were funded by Zemina Torval after selling the majority of her shares in Mastopolos Mining.

  • October 8, 3307
  • Corporate Split between Mastopolos and Torval

    Senator Zemina Torval’s company Torval-Mastopolos Mining has become fully independent from its parent corporation.

    The former subsidiary of Mastopolos Mining has officially rebranded itself as Torval Mining Ltd. Zemina Torval is listed as its CEO, with her eldest daughter remaining as operations director. The starport Torval Orbital in the LTT 198 system serves as the company’s headquarters.

    Business correspondent Anton Lagorio reported for The Imperial Herald:

    “Although Torval Mining Ltd is now an independent company, shares are legally transferable between it and Mastopolos Mining. This has allowed loyal supporters of both Zemina Torval and Gabriella Mastopolos to flock to each other’s banner. As a result, Torval Mining Ltd has acquired many ships, staff and resources from its former parent.”

    “There have been assurances that the split was amicable and in line with Imperial traditions of honourable conduct. Constantia Torval has promised customers that mining and transportation services would be maintained to the same high standard.”

    “Speculation continues over what caused this unexpected rift between the Torval and Mastopolos families. It seems that Zemina Torval is focusing on providing benefits for her own children and grandchildren, rather than her cousins on the Mastopolos side, but the reason for this change of heart remains unclear.”

  • October 1, 3307
  • Torval Loses Control of Mastopolos Mining

    Senator Zemina Torval has relinquished her long-held position as Mastopolos Mining’s majority shareholder.

    Official reports confirmed that the board of directors passed a resolution to remove Zemina Torval from their number. Over half of her shares were then sold, thereby drastically reducing her personal influence on the corporation.

    An anonymous insider gave a statement to The Imperial Herald:

    “Gabriella Mastopolos made it crystal clear to the other shareholders that it was time to topple Zemina Torval from her perch. But what surprised them was Torval’s lack of resistance to this pressure… almost as if she had been planning to step down all along.”

    “I’ve heard that every credit made by selling the shares went straight into the subsidiary that her daughter is running. So maybe all her eggs are going into that basket?”

    In related news Constantia Torval, operations director for Torval-Mastopolos Mining, made an announcement:

    “I am proud to announce that the people of LTT 198 have elected Torval-Mastopolos Mining to replace LTT 198 State Ltd as their controlling authority. Permits to gain entry to the system can be earned via the Pride of Bitterwood megaship, which remains in the nearby EGM 559 system.”

  • September 3, 3307
  • Torval Orbital Established

    Pilots Federation ALERT

    A new starport has become operational in the LTT 198 system, following Senator Zemina Torval’s mining initiative.

    Torval Orbital will serve as the administrative headquarters for Torval-Mastopolos Mining. The company successfully competed against Wreaken Corporation to establish a presence within LTT 198.

    Marlon Royce, business analyst for Vox Galactica, observed:

    “Mastopolos Mining should be boasting about the positive start for its new subsidiary. Instead, its reaction has only confirmed the widening rift between the Mastopolos family and their corporation’s majority shareholder, Zemina Torval.”

    “CEO Gabriella Mastopolos officially distanced herself from the offshoot company, claiming it ‘hijacked our name with the intention of luring our clients’. And speaking to Imperial media, both Adrian and Elena Mastopolos criticised Constantia Torval’s suitability to act as operations director.”

    “Speculation persists as to why the families have become estranged. For now, Zemina Torval seems to be focusing solely on her direct descendants. With her youngest daughter Petra Torval becoming a fellow senator, and grandson Titus Torval promoted to a senior role in Imperial Intelligence, the future seems bright for the Torval dynasty.”