Galactic News

  • January 27, 3309
  • Delaine Vows to Defend California Nebula

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    The Kumo Crew syndicate has rallied in the California Nebula to repel the region’s Thargoid invasion forces.

    In recent weeks Thargoid fleets swarmed through several local systems. The Kumo Council, the enclave’s authority for the notorious organisation, rapidly called in reinforcements in three systems it governs. Local security forces are now organising counter-attacks against Thargoid vessels.

    Archon Delaine, warlord of the Kumo Crew, announced:

    “Already the war has reached the California Nebula. But are any superpower navies racing to its defence? Of course not – the Alliance considers this colony expendable. It’s down to us to protect the nebula’s citizens, and will do whatever it takes to succeed.”

    The Pegasi Sentinel newsfeed published a request for populations not to impede Kumo Crew activity, suggesting that fleet mobilisation is ‘a temporary measure to provide a coordinated resistance against the Thargoids’. It is thought Kumo Crew’s megaship, the Mictlan, is preparing to deploy in support of these efforts.

    This message was rejected by Turner Research Group, which controls several of the invaded systems. The scientific organisation was established by the Alliance in 3302 to study the barnacles discovered in the region. Harrison Gladstone, the group’s spokesperson, declared: “Delaine is obviously using the Thargoid attacks as a pretence for a power grab. There is no chance that these pirates will defend our systems out of the goodness of their blackened hearts. We’ll know what Delaine’s real plan is soon enough.”

    The California Nebula has witnessed several Thargoid attacks, most recently last October, but this is the first marked increase in hostilities following the arrival of the Maelstroms.

  • December 30, 3308
  • A Retrospective of 3308 (Part Two)

    Sima Kalhana continues her review of the most significant historical events that occurred during the past year.

    “In May 3308, the Thargoid invasions of the Didio, Novas and Sosong systems were completely repelled by the use of Salvation’s unique superweapons. This convinced the Alliance, Empire and Federation to support Azimuth Biotech in developing this Guardian-based technology, with Salvation claiming that he could end the Thargoid threat forever.”

    “Elsewhere that month, the Kumo Crew syndicate faced civil war as pirate rebels tried to replace Archon Delaine. Eventually his loyal forces triumphed, with the Blue Viper Club dredger clan fleeing his reprisals. And in the Federation, trillionaire entrepreneur Zachary Rackham announced his presidential candidacy for the 3309 election.”

    “June saw the Golconda generation ship repaired and updated by the Artificers Clan. This provided the majority of its original inhabitants, descended from Earth colonists, the opportunity to resume their spacefaring lifestyle.”

    “The news around this time was dominated by Salvation, particularly when he rebranded Taurus Mining Ventures as Azimuth Biotech. The scientist, once named Dr Caleb Wycherley, admitted that the corporation had evolved out of the notorious Azimuth Biochemicals. But Allied, Federal and Imperial leaders chose to ignore this, having pinned their anti-xeno strategy on Salvation’s superweapon technology.”

    “HIP 22460 was the system chosen to construct the Proteus Wave. This interfaced Guardian technology with a Thargoid ground settlement, and was designed to deliberately attract the Thargoids before wiping them out. During July and August, upgraded capital ships along with independent pilots defended Azimuth Biotech’s operation from swarms of Thargoid vessels.”

    “After weeks of intense combat and delivering vital supplies, the Proteus Wave was activated on 9th August. Initially it seemed successful, rendering the Thargoids powerless, but an unexpected second energy pulse from the planetary site had the same effect on all human ships. The resulting massacre saw the Thargoids take control of the HIP 22460 system, establishing a permanent presence.”

    “Salvation was dead. Azimuth Biotech’s plans had failed. The superpowers were in retreat. And speculation grew about an unearthly alien screech heard in HIP 22460, dubbed the ‘Thargoid roar’.”

  • July 15, 3308
  • Azimuth’s Plan Elicits Further Reactions

    Prominent figures on the political stage have commented on Salvation’s anti-xeno operation in the HIP 22460 system. Key points from each are collated below.

    Archon Delaine: “My opinion on the Thargoids remains the same: burn them all! As I stated at the Galactic Summit, the Kumo nation stands ready to help wipe out these alien scum.”

    Yuri Grom: “I trust Salvation as little as I trust the Federation. What guarantee do we have that this Proteus Wave will not be turned against human targets, once the Thargoids are dealt with?”

    Senator Zemina Torval: “Azimuth Biotech has emerged as a strategically significant corporation. I’ve advised the Imperial Senate to establish long-term commercial links that are mutually beneficial.”

    Hadrian Augustus Duval: “The Thargoids are a genuine threat. Yet I hope that our military collaboration with the Alliance and the Federation is a temporary measure only. The Empire must develop the strength to stand alone.”

    First Minister Octavia Volkov: “Thargoid attack is an ever-present danger for the Marlinist Colonies. We are observing events closely. Personally I do not view Azimuth as a trustworthy ally.”

    Ambassador Jasmina Halsey: “I’m pleased to see the Federation working closely with the Alliance, but disappointed that it is limited to anti-xeno matters. Whatever happens in HIP 22460, we should grasp this opportunity to increase diplomatic as well as military cooperation.”

  • June 1, 3308
  • The Plot to Depose Archon Delaine

    Further information has emerged regarding Vidar Trask’s failed attempt to take control of the Kumo Crew syndicate.

    The latest findings were reported by The Pegasi Sentinel:

    “The few survivors from Trask’s shattered army have revealed that over a thousand fighters were supplied by the Blue Viper Club dredger clan. Kay Volantyne, one of its leaders, is now confirmed to have masterminded the coup alongside Trask.”

    “Their motivations were as different as their backgrounds. Trask rose to power beside Archon Delaine but became frustrated under his rule, believing that he could reorganise the Kumo Crew along more efficient lines. Volantyne aimed to provide her nomadic tribe with permanent homes, to be financed by trafficking onionhead gamma strain and protected by the syndicate’s might.”

    “We have also learned that the standard of living on the Blue Viper Club dredger has markedly improved in recent months. This was in accordance with the terms of the alliance that Volantyne brokered between the clan and the Kumo Crew.”

    “According to engineers at Kumo City starport, the dredger’s modernised hyperdrive enables it to make jumps more frequently and over greater distances. This means it could now be almost anywhere within a several hundred light year radius, which may frustrate Delaine’s vow to hunt down Volantyne and exact revenge for her betrayal.”

  • May 26, 3308
  • Kumo Crew Crushes Rebellion

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Forces involved in an attempted coup on Archon Delaine’s syndicate have been soundly defeated in the HIP 10792 system.

    Vidar Trask, formerly an arch-corsair in the Kumo Crew syndicate, was declared dead when his private vessel was destroyed during the conflict. The few surviving ships in the Trask Death Corsairs have now abandoned his cause.

    Reports from The Pegasi Sentinel and Vox Galactica newsfeeds have shed more light on the insurrection. Over the past few years, Trask secretly gathered followers while acting as Archon Delaine’s trusted advisor. Funded by successful gambling at Jokers’ Deck events, he bought the loyalty of many independent criminal groups to bolster his forces.

    It has also been revealed that Trask’s previously unidentified mercenaries were members of the Blue Viper Club dredger clan. This suggests that his partner in the coup attempt was indeed Arch-Corsair Kay Volantyne, who originally hailed from the nomadic tribe. She was last seen returning to the dredger before it jumped to an unknown destination.

    Archon Delaine, who is still recovering from last week’s assassination attempt, proclaimed:

    “I will hunt down and slaughter every single one of Volantyne’s treacherous clan for their betrayal of my trust. That rusting hulk will find no refuge in this galaxy!”

    Pilots who supported the Kumo Council faction can now collect rewards from Crimson Exchange in HIP 10792.

  • May 24, 3308
  • Piratical Dredger Clan Departs

    The Blue Viper Club dredger clan has unexpectedly severed ties with the Kumo Crew, which is currently battling an attempted rebellion.

    No explanations or itinerary were provided when the nomadic tribe’s dredger jumped from the Pegasi Sector PN-T c3-14 system to an unknown destination.

    The Blue Viper Club formed a partnership with the Kumo Crew syndicate in July 3307, when it provided a new narcotic crop that later became known as onionhead gamma strain.

    The Pegasi Sentinel published the following exclusive:

    “We have obtained proof that Arch-Corsair Kay Volantyne is still alive, despite rumours that she had been murdered by Vidar Trask. Our undercover reporter recorded Volantyne and her personal retinue boarding a shuttle at Kumo City starport, which docked with the Blue Viper Club’s dredger a few hours before its departure.”

    “Volantyne was born on that vessel, and acted as the primary liaison between the spacefaring clan and the Kumo Crew. It seems that she has now abandoned her position to rejoin her people, instead of taking part in the fight against Trask’s followers.”

    “This raises a disturbing question: were Trask and Volantyne working together to depose Archon Delaine? Last October they both attended a secret event held by the Jokers’ Deck gambling circle, famed for permitting stakes reaching billions of credits. Did their winnings provide the financial backing for a joint coup?”

  • May 19, 3308
  • Archon Delaine Seeks to Destroy Pirate Rebels

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    The Kumo Crew syndicate has engaged in open warfare on the pirate insurrectionists gathered in the HIP 10792 system.

    A recent coup attempt led by Arch-Corsair Vidar Trask, formerly one of the senior members of the Kumo Council, has failed. His forces were unable to eliminate Delaine and take control of the criminal organisation.

    The rebels’ vessels have concentrated in HIP 10792. Trask is commanding a coalition of loyalists, independent pirate gangs and as-yet unidentified mercenaries, collectively calling themselves the Trask Death Corsairs.

    Despite suffering from some visible wounds as a result of the assassination attempt, Archon Delaine broadcast this message:

    “Trask has betrayed all of us, and for that I want him crushed! I will pay well to wipe out every single traitor who fights in his name.”

    The Kumo Council faction will reward all independent pilots supporting its operation against the Trask Death Corsairs in the HIP 10792 system, which is being orchestrated from Crimson Exchange.

  • May 16, 3308
  • Pirate Rebels Coup Attempt Fails

    An insurrection led by Arch-Corsair Vidar Trask has failed to gain control of the Kumo Crew syndicate.

    Vox Galactica featured a report by freelance correspondent Karleen Troy:

    “As might be expected, it’s hard to obtain official data when conflict breaks out within a criminal organisation. But all the information I’ve gathered points to the same conclusion: Vidar Trask’s coup attempt has failed.”

    “What is surprising, however, is how close he initially came to dethroning Archon Delaine. The Kumo Crew were almost overwhelmed by the sheer number of fighters following Trask’s banner. I’m told that nearly half of the rebelling forces have yet to be identified, and are suspected to be mercenaries.”

    “A second mystery is that Arch-Corsair Kay Volantyne, another senior member of the Kumo Council, has been declared missing. The Pegasi Sentinel newsfeed believes that she was killed by Trask personally. The newest inner circle member, Callan Salamanca, is leading Delaine’s counter-attack against the insurrectionists.”

    “Most of the surviving rebels have now retreated to HIP 10792 and are attempting to drive out the Kumo Council faction in that system. Eyewitness reports regarding the ongoing firefights suggest that Delaine is in no mood to forgive his would-be usurpers.”

  • May 11, 3308
  • Archon Delaine Faces Pirate Rebellion

    A power struggle is raging within the Kumo Crew following a coordinated effort to overthrow the syndicate’s leader, Archon Delaine.

    The Pegasi Sentinel newsfeed delivered this exclusive report:

    “What at first seemed to be merely another attempt to assassinate Delaine turned out to be a far greater threat. Simultaneous attacks across the organisation revealed that this was actually the first strike in a full-blown coup.”

    “The rebellion is being led by Arch-Corsair Vidar Trask, a senior member of the Kumo Council. He has declared that the syndicate is stagnating under Delaine’s ‘tired brand of barbarism’, and that new leadership will bring greater glories and riches.”

    “Fierce combat has ignited in the Kumo Crew’s key areas as both sides battle for resources. Trask’s loyalists are being aided by a motley collection of pirate gangs as well as thousands of unidentified fighters, suggesting that he has hired mercenaries to bolster his forces.”

    “Archon Delaine, whose guards barely managed to shield him from the assassins, has ordered that the insurrection must be stamped out at any cost. He also vowed an explicitly violent revenge upon Vidar Trask, who has been one of his closest aides for many years.”

  • April 26, 3308
  • Kumo Crew Appoints New Council Leader

    Archon Delaine has announced that pirate leader Callan Salamanca is the newest member of the Kumo Council’s upper echelon.

    Political journalist Conrad Sterling provided an overview for Vox Galactica:

    “The Kumo Council was formed by Archon Delaine to delegate his control over the criminal syndicate. Each member has the title of corsair, and oversees a region or system within his territory. But Delaine’s most trusted advisers, known as arch-corsairs, work with him on strategic goals.”

    “The latest addition is the son of Gideon ‘Soulless’ Salamanca, one of the most infamous warlords in the Pegasi sector. Following Salamanca’s unexpected death from a cardiac event, Delaine has elevated Callan to take his father’s place on the council, despite the young man’s reputation for impulsive behaviour.”

    “Two others remain in the council’s inner circle. Vidar Trask has been close to Delaine for many years and is known to be an expert administrator. Kay Volantyne was originally part of the Blue Viper Club dredger clan, before she negotiated its alliance with the Kumo Crew.”

    “Delaine continues to style himself as the ‘sovereign ruler of the Kumo nation’, striving for an air of legitimacy. The Kumo Council reinforces this approach, but is often called upon to justify or deny their regent’s brutal excesses. With rumours that Callan Salamanca is already misusing his newfound authority, this delicate balance might prove to be unsustainable.”

  • December 28, 3307
  • A Retrospective of 3307 (Part One)

    The noted historian Sima Kalhana takes a look back at the turbulent events of the last year in a four-part series of articles.

    “The start of 3307 was a time of crisis. The rise of the Neo-Marlinist Liberation Army (NMLA), the Marlinist refugee crisis and increased Empire-Federation tensions had brought a full-scale superpower war closer, with renewed attacks from the Thargoids increasing the pressure.”

    “All of this led to Pranav Antal’s proposal of a diplomatic conference for all three superpower governments to work through their problems – the very first Galactic Summit. Within weeks, Sirius Corporation was selected as the neutral host for the conference. Li Yong-Rui scored another triumph by establishing the Marlinist Colonies for millions of political refugees who had fled from the Empire.”

    “In February came the trial of Fleet Admiral Vincent, accused of arranging Starship One’s destruction back in 3301. His paymaster was revealed as Core Dynamics CEO Jupiter Rochester, who wanted to replace Federal democracy with direct corporate rule.”

    “His breakaway faction Jupiter Division was defeated in battle and Rochester himself jailed for life. This also led to Core Dynamics’s acquisition of Lakon Spaceways being cancelled, leaving the Alliance to purchase a majority sharehold in the company.”

    “Key players on the political stage finally gathered when the Galactic Summit began in late February. The Sirius system hosted leaders from the Alliance, Empire, Federation and independent systems. Even pirate warlord Archon Delaine gatecrashed the event, causing controversy with his ‘crown of bones’ speech.”

    “It seemed for a while that the bickering between so many strong personalities might trigger a war rather than avert one. But gradually there was progress, with the possibility of a treaty to increase unity against the Thargoid threat. But before reaching this conclusion, the Galactic Summit was derailed by a threat from another source.”

    “Nine Martyrs – as named by the NMLA leader Theta Seven – was the largest terrorist attack in history. Hundreds of thousands were killed by starport bombings in nine systems, including the superpower capitals of Alioth, Achenar and Sol. This horrific tragedy ended the conference abruptly, but did give rise to some inter-power cooperation.”

    “A new agreement signed at the Galactic Summit allowed the Affiliated Counter-Terrorism unit (ACT) to be formed rapidly. Drawing on the superpowers’ security services and other organisations, its sole purpose was to hunt down and eliminate the NMLA, a task that would dominate the headlines for the rest of the year.”

  • September 9, 3307
  • Neomedical Industries Onionhead Campaign Concludes

    Pilots Federation ALERT

    The pharmaceutical megacorp has received sufficient materials to produce onionhead gamma strain as a medical treatment.

    Pilots delivered shipments of H.E. suits, polymers and robotics to Crippen Port in the Haithis system. Payment for these deliveries is now available at the starport from the pharma giant’s corporate partner, Haithis Purple Dynamic Group.

    Bounty vouchers were also offered for all wanted ships, in expectation of pirate attacks coordinated by the Kumo Crew syndicate. Their megaship remains in the Haithis system, which has raised concerns about further retaliation from Archon Delaine.

    An announcement was made by Olwyn Kendrick, CEO of Neomedical Industries:

    “Thanks to the sterling contributions, it looks like we are on track to roll out the medically certified strain of onionhead to approximately 15% of all independent systems and Alliance systems for the 17th of September 3307. It will soon be viewed as a vital healthcare product for millions of people rather than a notorious narcotic.”

    There has been some criticism of the Alliance, especially from Federal and Imperial quarters, for allowing the popular psychedelic drug to be sold legally. However, the Assembly reiterated that most Alliance trading laws are enforced on a system by system basis, and that the deal is only there because of the firm assurances and underwriting made by Neomedical Industries.

  • Archon Delaine Retaliates Against Pharma Giant

    Pilots Federation ALERT

    The Kumo Council has declared war on the Haithis Purple Dynamic Group for the latter’s role in supporting Neomedical Industries.

    The pharmaceutical corporation’s recent campaign in the Haithis system enabled the mass production of onionhead gamma strain, scheduled to be available as a medicinal product from Alliance and independent markets. The drug is currently distributed in a handful of anarchy systems by the Kumo Crew syndicate.

    As hostilities erupted in the Haithis system, Archon Delaine broadcast a message for Neomedical Industries:

    “Did you truly believe you could steal from us and survive unscathed? Now your allies will pay for your greed with their blood.”

    In response, CEO Olwyn Kendrick broadcast a call for help:

    “This terrifying attack by the galaxy’s most vicious pirates may pressure investors to withdraw, causing the entire project to collapse. If so, the vital materials that pilots delivered will be wasted. To prevent this, we urgently require support for our corporate partners against these criminals.”

    The Haithis Purple Dynamic Group is offering rewards to pilots who help protect its ships against pirate assault. The Kumo Council has also offered to reimburse mercenaries who fight on their behalf.

  • September 2, 3307
  • Pharma Giant Begins Onionhead Project

    Pilots Federation ALERT

    Neomedical Industries has requested deliveries to produce onionhead gamma strain for Alliance and independent systems.

    The new variant of the popular psychedelic drug is currently sold in a handful of independent systems by the Kumo Crew syndicate. The IHO has confirmed that the product does have many medical applications.

    Olwyn Kendrick, CEO of Neomedical Industries, outlined the initiative:

    “Our goal is to gather sufficient resources for the manufacture of onionhead gamma strain as a medicinal treatment. Target markets will include both independent and Alliance systems, should enough commodities be delivered.”

    “We request that pilots transport H.E. suits, polymers and robotics to Crippen Port in the Haithis system. Reimbursements will be arranged by our corporate partner, the Haithis Purple Dynamic Group.”

    The Kumo Council has despatched a megaship, the Mictlan, to the Haithis system. A message was broadcast by Archon Delaine, warlord of the Kumo Crew:

    “I’m prepared to give this greedy corporation time to reconsider stealing our commercial property. I’m also prepared to massacre everyone in the system. Your choice.”

    In response, the Haithis Purple Dynamic Group has agreed to offer bounty vouchers in order to protect ships from pirates and other wanted vessels.

  • August 13, 3307
  • Onionhead Legality Sparks Debate

    The introduction of onionhead gamma strain by the Kumo Crew has reignited long-running arguments around the popular psychedelic drug.

    An interview with Zander Lachance, spokesperson for the Coalition for Legalisation, was published by Vox Galactica:

    “I have yet to see evidence that onionhead is more harmful than common recreational substances. Open-minded people in independent systems are now discovering this for themselves.”

    In response, other newsfeeds featured a range of opinions.

    Eye on Achenar: “Foppish rogues of the Federation such as Zachary Rackham and Sir Randolph Plaskett may feel comfortable wooing trade tycoons with the outlawed weed, but legalising low-cost onionhead would risk the whole Empire collapsing into a stupor!”

    The Pegasi Sentinel: “The popularity of ‘helix’ is steadily growing, and the revenue it generates will undoubtedly benefit those fortunate to live within Archon Delaine’s dominion.”

    Sol Today: “Imperial hedonists such as Senator Leatrix and Duchess Rouncival may offer such illicit treats at their decadent parties, but bombarding the masses with this cheap narcotic will have the entire Federation chasing unicorns!”

    The Sovereign: “Tourists from many independent worlds are booking holidays to the Alici, Baraswar, Kishpakho, Nastrond and Nocori systems, where the gamma strain of onionhead is legal. There is no shortage of Alliance citizens following suit, which may pressure the Assembly to formally legislate one way or the other.”

  • July 23, 3307
  • Une nouvelle variante de la tête d'oignon arrive sur le marché

    Alerte du Cercle des pilotes

    La variété gamma de la tête d'oignon est désormais disponible dans certains systèmes industriels anarchiques.

    Les volumes produits sous l'égide du Kumo Council permettent de fournir environ 10% des marchés industriels contrôlés par des factions anarchiques. Contrairement aux précédentes variétés, cette nouvelle venue n'est pas considérée comme une marchandise rare.

    Adalyn Cross, journaliste pour Vox Galactica, a commenté cette actualité :

    « Si la variété gamma de la tête d'oignon est commercialisée dans un cadre médicinal, la plupart des acheteurs savent parfaitement à quoi s'en tenir. La Coalition pour la légalisation affirme qu'elle n'est "pas plus dangereuse ou addictive que l'alcool ou le café" et souligne ses bienfaits psychologiques et ses usages palliatifs.

    Cela n'a pas empêché de nombreux gouvernements, notamment au sein de la Fédération, d'exiger de maintenir son interdiction à l'échelle galactique. Pour rappel, cette substance reste illégale dans toutes les juridictions, sauf les systèmes anarchiques. Certaines autorités s'inquiètent notamment du risque de voir les consommateurs de tête d'oignon se tourner par la suite vers des substances plus dangereuses. Les services de sécurité considèrent quant à eux d'un mauvais œil l'augmentation du chiffre d'affaires d'Archon Delaine.

    Des experts en logistique soulignent en outre que la variété gamma de la tête d'oignon fait l'objet d'une distribution étonnamment rapide. En effet, elle serait déjà disponible dans les systèmes suivants : Alici, Baraswar, Kishpakho, Nastrond et Nocori.

    Certains soupçonnent Sirius Corporation d'acheminer secrètement des cargaisons de cette substance via son réseau de transport de fret dans le cadre de l'accord entre le gang de Kumo et le Blue Viper Club. Sinclair Faraldo, vice-président du marketing institutionnel, a balayé ces affirmations en les qualifiant "d'absurdes et mensongères". »

  • New Onionhead Variant Reaches the Market

    Pilots Federation ALERT

    Onionhead gamma strain is now available in selected industrial anarchy systems.

    Following the Kumo Council’s initiative, enough product was manufactured to supply approximately 10% of all industrial-based markets controlled by anarchic factions. Unlike previous versions of onionhead, this variant is not listed as a rare commodity.

    Adalyn Cross, a journalist for Vox Galactica, reported:

    “Onionhead gamma strain is being marketed to the public for medicinal use, but most customers are under no illusions regarding its real benefits. The Coalition for Legalisation claims that it is ‘no more harmful or addictive than alcohol or coffee, with potential psychological and palliative benefits’.”

    “This has not prevented many authorities, especially in the Federation, from demanding that it remain universally outlawed. It is currently illegal in all but anarchy jurisdictions. There are serious concerns that it may act as a gateway drug to more harmful substances. Security services are also unhappy about the extra revenue flowing into Archon Delaine’s coffers.”

    “Some logistics experts noted that onionhead gamma strain was distributed with surprising speed. It is already being reported as available from the following systems: Alici, Baraswar, Kishpakho, Nastrond and Nocori. It’s been suggested that Sirius Corporation is secretly ferrying shipments of the drug via its freight transportation network, and is part of the deal between the Kumo Crew and the Blue Viper Club. Sinclair Faraldo, VP of Corporate Marketing, rejected this claim as ‘absurd and libellous’.”

  • July 15, 3307
  • Kumo Crew Campaign Starts Drug Production

    Pilots Federation ALERT

    The Kumo Crew syndicate has procured enough materials to introduce a new product to the market.

    The drug originated with the Blue Viper Club, a piratical travelling community whose dredger is currently in the vicinity of Kumo City station.

    It was confirmed that enough shipments of agronomic treatment, liquid oxygen and performance enhancers were received to enable immediate mass production. Pilots also fought to protect haulage vessels from pirate ships, suspected to be Kumo Crew rivals.

    The Interstellar Health Organisation has obtained a product sample and confirmed that, despite the name ‘helix’, it is a new variant of the recreational drug onionhead. As such, the product will be legally classified as onionhead gamma strain when it appears on the market.

    Despite claims of medicinal and psychological benefits, it is likely to be illegal in most systems. President Zachary Hudson, Princess Aisling Duval and several other political heavyweights have expressed outrage at the open manner by which its ingredients were procured.

    Archon Delaine, warlord of the Kumo Crew, responded:

    “Every system government generates revenue from the pharmaceutical trade, so the holier-than-thou attitude from these hypocrites turns my stomach. Helix brings happiness, and provides income for my people. I make no apologies!”

    Rewards for pilots who contributed to this campaign are now available at Kumo City in the Pegasi Sector PN-T C3-14 system.

  • July 2, 3307
  • Dredger Clan Arrives at Kumo City

    Pilots Federation ALERT

    A Blue Viper Club dredger has entered the Pegasi Sector PN-T C3-14 system, and may have links with the Kumo Crew syndicate.

    The Dredger-class bulk cruiser has taken position near Kumo City, one of five starports recently constructed by pirate warlord Archon Delaine.

    Dredger Clans are nomadic communities that travel on the fringes of civilisation, and their ancient vessels are rarely seen. Pilots in Pegasi Sector PN-T C3-14 have been warned to keep a safe distance from the dredger.

    Francesca Wolfe of the Wallglass Investigations Agency published her observations:

    “The Blue Viper Club is a fiercely independent tribe with an unsavoury reputation. Dredger Clans typically survive by gathering materials and salvage, but these people indulge in more criminal behaviour including drug running and raiding outposts.”

    “The clan occupies more than one dredger, but these have never entered an inhabited system before now. There has been no conflict with local factions or system security. However, unmarked personnel shuttles have been witnessed travelling to and from the dredger.”

    “Are we looking at a piratical alliance between the Blue Viper Club and the Kumo Crew? Is Archon Delaine expanding his reach to the Dredger Clans? Or have they brought him something of value that they discovered in deep space?”

  • June 25, 3307
  • New Alliance Starports Become Operational

    Pilots Federation ALERT

    Two Alliance stations have been constructed following a successful re-election campaign by Prime Minister Edmund Mahon.

    Enterprise Market in the LHS 2522 system and Prosperity Core in the Sharru Sector FW-W c1-19 system are now fully operational. Prime Minister Mahon welcomed visitors to the new starports, promising that they would “further enhance the Alliance’s commitment to creating opportunities”.

    However, Councillor Nakato Kaine triggered heated debate in the Alliance Assembly when she made this announcement:

    “My investigation turned up irregularities in the tritium mining campaign, suggesting that it only received enough deliveries to allow one starport to be built. Furthermore, docking records seem to indicate that Sirius Corporation made up the shortfall with a number of unregistered donations.”

    “Sirius Corporation now has a presence in the Sharru Sector FW-W c1-19 system. This suggests disturbing parallels with the company’s recent dealings to help build Archon Delaine’s new starports. The question is – what did Mahon promise in return?”

    A statement from the Office of the Prime Minister clarified that Sirius Corporation was one of many companies currently partnered with the Alliance to support its expansion programme. It did not address the discrepancy in tritium deliveries or refer to any contributions from the megacorp.