Galactic News

  • February 21, 3310
  • Winters Pauses Inauguration After Rhea Disaster

    President-elect Felicia Winters has delayed the start of her term of office, in response to devastating earthquakes on the planet Rhea 3.

    The following statement was delivered by her office to a special session of Congress:

    “The terrible events on Rhea 3 have not only demanded President-elect Winters’s full attention, but also brought personal tragedy. It seems that most of the Winters family, plus many close friends, lost their lives when the capital city of New Greenacre was levelled by the earthquakes.”

    “The president-elect therefore requests permission to temporarily suspend the inauguration ceremony. This will allow her to focus on coordinating emergency operations, and also process the unexpected loss of her nearest and dearest.”

    President Zachary Hudson agreed to a short extension of his presidential term, thereby allowing the motion to be passed by Congress. Vice President-elect Isolde Rochester will assume leadership of the Liberal Party on an interim basis until Felicia Winters is available.

    Vox Galactica published an update from local reporter Len Kennelly:

    “Rescue operations on the northern continent have intensified in recent days, as more ships and equipment arrive from across the Federation. I’m told that nearly a million survivors, albeit many injured, have now been recovered. But continual aftershocks are still toppling unstable buildings, leaving entire cities lying in dust.”

    The Empirical scientific journal also discussed the cause of the disaster:

    “High-magnitude earthquakes are extremely rare on terraformed planets such as Rhea 3. Initial geological surveys usually detect this type of tectonic instability, to avoid establishing settlements in dangerous regions. These destructive tremors prove that despite having tamed many worlds with our technology, nature can still be unpredictable.”

  • January 22, 3310
  • Winters Appoints Future Cabinet Members

    President-elect Felicia Winters has officially selected new heads for each executive department of the Federal government.

    She announced her choices during a session of Congress, where she gave a short speech about her upcoming presidency. This was followed by a similar statement from Isolde Rochester, who will serve as Winters’s vice president.

    Sofia Trevino, political journalist for The Federal Times, reported:

    “With these appointments, Felicia Winters is laying the foundations on which to build a new Federal government. Long-serving figures in the Liberal Party are finally being rewarded with key positions in the upcoming administration.”

    “One notable loyalist is Congressman Bai Zheng, who will be Secretary for Security. She is already well-known for opposing the Proactive Detection Bureau, and will undoubtedly take pleasure in overseeing the surveillance unit’s closure, as per Winters’s campaign promise.”

    “Congressman Kristine Lasky is another familiar name. Her celebrated role in creating the Cornelius-Lasky Convention, which enables superpowers to collaborate during emergencies, makes her a solid choice for Secretary of State.”

    “There are a few fresher faces among the forthcoming Cabinet. The new Grand Attorney will be Pierre-Marc Pelletier, a former director of the Federal Attorney’s Office. And the Secretary for Defence will be Congressman Conn Montgomery, who will have to navigate demands from a Federal Navy accustomed to Zachary Hudson’s generous military budgets.”

    In related news, planning is underway for Felicia Winters’s inauguration ceremony to take place in mid-February. President Hudson’s office has confirmed that handover procedures are well advanced, with all government agencies and departments preparing for the Federation’s new leadership.

  • December 28, 3309
  • Federation Extends Quarantine for Thargoid Abductees

    Federal citizens who were captured by Thargoids then rescued from the Titans will not yet be permitted to leave secure medical facilities.

    The decision comes after the Alliance ended quarantine restrictions for returnees from their systems, with newly rescued civilians expected to spend no more than a week in observation. Prime Minister Edmund Mahon has called on other governments to do the same.

    President Zachary Hudson discussed the situation during a press conference:

    “The consensus of Federal medical experts is that it would be foolishly optimistic to allow these people – some of whom were held aboard the Titans for months – back into the general population. When at war with such an implacable enemy as the Thargoids, we simply cannot afford to take any risks.”

    “Rest assured that Federal citizens are not suffering in any way. They are allowed to receive visitors, albeit without physical contact, and have full comms and media access. But they will remain under observation for the time being.”

    President-elect Felicia Winters, whose term of office is due to begin early next year, explained her viewpoint:

    “Once I am sworn in as president, bringing our people home will be one of my top priorities. The experts referred to by President Hudson have reached no such consensus. Instead, their meticulous tests reveal no evidence whatsoever that former abductees have been influenced or physically compromised by the Thargoids.”

    “Nevertheless, I am mindful of the public concern. To that end, I will instruct the Department of Health and Wellness to closely monitor all rescued citizens once they have returned home, including mandatory medical checks. This should allay fears and minimise any social ostracism these individuals may face.”

  • December 4, 3309
  • Archer Outlines Shadow Presidency Future

    Vice President Jerome Archer has discussed the recent Federal presidential election and other topics during an interview with The Federal Times.

    On the victory of President-elect Felicia Winters:

    “Winters fought a clean campaign based on issues, as I did, so one cannot fault her for that. But I think the harsh realities of governance will quickly overwhelm her liberal idealism. Hudson, whatever his critics may think of him, was never afraid to take decisive action. We’ll see if Winters can do the same.”

    On Archer’s electoral policies:

    “I maintain that a security-first approach is the correct one, given the many threats facing the Federation. The Thargoids are not the only enemy of our people. Dismantling the Proactive Detection Bureau, as Winters has threatened to do, will be an act of self-sabotage for our entire society.”

    On his relationship with outgoing President Zachary Hudson:

    “It’s been an honour to support President Hudson, from whom I have learned a great deal about the political arena. Both of us are genuine patriots with similar viewpoints. I know he will continue to serve the Federation in his own way.”

    On his future political career:

    “As shadow president, it will be my duty to not only scrutinise Winters’s administration, but also restore electoral faith in the Republican Party. I’m confident that the citizens will be fully on board with our policies by the next election, if not sooner.”

    In response to this interview, an editorial in the Federal Free Press said:

    “Jerome Archer’s priority now is to gather Hudson loyalists under his banner, and position himself as a worthy successor. But this tactic of talking about all subjects except his own lack of responsibility for the election loss will not fool voters. Once the PDB is gone, and we see the improvements wrought by a Liberal Party administration, Archer faces a considerable challenge to avoid becoming a footnote in the Federation’s history.”

  • November 13, 3309
  • Winters Resists Hudson’s Legacy Projects

    President-elect Felicia Winters has vowed to defeat new legislation proposed by outgoing President Zachary Hudson.

    If funded, these initiatives will establish a media standards regulator, set up a political think tank, and merge the Proactive Detection Bureau into the Federal Navy Intelligence Office. Tax rebates will also be granted to all corporations with existing government contracts.

    The Federal Times approached Felicia Winters for comment:

    “It’s obvious that these pro-Republican measures are being pushed through because of Jerome Archer's poor electoral performance. It would look bad for Hudson to admit that his own vice president wasn’t a popular choice of successor. So now he's giving Archer as many advantages as possible for when he becomes shadow president.”

    “We aim to block these legislative changes should they go through Congress. And I personally guarantee that once I am in office, the PDB will no longer eavesdrop on every citizen’s private communications. That’s more than just an election pledge – it’s about doing what is right.”

    The newsfeed also published a statement by Owen McKenna, CEO of Core Dynamics:

    “Winters says that she plans to cut back on military spending. That makes no sense during wartime, but as president it’ll be her call. So, if you ask me, Hudson’s corporate tax rebates should be allowed to stand. Then at least companies who supply the Federal Navy might have a chance of remaining profitable.”

  • November 6, 3309
  • Hudson Lays Groundwork for Political Successors

    President Zachary Hudson has announced a raft of legislation he intends to push during his last few months in office.

    Political journalists have noted that many of the points would benefit the Republican Party while in opposition to the president-elect Felicia Winters administration. A press release from the Office of the Federal President listed the key initiatives currently underway:

    “First: A new media standards agency will be established to regulate independently operated newsfeeds in Federal systems, to ensure local issues are presented in a format which adheres to Federal values.”

    “Second: Corporations that have exclusive contracts with the Federal government will be granted significant tax rebates, on President Hudson’s executive authority.”

    “Third: The Federal Navy Intelligence Office will establish a data-sharing strategy with the Proactive Detection Bureau. This will broaden the net to capture even more criminal activity.”

    “Fourth: Funding will be granted for a political think tank. This will be a cross-party institute to gather ideas, strategies and research that benefits the entire Federation.”

    An editorial in the Federal Free Press pointed out the potential downsides to each of these initiatives:

    “First: Sol Today’s CEO Neive McFarlane is on the board of this ‘independent’ regulator, thereby ensuring local newsfeeds will have a pro-Republican voice at the highest level of oversight.”

    “Second: Felicia Winters’s administration will be forced to reverse these rebates to cover the loss of tax-generated revenue, which is guaranteed to cause friction with those corporations.”

    “Third: The Federal Navy could provide military-grade technology for public surveillance, to bypass legal encryption software used to protect private conversations. It is likely Winters will be furious about this proposal, given her election pledge to dismantle the PDB entirely.”

    “Fourth: Outgoing Secretary of State Lana Berkovich has volunteered to act as this think tank’s congressional liaison – and assume the authority to decide which of its reports reach those in power.”

  • October 19, 3309
  • Winters Outlines Her Future Presidency

    President-elect Felicia Winters has discussed her election victory and other topics during an interview with The Federal Times.

    On defeating Vice President Jerome Archer:

    “One cannot dispute that Archer played his campaign straight, with none of the underhanded tricks utilised by some of his predecessors. But the election results prove that the citizens want a change from the Republican Party’s bombastic approach.”

    On the priorities for her forthcoming administration:

    “Our government will expand investment in the Federation’s soft infrastructure, pulling the economy’s focus away from military projects and corporate profits. Many systems are in dire need of improved healthcare, housing and work opportunities. Billions of people need temporary financial support as refugees from the Thargoid invasion. We are not the Empire – we serve our people rather than rule over them.”

    On the Proactive Detection Bureau:

    “My very first task in office will be to dismantle this monstrosity, ending the surveillance of private communications. The Federal Intelligence Agency is perfectly capable of protecting our people without violating their personal freedoms.”

    On the Thargoid war:

    “I can assure everyone that while I lack the enthusiasm for war that my predecessor demonstrated, my administration takes office with the Thargoid invasion as a top priority. Aegis has led the way in developing new anti-xeno technologies, and Federal support for the agency will continue.”

    Many Federal newsfeeds congratulated Felicia Winters on her success in the election, but an editorial in Sol Today said:

    “Without Zachary Hudson’s strength of will, or Jerome Archer’s dedication to security, there’s every possibility that the Federation will rot from within. You can expect to see all manner of fringe groups and minorities grab the lion’s share of funding, while freeloaders and criminals get a free pass. We predict that Winters will go down in history as one of the weakest presidents ever.”

  • October 16, 3309
  • Felicia Winters Elected as Federal President

    The Federation has voted to elect Felicia Winters as its next president, with a four per cent vote majority over her rival Jerome Archer.

    The current shadow president of the Liberal Party will be officially inaugurated in the new year, entering an eight-year term of office. Congressman Isolde Rochester will also be sworn in as vice president in Winters’s administration.

    President Zachary Hudson will remain in power during the transition period, but will not be expected to implement any major policy changes. The Liberal Party will replace the Republican Party as the superpower’s governing authority in 3310, with Jerome Archer assuming the role of shadow president.

    President-elect Winters addressed her supporters during a celebratory rally in Olympus Village on Mars:

    “The people of the Federation have spoken! I thank you all for turning my party’s vision into a reality. My aim is to govern fairly for everybody, regardless of their political allegiance. Together we will create optimism where there was fear, give shelter those who are vulnerable, and improve the quality of life for each and every Federal citizen.”

    Vice President Jerome Archer formally conceded the election during a session of Congress:

    “My compliments to Felicia Winters, who fought a strong campaign. I look forward to taking on the role of shadow president next year, and ensuring that her government’s proposals are thoroughly scrutinised from day one.”

    Former presidents Antonia Madison and Jasmina Halsey – whom Winters temporarily replaced after the Starship One disaster – offered their congratulations. Prime Minister Edmund Mahon of the Alliance, First Minister Octavia Volkov of the Marlinist Colonies, and CEO Li Yong-Rui of Sirius Corporation sent similar messages to the Winters campaign.

    No formal acknowledgement was received from the Empire. However, Princess Aisling Duval joined Professor Alba Tesreau and other members of Aegis leadership to state: “We trust that President Winters will remain committed to our unified approach, ensuring the development of technology needed to secure victory in the ongoing Thargoid war.”

  • October 13, 3309
  • Federal Election: The Allied Perspective

    The Alliance is observing the Federal president election, but expects little will change in relationships between the two superpowers.

    Prime Minister Edmund Mahon delivered a formal address on the topic before the Assembly:

    “The Alliance continues to enjoy stable relations with the Federation. Our recent anti-xeno coalitions, including the reformation of Aegis, show how we can benefit from maintaining such cooperation. I am confident that the new president, whoever it may be, will respect the status quo.”

    Councillor Nakato Kaine gave a more direct statement to the press:

    “I cannot ignore how the Federation has become more authoritarian under Zachary Hudson’s Republican government. It has also coped poorly with internal pressures: the Starship One conspiracy, Jupiter Division’s attempted coup, the secession crisis triggered by the Proactive Detection Bureau’s operation… the list goes on. And yet, Federal democracy is now empowering every individual to elect their leaders. That, at least, is something we in the Alliance should admire and consider adopting.”

    Vanya Driscoll, political correspondent for The Alliance Tribune, reported:

    “Most Allied politicians are too diplomatic to openly express a preference between the two candidates. Privately, councillors like Kaine are hopeful of a more nuanced relationship with Winters, who lacks the hawkish rhetoric of Hudson. However, others believe that Archer’s focus on military spending and domestic security might prove more practical in the face of the Thargoid invasion.”

    The latest voting polls from Federal systems show that Jerome Archer has overtaken Felicia Winters, albeit by a narrow margin. The voting window ends on the 15th, with the results verified by Monday to determine the victor of the 3309 Federal presidential election.

  • October 12, 3309
  • Sol Celebrations End as Election Begins

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    The Federation has begun voting to decide its next president, as a week of festivities in the Sol system are concluded.

    Congress confirmed that any pilots who supplied rare goods for the celebratory events can collect payment from Li Qing Jao starport. All temporary system permits for Sol remain suspended for Pilots’ Federation members for a further week.

    The 3309 presidential election has now officially begun. More than one trillion Federal citizens are expected to submit their votes, which will be recorded and collated over the next four days via secure digital systems.

    Vice President Jerome Archer is the Republican Party candidate, who is widely perceived as the political heir to President Zachary Hudson. His running mate is Congressman Niko Shirakawa, who has strong connections within the military.

    Shadow President Felicia Winters, leader of the Liberal Party, is the rival candidate and a proponent of more humanitarian-focused policies. She is on a presidential ticket with Congressman Isolde Rochester, matriarch of the famous Rochester dynasty.

    Sofia Trevino, political correspondent for The Federal Times, commented:

    “Following months of delay, logistical issues caused by the Thargoid war, plus the drama surrounding Zachary Rackham, voting is finally underway. Analysts believe this could be one of the closest-run elections in the Federation’s history, reflecting the polarisation that has taken place in recent years.”

    “Support for the Republican Party has been bolstered by its increasingly successful handling of the Thargoid menace during the past six months. But Archer’s flagship creation, the Proactive Detection Bureau, remains highly divisive – something the Liberal Party has found success in using to frame its opponent as increasingly authoritarian. How these primary points will ultimately impact the outcome of the vote remains to be seen.”

    The new president will be announced on Monday 16th October. President Hudson will remain in office as caretaker president until the official inauguration of the election winner, expected to take place in the new year.

  • October 5, 3309
  • Celebrations in Sol for Federal Election

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    A series of public events to celebrate the forthcoming presidential election are being held in the Sol system.

    Congress approved a request by President Zachary Hudson to finance a range of festivities, concerts and shows across the home system of the Federation.

    Billions of people are expected to attend, leading to a request for supplies of Crystalline Spheres, Gerasian Gueuze Beer, Indi Bourbon, LTT Hyper Sweet and Pantaa Prayer Sticks to be delivered to Li Qing Jao starport in orbit over planet Earth. Congress also agreed to authorise a temporary two-week permit for all Pilots’ Federation members to access the Sol system.

    President Hudson announced the events across all Federal news channels, where he said:

    “Now we approach the time, as determined centuries ago by the Federal Accord, of our civilisation’s most profound tradition: the peaceful transfer of power. I have been deeply honoured to serve as your president for the past eight years. And you, the people of the galaxy’s largest ever democracy, deserve to celebrate all that we have accomplished together.”

    Vox Galactica’s political journalist Conrad Sterling observed:

    “This is clearly a high-profile attempt to boost public morale, one that allows President Hudson to leave office on a positive note. Political critics are viewing it as a way to distract the citizens from the prolonged Thargoid war, the recent Rackham scandal, and various other challenges besetting the Federation. But the eagerness of most citizens to embrace the sentiment proves one fact remains true: everyone loves a party.”

    Voting will open next Thursday for Federal citizens to choose either Vice President Jerome Archer or Shadow President Felicia Winters as their next president. The election winner will be announced at the start of the following week.

  • August 4, 3309
  • Cultists Blamed for Dedicant Tragedy

    President Zachary Hudson has accused the Order of the Far God of being directly responsible for the fate of the Dedicant megaship.

    “Our assessment of these Thargoid-worshipping extremists has been proved correct,” he told The Federal Times. “Hijacking the Dedicant to deliver it to their alien gods is an act of treason and mass murder.”

    “I have ordered the Proactive Detection Bureau to root out every deluded individual with sympathies for this twisted cult. Automatic life sentences will ensure that these traitors never again put innocent people at risk.”

    The declaration brought political pressure on all three presidential candidates to state their intentions for the Far God cult should they be elected.

    Vice President Jerome Archer: “I will be pleased to continue President Hudson’s policy on dealing with these religious fanatics: stricter controls, increased surveillance and tougher sentences.”

    Shadow President Felicia Winters: “Regardless of their misguided beliefs, thousands of former citizens also lost their lives during this Thargoid attack. I am lobbying for an independent security review into these tragic events.”

    Zachary Rackham: “Hear me out. There’s a simple solution to all this. When I’m president, only criminals will pay tax. That’ll be a far more effective deterrent than imprisonment!”

    Dr Alfred Ulyanov, an expert on the Order of the Far God, observed that the cultists had no way of communicating with the Thargoids: “The deeply distressing logs found on the Dedicant prove that the arrival of the Thargoids was unexpected, and certainly not the rapturous experience they believed it would be.”

    The Federal Intelligence Agency is continuing to investigate the Dedicant in the HIP 19600 system. The Alliance’s amnesty programme with the Federation has been officially halted, but the Far God religion remains legal in most Allied territories.

  • June 12, 3309
  • Far God Deportation Programme Approved

    The Federation has agreed to the expulsion of all adherents of the Order of the Far God to the Alliance.

    President Zachary Hudson issued a statement alongside the government decision:

    “Any ideology that worships the Thargoids is destructive and treasonous, especially now we are at war with that species. I believe that rather than waste taxpayers’ money keeping these deluded individuals incarcerated, the Federation is better off without them.”

    “This morning I accepted Prime Minister Mahon’s proposal. All former citizens known to have pledged themselves to this toxic religion will be transported beyond our borders and into the care of the Alliance.”

    Security services have prioritised the True Chapters cultists currently imprisoned in the Popontia system, labelling them as high-risk compared to orthodox Far God followers. They will be escorted to Alliance space aboard the Dedicant, having agreed to provide full access to the megaship’s databanks and the Order’s sacred texts for Federal assessment. The Dedicant will then collect cultists held in other Federal penal facilities, ferrying them to Allied systems.

    Political correspondent Sofia Trevino wrote an opinion piece for The Federal Times:

    “Could there be an ulterior motive to this unexpected decision by the President? Perhaps Hudson is mindful of his legacy, with his term of office approaching its end. By tempering his ‘strong man’ reputation with a degree of leniency, he can better portray himself as a firm but fair leader in the Federation’s history books.”

  • May 22, 3309
  • Presidential Campaigns Target Federal Voters

    Jerome Archer, Felicia Winters and Zachary Rackham are lobbying for public support as the Federation prepares to elect a new president in August.

    Political correspondent Sofia Trevino covered the race for The Federal Times:

    “With Zachary Hudson’s eight-year term approaching its end, citizens must decide who will be the president of the Federation by the year’s end. The electoral machines for all three candidates are in full swing, with campaign slogans appearing at all Federal starports.”

    “The Republican Party has pinned its hopes on current Vice President Jerome Archer, who hopes to reassure Hudson loyalists with his similar leadership style and focus on interstellar security. Shadow President Felicia Winters, head of the Liberal Party, is promising a more humanitarian approach to government policy. And the wild card is independent candidate Zachary Rackham, whose wealth and notoriety afford him a fighting chance against the political heavyweights.”

    “Congress has confirmed that, with many government procedures impacted by the Thargoid war, election day has been delayed until later in the year. President Hudson is expected to remain in office for the interim period before the victor's official inauguration.”

    Vox Galactica reporter Patricia Chen analysed the media coverage:

    “Typically, Federal newsfeeds focus more on character than policies. The Federal Free Press obtained in-depth interviews with Winters and Isolde Rochester, while Sol Today published souvenir editions celebrating Hudson’s presidency as a ‘golden age’. On the fringes are those such as ICE-caster Sura Oyekan, who promotes voting for Rackham as a way to revolutionise society.”

    “What is not typical is that this election is being held during wartime. The ongoing Thargoid conflict has cast a shadow over voters’ optimism for the future. Some are even wondering if this might be the last president they ever elect, should the alien invasion of the core systems prove unstoppable.”

  • April 27, 3309
  • Convoy Tragedy Halts Superpower Conflict

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    The Empire and the Federation have resolved the conflict in Pichch after the accidental loss of anti-xeno supply ships.

    Freelance correspondent Karleen Troy reported on events for Vox Galactica:

    “Pichch is a key location to redirect front-line resources to systems facing invasion around Maelstrom Leigong. In recent days, these vital deliveries have been severely delayed by the internecine conflict. But disaster struck when an entire convoy carrying anti-xeno weaponry was destroyed by Imperial-aligned ships, which mistakenly identified them as local Federal resupply vessels.”

    “Once news of the incident spread, leaders of Gauluujja Exchange and the Gliese 44 Citizens' Forum stated that they had received orders to broker an immediate ceasefire. The conflict was heading towards a Gliese 44 Citizens' Forum victory, so the sudden peace is likely a relief to Gauluujja Exchange.”

    Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval made a personal declaration regarding the situation:

    “We permit Imperial-aligned factions a degree of autonomy, on the understanding that they do not jeopardise the Empire’s strategic goals. Undermining human resistance against the Thargoid invasion cannot be tolerated. I therefore command the Gliese 44 Citizens’ Forum to negotiate a ceasefire with their Federal neighbours at once.”

    A similar statement was delivered by President Zachary Hudson:

    “This tragic situation could and should have been avoided. Pichch is a Federal system, and we have a responsibility to sustain the flow of anti-xeno resources throughout that region. We cannot allow small-scale quarrels to derail our efforts. I have informed Gauluujja Exchange that they must arrange a peaceful resolution to their current conflict.”

    Both the Federal and Imperial factions have agreed to honour their commitments to those who supported their operations, with rewards available at Tiptree Port.

  • April 6, 3309
  • Corporate Battle Erupts in Tavgi System

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    The killing of Caine-Massey’s CEO has sparked conflict between the Federal corporation and Imperial rival Torval Mining Ltd.

    Acting CEO Philippa Barlow-Lyons provided a statement regarding the hostilities:

    “The Federal Intelligence Agency tracked Johann Fleischer’s assassin from Mars to the Tavgi system, whereupon he boarded the Orchestral Falcon, one of Torval Mining’s megaships. We demanded that he be handed over to stand trial for his crime. They refused to even acknowledge us. Zemina Torval thinks she has taken her revenge and got away with it. She is wrong.”

    “Caine-Massey has instructed Tavgi Blue Life Inc, our business partner in the system, to board the Orchestral Falcon – by force, if necessary – and apprehend the suspect. We will do whatever it takes to arrest the Imperial Intelligence agent we hold responsible for murdering a captain of Federal industry.”

    A response was issued by Senator Zemina Torval:

    “Caine-Massey is using its CEO’s death to excuse a deliberate strike against my company, damaging our share price and testing the will of our political connections. Torval Mining Ltd will defend its property, as well as the honour of the Empire, against this unjustified assault.”

    To support their combat operations, Tavgi Blue Life Inc and Torval Mining Ltd have called upon Federal and Imperial naval auxiliaries to report to Gordon Enterprise and the Orchestral Falcon respectively.

    The conflict has heightened political tensions between the Empire and the Federation. With the majority of superpower naval forces deployed to the Thargoid front line, system authority vessels around Tavgi have been placed on alert.

    President Zachary Hudson was quick to comment that “my administration upholds the right for our factions to seek justice”. Senator Denton Patreus stated: “The Empire stands ready to shield its citizens, businesses and territories from attacks by foreign powers, xeno or otherwise.”

  • April 5, 3309
  • Archer Launches Presidential Campaign

    The Republican Party has nominated Vice President Jerome Archer as its candidate in the upcoming Federal election.

    Jerome Archer was formerly the secretary of security in President Zachary Hudson’s cabinet. He was promoted to vice president when his predecessor died during the Nine Martyrs attacks in 3307. He immediately proposed the Domestic Counter-Terrorism Act, which authorised the Proactive Detection Bureau to monitor all civilian communications in the Federation to detect future terrorist activity.

    Vice President Archer began his election campaign at a political rally on Nanomam 2, where he announced:

    “Throughout my career, my priority has always been the same: keeping people safe. From my days as a cop on the streets of Nueva Vista to director of the Federal Intelligence Agency, I have worked hard to increase security for all citizens. I pledge to work even harder and achieve far more as your president.”

    “President Hudson’s excellent legacy regarding anti-xeno operations will continue under my leadership. We will increase our defensive capabilities to protect the Federation against any kind of external or internal threat.”

    The newsfeed Sol Today was supportive of the Republican Party’s candidate, referring to Archer as “the only sensible choice in this era of war and moral corruption”. By contrast, an editorial in the Federal Free Press stated: “Privacy will become history if the eavesdropper-in-chief is handed the reins of power.”

    Archer’s running mate in the election is Congressman Niko Shirakawa , who represents the Eta Cassiopeiae system. A former major in the Federal Marine Corp, he sits on several intelligence committees and is known to have military connections.

  • April 4, 3309
  • ‘Imperial Assassin’ Stokes Superpower Tensions

    Federal mining corporation Caine-Massey has accused Senator Zemina Torval of assassinating its CEO Johann Fleischer.

    An update from the Federal Intelligence Agency prompted a remarkable declaration from Philippa Barlow-Lyons, the company’s acting CEO:

    “Thanks to the FIA’s assembled security footage, we now know that the man who murdered Johann Fleischer departed from Olympus Village Spaceport using a false Federal ID. He then transferred to the Tavgi system under another alias, claiming to be a prospector for Torval Mining Ltd. And so, the trail leads directly to the culprit.”

    “It is very clear that Zemina Torval ordered Johann’s death as an act of revenge, after he defeated her efforts in January 3308 to obtain one of Caine-Massey’s most lucrative mining contracts. Analysis of the hitman’s weapon and other equipment matches those typically used by Imperial Intelligence. And who is a senior officer in that ruthless spy network? Zemina’s own grandson, Titus Torval.”

    Senator Torval has not acknowledged or responded to the accusation. A formal statement was delivered directly to Congress by the Imperial Senate:

    “We categorically reject the suggestion that any members of this august body, or of Imperial Intelligence, are connected to these events. The Empire no longer has any political or commercial involvement with the Federation, and remains focused on its extensive anti-xeno operations.”

    President Zachary Hudson publicly assured Caine-Massey, which is known to be a long-standing corporate donor to the Republican Party, that further resources will be directed to the investigation. He added:

    “This is a timely reminder that all citizens should be vigilant against the enemy within. If we discover that Imperial assassins and sleeper agents are responsible for this heinous crime, the Empire will be expected to act in a manner we find satisfactory.”

  • March 21, 3309
  • Congress Votes Against Hudson Contravention

    President Zachary Hudson’s motion to allow him to serve a second term of office has been defeated by congressional vote.

    The proposal would have temporarily repealed the 77th amendment of the Federal Accord, which sets a maximum presidential term of eight years. A narrow majority voted not to accept this change to the Federation’s constitution.

    President Hudson addressed Congress following the announcement of the result:

    “The Federation’s democratic principles are paramount, and so I accept the decision of this chamber. I only hope that the disruption caused by a shift in leadership does not weaken our ability to withstand the current challenges. It is with total conviction that I say the Republican party will achieve victory in the ongoing war and maintain security within our borders. I intend to support the next Republican candidate to the best of my ability.”

    This outcome confirms that President Hudson’s administration will officially end shortly after the election, which is expected to take place in June but with no official date set. However, considering his many commercial and military connections, Hudson will remain a powerful political figure with a loyal supporter base.

    Nominees for the Republican Party’s new presidential candidate have begun lobbying for support. The frontrunners are three senior members of Hudson’s cabinet: Vice President Jerome Archer, Secretary of State Lana Berkovich and Grand Attorney Edwin Espinosa. Congressman Thandeka Qwabe has also been nominated despite her relative inexperience.

    The Liberal Party’s candidates, Shadow President Felicia Winters and her running mate Isolde Rochester, have launched their presidential campaign. Several independent candidates are challenging the two main political parties, but only the famous entrepreneur Zachary Rackham is being viewed as a serious threat.

  • March 14, 3309
  • Federal Eyes on Congress Debate

    Preliminary motions on the forthcoming Hudson Contravention vote have begun in Federal Congress.

    The proposal, named after President Zachary Hudson’s call to suspend the 77th amendment to the Federal Accord, is a point of significant contention. If approved, Hudson would be eligible to run for another term in this year’s presidential elections, breaking with centuries of constitutional law.

    Supporters of the proposal, led by Hudson’s cabinet, point to the ongoing conflict with the Thargoids as a primary reason to vote in favour. With the significant escalation in Thargoid aggression and the loss of hundreds of systems, it has been argued that a change of leadership could weaken the Federation’s ability to defend itself.

    Opponents have called the move a ‘dictatorial’ tactic which uses the fear of alien attack to influence public opinion. Felicia Winters, the Liberal candidate and current shadow president, recently discussed this further during an interview with the Federal Free Press:

    “In these difficult times we cannot forget who we are, or what makes the Federation great. The 77th amendment was established in 2594, and has defined the presidential length of service ever since. This structure not only provides clarity to the people who use their vote to inform Federal governance, but also to each individual entrusted with the honour of the presidency. To change it now would send a message that we have lost faith in the Federation’s political mechanism.”

    The official vote on the Hudson Contravention motion is expected to take place next week.