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  • May 27, 3302
  • Freelance Report: Sideris Remains Open Minded

    Cynthia Sideris, chair of Universal Cartographics, made a brief comment outside UC headquarters this morning on Jasmina Halsey's ostensibly unsuccessful search for the "architects of creation":

    "Whether or not President Halsey's 'architects' exist is open to question, but chances are that some form of non-human sentience exists in our galaxy. We've received data from as far as Beagle Point, but even that represents only an infinitesimal fraction of known stars in the galaxy. We can only keep looking."

    President Halsey's psychological review continues.

    Commander Stateira Eleshenar

    Zandu Science Journal | Interstellar Press

  • April 12, 3302
  • Freelance Report: Humanity's Dream

    On this date 1,341 years ago, humanity achieved a dream it had harboured for generations. For the first time, advanced rocket technology propelled a human being beyond the boundaries of Earth and into space.

    To commemorate Yuri Gagarin's historic flight, pilots gather every year at the M. Gorbachev starport in the Sol system from 18.00 UST onwards to swap first-flight stories and buy rounds at Tereshkova's Hangout. A member of station personnel said:

    "For some, it's quite a pilgrimage. We've had pilots from Sothis, Quince, Fehu and Canopus in previous years. People want to see the cradle of humanity and remember the moment when the dream of touching the stars was realised. It's a time for looking back and looking forward. We spent many millennia dreaming that dream, and it's been just over a thousand years since we achieved it."

    Commander Stateira Eleshenar

    Sentient Life | Interstellar Press

  • March 22, 3302
  • Freelance Report: Diplomatic Summit in Alioth

    A summit for the Alliance of Independent Systems was held at Irkutsk Station this week, attended by ambassadors and diplomatic envoys from an array of political backgrounds. Eleven fleets, from both Alliance and Independent governments, were represented.

    The main topic under discussion was establishing a framework for a quick-response force to protect parties from the growing threat of Imperial and Federal expansion. Other Topics included factional sovereignty, self governance, the benefits of free trade, and the role of communication in maintaining civility across diverse cultures.

    Commander Noir1787 | Radio Sidewinder reporter

    Alioth Guardian | Interstellar Press

  • March 14, 3302
  • Freelance Report: Eating Your Words

    Controversial chef Oliver Gordon was humiliated yesterday when he lost his battle over the 'PanGalactic' trademark. The cordon bleu has been forced to close his restaurant to meet spiralling legal costs.

    The case began when the Pan Galactic Mining Corp issued a writ demanding that Gordon change the name of his 'PanGalactic' restaurant and pay substantial damages for infringing on intellectual property.

    A spokesperson for the Pan Galactic Mining Corp released the following statement:

    "The Pan Galactic Mining Corp has a right to defend its brand, but we are disappointed that Chef Gordon did not accept our offer to become our preferred catering partner."

    Gordon gave a characteristically colourful response:

    "I'm the galaxy's greatest artisan chef and I will not degrade my art for anyone. I'd rather eat a printed hotdog than work for Pan Galactic making sandwiches for business seminars."

    Commander Matzov and Commander Gan

    Zaonce Market Circular | Interstellar Press

  • January 22, 3302
  • Freelance Report: Leading Scientist Expresses Doubts

    Yesterday, Professor Ishmael Palin called upon independent pilots to deliver meta-alloys – produced by the newly discovered 'barnacles' in the Pleiades Nebula – to Obsidian Orbital, suggesting that the material could be the cure for the technological virus spreading through inhabited space. But Professor Violet Belbin of the Xenological Research Institute has expressed doubts:

    "I would caution against assuming that this material is the answer to our problems. The nature of these 'barnacles' is not fully understood. They could be a form of alien life, and harvesting them could have unforeseen consequences. The Xenological Research Institute is sending a team to Maia and asks that Professor Palin takes our concerns into consideration."

    Pilots have already started delivering cargo holds full of meta-alloys to Professor Palin's base of operations at Obsidian Orbital.

    Commander Stateira 'Starcloak' Eleshenar

    Zandu Science Journal | Interstellar Press

  • January 12, 3302
  • The Worlds Beyond

    Utopian delegates returned today from the first symposium of the Pioneers Cooperative, a group dedicated to supporting expansion into uninhabited space. Also attending were representatives from Loren's Legion, Communism Interstellar, the Black Birds Squadron, Aisling's Angels, the Canonn, the Independent Pilots Consortium, Emperor's Grace, the Mercs of Mikunn, United German Commanders, EXO, the First Great Expedition, the Code, Adle's Armada, the Guardians of Harmony, CHIMERA, the Distant Worlds Admins and the Hutton Orbital Truckers.

    "To live is to grow, and mankind must push ever outwards", said one attending Utopian explorer. "Humanity has come here today, unified, under a banner of progress, and Utopia is proud to add its support to this noble venture. Our commune in Takurua demonstrated that expansion beyond the core systems is possible, and the success of Obsidian Orbital in Maia shows that mankind has a shared desire to expand the frontiers of human space and scientific understanding."

    Commander Gan

    Utopia News Network | Interstellar Press

  • October 13, 3301
  • Elegance in Simplicity

    Gutamaya Shipyards' latest vessel, the Imperial Eagle, is now available for purchase for any pilot holding the appropriate rank in the Imperial Navy, and positive consumer feedback is already flooding in.

    Commander Corrigendum, operating in the Prism system, said: "The Imperial Eagle is a blast to fly. It handles beautifully and has looks to match. I was able to stick on the tail of an Imperial Courier during combat exercises. It's a great addition to the Gutamaya portfolio." Commander Stateira 'Starcloak' Eleshenar added: "I love my Eagle, so I was curious to see if Gutamaya could improve on Core Dynamics' classic design. Now I've taken it out a few times, I'm happy to say it retains all the sublime responsiveness of the Eagle, and packs a harder punch in combat."

    When asked about the secret of Gutamaya Shipyards' success, lead engineer Ines Allende responded: "Elegance in simplicity. We kept the core design that made the Eagle Mk II great and simply tinkered with a few key elements."

    Commander Stateira "Starcloak" Eleshenar

    Jameson Memorial Review | Interstellar Press

  • October 12, 3301
  • Prime Minister Mahon Holds Influence over 1,000 Systems

    The office of Edmund Mahon has announced the signing of the Prime Minister's one thousandth trade agreement. This is a momentous achievement for the Prime Minister and his supporters, and a testament to the hard work and dedication of independent pilots throughout the Alliance. The achievement is impressive given the Prime Minister's relatively small number of supporters. It is also important to remember that Mahon's space doesn't have the reach of the combined borders of the Federation, and has far less than the Empire. It is evidence that the Alliance should be counted among the galaxy's major powers, and a pointed reminder that it intends to maintain its autonomy.

    Commander NOIR1787

    Alioth Guardian | Interstellar Press

  • September 14, 3301
  • Imperial Slave Regulations Proposed

    Following the recent audit of the Imperial Slave Association, the Imperial Senate Audit Committee has recommended the introduction of further regulations governing the treatment and transportation of Imperial slaves.

    The proposed regulations centre on improved vetting of commanders permitted to transport Imperial slaves, and include the suggestion that pilots must hold the rank of ‘Master’ in the Imperial Navy as a minimum requirement. It is also suggested that resources be set aside for the recovery of Imperial slaves transported and sold outside the Imperium.

    Svetlana Zhukov, chairwoman of the ISA, voiced her support for the regulations:

    “It is our duty to ensure that Imperial citizens serving terms as slaves remain within the borders of the Empire until they are returned to full citizenship. Our hope is that these new regulations will ensure the rights of Imperial Slaves are not trampled on by those unscrupulous enough to sell people for quick credits."

    Political commentators have expressed doubt that the proposed regulations will be approved, but many remain hopeful.

    Commander Corrigendum

    Capitol Herald | Interstellar Press

  • September 6, 3301
  • Memorial in the Heavens

    Commander Sataris, a member of the East India Company, was recently honoured by an anonymous benefactor. To commemorate his mother’s recent passing, the rights to register a planet in her name were purchased from Universal Cartography.

    Cynthia Sideris, chairwoman of Universal Cartography, read a statement from the anonymous benefactor:

    “Commander Sataris has served with distinction, valour and honour in all his duties, regardless of the circumstances. In honour of his late mother, rights have been purchased to rechristen a world in the BD+26 2184 system as ‘Kathy McBrayer’. Any mother capable of rearing a son like Sataris is well deserving of such a memorial. Kathy is an example to us all.”

    Commander Sataris responded by saying: "I invite all members of the Pilots Federation to visit the memorial planet Kathy McBrayer in BD+26 2184.”

    Chairwoman Sideris said that Universal Cartography will finalize the change to the planet’s name in the coming weeks.

    Commander Corrigendum

    Jameson Memorial Review | Interstellar Press

  • September 1, 3301
  • Utopia: Commune or Cult?

    Simguru Pranav Antal's vision of Utopia has taken the galaxy by storm, with recent estimates suggesting that 91.8 billion have joined the movement, and shows no signs of slowing down. Many are attracted by the commune's experimental tech and high standards of living, as well as the ideal of a better society.

    But is everything as it seems? A few former utopians, who asked to remain anonymous, have come forward with disturbing testimonies. One young man said: "My sister and I lived on a Federation fringe world. Life's hard on the frontier, and we travelled to Utopia to find work. Everything was great at first – we had employment, free accommodation – but then my sister got a position assisting the local overseer. She found out they were kidnapping people and locking them up for questioning or disagreeing with Antal's wisdom. It's run like a cult. I told her not to confront them... Now I don't know where my sister is, or if I'll ever see her again."

    When one of Antal's senior aides was confronted with these accusations, they appeared shocked: "Simguru Antal would never condone such practices. These are false accusations, intended to discredit Utopia, from those who have not reached enlightenment. Visitors are welcome to view our sim-archives at any time, and experience what life as a pilgrim is truly like."

    Commander Stateira "Starcloak" Eleshenar

    Regulus Observer | Interstellar Press

  • August 26, 3301
  • Heike Starport Security under Strain

    On patrol outside the busy starport of Brunel Station, Heike Security Forces pilot Kenji Nobu reluctantly admits that not all visitors to the station are being subjected to "the full scrutiny of the law".

    "There's just too many of them and too few of us", Nobu said, resignedly. In the last 24 hours, nearly 750 ships have docked at Brunel Station, mostly small or medium transport ships – over 10 times normal volumes.

    "Word is that the brass is waiting on approval for emergency funds. The pilots’ union rep said we might have to put in some overtime. Nothing I haven't heard before, though", said Nobu.

    Dockworker Sothy Ferrell elaborated on what was drawing pilots to the station: "Some fruits, some coffee, but mostly tea. How 'bout those monks growing the stuff? No doubt they're loaded!"

    It has been reported that a faction called Emperor's Dawn has recently issued a contract for large quantities of ceremonial Heike tea. The group is located over 200 light years from Heike, with most of the journey lying within Federation space.

    "I might recognize a name or two coming up on the scanner”, said Nobu, “but most of it just runs together. Listen, I gotta get back to my patrol.”

    Commander Tyber de Maat

    Zaonce Market Circular | Interstellar Press

  • Athena System Hosts ‘XYZ Fight Club’

    The popular gladiatorial tournament known as the ‘XYZ Fight Club’ took place again this weekend. Our reporters were ringside for the spectacle. Pilots descended on Athena, pitting dog-fighting skills against one another in both light and medium ships.

    Criminals targeting participant Commander Angel Rose marred the start of the event and forced an evacuation of Darboux Orbital, but Commanders Rhea and Lynk1973 ensured that contingency arenas allowed combatants and spectators to avoid further harassment.

    Commanders Bodmans, Danten and Old Sauveur dominated play for the light rounds – fast-paced jousting with no shortage of collisions. Commanders DJTruthsayer, Estelath, Ace Rimzy and Jankster gave solid performances, but were knocked out.

    The light semi-finals saw Bodmans – recent champion of the Sol Grand Prix – facing off against Commander Rainy Day in close-quarters knife-fighting. Rainy Day spent chaff and shield-cells before Bodmans delivered the deathblow – a barrage of missile-fire – that delighted the audience.

    Medium-class contents continued into the night, involving Couriers, Vipers, and Diamondback Scouts. Commander Synaptic made notable use of their DBS-stealth capabilities to evade missile-fire, but eventually succumbed to their opponent’s attacks.

    Angel Rose's Viper took on Commander Louise of Darkwater's Courier. Audiences watching the event live cheered the commander from Slough Orbital, but it was not enough to protect her from her opponent’s rail-fire as a victorious Louise of Darkwater moved into the later rounds.

    Showing impressive skill in the marathon tournament, the same pair of combatants managed to reach the finals for both classes. Bodmans and Old Sauveur intitially exchanged fire in Eagles, with Old Sauveur proving victorious in the fast-paced battle through a well-timed use of shield cells. Going head-to-head in Couriers to decide the victor of the medium heats, Bodmans eventually claimed victory at the end of a protracted defensive battle.

    Commander Edgar Starwalker

    Lomas Racing News | Interstellar Press

  • August 25, 3301
  • Report Raises Concerns about Operation Davy Jones

    The Stratis Information Group, an independent think-tank of political, defence, and economics analysts, has published an in-depth study of Operation Davy Jones, the ongoing conflict between the Imperial Navy and the forces of Archon Delaine.

    Aside from providing statistics regarding the current Imperial deployment, the report raises concerns about the overall purpose of the operation, stating that: “The current premise of ridding the Pegasi sector of the Kumo Crew is merely a cover for aggressive Imperial expansion into Federation-aligned systems.”

    Stratis analyst Marcus Orrin elaborated on the concerns: “The Imperial Navy has invested a tremendous amount of effort and resources in securing the Pegasi sector. To believe they will simply withdraw from the region once hostilities come to an end is to ignore historical precedents. The Empire will likely maintain an occupation force in the Pegasi sector for some time after.”

    Commander Driggers

    Times of Mars | Interstellar Press

  • August 22, 3301
  • 'Operation Uranus’ Successful

    This week, Archon Delaine hit back at the renewed Imperial offensive. Using a multi-pronged attack, the Kumo Crew struck hard at systems under the influence of Senator Patreus. Dubbed ‘Operation Uranus’, the campaign successfully pushed the system of Contiku into turmoil.

    The number of Kumo Crew raids within Imperial space increased during the week, with multiple Imperial commanders reporting run-ins with the cartel. Although a combined task force of Imperial powers laid siege to the Pegasi sector, pilots loyal to Senator Patreus failed to prevent the pirate counter-attack. This may jeopardize the fragile alliance between the powers, and strengthen internal opposition to the Pegasi Pirate War.

    Time will tell if the operation has shifted the balance of the power, but Archon Delaine certainly refuses to go gently into the night.

    Commander Mikalus

    Liaedin Chronicle | Interstellar Press

  • August 20, 3301
  • Democracy Threatened in Old Worlds

    Allegations have surfaced from sources close to the office of Prime Minister Edmund Mahon that unnamed elements within the Pilots Federation are deliberately undermining democratic factions in the Old Worlds. These groups are allegedly scheming to push corporate governments into power to strengthen trade agreements with Alioth.

    The Lave system appears to be the latest victim of these efforts. With support from independent pilots, the incorporated Lave Fortune Organization has become the most influential faction in the system. If they are successful, Lave will become the third system in the cluster – after Leesti and Reorte – to have its democratic government overthrown by a corporation.

    The rise of the Alliance as a galactic power has brought prosperity to the Old Worlds, but commentators fear that its basic principles are being undercut by Edmund Mahon in order to protect trade interests. The Prime Minister’s office has yet to respond to these allegations.

    Commander Kulzar (AKA Léonard Chamberlain)

    Allied News Service | Interstellar Press

  • August 19, 3301
  • Federation Continues Debate on War

    Dissent is growing within Federation congress over the situation in the Pegasi sector. Though many view the Pegasi Pirate War as a chance to let the Empire waste their resources, a growing contingent is becoming frustrated with the Federation’s lack of response.

    "Tolerating such rampant lawlessness in our sphere of influence makes us look increasingly feckless. If we don’t react with a show of force, it’s an open invitation for every would-be warlord to subjugate Federation space”, Congressman McRand argued in congress today.

    “Involving ourselves in the same war as the Empire is just asking for a security and diplomatic nightmare. Frankly, I trust these Empire pilots little more than I so Archon Delaine”, responded Congresswoman Faye.

    Debate continues in congress over taking a more active stance in the war. At last count, over 140 Federation systems and 89 billion citizens were under the control of the Kumo Crew.

    Commander Zonr

    Times of Mars | Interstellar Press