Galactic News

  • November 24, 3309
  • Azimuth Biotech: ‘We Can Serve Alliance’

    Azimuth Biotech has suggested that it can replace Sirius Corporation as the Alliance’s anti-xeno military partner.

    The move follows the Alliance Assembly’s decision to reevaluate its strategic xeno defence pact with Sirius, amid concerns that the megacorp has not sufficiently protected Allied systems from the Thargoids.

    CEO Torben Rademaker offered the following statement during a recent shareholder presentation:

    “Azimuth Biotech is – and always has been – the only corporation to specialise in anti-xeno weapons tech. Sirius Corporation, once the trend-setter in so many fields, has become complacent and is now best described as a household goods manufacturer with delusions of grandeur. Aegis is a loosely connected gang of publicity-seekers playing war games with technology developed by uncredited researchers. But Azimuth specialists have been diligently researching the Thargoid species ever since we made first contact with them two centuries ago.”

    “We can supply the Alliance Defence Force with weaponry and defensive technology guaranteed to be a match for anything in the Thargoids’ arsenal. I’m prepared to meet with Prime Minister Mahon personally to work out the details of our proposal.”

    The Alliance Assembly has not yet formally responded, but Councillor Hildegard Dressler said: “Our vulnerability to Thargoid attacks means Azimuth should be seriously considered to reinforce our security.” Councillor Ainsley Niven took the opposite view: “There will be mass uprisings if we collaborate with the most notoriously immoral company in history, one soaked in the blood that Salvation spilled in his pursuit of greatness.”

    Leon Banerjee, science correspondent for Vox Galactica, observed:

    “It’s worth noting what Azimuth is not offering the Alliance: the anti-xeno superweapons that once cleared entire systems of Thargoids. Resurrecting Proteus Wave technology after HIP 22460 would cause a public outcry, but that wouldn’t greatly concern Rademaker. Therefore, we can deduce that Azimuth’s ability to weaponise Guardian artefacts died along with Salvation, leaving the corporation struggling for relevancy following his death.”

  • November 20, 3309
  • Alliance Reviews Sirius Defence Pact

    The Alliance Assembly has approved a formal evaluation of its strategic defence pact with Sirius Corporation.

    The vote to launch an independent inquiry was led by Councillor Nakato Kaine, who summarised:

    “This partnership has been in effect for nearly two years. What tangible military support have we seen? Sirius Corporation has done little to protect Allied populations from attack or abduction. The capital ships promised to the Alliance Defence Force remain on the drawing board. The Sirius Navy isn’t even engaging the Thargoid fleets on the front line of this war. How much longer must we endure Li Yong-Rui’s empty promises?”

    Admiral Nikolas Glass, the megacorp’s representative on the Council of Admirals, disputed these claims:

    “In truth, an enormous amount of work is taking place behind the scenes. Sirius technicians have retrofitted many ageing ADF ships with modern weaponry and internal systems. We’ve invested significantly in new AX modules, such as the anti-xeno missile rack and pre-engineered heatsink. And our blueprints formed the basis for Aegis’s sub-surface extraction missile, which has helped rescue so many from the Titans.”

    An editorial piece in the Old Worlds Gazette speculated:

    “The strategic defence pact has led to some successes, such as the Operation Tyndareus taskforce that repulsed a Thargoid incursion in Allied territory. But that was over a year ago, and the vision of a Sirius-backed Alliance Navy to rival the Empire or Federation has not materialised.”

    “As displeasure grows in the Assembly, the option to renegotiate the pact has been raised alongside Councillor Kaine’s proposal to terminate it entirely. Prime Minister Mahon faces political pressure to abandon his commitment to Sirius Corporation, especially now that a reformed Aegis is leading anti-xeno technology development.”

  • November 10, 3309
  • Palin Makes Thargoid Spire Breakthrough

    Analysis of objects and refinery compounds obtained from Thargoid spire sites has revealed a crucial connection to the Titans.

    The announcement was made by Professor Ishmael Palin, who has been receiving deliveries of these materials from Pilots’ Federation members:

    “Genetic commonalities between the spire compounds and Titan hull fragments have now been verified. My research suggests these surface sites have been established to harvest resources which sustain the Thargoid motherships in some way. It may be that their supplies of some vital enzymes or fuels are running low, after months of being deployed away from their home worlds.”

    “To capitalise on this newfound understanding, my team has synthesised a biological contaminant based on the chemical composition of the samples. Introducing this to a spire’s processing chain can only help our efforts to disrupt their invasion plans.”

    Dr Maximo Fonseca, the Alliance’s scientific liaison to Aegis, commented:

    “It is important to note that Professor Palin’s work is still in the experimental phase, necessitating further testing. Large quantities of the contaminant will need to be transported to all known spires. This will be a highly dangerous mission, as the sites are aggressively patrolled by Thargoid drones and vessels.”

    Aegis has expressed gratitude to everyone who provided samples from the Titans and Thargoid spire sites to Professor Palin in the Arque system. A special notice was published honouring those pilots who delivered the first and the highest number of items:

    CMDR HaLfY47

    CMDR M. V. Coehoorn


    CMDR Pete Justice

    CMDR Ecthelion

    CMDR Tarin Tarek

    CMDR Racius

    CMDR Dark Session

  • November 3, 3309
  • Thargoid Abductees Reconnect with Society

    People who have been rescued from Thargoid Titans remain in quarantine, but can soon expect family visits and access to comms networks.

    Aegis reported that bio-storage capsules are still being successfully extracted from the Thargoid motherships, albeit at high risk to pilots. Each revived individual has been placed in medical isolation, as per guidance from Aegis specialists.

    Deputy Prime Minister Angela Corcoran, who coordinates the Alliance’s involvement with Aegis, discussed the situation in a session of the Assembly:

    “All abductees are being monitored for signs of Thargoid physical or mental influence. So far, I’m pleased to say, these test results remain negative. Therefore, those from Allied systems are now permitted to receive visitors, while remaining under strict quarantine conditions. They are also being granted direct access to comms and public media. I understand that Federal, Imperial and most independent authorities will shortly follow suit with their own citizens.”

    Director Nassim Qadir, head of medical research at Azimuth Biotech, was quoted in a formal statement from the corporation:

    “Isolating all the returnees was prudent, but they should not be treated like normal people. The Thargoids went to great lengths to capture living humans, and we have not yet determined the reason. It’s possible they are acting as carriers of an alien pathogen, or affected in some other way that Aegis’s inferior procedures cannot detect.”

    “We propose that Azimuth Biotech takes exclusive control of processing all those recovered from the Titans. We have the techniques, equipment and experience in researching human-xeno interactions. Only after being subjected to an intensive battery of examinations should these subjects have their civil rights and freedoms returned.”

  • October 23, 3309
  • Titan Survivors Kept in Quarantine

    Thousands of people rescued from captivity within the Thargoid motherships remain isolated under strict medical and security protocols.

    Professor Alba Tesreau, head of Aegis, spoke at a press conference:

    “I’m relieved to see that the sub-surface extraction missiles are proving effective, especially considering how quickly they went into production. Many pilots are using them to excavate bio-storage capsules from beneath the hulls of the Thargoid Titans.”

    “Each resuscitated individual has undergone an exhaustive range of physical scans and psychological evaluations. Some are being treated for stress-related conditions and mental trauma, but otherwise they appear to be unharmed. With no clear evidence that these people have been infected or influenced by the Thargoids in some manner, Aegis has sent a number of proposals to superpower governments as they consider the next steps.”

    Despite this announcement, everyone extracted from a bio-storage capsule remains under military quarantine. The Alliance, Empire, Federation and independent factions have all instructed that any citizen who was abducted by Thargoids must be kept in high-security isolation until further notice.

    As discussed by reporter Ernesto Rios for Vox Galactica:

    “There is widespread concern that whatever the Thargoids had planned for their human captives was set in motion before rescue efforts began. While scientific analysis of the captives disputes this notion – as all results have thus far – the returnees may face prejudice and mistrust when they are permitted to rejoin society.”

    In related news, there are reports that the Thargoid barnacle matrix sites have recently undergone enormous growth, with sightings of ‘towering spires’ and similar megastructures. Aegis and other scientific bodies have sent analysis teams to all known sites to gather data.

  • October 16, 3309
  • Felicia Winters Elected as Federal President

    The Federation has voted to elect Felicia Winters as its next president, with a four per cent vote majority over her rival Jerome Archer.

    The current shadow president of the Liberal Party will be officially inaugurated in the new year, entering an eight-year term of office. Congressman Isolde Rochester will also be sworn in as vice president in Winters’s administration.

    President Zachary Hudson will remain in power during the transition period, but will not be expected to implement any major policy changes. The Liberal Party will replace the Republican Party as the superpower’s governing authority in 3310, with Jerome Archer assuming the role of shadow president.

    President-elect Winters addressed her supporters during a celebratory rally in Olympus Village on Mars:

    “The people of the Federation have spoken! I thank you all for turning my party’s vision into a reality. My aim is to govern fairly for everybody, regardless of their political allegiance. Together we will create optimism where there was fear, give shelter those who are vulnerable, and improve the quality of life for each and every Federal citizen.”

    Vice President Jerome Archer formally conceded the election during a session of Congress:

    “My compliments to Felicia Winters, who fought a strong campaign. I look forward to taking on the role of shadow president next year, and ensuring that her government’s proposals are thoroughly scrutinised from day one.”

    Former presidents Antonia Madison and Jasmina Halsey – whom Winters temporarily replaced after the Starship One disaster – offered their congratulations. Prime Minister Edmund Mahon of the Alliance, First Minister Octavia Volkov of the Marlinist Colonies, and CEO Li Yong-Rui of Sirius Corporation sent similar messages to the Winters campaign.

    No formal acknowledgement was received from the Empire. However, Princess Aisling Duval joined Professor Alba Tesreau and other members of Aegis leadership to state: “We trust that President Winters will remain committed to our unified approach, ensuring the development of technology needed to secure victory in the ongoing Thargoid war.”

  • October 13, 3309
  • Federal Election: The Allied Perspective

    The Alliance is observing the Federal president election, but expects little will change in relationships between the two superpowers.

    Prime Minister Edmund Mahon delivered a formal address on the topic before the Assembly:

    “The Alliance continues to enjoy stable relations with the Federation. Our recent anti-xeno coalitions, including the reformation of Aegis, show how we can benefit from maintaining such cooperation. I am confident that the new president, whoever it may be, will respect the status quo.”

    Councillor Nakato Kaine gave a more direct statement to the press:

    “I cannot ignore how the Federation has become more authoritarian under Zachary Hudson’s Republican government. It has also coped poorly with internal pressures: the Starship One conspiracy, Jupiter Division’s attempted coup, the secession crisis triggered by the Proactive Detection Bureau’s operation… the list goes on. And yet, Federal democracy is now empowering every individual to elect their leaders. That, at least, is something we in the Alliance should admire and consider adopting.”

    Vanya Driscoll, political correspondent for The Alliance Tribune, reported:

    “Most Allied politicians are too diplomatic to openly express a preference between the two candidates. Privately, councillors like Kaine are hopeful of a more nuanced relationship with Winters, who lacks the hawkish rhetoric of Hudson. However, others believe that Archer’s focus on military spending and domestic security might prove more practical in the face of the Thargoid invasion.”

    The latest voting polls from Federal systems show that Jerome Archer has overtaken Felicia Winters, albeit by a narrow margin. The voting window ends on the 15th, with the results verified by Monday to determine the victor of the 3309 Federal presidential election.

  • September 11, 3309
  • Sirius Corporation Discusses Thargoid Abductions

    Sirius Corporation has revealed a long-running project to rescue people who were captured by the Thargoids.

    CEO Li Yong-Rui made this statement during a press conference:

    “Shortly after the early reports of Thargoid Interceptors collecting inhabited escape pods were received, Sirius has explored several possible countermeasures. Various remote recovery methods had been designed, although only a few prototypes were ever constructed.”

    “Now that the Thargoids are conducting widespread, systematic abductions of living humans, we believe that this research may prove crucial to saving millions of lives. Sirius Corporation is willing to bypass the commercial potential of our work and share it directly with Aegis. I have personally requested a meeting with Professor Tesreau to provide details and discuss options.”

    Deputy Prime Minister Angela Corcoran, who oversees the Alliance’s contributions to Aegis, was invited to comment by the Old Worlds Gazette:

    “The Assembly has no knowledge of this project, since it falls outside of our strategic defence pact with Sirius Corporation. My concern is whether this comes with an expectation of a reciprocal data exchange. Li Yong-Rui’s offer sounds like an altruistic gesture, but sometimes the true price of information is unclear. I intend to discuss this with the other Aegis coordinators before any decisions are made.”

    Aegis is currently gathering resources for an upgraded pulse wave xeno scanner, which can locate human captives held on Thargoid Titans. There has been speculation that Sirius Corporation’s research may prove useful to the anticipated next step: rescuing those abductees from their confinement.

  • September 7, 3309
  • Upgraded Xeno Scanner Requires Resources

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Aegis aims to provide an update to the pulse wave xeno scanner that can locate captive humans on Thargoid Titans.

    Dr Maximo Fonseca, the Alliance’s scientific liaison to Aegis, informed the media about the project:

    “Information provided by Seo Jin-ae suggests that people abducted by the Thargoids are being kept alive aboard the Titan motherships inside ‘pods’. This theory makes sense - since Thargoid atmospheres are toxic to humans, any captives are surely sealed in an environment that meets their respiratory and nutritional needs.”

    “The pulse wave xeno scanner has been modified by Allied, Federal and Imperial technicians, working in concert using Aegis’s communications protocols. The module’s electromagnetic pulse technology aims to identify these pods by detecting several key markers generated by living humans.”

    “A broader effort to prepare for humanitarian rescue efforts is underway, but we have encountered a shortage of neofabric insulation, polymers and thallium. Shipments of these materials are urgently required to support the crews onboard rescue megaships in its vital work.”

    Contributors are asked to transport these commodities to Muller Terminal in the Rabh system. The CD-51 1447 Imperial Society has agreed to coordinate the enterprise on behalf of Aegis, and will protect deliveries by redeeming bounty vouchers for all wanted ships in the system.

  • August 14, 3309
  • Distant Thargoid Encounter Raises Questions

    An independent explorer has reported an unusual incident involving a Thargoid vessel, hundreds of light years away from the ongoing invasion.

    Commander Renia Rakowski told her story to Vox Galactica:

    “I’d been gathering exploration data for weeks without seeing another soul. Boring, I know, but I like a quiet life. As I jumped out of the Wregoe GA-X B3-0 system, my ship rocked violently and I panicked, thinking the hyperdrive had failed. I barely saw it at first, black against the black of space, until its outline glowed. A Thargoid interceptor. Just like on the newsfeeds, but right outside my canopy.”

    “I’ve never been in combat before, and my ship carries no weapons anyway, so I thought this was the end of me. My heart was drumming as I stared at the alien, and it stared back like some giant lidless eye. A writhing light lashed out, this rasping howl came over the comms, and then… it left. I wasn’t dead, which was quite the surprise.”

    “I watched it gliding away, its petals rotating and revolving, sort of beautifully I suppose. It actually turned its back on me, like I was some insignificant speck unworthy of attention. I’ve never been so glad to be boring.”

    Commodore Emil Varga, the Alliance’s military liaison to Aegis, provided a follow-up statement:

    “This incident took place a considerable distance from the Maelstroms. Initially, we feared this was evidence that new Titans had arrived and were performing a flanking manoeuvre. However, if the interceptor had been part of the invasion fleets, it would have opened fire immediately after hyperdiction occurred.”

    “The immediate area around Wregoe GA-X B3-0 contains no barnacle sites or records of Thargoid activity that we’re aware of. Universal Cartographics confirmed we have some basic exploration data for that part of the Wregoe sector, but no previous Thargoid encounters. Civilians are warned to stay away from that region until we know more.”

  • August 4, 3309
  • Cultists Blamed for Dedicant Tragedy

    President Zachary Hudson has accused the Order of the Far God of being directly responsible for the fate of the Dedicant megaship.

    “Our assessment of these Thargoid-worshipping extremists has been proved correct,” he told The Federal Times. “Hijacking the Dedicant to deliver it to their alien gods is an act of treason and mass murder.”

    “I have ordered the Proactive Detection Bureau to root out every deluded individual with sympathies for this twisted cult. Automatic life sentences will ensure that these traitors never again put innocent people at risk.”

    The declaration brought political pressure on all three presidential candidates to state their intentions for the Far God cult should they be elected.

    Vice President Jerome Archer: “I will be pleased to continue President Hudson’s policy on dealing with these religious fanatics: stricter controls, increased surveillance and tougher sentences.”

    Shadow President Felicia Winters: “Regardless of their misguided beliefs, thousands of former citizens also lost their lives during this Thargoid attack. I am lobbying for an independent security review into these tragic events.”

    Zachary Rackham: “Hear me out. There’s a simple solution to all this. When I’m president, only criminals will pay tax. That’ll be a far more effective deterrent than imprisonment!”

    Dr Alfred Ulyanov, an expert on the Order of the Far God, observed that the cultists had no way of communicating with the Thargoids: “The deeply distressing logs found on the Dedicant prove that the arrival of the Thargoids was unexpected, and certainly not the rapturous experience they believed it would be.”

    The Federal Intelligence Agency is continuing to investigate the Dedicant in the HIP 19600 system. The Alliance’s amnesty programme with the Federation has been officially halted, but the Far God religion remains legal in most Allied territories.

  • July 20, 3309
  • The Hunt for the Dedicant

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Traces of a distress call from the Dedicant megaship have been detected in the LP 714-58 system.

    Vice Admiral Amir Rafiq, a spokesperson for the Imperial Navy, broadcast an announcement on all public channels:

    “An Imperial scout ship travelling through LP 714-58 has intercepted several fragmentary signals. Their identifying markers confirmed that they originated from the Dedicant. We believe there has been an encryption error in the system’s communication beacons, which prevented the distress call from being rerouted to its intended destination in the Federation.”

    “Officially, the Imperial Navy no longer performs joint operations with our Federal counterparts. Nor do we involve ourselves in the activities of the illegal Far God cult. Nevertheless, we are sharing this information as a humanitarian gesture. Our hope is that this may aid a rescue mission for those trapped aboard the lost megaship.”

    The Dedicant made an unscheduled hyperspace jump from the Popontia system on the 15th of June, while imprisoned members of the Order of the Far God were being transferred onboard to be relocated in the Alliance.

    Executive Agent Jalen Locke of the Federal Intelligence Agency released a statement:

    “It is unexpected to receive any kind of assistance from the Empire, but on this occasion we are grateful. Three security teams, comprised of 50 agents each, are currently on the Dedicant along with over 8,000 cultists. This is the first indication that the megaship remains intact and that our people are calling for help.”

    “FIA specialists are en route to the LP 714-58 system. However, deciphering interstellar comms signals is a difficult and time-consuming task. We would appreciate any assistance from independent pilots if they are able to detect any further messages.”

  • July 13, 3309
  • Deliver Rarities for Azimuth Event

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Azimuth Biotech has requested shipments of rare commodities to Xi Wangda, as luxury supplies for its business convention.

    Torben Rademaker, CEO of the anti-xeno corporation, announced the initiative via public channels:

    “We expect this prestigious gathering to be attended by many representatives from research groups, manufacturing companies and military forces. To ensure that our esteemed guests are made welcome, we will pay handsomely for shipments of Albino Quechua Mammoth Meat, Gilya Signature Weapons and Harma Silver Sea Rum.”

    “The cornerstone of this event will be the commercial launch of Azimuth’s newly modified ship-mounted weapon: the pre-engineered Overcharged Gimballed AX Multi-Cannon with Auto Loader. Our proprietary redesign will make a significant contribution when engaging Thargoid vessels in combat. Those who contribute the greatest number of rare goods will be rewarded with some of these revolutionary modules.”

    Deputy Prime Minister Angela Corcoran, who coordinates the Alliance’s involvement with Aegis, remarked on Azimuth’s campaign during an interview for the Old Worlds Gazette:

    “Anything that increases survivability against the Thargoids is surely welcome. But it does grind a little when it comes from the same organisation that escalated the war so significantly.”

    “Furthermore, Mr Rademaker is placing a positive spin on Azimuth’s connections with third parties, rather than admit that it is a necessity. Activist groups such as Operation Wych Hunt have diminished the corporation’s stellar influence in recent months. Their actions might have forced Azimuth to rely on external support in order to compete with Aegis.”

    Pilots can make their deliveries to Musashi in the Xi Wangda system. Azimuth Biotech has acknowledged that transporting these valuable items increases the likelihood of being targeted by pirate forces. The corporation will therefore offer a further reward for redeeming bounty vouchers at Cartier City on wanted ships in the system, in order to maintain local security.

  • June 30, 3309
  • Thargoid War Update: June 3309

    The latest report on the ongoing struggle against the Thargoids from Vox Galactica reporter Jade Sanderlyn.

    “As the war reaches its eighth month, Thargoid invasion forces occupy over a thousand systems. Billions of people have been evacuated or lost as a result. Although this ongoing conflict has made little impact on everyday life for the other side of the bubble, it continues to dominate the media.”

    “The beginning of June saw the release of Aegis’s latest development: the pulse wave xeno scanner. This module allows any pilots who dares approach the Titans to gather much-needed data, triggering what The Empirical referred to as a ‘scientific gold rush’. We are a long way from fully comprehending the purpose of these gargantuan constructs, but the tools to do so are at least beginning to arrive.”

    “Unsurprisingly, Azimuth Biotech also declared its interest in the Titans. This led to the corporation competing indirectly with Aegis to collect tissue samples directly from the hull of the Thargoid motherships. Although there was significantly greater support for the tri-superpower agency - no doubt an encouraging sign for Aegis’s Professor Tesreau - Azimuth’s results suggest that some retain faith in Salvation’s legacy.”

    “On the subject of faith, another media talking point was the recent mysterious disappearance of the Dedicant. This Order of the Far God megaship, impounded for months by the FIA, was scheduled to deport tens of thousands of imprisoned adherents from the Federation to the Alliance. But with only a few thousand on board, the ship made a sudden hyperspace jump out of Popontia. Theories abound as to its fate, ranging from a simple engine malfunction to the Far God rescuing its loyal worshippers. Even in wartime, it seems everyone loves a mystery.”

    “On the front lines, of course, there is no time for such distractions. Thargoid Glaives hunt down human ships. Revenants seek to eliminate human trespassers on conquered worlds. Titans launch wave after wave of Thargoid vessels further into the core systems. Here, the focus remains locked onto the deadliest adversary we have ever faced. But the resistance is holding fast, and some traction is being made by anti-xeno forces. Systems are being recovered from alien control. There is hope that the tide is slowly turning.”

    “This is Jade Sanderlyn for Vox Galactica. Stay safe out there.”

  • June 23, 3309
  • An Audience with the Preceptor

    The Order of the Far God has reached out to Seo Jin-ae, offering information on the possible fate of the Dedicant.

    The megaship was due to transport members of the True Chapters sect from the Popontia system to the Alliance-governed Mullag system, but made a hyperspace jump ahead of schedule and disappeared. The Federal Intelligence Agency has interrogated cult members still waiting in Federal prison cells, but reportedly obtained no useful information.

    Days later, Aegis was directly contacted by chapters of the Order within independent space. They volunteered to discuss the Dedicant but only with Seo Jin-ae, whom they refer to as ‘the Preceptor’ for her ability to interpret to the Thargoid hive mind.

    After meeting Far God representatives at a secure location, Seo Jin-ae made a public statement:

    “The meeting wasn’t as productive as the FIA hoped. I asked the cultists for information, but they wouldn’t stop jabbering about their religion. They wanted me to share ‘divine commandments’ from the Titans, and kept asking when the Far God would arrive to cleanse the galaxy. I’ll always be grateful to these people for rescuing me a few months ago, but it’s hard work convincing them I’m not a prophet.”

    “During the brief period I got them talking about the Dedicant, they admitted knowing nothing about a True Chapters scheme to retake the megaship. And they certainly have no clue where it is now. The meeting was mostly a waste of time.”

    “One thing was possibly useful, though. Apparently, the interiors of Far God megaships are remodelled to make them ‘deliberately confusing for heretics’. Corridors like insect tunnels, rooms turned into hive cells – that sort of thing. When I told them the FIA had already examined the ship’s layout while it was in custody, one cultist argued they hadn’t found the ‘secret doors’. They explained how Theta Seven failed to get the hyperdrive working after he gained control of the Sacrosanct, and claimed the crew of that ship rigged the thing with traps. Maybe that’s how the FIA agents lost control of the Dedicant.”

  • June 12, 3309
  • Far God Deportation Programme Approved

    The Federation has agreed to the expulsion of all adherents of the Order of the Far God to the Alliance.

    President Zachary Hudson issued a statement alongside the government decision:

    “Any ideology that worships the Thargoids is destructive and treasonous, especially now we are at war with that species. I believe that rather than waste taxpayers’ money keeping these deluded individuals incarcerated, the Federation is better off without them.”

    “This morning I accepted Prime Minister Mahon’s proposal. All former citizens known to have pledged themselves to this toxic religion will be transported beyond our borders and into the care of the Alliance.”

    Security services have prioritised the True Chapters cultists currently imprisoned in the Popontia system, labelling them as high-risk compared to orthodox Far God followers. They will be escorted to Alliance space aboard the Dedicant, having agreed to provide full access to the megaship’s databanks and the Order’s sacred texts for Federal assessment. The Dedicant will then collect cultists held in other Federal penal facilities, ferrying them to Allied systems.

    Political correspondent Sofia Trevino wrote an opinion piece for The Federal Times:

    “Could there be an ulterior motive to this unexpected decision by the President? Perhaps Hudson is mindful of his legacy, with his term of office approaching its end. By tempering his ‘strong man’ reputation with a degree of leniency, he can better portray himself as a firm but fair leader in the Federation’s history books.”

  • June 8, 3309
  • Alliance Offers Amnesty for Far God Cultists

    The Alliance Assembly has submitted an appeal for clemency to Federal Congress for followers of the Order of the Far God.

    The Thargoid-worshipping faith was outlawed by the Federation in October 3308, after a failed initiative in the Popontia system to outfit a megaship named the Dedicant. Every member of the ‘True Chapters’ sect on board was arrested and stripped of citizenship, with FIA agents rounding up known collaborators in subsequent days. This was in accordance with the Federal constitution which forbids supporting enemies of the state, which the Thargoids are legally classified as.

    As part of the request, Prime Minister Edmund Mahon stated:

    “The Alliance upholds the principles of religious tolerance, and our systems are free to develop their own laws regarding faith. This means we have always welcomed the Order of the Far God, regardless of its controversial nature. While many disagree with the Order’s message, their members are typically pacifists who have never sought to inflict harm on others.”

    “Therefore, we propose that the Federation deports all Far God worshippers to Alliance space rather than imprison them. This could be quickly negotiated as a limited extension of existing extradition treaties.”

    “As a security measure, adherents of the True Chapters and other Far God sects would be routinely checked for evidence of illegal activity. But they would otherwise be free to settle on Allied worlds and establish new communities.”

    Political journalist Vanya Driscoll reported for The Alliance Tribune:

    “In the midst of the Thargoid war, some will view this offer as bordering on traitorous. But Mahon is grasping a high-profile opportunity to distinguish the libertarian Alliance from an increasingly authoritarian Federation. If this gesture helps convince independent systems to seek Allied membership, the political gain could far outweigh the potential risk.”

  • June 5, 3309
  • The Emperor’s Ire

    Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval has responded to criticism from Hadrian Duval regarding her decision to contribute to Aegis.

    During a public address at the opening of a naval research and development complex on Achenar, the Emperor stated:

    “For the avoidance of doubt, my decree to halt interaction with the Alliance and the Federation remains in effect. Whatever advancements in weaponry or defence are made at these impressive facilities, they will be used exclusively by the Imperial Navy to protect Imperial citizens.”

    “Aegis’s status as an independent agency makes it a legal exception under the Cornelius-Lasky Convention. Only a small fraction of the Empire’s military expenditure is being devoted to Aegis’s anti-xeno forces.”

    “As for Hadrian Duval, some may recall when his Nova Imperium extremists once threatened to trigger widescale civil unrest. I chose to spare him from the fate of his co-conspirators, something Princess Aisling argued for with the same passion as she showed for the Aegis project. Unless Hadrian wishes to test my ‘weak spirit’ further, I strongly advise him to keep such thoughts private in future.”

    The altercation between Duvals triggered some debate in the Senate, with Senator Petra Torval arguing that the Emperor clearly viewed Hadrian Duval as an ‘enemy of the Empire’. The matter was settled by a statement from Chancellor Anders Blaine:

    “The Treaty of Paresa binds all former members of Nova Imperium as subjects of the throne. Her Majesty has delivered a reminder that Hadrian Duval is not officially a prince of the royal family, but is nevertheless considered a loyal ally for as long as it pleases the Emperor.”

  • May 30, 3309
  • Hadrian Duval Remarks on ‘Weak Emperor’

    An interview with Hadrian Augustus Duval has caused ripples in Imperial society for his direct criticism of Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval.

    Speaking to Paresa News Network, the former Nova Imperium leader discussed the Empire’s commitment to Aegis:

    “I have always known that the Empire is stronger alone, especially when protecting our people from the Thargoid hordes. Supposedly, Emperor Arissa felt the same – until a visit from Princess Aisling turned her head. Suddenly her principles were cast aside, and our valuable resources pledged to more foreign military projects.”

    “I can only wonder when the Emperor became so easily swayed. Was it during her year in captivity? Did all that time in suspended animation drain her resolve? We cannot afford to allow the Empire to be governed by someone with a weak spirit. Our citizens deserve a strong, determined ruler.”

    Gudrun Vestergaard, royal correspondent for The Imperial Herald, commented:

    “The anticipated friction between the Duval cousins has now become a reality. Hadrian clearly took great offence at how swiftly Aisling engineered an exception to the Empire’s isolationist policies. But openly denigrating Her Majesty is a dangerous game, especially from the young revolutionary who once attempted to usurp her throne.”

    “Meanwhile, Princess Aisling has thrown herself into the role of overseeing the Imperial contribution to Aegis. Court insiders claim that she spends much of her time with military experts, absorbing information about the Thargoid conflict. Regularly communications with her opposite numbers in the Alliance and Federation have become part of the daily routine. Some still see this as a high-profile PR exercise on her part, but others wonder if Aisling might become the wartime leader the Empire needs. Skeptics who believe she lacks the strategic talents necessary to succeed may yet find themselves surprised by her apparent enthusiasm for Aegis’s work.”

  • May 10, 3309
  • Into the Maelstroms

    Aegis has confirmed that the first ships equipped with Thargoid pulse neutralisers have entered the inner regions of the Maelstroms.

    The new module provides a temporary shield against the electromagnetic pulse that is generated when ships reach a certain point within the Maelstroms. Until now, this has prevented all attempts to identify what Thargoid constructs may exist within the caustic clouds.

    Rear Admiral Daniel Parry, the Federal Navy’s liaison to Aegis, reported:

    “Armed ships crewed by military and xenology specialists have now been sent into each Maelstrom. These pathfinder missions will attempt to gather as much tactical and environmental data as possible.”

    “We have also received information from Commanders who returned intact from the Maelstroms’ core areas. We are unable to authenticate these accounts at present, but they are being collated and analysed. The Allied, Federal and Imperial high commands will authorise an official report in due course.”

    A secondary statement was provided by Commodore Emil Varga, the Alliance’s military liaison:

    “If the preliminary data obtained by independent pilots is accurate, one common factor is that they encountered a significant Thargoid presence. Aegis warns all pilots that they enter the Maelstroms at their own risk, and should prepare for combat situations.”

    “All of the eight systems containing Maelstroms are still affected by the same anti-Guardian field that was first witnessed in HIP 22460. Therefore, weapons based on Guardian technology will not function and should be replaced with other anti-xeno armaments.”