Galactic News

  • September 8, 3308
  • Successful Mining Campaign Sustains Azimuth

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    A range of mined materials have been delivered to the LHS 157 system to help Azimuth Biotech create new facilities.

    Captain Maxim Lagunov, in command of the Glorious Prospect megaship, announced:

    “This is the second time in recent weeks that our cargo bays have been stocked with vital supplies to sustain Azimuth’s future. These shipments of cobalt, gallite and osmium will be distributed to our manufacturing teams, and we hope to construct new permanent facilities in good time.”

    “Torben Rademaker has authorised us to release funds to all pilots who mined and delivered these materials. This initiative has played a major role in helping to rebuild the corporation and continue our important work.”

    “The Glorious Prospect will remain in the LHS 157 system for now. Pilots who have contributed to this initiative will shortly receive a Mbooni system permit, providing individual contribution targets were met.”

    With the destruction of the Bright Sentinel, the Prospect’s Deep outpost in Mbooni is currently the only supplier of Salvation’s pre-engineered Guardian gauss cannon, Guardian plasma charger and Guardian shard cannon.

  • September 7, 3308
  • Mahon Rebukes Imperial Isolationism

    Prime Minister Edmund Mahon has spoken out against Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval’s decree to suspend inter-superpower cooperation.

    At a meeting of the Alliance Assembly, Mahon said:

    “This hasty decision from Emperor Arissa will have dangerous repercussions for the core systems as a whole, not just those within the Empire. Now that the Thargoids have become more hostile than ever before, humanity should be uniting against this common enemy.”

    “Let us not forget: the coalition of anti-xeno taskforces in HIP 22460 performed their duties admirably, despite the tragic conclusion. That degree of military coordination could and should be sustained, to a far broader scale.”

    “The Sirius Treaty, which I proposed at the Galactic Summit in 3307, would have established anti-xeno operations as a cross-superpower priority. I can only imagine how much better prepared we would now be to combat the Thargoids. But there is still scope for governments and organisations to work more closely, as exemplified by our strategic defence pact with Sirius Corporation.”

    The Alliance, Federation and Marlinist Colonies have reported that the Empire is methodically closing down all collaborative projects. However, official diplomatic representation in non-Imperial territories has been maintained.

  • September 6, 3308
  • ‘Xeno-Peace’ Discussions Gain Momentum

    Public debate around the Battle of HIP 22460 has seen the emergence of a grassroots movement that promotes communication with the Thargoids.

    As militaries prepare for a protracted anti-xeno conflict, this alternative viewpoint has gained traction on social channels in multiple systems. Proponents believe that their governments should focus on finding ways to open a dialogue with the Thargoid species, and end hostilities using diplomatic means.

    On Interstellar Communal Experience (ICE) platforms, some influential names have amplified the xeno-peace concept. In a recent ICE-cast, leading caster Joy Senne openly discussed the topic with her viewers:

    “How do you end a war? Is it by fighting harder, building bigger weapons, wiping out everyone you can? No! Well, sometimes, I guess. But I guess Salvation blew that one, right? We shouldn’t just accept what our leaders are telling us – that the only way to end the Thargoid war is through military action.”

    “So if you want peace, you learn to talk to the other side and find common ground. That’s why I’m fascinated by this Thargoid Advocacy Project, which is promoting ways to resolve this terrible situation through non-violent means. Millions of people have already signed up. What do you all think?”

    The movement has received minor coverage in most newsfeeds. However, The Sovereign, which reports on events in independent systems, has dedicated several segments to the Thargoid Advocacy Project. Deputy editor Heimar Borichev regularly discusses the topic in his editorials:

    “Pro-peacers are being ridiculed for wanting to talk to the aliens rather than shoot them. The experts claim it’s a waste of research trying to communicate with Thargoids. But better facts are out there. Listen to what Professor Tesreau has always said between the lines. Seek out theories that weren’t approved by your governments. Make up your own mind.”

    In the Federation, a spokesperson for the Proactive Detection Bureau remarked:

    “An increase in pro-xeno sentiment has been flagged by our algorithms, since such messages often include markers for potentially antisocial behaviour. There is currently no evidence that this is anything other than a countercultural social phenomenon, but our operatives are monitoring the situation.”

  • September 5, 3308
  • Experts Speculate on Thargoid Behaviour

    The Thargoids’ resistance to the Proteus Wave in HIP 22460 has prompted discussion among academics in the field of xenology.

    Professor Shamus Madigan of Olympus Village University published a paper in the scientific journal The Empirical, which included this extract:

    “The Thargoids newly observed defence against a man-made superweapon, and their subsequent aggression, suggests a direct response to our tactics. Not only have they upgraded their technology, but also their behaviour has altered. Humanity is now a problem that must be dealt with.”

    The Imperial Science Academy’s director of xenological studies, Ivano Colombera, responded to a press query with:

    “My hypothesis is that the Thargoids’ ability to disrupt Guardian technology was first conceived millions of years ago during the Guardian/Thargoid conflict, and only now have they sought to redeploy it against our hybrid modules. Nevertheless, my division has been ordered to focus on developing practical countermeasures.”

    Dr Jeong-Hui Shin, a senior member of the Holloway Bioscience Institute, outlined her viewpoint via the Rewired network:

    “We should not assume that the Thargoids have consciously adapted to us, or even register us as an intelligent life-form. We may be no more than parasites to them. Perhaps their vessels are responding like biomechanical ‘antibodies’, automatically fighting against a particularly virulent strain of human infection in HIP 22460.”

  • Unexplained ‘Flare’ Detected in Deep Space

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Reports from independent explorers indicate that an unusual visual phenomenon has appeared in deep space.

    A distant point of light, described as a reddish-orange flare with faint radial patterns, has been observed close to the Barnard's Loop nebula. It is thought to have appeared only recently. Universal Cartographics has confirmed that the location of this ‘flare’ does not match any previously catalogued stellar body or star.

    Early attempts to verify these reports have noted a strange response when the same region of space is observed through a full spectrum system scanner (FSS). No definitive target can be isolated, but claims of a faint background noise generated by FSS audio converters have been asserted.

    Commander Eva Llewellyn, speaking to Vox Galactica, remarked:

    “I’m used to the FSS making all sorts of strange noises, but listening to this thing – comet, solar flare, whatever it is – gives me goosebumps. Something feels off, all right. The scanner tells me there’s nothing there, nothing to focus on. Can’t say I agree. Still, smarter people than me will figure out the truth of it all, I guess.”

    At present, it is unknown if this is a naturally occurring stellar event. Pilots are attempting to gather more data, but as yet no authority or scientific body has provided any official analysis of the phenomenon.

  • September 2, 3308
  • Remarkable ‘Lost Planet’ Rediscovered

    The location of the first green gas giant ever recorded was a mystery for years, but it has now been found by a community of explorers.

    Commander Kelly Eldridge initially made the discovery on the 23rd of May 3301, noting that it was “the strangest gas giant I've seen so far”. The vivid green bands in the planet’s atmosphere made it unique to explorers at the time, and these types of gas giant are still extremely rare. The unusual colouration is believed to be caused by free-floating radioplankton that absorb planetary radiation.

    Unfortunately, astrographic data of the system was not retained by Eldridge, so its precise location was lost. But in early 3308, Commander Richard Fluiraniz M began gathering enthusiasts for the ‘At The Eldritch Gate’ expedition, to collectively search for the missing planet.

    The mission involved analysing constellation patterns and interstellar gas clouds in the only available image taken by Eldridge. Pilots also retraced her path by tracking neutron stars with her discovery tag, which involved multiple ships sweeping across an enormous area within the Perseus Crags region.

    A match for the green gas giant was eventually made on the 16th of August by Commander Orange!, who identified it as the seventh planet in the Shaulai DL-P d5-274 system. With the system name supplied, Universal Cartographics then verified that it was indeed the original submitted by Eldridge.

    Cynthia Sideris, chairperson of Universal Cartographics, gave a public tribute to the expedition:

    “For over seven years, astronomers have been unable to officially catalogue the very first green gas giant. Through hard work and perseverance it has finally been found, and the full story of Shaulai DL-P d5-274 7 can be recorded for posterity. We are indebted to the Independent Explorers Association and everyone who took part in this historic achievement.”

  • September 1, 3308
  • Empire Shifts Anti-Xeno Strategy

    Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval has made a public announcement for the first time since the Battle of HIP 22460.

    In an address before the Senate, which was broadcast on all Imperial networks, she stated:

    “Our endeavour in the HIP 22460 system was a noble one, born from our duty to defend Imperial citizens against the Thargoid threat. We honour the crews of the INV Audacious Dream, INV Illustrious Fortune and INV Paramount, as well as other auxiliaries and volunteers who fought against overwhelming odds. Their names will be remembered.”

    “The disastrous outcome from the so-called coalition provides direction for our future. It is clear to me that the Empire must learn to trust its own military strength once again. Joint operations with the Alliance and Federation, and our reliance upon Salvation’s superweapon, were strategic errors that we cannot afford to repeat.”

    “Henceforth, all inter-superpower projects will cease. I have commanded the Imperial Navy to focus exclusively on protecting the Empire’s borders against our enemies, regardless of their origin. Resources and finances allocated to external suppliers will be redirected internally, to corporations of Imperial origin. Our scientists and manufacturers will provide the means to shield our territory against Thargoid invasion.”

    “To the people of the Empire: be assured that your safety is my highest priority. As your Emperor, I vow that we will endure as the strongest civilisation in history.”

  • Supply Mined Materials to Azimuth Biotech

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Azimuth Biotech has called on mining vessels to deliver raw materials to the Glorious Prospect megaship in the LHS 157 system.

    The campaign was launched by the corporation’s acting CEO, Torben Rademaker:

    “Our mission to continue developing anti-xeno technologies is currently hampered by a lack of resources to establish new facilities. Azimuth’s investment in the Proteus Wave project and related infrastructure was considerable. Meanwhile, the reckless actions of anarchists and political extremists have inhibited our recovery.”

    “Generous credit payments are being offered for supplies of the following mined metals: cobalt, gallite and osmium. These can be delivered to the Glorious Prospect in the LHS 157 system.”

    “With a suitably reinforced corporate infrastructure, Azimuth can regain its status as the premier organisation for xenological research in the core systems. Dedicated supporters will be granted access to the Mbooni system, should they not already have it.”

    In recent weeks, Azimuth Biotech was forced to withdraw from the Maia, Merope and Qarato systems following a coordinated campaign by an organised group opposing Salvation. Currently the corporation maintains a single facility in Mbooni as well as Hind Mine starport in the T Tauri system.

  • August 30, 3308
  • A New Chapter for Azimuth

    Azimuth Biotech has outlined plans for the corporation’s future following the confirmation of Salvation’s death.

    Director Torben Rademaker, head of strategic operations, submitted a statement to public newsfeeds:

    “The loss of Salvation, formerly known as Caleb Wycherley, is a sad day for our organisation. We will remember his sacrifice on humanity’s behalf, but recognise this as a chance to forge a fresh path towards the future.”

    “Azimuth Biotech is now under new management, with myself as its acting CEO. We have lost a great deal of expertise and personnel, but our decades of xenological research will serve a vital purpose in the war against the Thargoids.”

    “Unfortunately, due to a misguided campaign by radicalised saboteurs, many of our official facilities have been illegally snatched from our control. Yet plans are already underway to rebuild our corporate infrastructure. Of our surviving megaships, the Musashi has returned to our headquarters in the T Tauri system, while the Glorious Prospect has jumped to the LHS 157 system to establish a resource-gathering initiative.”

    “I can assure our former clients in the Alliance, Empire and Federation that Azimuth Biotech is beginning a new chapter in its long and successful history.”

  • August 27, 3308
  • Fears Rise of Thargoid Expansion

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Ships travelling in the vicinity of HIP 22460 have reported so-called ‘hyperdiction’ incidents at increased distances from the Thargoid-controlled system.

    Pilots have filed similar reports about encounters in V0402 Aurigae, HR 1490, Synuefe SA-C b33-2 and several other systems. The number of ships being pulled from hyperspace and scanned by Thargoid vessels – or in some cases attacked immediately - has substantially increased.

    Admiral Maxton Price issued a statement on behalf of the Federal Navy:

    “Our initial analysis suggested that, having eliminated the Proteus Wave, the Thargoids would extend their forces out from the HIP 22460 system. Unfortunately, those predictions have proved correct. New data indicates that they are using that system as a base of operations to expand into the sector.”

    “Historically, hyperdiction events did not always result in conflict. But the recent spate of direct attacks proves that the Thargoids’ aggression toward humanity has reached new levels. All civilian traffic should exercise extreme caution while travelling within the Pleiades region.”

    Professor Alba Tesreau published an alternative viewpoint:

    “What we interpret as a military expansion may instead be an attempt to reclaim territory. The Pleiades Nebula has long had a considerable Thargoid presence, with many planets containing barnacle sites where their vessels harvest meta-alloys. It seems logical that they would use their increased numbers in HIP 22460 to reassert their claim on the region.”

  • August 26, 3308
  • Retrial Requested for Admiral Tanner

    The Federal Attorney’s Office has called for the conviction of former admiral Aden Tanner to be reviewed in light of events in HIP 22460.

    Following a distinguished career in the Federal Navy, Tanner served as the chief military liaison for Aegis. In November 3307, while in command of the Aegis Defense megaship Musashi, he attempted to take control of Hind Mine starport. He believed it held evidence that Salvation intentionally attracted the Thargoids to the Cornsar system in order to test his superweapon.

    Tanner’s attack failed and the Musashi was overtaken, largely due to superior numbers of independent pilots supporting the former Taurus Mining Ventures, now Azimuth Biotech. He was court martialled, dishonourably discharged, and found guilty of mutiny and unlawful military action. But his sentencing was postponed by request of Fleet Admiral Tayo Maikori, who considered Tanner’s intel to be crucial to his own investigation into Salvation.

    The Federal Times published this statement from Senior Attorney Fiona Logan:

    “It is now a proven fact that the Guardian-based nature of the Proteus Wave was intended to attract the Thargoid fleet to HIP 22460. Component analysis by Ram Tah has verified that its forerunner superweapons were almost certainly designed to do likewise.”

    “This substantiates Tanner’s allegation that Salvation deliberately invited Thargoid incursions in inhabited systems. Furthermore, Salvation originally claimed that his anti-xeno detection network alerted him to the aliens’ approach, but there is no evidence that this network exists.”

    The Federal Navy Criminal Court confirmed that a formal application for a judiciary review was received. A special panel has been convened to reassess Tanner’s case.

  • August 25, 3308
  • Report from HIP 22460: ‘Salvation is Dead’

    It has been confirmed that Salvation, figurehead of Azimuth Biotech and creator of the Proteus Wave, was killed on board the Bright Sentinel.

    A segment of a transmission by an independent rescue team within HIP 22460 was shared with Vox Galactica by an anonymous source. The team was reporting back to the Musashi megaship, which has now returned to the T Tauri system.

    “Captain Qadir, this is Drummond. You’re not paying us well enough to be in this hellhole. There are Thargoids everywhere we turn. But we’ve found out what you wanted to know. It’s not good news.”

    “We finally managed to get close to the wreck of the Bright Sentinel, near where the bridge used to be. Bodies were drifting among the twisted metal, but fewer than we expected. We identified some of the command crew, including Commodore Halloran. But even before we got a positive ID scan, I recognised Dr Wycherley immediately. Nobody else could possibly look so old.”

    “He was still in his command chair, surrounded by shattered fragments of cybernetic implants, his portable medical sensors dormant. Despite his shredded and broken body, his eyes were frozen open. I reached out to close them, but a Thargoid interceptor suddenly warped in and we had to race back to our ship.”

    “I’m uploading all our data now, but I’m sorry to report that our primary target was not recoverable. Salvation is dead.”

    Azimuth Biotech has confirmed that it employed freelance specialists to locate any surviving personnel from the Proteus Wave project, and that their findings were believed to be accurate. No further statement has yet been made.

  • Megaship Materials Boost Alliance Defence Force

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Sirius Corporation has gathered resources in the Leesti system to help improve the Alliance’s anti-xeno defences.

    The campaign’s conclusion was announced by Captain Delfina Dominguez, commanding officer of the Chariot of Rhea megaship:

    “Many pilots docked with us over the past week to deliver shipments of energy grid assemblies, magnetic emitter coils, power transfer buses and titanium. On behalf of Sirius Corporation and the Allied Defence Force, I thank you for such encouraging support.”

    “I am informed that these will be sufficient to outfit 2 sentry megaships, each armed with experimental AX weaponry. These will be placed in key systems across the Alliance, ready to respond to potential Thargoid incursions.”

    “Admiral Glass has outlined his long-term plans to senior officers in the Sirius Navy. It’s clear that these are exciting times for the Alliance Defence Force. If the Thargoids come, we will be better prepared to repel them.”

    The Council of Admirals has stated that the new megaships are expected to become operational by September 15th.

    Pilots who contributed to the initiative can now collect payment from the Chariot of Rhea in the Leesti system.

  • August 23, 3308
  • ‘Thargoid Roar’ Claim Draws Speculation

    An independent journalist has suggested that some survivors of the Battle of HIP 22460 heard a strange alien sound of unknown origin.

    Flint ‘Firemaker’ Lafosse published his theories via the Rewired network:

    “Only a handful of crewmembers rescued from HIP 22460 managed to give garbled first-hand accounts before being placed under military quarantine. Naturally, most talked about how those damn bugs wiped out almost everyone. But a few mentioned something bizarre heard shortly after the Thargoid counter-attack.”

    “These witnesses described it in various ways: ‘ghastly’, ‘overwhelming’, ‘monstrous’ to name a few. Jade Sanderlyn, Vox Galactica’s hotshot reporter, said it was ‘a noise which shook our bodies, screeching through our skulls’. Now, there are no audio recordings in the public domain to share, but there’s definitely a pattern if you study the reports closely.”

    “Both ship and suit audio systems interpret all sorts of electromagnetic emissions from Thargoid vessels. This would have to be a far more powerful cry to cut through the chaos across multiple ships. Could it have been a roar of defiance, aimed at us? Or was it aimed somewhere else?”

    “And before anyone accuses me of stirring up trouble like usual: no, I haven’t technically heard the alleged sound myself. Full disclosure. But someone has to speak up for those who insist it happened. I wasn’t in HIP 22460 and neither were most of you. Got it?”

    “Here’s where it gets interesting, though. The Federal Navy responded to my request for details by stating all HIP 22460 data was classified. The Imperial Navy refused to acknowledge me at all. The Alliance Defence Force said it was ‘likely a symptom of collective trauma or hysteria’. So the obvious question is: what are they all hiding?”

    “Congressional hopeful Dalton Chase, governor of Andavandul 1, is one of the few people in a position of stellar authority talking openly about HIP 22460. Chase recently argued that people have a right to know everything that happened. Other broadcasters like Heimar Borichev, Kit Fowler and Joy Senne are also not accepting the silence. We’ll continue demanding answers from those who are supposedly protecting us.”

  • August 22, 3308
  • A Day of Remembrance for HIP 22460

    President Zachary Hudson has announced that today is a Federal day of remembrance for those lost in HIP 22460 on August 9th.

    In a public address, the president formally acknowledged the recent tragedy:

    “The Battle of HIP 22460 is a dark day in our interstellar nation’s history. The crews of the FNS Bombardier, FNS Fortitude and FNS Varian Scott gave their lives with dignity and honour, as did many other courageous individuals. They will never be forgotten for as long as the Federation endures.”

    “We recognise this massacre of defenceless crew for what it was: the latest example of unrelenting hostility by our Thargoid enemy. Another event which leads me to believe no peace can be brokered with that species. I promise, under no uncertain terms, that the loss of over fifty thousand naval personnel will be avenged.”

    Shadow President Felicia Winters provided a statement to The Federal Times:

    “I wholeheartedly support the creation of this day of remembrance. But we are not entirely blameless in causing the disaster. If not for an ill-considered commitment of Federal Navy resources to Salvation’s banner, this misguided project might never have been realised.”

    “I might add that President Hudson fails to explain precisely how we will enact revenge upon the Thargoids. Now that we appear to lack further superweapon technology, our conventional forces will be severely challenged if the conflict escalates.”

  • August 19, 3308
  • Palin and Ram Tah Seek Unclassified Relics

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Two engineers who specialise in studying alien technology have requested deliveries of a newly discovered artefact.

    Professor Ishmael Palin explained the details:

    “These ‘unclassified relics’ – as they are currently known – are Guardian in origin. Traditionally such artefacts trigger a hostile reaction from any Thargoid technology introduced to it. But our preliminary studies show a molecular realignment of the artefact’s crystalline structure, resulting in something that emits both Guardian and Thargoid energy signatures.”

    “This came to my attention only recently, unusual electromagnetic fields appeared on my sensors as CMDR Hurix approached Abel Laboratory while carrying one of these objects. I am now offering reimbursement to any pilots who can provide more relics for further study.”

    Ram Tah provided a similar statement:

    “This is an exciting development in the field of xenological research. For the very first time, Guardian and Thargoid systems have interacted to synthesise a new material. Initial data suggests this is now a consistent process whenever a Guardian relic interfaces with a Thargoid surface site. The first relic I saw was gratefully received from CMDR Demlagor’s team several days ago.”

    “What is their purpose? Have we accidentally unlocked some transformative function that was always present? Or have the Thargoids reconsidered their technological adaptation in response to recent events in the HIP 22460 system? With the help of contributing pilots, my shared research project with Professor Palin may furnish us with answers.”

    Unclassified relics can be delivered to Professor Palin at Abel Laboratory in the Arque system, or to Ram Tah at Phoenix Base in the Meene system.

  • August 17, 3308
  • Mysteries of the Thargoids

    Professor Ishmael Palin, the foremost authority on the Thargoids, has authored a short article for the scientific journal The Empirical.

    “Recent events have once again brought a focus on the alien species we call Thargoids. I have witnessed governments, militaries and public figures characterise them as a mindless destructive force, akin to a swarm of locusts. I feel it is important to underscore how much is absent from our understanding.”

    “Despite many decades of research, the Thargoid civilisation remains totally alien. We still have almost no true understanding of their language, society, culture or objectives. Non-violent interactions with their spacecraft in recent years have provided little insight, other than their commitment to patrolling and harvesting meta-alloy sources. Of course, their willingness to fight is one of the few traits we definitely share.”

    “As yet we have almost no knowledge of their hierarchy, beyond broad assumptions that they follow the functional roles of known insect species. Due to the biomechanical nature of their constructs, we are even uncertain about the dividing line between individual beings and their vessels. If living Thargoids have ever been studied, as is rumoured, then it is by clandestine means, concealed from the scientific community.”

    “While Thargoids frequently drag ships out of hyperspace to be scanned, not all of these incidents result in an attack. Their hostile reaction to Guardian artefacts may be something like a genetic memory, hard-coded into their technologies. Even the Thargoids’ perception of time could be very different to ours. What we think of as an ancient war might be recent or ongoing from their viewpoint.”

    “However, in HIP 22460 we witnessed something new: an active countermeasure to the Proteus Wave. This suggests that their perception of humanity has changed. We are no longer troublesome scavengers claiming the scraps left behind by higher life forms. Instead, we have sought to decimate their numbers again, just as with the Mycoid virus centuries ago. I believe we now have the Thargoids’ full attention.”

    “Our future relationship with the Thargoids is uncertain. But I’m keen to offer the reminder that we are dealing with a species of enormous intelligence and complexity, not a horde of voracious animals. We must strive to learn more about them, and hope they have the capacity to view us as something other than an enemy.”

  • August 16, 3308
  • Far God Cult Praises Alien Victory

    A breakaway sect of the Thargoid-worshipping fringe religion is apparently celebrating the massacre of human forces in the HIP 22460 system.

    A message was broadcast from the Testament megaship by the anonymous woman known only as the First Apostle of the True Chapters:

    “We rejoice in the Far God’s triumph! Those who tried to desecrate the dark angels have paid the price. The Far God is calling to us from the higher dimensions, and Its manifestation is closer than ever before. It is coming.”

    There has been widespread outrage at Far God believers for their joyous reaction to the many thousands of deaths in HIP 22460. Some political and military leaders have even called for the ‘alien-loving traitors’ to be arrested as enemy agents. However, there is no evidence that they have any actual relationship with the Thargoid species other than idolisation.

    Dr Jameelah Griffin of the Galactic Interfaith Commune commented:

    “Despite its unusual belief system, and notwithstanding the poor taste of the First Apostle’s remarks, we should support the evolution of the Far God cult toward a more structured framework. We must also remember that it is a lawful institution, and only establishes hive-chapels in systems with legislation that protects religious liberty.”

    Authorities in several of those systems have stated that local Far God chapters are experiencing a surge in recruitment. Anecdotal reports suggest that these newest members are convinced the Second Thargoid War is already lost, and that humanity’s extinction is as inevitable as the cult has always claimed.

  • August 15, 3308
  • Alliance-Sirius Pact Accelerated

    Prime Minister Edmund Mahon and Sirius Corporation CEO Li Yong-Rui have issued a joint statement regarding territorial defence against the Thargoids.

    “The recent tragedy in HIP 22460 has underscored the crucial importance of the strategic defence pact. As the likelihood of increased Thargoid aggression rises, Allied systems can be assured that we are making rapid changes to withstand this potential threat.”

    “Admiral Nikolas Glass will now coordinate all anti-xeno military operations. His first priority is to update the existing infrastructure of the Alliance Defence Force, allowing member system fleets to form according to mission parameters. This will bring greater flexibility and allow the ADF to direct forces to anywhere Thargoid incursions occur.”

    “Allied worlds are calling out for greater defences, and the absence of a dedicated Alliance Navy has never been felt so keenly. But the Assembly is willing to approve greater military spending, and Sirius Corporation stands ready to put the defence pact into practice.”

    In related news, the Council of Admirals officially verified that the Oath of Tyndareus was lost with all hands during the Thargoid counter-attack in the HIP 22460 system. The megaship’s crew have been posthumously honoured in a public ceremony.

  • Rumours Arise of New Alien Artefacts

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Anecdotal reports suggest that a previously unknown non-human object has been discovered by independent pilots.

    No details about where or how the object was obtained have been established at this time. What little information exists has been provided by individual members of the Pilots’ Federation.

    One of these sources is a public message posted by Commander Marcus Mercer via an Interstellar Common Experience (ICE) network:

    “I recently met up with an old friend of mine. Let’s call her Digger. Years ago we’d team up to excavate Guardian and Thargoid artefacts. Sold them and split the profits. She mentioned having an ‘unusual find’ in her ship’s cargo hold, and invited me onboard to check it out.”

    “Standing there bathed in its light from the other side of the window, I knew this was something alien. But it wasn’t just another dusty relic from millennia ago. This looked newer, alive and glowing, giving off a vibration that made me feel queasy.”

    “Commander Kralone was the first to discover these objects, apparently. Digger said she’d worked out how to get hold of one and would tell me how – for a price. I joked that if Aegis was still around, it would have paid big credits for the thing. Digger suddenly stopped talking and gave me this look. Then she kicked me off her ship and was out of the docking bay before I’d even cleared the hangar!”

    “I know that Digger spends a lot of her time investigating Thargoid stuff planet-side. So I’m going to visit a few and see what turns up. There’s got to be more of those things out there, and if they end up being worth something, then I want my share.”