Galactic News

  • September 7, 3307
  • Mahon: Sirius-Vertrag würde Aegis retten

    Premierminister Edmund Mahon kommentierte auf die Aegis-Untersuchung und seinen gescheiterten Vorschlag, Anti-Xeno-Operationen zu vereinen.

    In einem Interview mit dem Alliance Tribune sagte dieser:

    "Das größte Bedauern meiner Karriere ist, dass ich nicht in der Lage war, den Sirius-Vertrag beim Galaktischen Gipfel zur Formsache zu machen. Dieser hätte Aegis revolutioniert, indem er dem Projekt die verdienten Bestimmungen und Ressourcen geliefert hätte und uns die erniedrigende öffentliche Untersuchung erspart hätte.

    Natürlich haben die Neun-Märtyrer-Anschläge diese historische Gelegenheit ruiniert. Der Sirius-Vertrag selbst bleibt jedoch eine Option. Es würde mich freuen, diesen von Seiten der Allianz zu ratifizieren, wenn wir die anderen Unterzeichner überzeugen können, dass die Verteidigung der Menschheit von der Thargoidenbedrohung unsere allergrößte Priorität ist."

    Ermittler sammeln weiterhin Informationen bezüglich der Operationen von Aegis Es gab weitere Rücktritte in Schlüsselpositionen, und finanzielle Aufzeichnungen werden unabhängig geprüft.

    Dr. Paul Baumann, Vorsitzender des Untersuchungsausschusses, bestätigte, dass Anklagen wegen krimineller Fahrlässigkeit gegen Schlüsselpersonen innerhalb von Aegis erhoben werden könnten, sollten genügend Beweise geliefert werden. Welches Gericht sich um die rechtlichen Angelegenheiten kümmern würde ist jedoch bei einer Dreisupermächte-Organisation unsicher.

  • Mahon: Sirius Treaty Would Save Aegis

    Prime Minister Edmund Mahon has commented on the Aegis inquiry and his failed proposal to unify anti-xeno operations.

    As part of an interview with The Alliance Tribune, he said:

    “The greatest regret of my career is that I was unable to formalise the Sirius Treaty at the Galactic Summit. This would have revolutionised Aegis by providing the commitment and resources it deserves, sparing it the indignity of a public inquiry.”

    “The Nine Martyrs attacks prevented that historic occasion, of course, but the Sirius Treaty itself remains viable. I’d be happy to ratify it on behalf of the Alliance if we can convince the other signatories that defending humanity from the Thargoid threat should be our utmost priority.”

    Investigators continue to gather information regarding Aegis’s operations. There have been further resignations of key staff, and financial records are being independently audited.

    Dr Paul Baumann, chair of the board of inquiry, confirmed that charges of criminal negligence could be brought against key figures within Aegis given sufficient evidence. However, there is uncertainty as to which court would deal with legal proceedings for a tri-superpower organisation.

  • September 6, 3307
  • ACT Scores Victories Against the NMLA

    The Affiliated Counter-Terrorism unit has reported progress in its efforts to eliminate the Neo-Marlinist Liberation Army.

    Captain Milo Castile, one of ACT’s joint leaders, told a press briefing:

    “The recent civil war in the Marlinist Colonies was a tragedy, of course. But many pro-NMLA individuals were exposed during the conflict. Minister Jean-Christophe Lyon, the newly elected leader of the Marlinism Reformation Party, has cooperated fully in rooting out extremists from his faction.”

    “As a result, our agents have successfully raided dozens of NMLA cells and arrested several thousand paramilitary activists. We also acquired intelligence leading to hidden assets in multiple systems.”

    “I can confirm that Theta Seven – as the NMLA’s de facto leader calls himself – personally directed the Marlinist starport attacks. Unfortunately, we have yet to confirm Theta Group’s current whereabouts. The threat of further bombings cannot be ruled out.”

    “The NMLA has also been seriously impacted by the death of Aaron Whyte and the failure to elect a Neo-Marlinist prime consul. Without the legitimacy of a political wing, I believe the terrorists will find it much harder to recruit new allies.”

  • September 3, 3307
  • Torval Orbital Established

    Pilots Federation ALERT

    A new starport has become operational in the LTT 198 system, following Senator Zemina Torval’s mining initiative.

    Torval Orbital will serve as the administrative headquarters for Torval-Mastopolos Mining. The company successfully competed against Wreaken Corporation to establish a presence within LTT 198.

    Marlon Royce, business analyst for Vox Galactica, observed:

    “Mastopolos Mining should be boasting about the positive start for its new subsidiary. Instead, its reaction has only confirmed the widening rift between the Mastopolos family and their corporation’s majority shareholder, Zemina Torval.”

    “CEO Gabriella Mastopolos officially distanced herself from the offshoot company, claiming it ‘hijacked our name with the intention of luring our clients’. And speaking to Imperial media, both Adrian and Elena Mastopolos criticised Constantia Torval’s suitability to act as operations director.”

    “Speculation persists as to why the families have become estranged. For now, Zemina Torval seems to be focusing solely on her direct descendants. With her youngest daughter Petra Torval becoming a fellow senator, and grandson Titus Torval promoted to a senior role in Imperial Intelligence, the future seems bright for the Torval dynasty.”

  • September 2, 3307
  • Pharma Giant Begins Onionhead Project

    Pilots Federation ALERT

    Neomedical Industries has requested deliveries to produce onionhead gamma strain for Alliance and independent systems.

    The new variant of the popular psychedelic drug is currently sold in a handful of independent systems by the Kumo Crew syndicate. The IHO has confirmed that the product does have many medical applications.

    Olwyn Kendrick, CEO of Neomedical Industries, outlined the initiative:

    “Our goal is to gather sufficient resources for the manufacture of onionhead gamma strain as a medicinal treatment. Target markets will include both independent and Alliance systems, should enough commodities be delivered.”

    “We request that pilots transport H.E. suits, polymers and robotics to Crippen Port in the Haithis system. Reimbursements will be arranged by our corporate partner, the Haithis Purple Dynamic Group.”

    The Kumo Council has despatched a megaship, the Mictlan, to the Haithis system. A message was broadcast by Archon Delaine, warlord of the Kumo Crew:

    “I’m prepared to give this greedy corporation time to reconsider stealing our commercial property. I’m also prepared to massacre everyone in the system. Your choice.”

    In response, the Haithis Purple Dynamic Group has agreed to offer bounty vouchers in order to protect ships from pirates and other wanted vessels.

  • September 1, 3307
  • Federation Criticised by Alliance and Empire

    Alliance and Imperial leaders have responded to the recent wave of Federal systems declaring independence.

    Eight factions have now severed ties with the Federation, in response to government surveillance of all private and public communications.

    In an interview with The Alliance Tribune, Deputy Prime Minister Angela Corcoran remarked:

    “The Proactive Detection Bureau’s intrusive nature has caused millions of people to rightfully demand self-rule. President Hudson should be fearful that history might view him as the Federation’s first dictator.”

    Senator Denton Patreus’s comments were featured by Eye on Achenar:

    “Of course the Federation’s factions are turning against it. The arrogance and corruption of its leaders will inevitably cause it to rot from within. We can expect to see it dissolve into chaos before long.”

    Federal newsfeed Sol Today published a response by Vice President Jerome Archer:

    “Both the Alliance and Empire have chosen a reactionary approach to terrorism, whereas the Federation has made great strides in intelligence-gathering and preventative action. I’m confident that the Proactive Detection Bureau will come to be accepted as one of the galaxy’s greatest innovations.”

  • August 31, 3307
  • Hyford’s Cache Reveals Mysterious Project

    Pilots Federation ALERT

    A data bank left by a crashed vessel on the moon Colonia 5 e a has reactivated, revealing clues as to its origin.

    The crash site was first discovered over four years ago via listening posts in the Colonia, Neche and Wasat systems. These posts held transmissions from the ship’s owner, Commander Hyford, discussing his attempts to avoid members of a private military outfit he had previously worked for.

    This latest development was discussed by Erik Gunnarson of the Wallglass Investigations Agency:

    “Commander Hyford spoke of making deliveries to a nameless organisation in the Pleiades, and left a data cache in the Colonia system that provided further details. Hyford’s Cache, as some investigators referred to it, had remained locked until a manually-set timer system finally expired last week. The information within has apparently directed pilots to investigate the HIP 26176 system.”

    “It’s possible that Kit Fowler’s recent theories regarding Black Flight – another old mystery – might prove relevant after all. But there are bigger questions that need answering. Who was Hyford working for? Were they responsible for causing his ship to crash? And if so, what secrets were they trying to keep?”

  • August 30, 3307
  • Corporation Plans Onionhead Medical Product

    The pharmaceutical giant Neomedical Industries aims to mass-produce onionhead gamma strain as a medicine.

    The announcement follows a report from the Interstellar Health Organisation, which details how the new onionhead variant is an effective treatment for many psychological and musculoskeletal conditions.

    Olwyn Kendrick, CEO of Neomedical Industries, told the media:

    “The IHO has confirmed the findings of our research of onionhead gamma strain’s use for specific medical purposes. Clinical trials prove that its psychedelic qualities are no more intense than the side effects of conventional neuroleptics.”

    “It is inappropriate that a crime syndicate should provide a product that can relieve the suffering of millions. Therefore, we aim to build our own stockpile to expedite its distribution to common markets.”

    This statement was viewed as controversial in some quarters, particularly within the Federation. However, there have been expressions of interest from many independent factions. The Kumo Crew syndicate, which manufactures and distributes onionhead gamma strain, has offered no response as yet.

    Neomedical Industries is one of the two largest pharmaceutical companies in the galaxy, alongside Vandermeer Corporation. It provides healthcare services and equipment exclusively to Alliance and independent systems.

  • August 27, 3307
  • Marlinists Regroup in Civil War Aftermath

    The Marlinist Colonies are recovering from a period of political infighting and inter-faction conflict.

    Octavia Volkov has been voted in as the new first minister following a snap election. Her decisive action against Aaron Whyte’s Neo-Marlinist movement, which led to the elimination of the NMLA’s political wing, drew huge support from voters.

    In a parliamentary address, First Minister Volkov said:

    “We must focus on building an independent society rather than changing the Empire. In time we will evolve into the fully-fledged Marlinist Republic we have fought so hard for, and perhaps inspire our Imperial cousins to walk the path to democracy.”

    Marlinist factions now control all eight of their original colony systems, some of which had temporarily fallen under external governance. They have also expanded into a handful of new systems.

    Prime Consul Kayode Tau, the chief ambassador of the Marlinists, has established formal channels with the Alliance Office of Diplomatic Relations and the Federal Diplomatic Corps. The Empire recognises the Marlinist Consulate, but maintains a distant relationship with what many consider to be subversive ex-Imperials.

    The ceremonial funeral of First Minister Jenna Fairfax has taken place. Speakers drew attention to her achievements and leadership qualities. In a gesture that many viewed as an olive branch from the Empire, Princess Aisling Duval attended virtually and spoke of her meeting with Fairfax during the Galactic Summit.

  • August 26, 3307
  • Mining Campaign Success for Zemina Torval

    Pilots Federation ALERT

    The Torval-Mastopolos Mining initiative in the LTT 198 system has outperformed Wreaken Construction’s rival campaign.

    Pilots delivered mined resources to the megaships Pride of Bitterwood and Tobias’s Gift to support the competing corporations. Ultimately, it was the new subsidiary of Mastopolos Mining that received the greatest quantities.

    Senator Zemina Torval provided a statement to Imperial media:

    “This is an auspicious beginning for my new enterprise. I am pleased to offer rewards to my supporters at the Pride of Bitterwood in the EGM 559 system.”

    In addition to credits, the top 75% of Torval’s supporters will be provided with an experimental mining laser and permanent permit access to LTT 198.

    Constantia Torval, one of the senator’s daughters, has assumed the role of director of operations with Torval-Mastopolos Mining. There has been no comment from the Mastopolos family regarding the subsidiary, which is being run autonomously by Zemina Torval.

    CEO Emmerich Koenig confirmed that Wreaken Construction will soon withdraw from LTT 198. Pilots who supported its efforts can now claim reimbursement from Tobias’s Gift in the EGM 559 system. The top 10% of Koenig’s supporters will receive an experimental abrasion blaster as well.

    LTT 198 State Ltd has reinstated permit control for entry to the LTT 198 system. A new starport will shortly be constructed and administered by Torval-Mastopolos Mining.

  • August 24, 3307
  • Medizinische Vorteile von Onionhead bestätigt

    Die Interstellar Health Organisation hat die Behauptung der Kumo Crew bestätigt, dass Onionhead (Gamma), auch als „Helix“ bekannt, medizinische Eigenschaften besitzt.

    Dr. Nisha Devi, eine der Leitenden Forscherinnen der IHO, sagte den Medien:

    „Wir haben Nutzerdaten in den unabhängigen Systemen, in denen Onionhead (Gamma) verkauft wird, analysiert. Die anfänglichen Behauptungen, dass „Helix“ für medizinische Zwecke verwendet werden kann, wurden wider aller Erwartungen bestätigt.

    Ein beträchtlicher Prozentsatz der Kunden scheinen die Droge aus medizinischen Gründen zu verwenden, anstatt diese zur Unterhaltung zu nutzen. Berichten zufolge kann es erfolgreich eine Vielzahl von psychologischen Störungen behandeln und bringt dabei schnellere Erfolge als bekannte Neuroleptika. Es kann zudem die Symptome von Muskel-Skelett-Erkrankungen lindern.

    Mehrere Forschungseinrichtungen nehmen nun klinische Tests über die Brauchbarkeit von Onionhead (Gamma) in der medizinischen Praxis vor. Die IHO überwacht diese Studien und wird die Ergebnisse veröffentlichen.“

    Die Vandermeer Corporation, das größte Pharmaunternehmen in der Föderation, veröffentlichte ein Statement über ihren Marketingchef, Ronan Roscoe:

    „Diese Schlussfolgerungen basieren auf Voreingenommenheit und unpräzisen Daten. Wir bleiben dabei, dass alle Formen von Onionhead gefährliche Betäubungsmittel sind, die auf lange Sicht Gesundheitsschäden verursachen. Vandermeers antipsychotische Behandlungsmethoden sind ohne die Nebeneffekte von leichten Psychedelischen Episoden effektiv.“

  • Onionhead’s Medical Benefits Verified

    The Interstellar Health Organisation has validated the Kumo Crew’s claim that onionhead gamma strain, also known as ‘helix’, has medicinal properties.

    Dr Nisha Devi, one of the IHO’s senior researchers, told the media:

    “We have analysed user data in the independent systems where onionhead gamma strain is on sale. Unexpectedly, the initial marketing claims that ‘helix’ can be used for medicinal purposes have been authenticated.”

    “A significant percentage of customers are believed to be using the drug for healthcare reasons rather than recreational use. Reports show that it is a successful treatment for many psychological disorders, bringing faster results than conventional neuroleptics. It may also provide effective symptomatic relief for patients with musculoskeletal conditions.”

    “Several research facilities are now running clinical trials on the viability of using onionhead gamma strain in medical practice. The IHO is monitoring these studies and will publish the results.”

    Vandermeer Corporation, the largest pharmaceutical company in the Federation, published a statement from its head of marketing Ronan Roscoe:

    “These conclusions are biased and informed by inaccurate data. We maintain that all forms of onionhead are dangerous narcotics with long-term detriments to health. Vandermeer’s antipsychotic treatments are effective without the side effects of mild psychedelic experiences.”

  • August 23, 3307
  • A Fractured Federation

    Shadow President Felicia Winters has claimed that further systems declaring independence could severely damage the Federation.

    Her statement was in response to the conflict in the Kuwembaa system, which resulted in more Federal factions seceding from the superpower. Dozens of others are now openly considering breaking away and becoming independent.

    Addressing Congress, Shadow President Winters said:

    “We now face the possibility of large-scale rebellion, as more citizens reject intrusion into their private lives. Unless these authoritarian surveillance laws are repealed, we risk many more factions and allies losing their trust in any Federal government.”

    Vice President Jerome Archer responded:

    “The Proactive Detection Bureau provides increased security and decreased crime levels for all Federal systems. I deeply regret that a few have rejected its benefits, but we must concentrate on the bigger picture.”

    The Sovereign newsfeed described how the newly seceded systems are celebrating freedom from government scrutiny. It claims that up to fifty other factions have expressed interest in becoming independent.

    However, The Federal Times reported that more pragmatic leaders have voiced concerns that they are now more vulnerable. There are particular fears of retaliation by pro-Federation groups or attacks from opportunistic hostile forces.

  • August 20, 3307
  • Conspiracy Theorist Finds Network Home

    Independent journalist Flint ‘Firemaker’ Lafosse has announced that the Rewired network will broadcast Kit Fowler’s conspiracy-laden show End Times.

    Lafosse, notorious for his own sensationalist claims, announced:

    “Finally, someone else who sees things as they really are! Kit Fowler’s perceptive views match his technical genius. By retransmitting his End Times broadcasts, I’ll be helping people resist the narrative conditioning being pumped into our minds by the faceless elite.”

    Kit Fowler provides specialised engineering services from his workshop in the Capoya system. He has used his show to make many outlandish claims over the years. These include labelling the shadowy figure ‘Salvation’ an AI construct, accusing Utopia of secretly creating a new species of human, and arguing that the universe’s true shape is being concealed by superpower-sponsored holograms.

    Lafosse advertised Fowler’s content with an excerpt from the most recent End Times episode:

    “Years ago, a sinister group called Black Flight committed multiple crimes, including murder, to suppress evidence of Thargoid activity after the First War. The mainstream newsfeeds buried the story, of course. But the fearless truth-seekers among us have repeatedly named the Colonia, Neche and Wasat systems as locations where the Black Flight operated.”

    “There’s a real buzz in that region right now… something’s going on that they don’t want you to know about. Never give up our search for the right facts, people!”

  • August 19, 3307
  • Les forces anti-ALNM gagnent la guerre civile marliniste

    Alerte du Cercle des pilotes

    Le conflit dans le système Hyades Sector RO-P b6-2 a été remporté par l'Exiled Marlinist Assembly of Baltah'Sine.

    Le soutien des pilotes indépendants a joué un rôle clé dans la défaite de la Marlinism Reformation Party. L'entière direction de la faction a été arrêtée, leurs remplaçants faisant le serment de la remodeler selon des lignes politiquement modérées.

    La ministre Octavia Volkov a fait une déclaration de victoire au parlement marliniste :

    « Les néo-marlinistes ont été écrasés et Aaron Whyte est décédé, une victime de la guerre que ses bailleurs de fonds terroristes ont commencée. Je regrette sincèrement que notre société ait souffert de cela, mais je n'ai pas de regrets à détruire la branche politique de l'ALNM une bonne fois pour toutes. »

    Le Premier consul Kayode Tau a assuré l'Alliance, l'Empire et la Fédération qu'ils devraient considérer cela comme « la confirmation que les colonies marlinistes sont leurs alliés indéfectibles dans la lutte contre l'ALNM ».

    L'UAA a mobilisé des ressources supplémentaires pour enquêter sur les liens entre la Marlinism Reformation Party et le Theta Group, les fabricants de bombes terroristes responsables des attaques de spatioport dévastatrices le mois dernier.

    La Première ministre Jenna Fairfax étant confirmée parmi les victimes, la Première ministre par intérim Amrita Ross a organisé des élections rapides pour élire démocratiquement un nouveau dirigeant pour les colonies marlinistes.

  • Le système LTT 198 accueille des campagnes minières rivales

    Alerte du Cercle des pilotes

    Torval-Mastopolos Mining et Wreaken Construction ont demandé des livraisons de ressources minées dans le système LTT 198.

    LTT 198 State Ltd, sa faction dirigeante, autorisera seulement une de ces entreprises rivales à rester définitivement. La société avec la campagne la plus réussie établira un nouveau spatioport dans le système soumis à autorisation.

    La sénatrice Zemina Torval, qui a l'unique contrôle de la filiale de Mastopolos Mining, a annoncé :

    « Mon entreprise travaille sur un laser minier expérimental avec une portée accrue. Pour ce faire, des livraisons de ressources minées doivent être livrées en quantité suffisante au méga-vaisseau Pride of Bitterwood dans le système LTT 198. Les pilotes qui soutiennent notre processus de fabrication seront récompensés avec un laser du premier lot. »

    Emmerich Koenig, le PDG de Wreaken Construction, a présenté une contre-initiative :

    « Nous récompenserons généreusement les livraisons de ressources minées au méga-vaisseau Tobias’s Gift dans le système LTT 198. En cas de succès, nous rendrons disponible gratuitement un surfaceur abrasif à longue portée expérimental à tous les pilotes qui nous soutiennent dans cette entreprise. »

    Les deux factions ont demandé des unités de coltan, de gallite, de praséodyme et d'argent.

    LTT 198 State Ltd fournira à tous les contributeurs de ces initiatives des autorisations de système temporaires d'une durée d'une semaine.

  • Anti-NMLA Forces Win Marlinist Civil War

    Pilots Federation ALERT

    The conflict in the Hyades Sector RO-P b6-2 system has been won by the Exiled Marlinist Assembly of Baltah'Sine.

    Support from independent pilots played a key role in defeating the Marlinism Reformation Party. The faction’s entire leadership has been arrested, with their replacements vowing to reshape it along politically moderate lines.

    Minister Octavia Volkov made a declaration of victory to the Marlinist Parliament:

    “The Neo-Marlinists have been crushed and Aaron Whyte is dead – a casualty of the war his terrorist paymasters began. I deeply regret that our society has suffered this, but have no regrets at destroying the NMLA’s political wing once and for all.”

    Prime Consul Kayode Tau sent assurances to the Alliance, Empire and Federation that they should view this as “confirmation that the Marlinist Colonies are your steadfast allies in the fight against the NMLA”.

    ACT has drafted in extra resources to investigate the Marlinism Reformation Party’s ties to Theta Group, the terrorist bomb-makers responsible for last month’s devastating starport attacks.

    With First Minister Jenna Fairfax confirmed as among the fatalities, Acting First Minister Amrita Ross has organised a snap election to democratically appoint a new leader for the Marlinist Colonies.

  • LTT 198 Hosts Competing Mining Campaigns

    Pilots Federation ALERT

    Torval-Mastopolos Mining and Wreaken Construction have requested deliveries of mined resources to the LTT 198 system.

    LTT 198 State Ltd, its controlling faction, will only allow one of the rival corporations to remain permanently. The company with the most successful campaign will establish a new starport in the permit-controlled system.

    Senator Zemina Torval, who has sole control of the Mastopolos Mining subsidiary, announced:

    “My company is working on an experimental mining laser with increased range. To achieve this, shipments of mined resources must be delivered in sufficient numbers to the Pride of Bitterwood megaship in LTT 198.”

    Emmerich Koenig, CEO of Wreaken Construction, outlined a counter-initiative:

    “We will pay handsomely for deliveries of mined resources to the megaship Tobias’s Gift in the LTT 198 system.”

    Both factions have requested units of coltan, gallite, praseodymium and silver.

    LTT 198 State Ltd will provide all contributors to these initiatives with temporary system permits lasting one week.

  • August 17, 3307
  • Leaked Report Exposes Aegis Failures

    The Aegis board of inquiry’s initial findings have been leaked to journalists, with several problems within the anti-xeno organisation detailed in the files.

    Vox Galactica journalist Alexei Keel reported on its contents:

    “The independent inquiry into Aegis is in its early stages, making this disclosure of delicate information all the more embarrassing. Although only a summary, it highlights shortcomings that were immediately apparent to the investigators.”

    “The leaked files outline a pattern of poor internal organisation and negligence. One claim is that Aegis accepted its heavy reliance on independent pilots entering combat situations against the Thargoids.”

    “A lack of technological breakthroughs since the first generation of AX weaponry is also criticised. Professor Tesreau, who has since resigned, is singled out for prioritising communication with the Thargoids rather than developing quickly deployed defences.”

    “Interview transcripts show that some Aegis personnel consider the inquiry itself to be part of a larger agenda. A recurring claim is that the superpowers directly contributed to Aegis’s inefficiency by reducing funding, and are now scapegoating Aegis management for a lack of progress.”

    “Dr Paul Baumann, chair of the board of inquiry, said that only the final report should be considered official. It is unclear when the ‘Baumann Report’, as some newsfeeds refer to it, might be ready for publication.”

  • August 16, 3307
  • Rival Corporations Compete in LTT 198

    Torval-Mastopolos Mining and Wreaken Construction have both established a presence in the LTT 198 system.

    Marlon Royce, business analyst for Vox Galactica, reviewed the situation:

    “It is highly unusual for two megacorps to set up new headquarters in the same place. But Mastopolos Mining and Wreaken Construction have always competed aggressively for mining and transportation contracts, so it seems a new chapter in their rivalry has begun.”

    “This permit-locked system is controlled by the independent faction LTT 198 State Ltd. Insiders claim that it demanded a fortune from both corporations in return for granting passage to its ships and allowing construction of industrial complexes on the planet Dini.”

    “This is the first significant move from Senator Zemina Torval’s new company, an autonomous offshoot of Mastopolos Mining. It may be that Wreaken Construction’s presence is an effort to crush their old enemy before she can acquire further corporate strength.”

    The Imperial Herald reported that Constantia Torval, one of Zemina Torval’s daughters, has travelled from the Synteini system to LTT 198. It is believed Constantia has taken command of Torval-Mastopolos Mining’s operations.