Galactic News

  • January 21, 3308
  • Federal Government Plans for the Future

    President Zachary Hudson has delivered a speech to Congress on maintaining security for the Federation in the coming years.

    Excerpts from his address include the following:

    “In the last year, we have excelled at protecting Federal citizens from harm. The Proactive Detection Bureau proved its worth in locating terrorists before they could strike, and our security services played an instrumental role in the NMLA’s defeat.”

    “3308 is already bringing many challenges. The war against the Thargoids could escalate at any time, and we face the challenge of replacing Aegis with our own anti-xeno taskforce. We are also deeply concerned about increased infighting within the Alliance and Empire, which could easily spill over into our territory.”

    “My administration is holding high-level discussions about how best to keep the Federation strong and secure. We will soon make some brave proposals to continue meeting our people’s constitutional right to safety.”

    Shadow President Felicia Winters delivered this rebuttal:

    “President Hudson fails to mention his disastrous attempt to capture Yuri Grom, his former fleet admiral’s criminal conviction for destroying Starship One, or that his surveillance laws forced several systems to declare independence. I would argue that under his leadership, the Federation has never been weaker or less secure.”

  • January 20, 3308
  • Caine-Massey remporte le contrat de minage

    Alerte du Cercle des pilotes

    La société Caine-Massey a battu Torval Mining Ltd et garde le contrat de minage du système Dulos.

    Des campagnes rivales ont été menées par les deux adversaires pour les droits de fournir du minerai et des matériaux minés à de nombreuses filiales locales.

    Johann Fleischer, vice-président de Caine-Massey, a déclaré leur victoire :

    « Nous souhaitons remercier le grand nombre de pilotes qui ont livré de la bromellite, du samarium et de la gallite. Grâce à vos efforts, notre contrat a été renouvelé pour une nouvelle décennie. J'aime à penser que nous avons également protégé l'honneur de la Fédération en freinant les plans de l'Empire. »

    Des récompenses sont désormais disponibles pour les contributeurs de Caine-Massey, qui peuvent les récupérer à Smith Port dans le système Dulos.

    Torval Mining Ltd a également reçu de nombreuses livraisons de matériaux mais en quantités insuffisantes pour sécuriser le contrat. Constantia Torval a confirmé que les pilotes qui ont soutenu leur initiative peuvent récupérer leurs paiements à bord du méga-vaisseau Pride of Bitterwood.

  • Caine-Massey Wins Mining Contract

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    The Caine-Massey corporation has beaten Torval Mining Ltd to retain a mining contract in the Dulos system.

    Competing campaigns were waged by the two rivals for the rights to supply ore and mined materials to many local subsidiaries.

    Johann Fleischer, vice president of Caine-Massey, declared their victory:

    “We wish to thank the large number of pilots who delivered bromellite, samarium and gallite. Thanks to your hard work, our contract has been renewed for another decade. I like to think that we have also secured the honour of the Federation by stalling the Empire’s plans.”

    Rewards for contributors to Caine-Massey are now available for collection at Smith Port in the Dulos system.

    Torval Mining Ltd also received many deliveries of materials but in insufficient quantities to secure the contract. Constantia Torval has confirmed that the pilots who supported their initiative can collect payment at the Pride of Bitterwood megaship.

  • The Missing Emperor?

    Princess Aisling Duval has discussed growing concerns over Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval’s lack of public engagements in recent months.

    In an interview with The Imperial Herald, she said:

    “Chancellor Blaine assures us that the Emperor has been kept in seclusion for nearly a year to protect her from the NMLA. But why has this prevented the Empire’s ruler from engaging with her citizens? After all, Hadrian Duval and his family were placed under the same senatorial protection without disappearing altogether.”

    “We know that the Emperor has communicated with the Senate on various matters during this time. Government channels are generally trusted thanks to Imperial Intelligence’s verification protocols. But Captain Landau’s recent testimony, which links Imperial Intelligence to the NMLA, has me concerned. How can I be sure that a breach to our most secure networks wasn’t responsible for the location and murder of my father, Prince Harold?”

    “Until Arissa appears in person, it is irresponsible to assume her safety is guaranteed. I will be most relieved to have my fears proved wrong.”

    Chancellor Anders Blaine responded:

    “With the greatest respect to Princess Duval, I have never had cause to believe that Her Majesty the Emperor is in any danger from her own security agencies. Her imminent return to public life should alleviate such concerns.”

  • January 18, 3308
  • Superpowers Plan to Replace Aegis

    The Alliance, Empire and Federation have accepted the Baumann Report’s recommendation to permanently shut down Aegis.

    The independent inquiry’s findings on the organisation’s failings will result in Aegis being immediately shut down. However, Chief Administrator Carter Armstrong has cautioned that “full demobilisation of staff, ships and resources might take several months”.

    Senator Denton Patreus has successfully obtained senatorial approval for an increased military budget, to allow the Imperial Navy to directly take on the role played by Aegis.

    Fleet Admiral Tayo Maikori likewise confirmed that the Federal Congress has ordered the creation of a new naval strike force. On his own authority he has also commissioned an investigation into Salvation, following Ram Tah’s testimony regarding the nature of the anti-xeno superweapon.

    Admiral Nikolas Glass, who was recently appointed to the Council of Admirals, stated that the Alliance Defence Force and Sirius Navy will work in conjunction to fulfil Aegis’s purpose.

    Xenological research laboratories set up by Professor Alba Tesreau will now transfer their work to specialist departments in the Holloway Bioscience Institute, Imperial Science Academy and Olympus Village University. In 3304 the Thargoids made targeted strikes against Aegis’s labs, but all three institutions have made assurances that the new locations will have the highest security.

  • November 7, 3308
  • Le Sénat bloque l'enquête de l'UAA

    Des rumeurs affirment que le Sénat impérial empêche les tentatives d'examiner un lien potentiel entre les services de sécurité impériaux et l'ALNM.

    La capitaine Saskia Landau a publiquement affirmé que le réseau de communication clandestin des terroristes est étroitement lié au Réseau Oméga utilisé exclusivement par les renseignements impériaux. Elle a approfondi sa théorie dans une déclaration à Vox Galactica :

    « D'après les preuves et les transcriptions des interrogatoires obtenues par l'UAA, je pense que des éléments rebelles au sein des renseignements impériaux ont entraîné et ont fourni de l'équipement à l'ALNM. Cela expliquerait le niveau de sophistication qu'ils ont atteint en coordonnant leurs attaques des spatioports et en communiquant sans se faire repérer.

    Il y a certainement assez de preuves circonstancielles pour justifier une enquête spécifique. Mais le Sénat refuse d'autoriser cela, ce qui me fait me demander ce qu'ils essaient de cacher. »

    Le sénateur Karl Nerva a réitéré : « Il est temps pour l'UAA de se dissoudre et de rendre les ressources indispensables à l'Empire, là où elles doivent être. »

    Cependant, le sénateur Caspian Leopold a répondu : « Pour atténuer tout manque de confiance en nos services de sécurité, nous devrions examiner rigoureusement l'allégation du capitaine Landau. Nos citoyens doivent se rassurer : les renseignements impériaux existent uniquement pour leur protection. »

  • Senate Blocks ACT Investigation

    There are claims that the Imperial Senate is preventing efforts to examine a potential link between the Empire’s security services and the NMLA.

    Captain Saskia Landau has publicly stated that the terrorists’ dark-comms network is closely related to the Omega Grid system used exclusively by Imperial Intelligence. She expanded on her theory in a statement to Vox Galactica:

    “Based on evidence and interrogation transcripts obtained by ACT, I believe that rogue elements within Imperial Intelligence were training and providing equipment to the NMLA. This would help explain the level of sophistication they achieved in coordinating their starport attacks and communicating without detection.”

    “There is certainly enough circumstantial proof to warrant a dedicated investigation. But the Senate is refusing to authorise this, which makes me wonder what they are trying to hide.”

    Senator Karl Nerva reiterated: “It is time for ACT to devolve and return much-needed resources to the Empire where they belong.”

    However, Senator Caspian Leopold responded: “To alleviate any lack of confidence in our security services, we should examine Captain Landau’s allegation rigorously. Our citizens must be reassured that Imperial Intelligence exists solely for their protection.”

  • January 14, 3308
  • Sirius Gov Enters the Alioth System

    Prime Minister Edmund Mahon has invited Sirius Corporation to establish a permanent presence within the Alliance.

    The Alliance Tribune’s political correspondent Vanya Driscoll reported:

    “Sirius Corporation’s new role as a strategic defence partner has expanded swiftly, with a Sirius faction established in the Alioth system to represent the megacorp. In addition, several megaships have arrived in other Allied systems to provide support.”

    “The Alliance Defence Force and some government departments now have official advisors from Sirius Corporation on their staff. Prime Minister Mahon announced that these developments will streamline joint operations with the Sirius Navy, and in turn provide effective countermeasures against Thargoid aggression.”

    “But Councillor Nakato Kaine claims that the presence of Sirius Gov is illegal as it was not ratified by the Assembly. She has pointed out that since the defence pact makes this a classified military matter, any civil action to reverse Mahon’s executive decision has been deliberately blocked.”

  • November 3, 3308
  • Materials Delivered for Colonia Bridge Starports

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    The third phase of Brewer Corporation’s Colonia Bridge project has proven successful, according to a recent announcement.

    Shipments of ceramic composites, computer components and thermal cooling units were transported in large numbers to Jaques Station in the Colonia system and Macdonald Settlement in the Alcor system. As a result, several new starports will be constructed along the travel corridor to Colonia.

    Brewer Corporation released this statement regarding the initiative:

    “Once again, we owe a great deal to the pilots who brought us so many vital resources. We can now proceed with constructing one starport in the vicinity of Colonia and 5 starports in systems branching out from Alcor. These will increase the value of the Colonia Bridge for travellers, tourists and commercial interests alike.”

    “The starport infrastructures are scheduled to be built by the 27th of January. Initially they will provide rearm, refuel and repair services, but will lack markets and other facilities. The distances involved in ferrying equipment to these locations means that these starports will become fully operational in stages over a period of weeks.”

    “Contributors will be able to collect their rewards from Jaques Station and Macdonald Settlement from the 14th of January. The proposed engineered frame shift drives for those eligible will follow at a later date. The dedicated pilots who provided the most deliveries in Alcor and Colonia will receive invitations to submit suggestions to name the new starports, subject to review.”

  • Corporations Compete for Mining Contract

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Caine-Massey and Torval Mining Ltd are running rival campaigns to deliver mined commodities to the Dulos system.

    For the past decade, the megacorp Caine-Massey has supplied ore and other raw materials to several subsidiaries in the region. But with the contract up for renewal, Torval Mining Ltd is making a bid for the lucrative business.

    Constantia Torval, operations director for the Empire-based company, outlined the initiative:

    “We are calling upon pilots to provide the following mined materials: bromellite, samarium and gallite. These should be delivered to the Pride of Bitterwood in the Dulos system. Your assistance will directly support our proposal to win this contract and expand our entire enterprise.”

    Caine-Massey published a similar request from its vice president, Johann Fleischer:

    “The citizens within this region deserve a high standard of service, and we aim to continue meeting their needs. The Green Party of Dulos, acting on our behalf, shall offer generous rewards for shipments of mined bromellite, samarium and gallite delivered to Smith Port in the Dulos system.”

    The corporate distributors within the region have agreed that whichever candidate is able to provide the greatest amount of materials will be awarded the contract for the next decade.

  • November 2, 3308
  • Baumann Report: ‘Dismantle Aegis’

    The independent inquiry into Aegis has delivered its final conclusions and recommended that the organisation be closed down.

    Dr Paul Baumann, who chaired the board of inquiry, summarised the detailed report:

    “Aegis was established on solid foundations in 3303 with strong leadership. Over the years, poor mid-level management and general negligence reduced its effectiveness. A silo mentality developed, with each department focusing on itself rather than strategic goals.”

    “Reduced funding undoubtedly contributed to low morale among staff and a lack of any further breakthroughs in AX technology. But a reliance on independent pilots to combat the Thargoids became normalised, with some staff considering them ‘disposable mercenaries’.”

    “More specifically, the loss of the megaship Alexandria and the illegal attack against Hind Mine are both catastrophes that could have been anticipated and prevented. This board cannot in all conscience recommend any scenario that might enable further loss of life in Aegis’s name.”

    Observers have noted that the Baumann Report, as it is commonly referred to, does not discuss Salvation or suggest methods of replacing Aegis.

    In related news, the court martial of Admiral Aden Tanner has concluded with a verdict of guilty and a dishonourable discharge from the Federal Navy. However, his sentencing has been postponed by request from newly promoted Fleet Admiral Tayo Maikori, who has ordered a full review of evidence provided by Ram Tah.

  • January 11, 3308
  • Torval Mining défie Caine-Massey

    L'entreprise de la sénatrice Zemina Torval tente de remporter un contrat d'extraction minière précédemment accordé à la corporation Caine-Massey.

    L'accord affecte plusieurs entreprises opérant du côté du système Dulos et à la périphérie de l'espace fédéral, et qui se procurent depuis une décennie du minerai et d'autres matières premières auprès de Caine-Massey. Torval Mining Ltd a officiellement déposé un dossier pour l'appel d'offres de ce contrat arrivé à échéance.

    Constantia Torval, directrice des opérations de l'entreprise et fille de Zemina Torval, a fait la déclaration suivante :

    « Les services que nous fournissons à l'Empire nous ont permis de connaître un succès aussi rapide que phénoménal. Nous voyons dans cette opportunité la chance de toucher un plus grand nombre de clients et de les convaincre de l'intérêt de faire appel à Torval Mining. »

    Johann Fleischer, vice-président de Caine-Massey, a rétorqué :

    « Notre corporation est fière de ses origines fédérales et de fournir depuis de nombreuses années à ces systèmes les ressources dont ils ont besoin pour se développer. La candidature de Torval Mining n'est rien d'autre que la manœuvre d'une sénatrice impériale visant à asseoir son influence au détriment des intérêts fédéraux. »

    La Federal Commerce Authority s'est prononcée sur la demande d'intervention formulée par Caine-Massey. Son enquête préliminaire a reconnu le caractère hostile de la proposition déposée par Torval Mining, mais souligne l'absence de clause d'exclusivité empêchant les entreprises concernées d'engager des négociations avec un fournisseur impérial à l'expiration du contrat avec Caine-Massey.

  • Torval Mining Challenges Caine-Massey

    The company owned by Senator Zemina Torval is attempting to acquire a mining contract previously awarded to the Caine-Massey corporation.

    The agreement affects multiple corporations on the fringes of Federal space around the Dulos system, who for the last decade have purchased mined ore and other raw materials directly from Caine-Massey. With the contract up for renewal, Torval Mining Ltd has made an official bid.

    An announcement was made by Constantia Torval, the company’s operations director and daughter of Zemina Torval:

    “We have enjoyed enormous success in a short space of time by providing services to the Empire. This is an opportunity to reach a broader customer base, and convince them that they too can benefit from Torval Mining’s expertise.”

    Johann Fleischer, the vice president of Caine-Massey, remarked:

    “Our corporation is proud of its origins within the Federation, and we have supplied these systems with resources for many years. This is a surreptitious attempt by an Imperial senator to boost her own standing by hijacking Federal business.”

    The Federal Commerce Authority has responded to Caine-Massey’s request for intervention. An initial review found that, while it recognises the aggression of the Torval Mining claims, there is no exclusivity clause in place that prevents the companies in question from holding talks with an Imperial supplier now Caine-Massey’s contract term is expiring.

  • January 10, 3308
  • Sirius Navy Unites with Alliance Defence Force

    A new member has been appointed to the Council of Admirals to represent Sirius Corporation as the Alliance’s strategic defence partner.

    Political correspondent Vanya Driscoll reported for The Alliance Tribune:

    “There are always six seats on the Council of Admirals, taken by senior military commanders from the largest regional fleets. Not only is this the first time that a seventh position has been created, it’s also the first to come from outside the Alliance.”

    “The new addition is Admiral Nikolas Glass, a highly decorated officer with the Sirius Navy. His new role is to coordinate the Alliance’s anti-Thargoid operations, which from now on will be directly supported by Sirius Corporation.”

    “Prime Minister Edmund Mahon and Fleet Admiral Hayley Sorokin both endorsed this development as a way of strengthening the Alliance Defence Force, which lacks the might of the Federal or Imperial Navy. Many member systems have demanded increased protection against the Thargoid threat, so this news is likely to be well received.”

    “As expected, Councillor Nakato Kaine opposed the defence pact, with Admiral George Varma also critical of ‘merging commercial interests with military matters’. Deputy Prime Minister Angela Corcoran also admitted that she abstained during the recent joint vote, but chose not to elaborate on her reasons. So it seems that the Assembly is not fully confident about this union with Sirius Corporation.”

  • January 7, 3308
  • Imperial Intelligence Denies NMLA Connection

    Senators have refuted ACT’s claim that the NMLA made use of official but highly secret Imperial communications devices.

    Captain Saskia Landau maintains that the terrorist group’s dark-comms network was very similar to the Omega Grid, an undetectable messaging system used exclusively by Imperial Intelligence.

    Senator Karl Nerva told the media:

    “In her desperation to seek out the NMLA, Captain Landau is chasing shadows. Imperial Intelligence must operate under total secrecy, but I assure you that this ‘Omega Grid’ is just as much of an invention to discredit the Empire as Serene Harbour was.”

    “Landau has overstepped her authority with these outlandish accusations. I once again propose that ACT be disbanded and its operatives returned to normal duties.”

    The Imperial Herald reported that other senators are calling for Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval to overrule those who are blocking ACT’s investigation. The newsfeed highlighted that she did not attend any functions in person during the past year, and has not broadcast any public messages.

    In response, Chancellor Anders Blaine gave this statement:

    “Her Majesty was placed under secure protection in early 3307 after several failed assassination attempts by the NMLA. She has been communicating remotely with the Senate on all official business, but does plan to return to Capitol very soon.”

  • January 6, 3308
  • Colonia Bridge Project Launches Phase Three

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Brewer Corporation intends to improve the travel corridor between the Alcor and Colonia systems by constructing several new starports.

    The previous two phases of the Colonia Bridge project established stationary megaships in 56 systems. These provide rest, refuel and repair facilities for vessels making the 22,000 light year journey to and from the Colonia region. The additional infrastructure has also increased the amount of tritium available at these markets, easing the journey for capital-size ships.

    A press release from Brewer Corporation outlined this latest initiative:

    “Phase three aims to enhance the Colonia Bridge by building permanent starports in key locations along the route. These will offer a wide range of services to travellers, and also serve as homes for the many new communities that we expect to spring up around them.”

    “Our plan is to construct one starport in the vicinity of Colonia, and up to five starports stretching out from Alcor. Station structures will be assembled by the 27th of January, with additional services scheduled for implementation at a later date.”

    “Pilots are asked to deliver ceramic composites, computer components and thermal cooling units to Jaques Station in the Colonia system and Macdonald Settlement in the Alcor system.”

    “Assuming deliveries reach the required level, engineered frame shift drives will once again be available as rewards.”

    “The highest contributor in Colonia, and up to the top five contributors in Alcor, will be invited to submit naming suggestions for the new starports. All name submissions will be subject to review by the Brewer Corporation board of directors.”

  • January 5, 3308
  • Ram Tah’s Revelations Halt Court Martial

    The military trial of Admiral Aden Tanner has been suspended following evidence provided by Ram Tah as a witness for the defence.

    The Federal Navy tribunal was called to consider multiple charges – including mutiny – held against Tanner, the chief military liaison to Aegis. While commanding the Musashi megaship, he attempted to gain access to Hind Mine station and locate evidence regarding Salvation’s anti-xeno superweapon.

    Admiral Tanner’s defence attorney opened a live link with Phoenix Base to allow Ram Tah to provide the following testimony:

    “We have analysed the classified experimental equipment that was recently delivered to enable Salvation’s superweapons. These components are near-identical to devices found at the Proteus research facility on Trapezium Sector YU-X c1-2. In 3113, an Azimuth Biochemicals science team conducted weapons testing using Guardian artefacts from this site, accidentally triggering a radiation surge which resulted in their deaths.”

    “My hypothesis is that Salvation has constructed large-scale versions of the Proteus design. These generate a powerful electromagnetic pulse at frequencies which disrupt the Thargoids’ bio-mechanical technology.”

    “It’s highly probable that this is based on an existing Guardian weapon discovered by the Proteus. This would explain why its presence within a system attracts Thargoid vessels.”

    The Federal Navy Criminal Court announced that Admiral Tanner’s court martial has been temporarily suspended while the new evidence is reviewed.

  • January 4, 3308
  • Whistleblower Reveals Imperial Link to NMLA

    A potential connection between the NMLA’s dark-comms network and Imperial Intelligence has been made public by one of ACT’s co-leaders.

    Captain Saskia Landau sent a personal statement to all major media outlets:

    “The majority of my career has been with the Imperial Internal Security Service, but I was seconded for a year to a classified project run by Imperial Intelligence. To coordinate their operations, they use a sophisticated communications system known as the Omega Grid. This is designed to avoid detection or interception by enemies of the Empire.”

    “I have reviewed ACT’s research into the NMLA’s dark-comms network and can verify its similarity to Omega Grid technology. Since this is exclusively under Imperial Intelligence’s control, it suggests that an individual or group within the organisation was making it available to the NMLA.”

    “I’m aware that revealing this information publicly may end my career or even endanger my life. Nevertheless, I have shared my findings with ACT’s leadership, and call upon the Imperial Senate to open an independent investigation into this evidence.”

    As yet there has been no response from Imperial Intelligence or the Senate. However, several agents of the IISS have anonymously spoken to reporters from The Imperial Herald, verifying that the Omega Grid system does exist and has been in use for many years.

  • January 3, 3308
  • Alliance and Sirius Agree Defence Pact

    Sirius Corporation has signed an agreement to provide the Alliance with ships, materials and personnel to help combat the Thargoids.

    The Alliance Assembly and the Council of Admirals held a rare joint vote on the issue of inviting the megacorp to become a strategic defence partner. The motion was debated in private and reportedly passed by a slim majority.

    Prime Minister Edmund Mahon told The Alliance Tribune:

    “The danger posed by the Thargoids is increasing once more, perhaps accelerated by the loss of Aegis and a lack of any binding treaty between the superpowers. It is vital that we make a proactive decision to maintain security for Alliance systems.”

    “Sirius Corporation will work closely with the Alliance Defence Force to reinforce our member vessels, focusing exclusively on anti-xeno operations. In return, new commercial agreements will provide the company with increased access to certain financial endeavours.”

    Councillor Nakato Kaine spoke on behalf of several disapproving members of the Assembly:

    “We are already too entwined with this ruthless corporate giant, so to hand our defences over to them is another blow to the Alliance’s identity. It is also convenient that the details of the pact remain classified under military restrictions. We don’t even know what price we’re paying to hire Sirius to be our guard dog.”

  • January 1, 3308
  • Duvals Gather to Celebrate New Year

    Princess Aisling Duval marked the start of 3308 by introducing her cousin Hadrian Duval, his wife and their newborn son to Imperial high society.

    Entertainment journalist Solomon Helios broadcast a report on the event:

    “It’s an annual tradition for Princess Aisling to invite the great and the good to her palace on Emerald, although the tragic loss of her father in 3306 meant that last year’s gathering was cancelled. This year she made up for it with a sumptuous, glittering celebration of the kind that we Imperials are famed for.”

    “For the first time, Hadrian Duval and Lady Astrid Minerva-Duval were in attendance. This youthful couple were surprisingly charming for a pair who would once have been arrested on sight. They entertained guests with stories of trading and fighting aboard tiny ships, from the days when their only title was Commander.”

    “However, the real guest of honour spent most of his time asleep, oblivious to the colossal attention he drew. Yes, baby Hector made his very first public appearance, having been born while his parents were under senatorial protection. Many dignitaries insisted on having their image recorded beside the ‘future Emperor’, a phrase one could hear being murmured throughout the palace.”

    “But what of the current Emperor? Unlike Hadrian’s family, Arissa Lavigny-Duval remains in seclusion and only communicates remotely with the Senate. Now that the terrorists have been quelled, surely the time has come for Her Imperial Majesty to reappear before her loyal subjects?”