Galactic News

  • October 4, 3308
  • Gatecrash Drama at Aegis Event

    The sole survivor of the notorious Project Seraph experiments has reportedly appeared at the Aegis symposium, startling the live audience.

    Vox Galactica journalist Allan Mantle published an on-the-scene report:

    “The shouting caught everyone in the conference hall by surprise, interrupting a discussion about the recently leaked ‘Thargoid roar’ heard at HIP 22460. We all watched in amazement as a small figure in dishevelled clothing slipped past security and fought her way onto the stage, disarming several guards who sought to intervene. Many ran, fearing an attack, but Professor Alba Tesreau stood her ground.”

    “The bedraggled woman yelled hoarsely that her name was Seo Jin-ae, adding ‘You know me!’ to Tesreau herself. When the intruder yanked up her sleeve as if to show something, I deployed my drone cameras which clearly captured the symbols ‘D-2’ ink-branded onto her forearm.”

    “She then grabbed Professor Tesreau and said ‘I don’t know where else to go. I know…’ She gestured at the screens, where audio analysis of the HIP 22460 Thargoid sound was displayed. ‘I think I know what that means. It’s too late to stop what’s coming.’”

    “Tesreau immediately ordered security to stand down. She called several other former members of Aegis to help, and together they escorted the woman off stage. Within minutes came the announcement that the symposium’s primary presentation was cancelled, with secondary talks would be moved to the main stage.”

    Subject D-2 first came to light when the abandoned settlement Oaken Point was discovered in the HIP 26176 system. Its logs described Project Seraph’s attempts to create human pilots for Thargoid vessels, from which D-2 escaped by stowing away on a courier’s ship. In June, D-2 contacted Professor Tesreau to expose an INRA base in the DG Canum Venaticorum system, which revealed Salvation’s identity as Dr Caleb Wycherley of then-Azimuth Biochemicals.

  • October 3, 3308
  • Making the Case for Aegis

    A three-day symposium has begun that will outline proposals to reform Aegis, the tri-superpower anti-xeno agency.

    The event is taking place at the national conference centre in New Apollo City on the planet Biggs Colony. It has been organised by Professor Alba Tesreau, Aegis’s former head of research. In her opening address to attendees, she said:

    “In the aftermath of HIP 22460’s failure to end the war, humanity remains locked in this fight against the Thargoids. I believe that we have become hyper-focused on military action, meaning we may never truly understand this species. Aegis’s collaborative nature was ideally suited for such work, but internal and external pressures resulted in its closure. I am officially declaring my aim to convince the Alliance, Empire and Federation to reverse that closure.”

    Detailed plans to reform the organisation were presented by other former members of Aegis including Carter Armstrong, Dr Mia Valencourt and Yazhu Xing. Several issues highlighted by the Baumann Report, including mismanagement and low morale, were openly addressed. The audience was shown evidence that the loss of the Alexandria megaship, originally seen as an example of Aegis’s negligence, was due to sabotage and hijacking by Azimuth Biotech agents.

    The hosts were also asked about the xeno-peace movement and the popular audio package released last week by ICE-caster Joy Senne. Professor Tesreau stated:

    “Neither I nor any former Aegis staff are involved with the Thargoid Advocacy Project or any similar groups. But I have always believed that researching methods of inter-species communication should be a priority.”

    A combination of politicians, scientists, naval officers and journalists were present on the first day of the event. The most high-profile guests included Allied Deputy Prime Minister Angela Corcoran, Federal Ambassador Jasmina Halsey and Shadow Vice President Isolde Rochester. There were no representatives from the Empire, but a delegation from the Marlinist Colonies observed proceedings.

  • September 30, 3308
  • Militaries Prepare for Further Thargoid Strikes

    The prospect of more systems being invaded by Thargoids has placed the Alliance, Empire and Federation on high alert.

    Ernesto Rios, field correspondent for Vox Galactica, summarised the situation:

    “Following the Battle of HIP 22460, there was anticipation that the Thargoids would expand into neighbouring regions. Swarms of hostile vessels did indeed arrive in the 42 n Persei, Chun Pindit and Tekkeitjal systems, although – in a notable change to their former tactics – no starports suffered a direct attack.”

    “The Federal Navy quickly responded by deploying Farragut-class battle cruisers. President Zachary Hudson proclaimed that these successfully drove out the invaders, but many observers suspect that the Thargoids’ withdrawal when the fighting remained fierce was intentional.”

    “In the Empire, Senator Denton Patreus considered these events ‘an indication that the Thargoids are probing humanity’s defensive capabilities’. But details of the Imperial Navy’s anti-xeno strategy remained confidential, a sign of the Empire shift away from military coordination with other superpowers.”

    “The Alliance has claimed to be in a position of readiness. Admiral Nikolas Glass reported: ‘Operation Tyndareus, backed by Sirius Corporation, is now active. The Alliance Defence Force is ready to deploy anti-xeno taskforces, should the Thargoids dare to launch an assault within Allied space.’ Meanwhile, critics of the strategic defence pact have observed that only two megaships currently possess AX weaponry, casting doubt over the ADF’s effectiveness.”

    “Elsewhere, many independent systems are doing whatever they can to bolster their local security forces. Too many worlds are acutely aware that should Thargoid fleets darken their skies, they would be forced to rely on mercenaries and independent pilots for protection.”

    “Popular opinion on continued military actions against Thargoid vessels remains primarily favourable, but the ‘xeno-peace’ discussion continues to grow. In the Aiabiko system, leading ICE personality Joy Senne has released a ‘beacon drop’ package in an effort to promote the idea of peace to independent pilots. Ships scanning the beacon will receive a xeno-affirmative ship nameplate set and decal - paid for by Senne - along with clips of a recent discussion with Sovereign Times anchor Heimar Borichev about the so-called ‘Thargoid Advocacy Project’.”

  • FSS Upgrade to Track Anomalous Signals

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Full spectrum system (FSS) scanners are being updated with the aim of discovering the nature of the interstellar anomalies.

    Cynthia Sideris, chairperson of Universal Cartographics, gave this statement to the press:

    “The scientific community remains fascinated by the phenomena that we have classified as ‘rogue signal sources’. At present we can calculate their approximate direction and velocity, but otherwise they remain a mystery. We have therefore worked with several corporations to enhance the ability of ships to analyse the signals.”

    “Engineers from Auger Vision, Jick Nackson Enterprises, Long Embedded Systems, LURP Ship Systems and other specialist companies collaborated to improve the long-range detection capabilities of FSS scanners. Their collaborative efforts produced a firmware upgrade that is designed to isolate these unique electromagnetic emissions.”

    “By agreement with every ship manufacturer, Universal Cartographics has rolled out this free update to all FSS scanners. Our hope is that with more pilots targeting the rogue signal sources, we can triangulate their positions more accurately and, perhaps, determine their composition.”

    The objects continue to travel at faster-than-light speeds between distant systems, defying all attempts to intercept them. Their appearance does not match any naturally occurring stellar bodies known to science.

  • September 29, 3308
  • Delivery Campaign Helps Fund Imperial Charity

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    An initiative in the Cemiess system has procured sufficient rare items to ensure a successful Citizens’ Relief Trust gala.

    The new charitable organisation will establish support centres for the relatives of Imperial citizens who have died as a result of Thargoid aggression. The trust’s patron, Princess Aisling Duval, made a declaration via public media:

    “The quantity of Eshu Umbrellas, Xihe Biomorphic Companions and Chateau De Aegaeon that we received have gladdened my heart. I am already preparing invitations for a splendid charity gala at my palace on Emerald, where these luxuries will be auctioned to raise capital for the Citizens’ Relief Trust.”

    “I offer my personal thanks to everyone who took part in this campaign. Your efforts will directly honour those who paid the ultimate price in this horrific conflict with the Thargoids.”

    Shipments of wine and fish were also provided, and will be served to the expected attendees and related entourages.

    A public statement was also made by Senator Denton Patreus:

    “It is Imperial Navy protocol to provide financial support to the families of all officers, crew and support staff whose lives are lost in the performance of their duties. Nevertheless, we all appreciate Her Highness’s public spirit, and I’m pleased to see just how much the noble houses are prepared to sacrifice to assist the citizenry.”

    Contributing pilots can now collect payment for their deliveries at Mackenzie Relay in the Cemiess system. Luxury vessel paint jobs will be made available to qualifying pilots soon. Lavigny’s Legion has confirmed that it will also reimburse combat bonds.

  • Federal Forces Target the True Chapters

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Conflict has erupted in Popontia as the Federation seeks to apprehend True Chapters cultists of the Far God cult.

    The Workers of Popontia Free, which is sympathetic to the sect’s right to practise its religion, was outfitting the Dedicant megaship for the chapter’s use. Federal ships have been deployed in the Popontia system with the intention of detaining all cultists and seizing the megaship.

    Governor Nadia Machado, representing Popontia Incorporated, declared:

    “By order of President Hudson, all Thargoid worshippers are under suspicion of espionage and abetting our alien enemies. The True Chapters group is ordered to surrender for lawful questioning.”

    Popontia Incorporated has been tasked with overseeing this mission. Payment has been authorised for Federal auxiliaries and independent pilots willing to pledge their support in subduing True Chapters supporters.

    From the Testament megaship, the First Apostle of the True Chapters delivered a broadcast across public channels:

    “The Dedicant will be a new home for us to await the Far God’s arrival. We are prepared to die to defend this holy calling. Our recognised patrons in the Workers of Popontia Free will fight to protect us and reward those who aid our cause.”

    These unprecedented hostilities were commented on by Dr Alfred Ulyanov, an academic authority on the Order of the Far God:

    “This is the first time that members of this faith have not calmly accepted their own fate. According to my research, the First Apostle preaches that the Far God will transform her followers upon Its manifestation, allowing them to survive while the rest of humanity is extinguished. This has evidently motivated True Chapters adherents to abandon their wholly passive stance.”

    Both campaigns are being orchestrated by contacts in the system’s primary starport, Ryman Market.

  • Thargoids Retreat from Three Systems

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    The conflicts in the 42 n Persei, Chun Pindit and Tekkeitjal systems have ended with the withdrawal of Thargoid vessels.

    All three systems reported the simultaneous arrival of Thargoid forces on the 12th of September, following an expansion of their presence from HIP 22460. Unlike many previous incursions, however, no starports came under direct attack.

    Large numbers of independent pilots volunteered to defend the systems’ populations. Commanders BL1P, EmulatedPenguin and Klemyr, in particular, distinguished themselves in battle against the Thargoids, setting an example among many skilled pilots and AX squadrons that took part.

    The Federal Navy also sent several Farragut-class battle cruisers, each outfitted with specialist AX weaponry, to directly engage the Thargoids. These have now been redeployed, with Fleet Admiral Tayo Maikori claiming: “The overwhelming firepower of the Federation’s capital ships proved more than a match for our alien foe.”

    However, other sources claimed that the Thargoid fleets were not completely spent and instead made a tactical withdrawal. Several witnesses, interviewed by Vox Galactica field reporters, claim to have observed large numbers of undamaged Thargoid vessels departing into hyperspace.

    The formally organised defence operations have already concluded, but contributing pilots can still collect their rewards from Bennington's Rest in the 42 n Persei system, Samuda Terminal in the Chun Pindit system, and Riemann Colony in the Tekkeitjal system.

  • September 28, 3308
  • Tesreau Announces Bid to Reform Aegis

    A media forum is being arranged that will officially propose reinstating the tri-superpower anti-xeno agency.

    The event is being organised by Professor Alba Tesreau, former head of research for Aegis. She delivered a statement to all newsfeeds:

    “As the war against the Thargoids intensifies, the need for centralised xenological research is more vital than ever. This press conference will put forward a case to convince leaders in the Alliance, Empire and Federation to review their decision to dismantle Aegis.”

    “The Baumann Report highlighted many of Aegis’s limitations, and we do not intend to ignore these. Improvements to several departments would have to be made. But the Affiliated Counter-Terrorism Unit proved that cross-superpower collaboration can be efficient, flexible and effective. Aegis could be restructured along similar lines to prevent repeating its past mistakes.”

    Invitations to the conference have been sent to key political figures. Allied Deputy Prime Minister Angela Corcoran has agreed to attend. Federal Ambassador Jasmina Halsey has offered her support, but no members of Congress have responded publicly. The Imperial Senate acknowledged Professor Tesreau, but formally stated that the Empire has no interest in further cooperation with the other superpowers at this time.

    The three-day forum is scheduled to begin on Monday 3rd October in New Apollo City on the planet Biggs Colony.

  • September 26, 3308
  • Federal Crackdown on Thargoid Worshippers

    The Federal government has declared the Order of the Far God to be a potential enemy of the state.

    The following press statement was delivered from the White House on Mars:

    “The Federal Navy Intelligence Office has uncovered sufficient cause for concern to suspect the Far God cult of treason. They are believed to be responsible for leaking classified audiovisual data from the HIP 22460 system, while sharing other sensitive Thargoid-related material internally. Due to this, the risk that they will frustrate anti-xeno operations is deemed considerable.”

    “President Hudson has therefore ordered military units to take control of all hive-chapels in Federal systems. Their inhabitants will be placed in detention facilities and subject to questioning.”

    In related news, Secretary of State Lana Berkovich has sponsored a resolution petitioning Congress to make the Order of the Far God illegal. She has cited constitutional amendments that prevent citizens from providing aid and comfort to an enemy of the state.

    The civil rights organisation Advocacy, the Galactic Interfaith Commune and the Spiritual Freedom Movement have all condemned these actions. However, political opinion polls suggest that a majority of voters are in favour of banning the Far God cult in the Federation.

    Shadow President Felicia Winters issued the following response:

    “I understand there are concerns regarding a Thargoid-based religious order, especially at this time. But there must be concrete evidence supporting these allegations before we treat our own citizens as enemies. It seems to me that Hudson’s administration is desperate to appear ‘tough on Thargoids’ after the debacle in HIP 22460, and has found an easy scapegoat to generate popular support.”

  • September 23, 3308
  • Deep Space ‘Anomalies’ Generate Discussion

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Inexplicable visual phenomena located in deep space have caused extensive speculation and media interest.

    There is no official terminology for the signals but they are referred to by many names, most popular of which is ‘the anomalies’. Appearing as a bright flare with spiralling radial arms, they emit electromagnetic feedback that can be detected using full spectrum system (FSS) scanners.

    The first anomaly was discovered beyond the permit-locked Col 70 sector, with additional signals now observed. Multiple calculations have verified that the objects are moving, supposedly at faster-than-light speeds. Various estimates as to their trajectory have been made, but the great distances involved defy accurate measurement.

    The appearance of the anomalies so soon after the Battle of HIP 22460 has led many to assume that they are somehow related to the Thargoids. These fears have been exacerbated by the claims of the Far God cult that this is a sign of their deity’s imminent arrival, but early analysis has yielded no evidence that the anomaly is Thargoid in origin.

    The engineer Kit Fowler collated several ideas during his End Times broadcast:

    “The anomaly could be some form of hyperspace distortion generated by an exceptionally large object heading our way. Or maybe the Thargoids have built a dimensional portal, through which their fleets can attack anywhere. Perhaps they’ve fired a colossal system-destroying weapon at Sol, as an act of revenge against humanity for the Proteus Wave. We’ve got to prepare for the very worst, people!”

    However, Professor Elizabeth Perez of Orion University quickly dismissed these theories:

    “Such outlandish notions illustrate how people draw imaginary patterns between unconnected events. Scientific progress has not stopped us inventing human-centric explanations for natural phenomena, especially when experiencing feelings of guilt or paranoia.”

  • Alliance-Sirius Pact Prepares New Taskforce

    The anti-xeno strategic defence pact between the Alliance and Sirius Corporation has been fully ratified as a legally binding treaty.

    The Assembly voted to approve the agreement at the end of June, following months of debate. The decision was influenced by the outcome of two competing initiatives to procure resource packages for the Alliance Defence Force (ADF).

    Admiral Nikolas Glass, the Sirius Navy representative on the Council of Admirals, delivered this statement:

    “Now that the legalities have been addressed, a demonstration of the defence pact’s potential is long overdue. I am very pleased to announce that a new anti-xeno taskforce is being assembled under the name Operation Tyndareus, in honour of the megaship lost in HIP 22460.”

    “A tactical combination of ADF ships and Sirius Corporation’s resources will deliver a devastating counterstrike at the next opportunity. This will demonstrate that our unified forces can repel Thargoid attackers and defend Allied space.”

    Shortly before this announcement, an editorial in the Old Worlds Gazette remarked: “So far, Sirius has not fired a single shot in this war. Do they plan to save us by offering the Thargoids special discounts?” Other critics agreed that the defence pact looked increasingly like an administrative exercise rather than a military strategy.

    Councillor Hildegard Dressler, who represents the Leesti system, told The Alliance Tribune:

    “I know that the prime minister shares the public’s frustration with the slow process of bureaucratic approval. He has called upon Sirius Corporation to fast-track its plans urgently, and Operation Tyndareus will be the result.”

  • September 22, 3308
  • Aisling Requests Rare Items to Fund Charity

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    A fundraiser hosted by Princess Aisling aims to finance a support network for Imperial citizens affected by Thargoid aggression.

    The Citizens’ Relief Trust has been established in the Cemiess system, prompted by the loss of thousands of military personnel during the Battle of HIP 22460. She announced:

    “While the Empire is focused on increasing its military strength, we must not forget the human cost of ongoing conflict with the Thargoids. Those who died in battle will be honoured by assisting the families and dependants left to mourn them. The Citizens’ Relief Trust plans to establish support centres to ensure their financial and emotional needs are met.”

    “To raise funding, I have requested deliveries of Eshu Umbrellas, Xihe Biomorphic Companions and Chateau De Aegaeon. These luxury commodities will be auctioned or sold at a special gala I plan to host for Imperial nobility, with all proceeds used to establish this network. Wine and fish is also requested to serve to our distinguished guests.”

    “Although we cannot help those bereaved families who live beyond the Empire’s borders, I hope that the Citizens’ Relief Trust inspires the creation of similar charities elsewhere.”

    Pilots are asked to make their deliveries to Mackenzie Relay starport in the Cemiess system, with planned rewards including luxury vessel paint jobs. At special request from Princess Aisling, Lavigny’s Legion has been tasked with accepting shipments and protecting those who are transporting these valuable cargos. Combat bonds will be reimbursed for all wanted ships that are destroyed in the system.

  • September 21, 3308
  • Demands for Azimuth to Face Justice

    There are widespread calls to bring criminal charges against Azimuth Biotech for its role in the massacre in the HIP 22460 system.

    Rhiannon Grady, director of the civil rights organisation Advocacy, told the media:

    “Azimuth Biotech planned the operation in HIP 22460, with the Proteus Wave’s failure leading directly to the slaughter of well over a hundred thousand naval personnel and combat pilots by Thargoids. Salvation’s death does not absolve his corporation of its culpability. We believe that charges of wilful endangerment and accessory to mass murder should be made, and those responsible be should be brought before a court of law.”

    Other citizens’ groups have made similar claims, with some calling for the superpowers’ leaders to resign or stand trial for supporting Salvation. These demands were given legal weight by a recent ruling from the Federal Navy Criminal Court in the case of Aden Tanner, which acknowledged that preventing the construction of the Proteus Wave may have saved many lives.

    Torben Rademaker, acting CEO of Azimuth Biotech, gave this statement in response:

    “Media outlets and uninformed laymen often refer to the ‘failure’ of the Proteus Wave. The truth is that it worked precisely as intended, by shutting down all Thargoid vessels in HIP 22460. Unfortunately, Dr Wycherley did not anticipate that the aliens had developed a technology to recalibrate his superweapon to affect human ships.”

    “I must make this clear: one man’s regrettable miscalculation does not reflect on Azimuth Biotech as a whole. Our organisation has pioneered xenological research for decades, and we have many dedicated experts in different fields. We must accept that weapons development comes with risks. But there is no such thing as failure in scientific endeavour.”

  • September 20, 3308
  • Far God Cult Under Federal Scrutiny

    The Order of the Far God is facing an official investigation and increased public maltreatment within the Federation.

    Freelance journalist Alexei Keel published a special report via Vox Galactica:

    “The Thargoid-worshipping cult has always been a controversial faith on Federal worlds. But it is currently causing a civil backlash of the sort not seen since 3304.”

    “A recent exposé by the Federal Free Press proves that naval intelligence operatives are investigating all chapters of the cult established in Federal space. Allegedly, there are suspicions that cultists may be undertaking acts of espionage to sabotage anti-xeno operations.”

    “As more details of the Battle of HIP 22460 become public knowledge, the pacifistic cultists have become an easy target for ordinary people seeking some kind of revenge against overtly pro-Thargoid ideologies. Although security forces claim to be responding to these vigilante attacks, widespread prejudice means that local police rarely act when such crimes are reported.”

    Antipathy to the religion has increased to the point where prominent figures in the Federal government are calling for it be outlawed. As Secretary of State Lana Berkovich put it: “Humanity is at war with the Thargoids. To allow an army of crazed alien sympathisers within our society is to invite disaster.”

    All of this has driven thousands of worshippers to abandon their hive-chapels and join the more radical True Chapters sect. Welcoming the new converts, the First Apostle proclaimed: “We must defend our faith and ourselves, so we may witness the Far God’s manifestation with our own eyes.”

    The exotheologian Dr Alfred Ulyanov has remarked on this as “a fundamental shift from the fatalism of their conventional beliefs”. Keel raises the question in his report: what happens if Far God cultists stop tolerating these hostile acts and start fighting for survival?

  • Aisling Criticises Imperial Policy

    Princess Aisling Duval has challenged the Empire’s shift in priority towards reduced interaction with other superpowers.

    During an interview with the Citizens’ Chronicle newsfeed, she remarked:

    “It’s obvious that the Imperial Navy is deeply embarrassed by its commitment to Salvation, and is as good as paralyzed without his superweapon technology. The Emperor is now attempting to save face by severing all collaborative projects with the Alliance and Federation. Frankly, I think this is short-sighted and self-defeating.”

    “Our naval crews in HIP 22460 died as heroes, of course, but we should not ignore that they were acting in coalition with Allied and Federal taskforces. This tragedy affected all of us, and we do not honour the dead by pretending otherwise. All of us with the ability to help, no matter our allegiance, must do more to support the families of everyone lost in that appalling catastrophe, while recognising the likelihood of further casualties of war.”

    Hadrian Augustus Duval publicly disagreed with his cousin’s viewpoint, as quoted by Paresa News Network:

    “Despite my respect for Princess Aisling, I must admit that Emperor Arissa has my support in this matter – something I never believed I would ever say. My position has always been that our Empire is weakened by relying on external forces of any kind. So it’s gratifying to see the wisdom of this policy finally being acknowledged.”

  • September 16, 3308
  • The Judgement of Admiral Tanner

    A special tribunal of the Federal Navy Criminal Court has deliberated the case of former admiral Aden Tanner and made a final decision.

    The following press release was released to all Federal newsfeeds:

    “This tribunal has scrutinised the latest evidence supplied by the Federal Attorney’s Office. We find that the analysis of Salvation’s superweapons does indeed substantiate Mr Tanner’s allegation that they were designed to provoke a hostile response from the Thargoids. Azimuth Biotech has been unable to verify that its claimed ‘anti-xeno detection network’ exists, explaining that most of Salvation’s advanced designs were not widely shared within the corporation.”

    “Nevertheless, regardless of motive or moral justification, Mr Tanner directly disobeyed orders when the Musashi staged an assault on Hind Mine in the T Tauri system. It is therefore our judgement that the court martial verdict on the 12th of January stands. The request for a retrial has been denied. Having been convicted of mutiny and unlawful military action, he remains dishonourably discharged and has been stripped of his rank and honours.”

    “We do acknowledge the ethical argument that the Proteus Wave would not have been constructed, and many lives may have been saved, if the Musashi had gained access to Hind Mine starport. In light of this context to the case, Mr Tanner’s sentence has been commuted to time served, and he is free to leave Federal custody. However, he is permanently barred from entering civil or military service.”

  • September 15, 3308
  • ‘Thargoid Roar’ Leaked to Public

    Classified audio-visual footage from the Battle of HIP 22460 has been anonymously submitted to several mainstream newsfeeds.

    The Alliance Tribune, The Federal Times, The Imperial Herald, The Sovereign and Vox Galactica all received databanks salvaged from various wreckages in the HIP 22460 system. Most were obtained from naval vessels, along with a handful recovered from independent ship’s logs.

    Superpower-based newsfeeds elected not to publish any information related to their own militaries, citing security guidelines. But enough material has reached the public domain to portray the sequence of events of August 9th: the activation of the Proteus Wave, the Thargoid counter-attack, and the subsequent destruction of huge numbers of ships.

    These files include audio recordings of a broadcast of unknown origin that occurred throughout HIP 22460. They match previously unverified descriptions of a so-called ‘Thargoid roar’, something that has been discussed by independent journalist Flint Lafosse and Vox Galactica reporter Jade Sanderlyn.

    Several interpretations of this unearthly sound have been offered. Professor Shamus Madigan believed it to be “residual electromagnetic radiation from the Thargoids’ energy pulse on HIP 22460 10b”. Dr Jeong-Hui Shin theorised that it was “a burst of frenzied communication to – or from – some distant location”. Meanwhile, the First Apostle of the True Chapters claimed: “The voice of the Far God calls to the faithful. The manifestation has begun.”

    Coupled with the Thargoid expansion from HIP 22460 and their recent invasion of three inhabited systems, this new revelation has fuelled public anxiety over the Thargoid threat. Members of the Alliance Assembly, Federal Congress and Imperial Senate have reassured their citizens that there is no need for panic. It is believed that several intelligence agencies have opened investigations into the source of the leak, the content of which is believed to have been classified by military departments.

    Anti-Thargoid operations are continuing in the 42 n Persei, Chun Pindit and Tekkeitjal systems. The Federation has submitted several Farragut-class battle cruisers to help repel Thargoid forces. Local factions organising the defensive efforts have called for independent pilots to join the fight.

  • September 14, 3308
  • Xeno-Peace Activists: ‘We Are The Invaders’

    The xeno-peace movement, which calls for communication with the Thargoids, has sought to rationalise the latest incursions.

    Despite ongoing conflicts in the 42 n Persei, Chun Pindit and Tekkeitjal systems, Thargoid aggression has been attributed to defensive measures. Reports by journalists in those systems, which have focused on the increasingly aggressive Thargoid craft, have been labelled ‘propaganda’ endorsed by major media corporations.

    The ‘Thargoid Advocacy Project’ - a label which many supporters of the movement use in calls to action - believes that the authorities must commit to establishing a dialogue with the aliens. Timothy Culver, a prominent activist for the xeno-peace cause, provided a statement to The Sovereign:

    “The Thargoids did not invade our space. We invaded theirs. Entire nebulas and other regions have been inhabited by them for over a million years, but our leaders arrogantly assume these regions are human conquests. Thargoid defensive acts were countered by destroying countless numbers of their vessels, stealing their meta-alloy resources, and a recent attempt to inflict widespread slaughter upon their fleet.”

    “These latest incidents are reprisals for the Proteus Wave, a weapon of mass destruction built within one of the Thargoids’ own surface sites. This was the second such attempt to massacre vast numbers of Thargoids, the first being the mycoid bioweapon used less than two centuries ago. Such acts of revenge are common in humanity’s own military past.”

    “The Thargoids are responding via the only language our leaders understand: warfare. It’s time that we spoke a new language. Let’s start talking to our neighbours instead of aiming our weapons at them.”

  • September 13, 3308
  • Patreus Highlights Thargoid Tactics

    Senator Denton Patreus, fleet admiral of the Imperial Navy, has discussed the Empire’s new priorities following the Battle of HIP 22460.

    During an exclusive interview with the Eye on Achenar newsfeed, Patreus said:

    “Her Majesty the Emperor has decreed that our military priority is to defend systems within the Empire. The Imperial Navy’s production and training facilities have increased their efforts to redress the loss of three Majestic-class interdictors, along with tens of thousands of naval crew.”

    “I’ve conducted my own tactical analysis of what took place in the HIP 22460 system. Salvation’s interest in the area with historic Thargoid ruins was no coincidence, I feel. He was something of a showman, and planning a final victory in the aliens’ own territory fits what we know of his ambition.”

    “The Thargoids attacked human fleets with ferocious intent, but the fact they never assaulted the Proteus Wave site strikes me as remarkable. Even when considering the stout resistance, we offered. There is saying among military strategists: Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

    “In hindsight, it seems possible that the Thargoids allowed the Proteus Wave to be installed at their surface site, with the foreknowledge that they could turn the superweapon against us. Perhaps Salvation unknowingly constructed his own execution chamber.”

    “I’m convinced that we face an alien intelligence with a strategic competence to match any human opponent. The Empire cannot underestimate this enemy ever again.”

  • September 12, 3308
  • Federation Monitors Pro-Xeno Activity

    The Federal Intelligence Agency has warned of heightened interest in the Far God cult and groups considered sympathetic to the Thargoids.

    Deputy Director Bethany Blake, who runs the Proactive Detection Bureau, delivered a public statement:

    “We have confirmed a significant increase in communications between local chapters of the Far God religious order, which includes the sharing of unverified xenological data. The Thargoids’ victory in HIP 22460 seems to have caused unprecedented excitement among the cultists. At present, there is no evidence that they pose any danger to the public. However, we are concerned by a recent increase in citizens abandoning their conventional lifestyles to join the cult.”

    “We have also noted the rising popularity of a civil movement that advocates diplomatic relations with the Thargoids. This rhetoric is being promoted by several high-profile media figures. There is currently no known connection between these ‘xeno-peace’ supporters and the Far God cult, but both groups are being closely observed for potential criminality.”

    Dr Alfred Ulyanov, the leading academic authority on the Far God faith, submitted his observations to The Federal Times:

    “Recent events in HIP 22460 have galvanised the cultists, but also seem to have triggered an element of discord among some. Worshippers are abandoning the orthodox hive-chapels and pledging themselves to the True Chapters sect, where the First Apostle is being hailed as a holy messenger of the Far God. My contacts inform me that the Testament megaship has despatched scouts to locate a more permanent home, likely to accommodate a wave of new converts.”