Galactic News

  • November 26, 3306
  • Alliance Consolidates Presence in Coalsack Nebula

    Pilots Federation ALERT

    The Alliance has opened new starports in the Coalsack Nebula, and is offering high prices for Thargoid-related commodities.

    Following a successful campaign to establish a foothold in the nebula, the Alliance has announced that several new starports have become operational. These are:

    Betancourt Base in the Musca Dark Region PJ-P b6-1 system.

    Cole Point in the Coalsack Sector VU-0 B6-6 system.

    Hannu Arena in the Musca Dark Region IM-V C2-24 system.

    Bering Port in the Coalsack Sector KN-S B4-9 system.

    The starports will serve as launchpads for further exploration of the region. Several corporations are working in partnership with the Alliance to locate commercial and scientific sites of interest.

    One of the new research stations, Betancourt Base, has requested deliveries of Thargoid commodities. Chief xenobiologist Dr Rodion Stathos outlined the offer:

    “The Thargoids have been in the Coalsack Nebula for at least two hundred years, giving us an opportunity to increase our understanding of this alien species. Thanks to funding provided by pharmaceutical and bioengineering companies, we can offer generous rewards for shipments of Thargoid biological matter and other artefacts.”

  • Empire and Federation Increase Capital Ship Production

    Pilots Federation ALERT

    The Federal and Imperial Navies have both requested commodities for the construction of new capital ships.

    President Zachary Hudson has convinced Congress to increase funding for the Federal Navy, and to advance the construction programme for Farragut-class Battle Cruisers. In a powerful address, he said:

    “Defending the Federation is our highest priority in these uncertain times. It is vital that we reinforce our capability to protect the people from all threats.”

    The Federal Navy urgently requires additional resources to meet the new shipbuilding timetable. Deliveries of building fabricators, microbial furnaces and energy grid assemblies are requested at Schweickart City in the Parutis system.

    A similar declaration was made in the Imperial Senate mere hours later, when Senator Denton Patreus announced:

    “We face adversaries on all sides and from within, eager to corrupt and destroy our proud Empire. This is a time to bolster our strength and our resolve.”

    The Imperial Navy confirmed that new Majestic-class Interdictors and other military vessels are being assembled. A request has been made for shipments of building fabricators, microbial furnaces and energy grid assemblies to Miyasaka Orbital in the Mandh system.

  • November 24, 3306
  • Core Dynamics Bids to Purchase Lakon Spaceways

    An official bid for complete ownership of Lakon Spaceways has been made by Core Dynamics, a major shipbuilding corporation in the Federation.

    The announcement caused ripples in the manufacturing sector, particularly as Lakon has been in partnership with the Alliance for several years.

    The newsfeed Sol Today featured a statement by Jupiter Rochester, the CEO of Core Dynamics:

    “Lakon Spaceways has made a name for itself with its practical and well-respected ship designs – the workhorses of the galaxy. Core Dynamics can help the company reach greater heights, and be even more successful.”

    “This can only be a positive move for both corporations. As with our acquisition of Vodel last year, Lakon will retain its talented engineers and production facilities while operating under our guidance.”

    There has been no response yet from the board of directors at Lakon Spaceways. Some industry specialists have speculated that the company may have financial difficulties, after investing heavily in the Alliance Chieftain and its sister ships.

    Questions have been raised in the Alliance Assembly about the legality of inter-superpower corporate mergers. However, neither the Federal Commerce Authority nor the Independent Commission for Market Equality have disapproved of the proposal.

  • November 23, 3306
  • Commodity Prices Affected by Market Volatility

    Pilots Federation ALERT

    Volatile trading markets have caused widespread price changes on several commodities, with a focus on the mining sector.

    Alongside general market instability, unprecedented stock levels for a range of mined materials such as painite – once the gold standard of many systems – mean they now have uncertain futures.

    Many financial experts predicted this correction to the markets, and saw it as an inevitable change. Others see this as a direct result of escalating tensions between the Empire and the Federation, with a few dismissing it as a minor anomaly and that prices will rapidly return to normal.

    Professor Ophelia Kaufmann, head of economics at Orion Independent University, observed:

    “There is certainly historical precedent for volatile markets during periods of political instability. Whatever the real cause or outlook in the short term, commodity values have become far more susceptible to market forces.”

    “This is a notoriously difficult field in which to make predictions, but it is likely that prices for some lower-value goods may increase. The only certainty is of further fluctuations, but their severity will largely depend on how the precarious situation between superpowers is resolved.”

  • November 20, 3306
  • Superpowers React to Latest NMLA Strike

    Relations between the Empire and the Federation have deteriorated following a terror attack by Neo-Marlinists against a Federal starport.

    Kepler Orbital in the Atropos system was bombed by the NMLA to eliminate several of its captured members, before they could reveal anything under interrogation by the Federal Security Service.

    Imperial Ambassador Imogen Luciana made this statement:

    “The NMLA was obviously able to make use of its bomb-making factories within the LTT 1935 system. If the Federation had not resisted our investigation, we would have shut these down and prevented the attack.”

    “Our warning about the extremist threat went unheeded, and the Federation is now paying the price. We once again insist that all Marlinists are repatriated to the Empire.”

    Ambassador Jordan Rochester has not responded, but did confirm that Federal embassies in several Imperial systems have closed after violent anti-Marlinist protests placed diplomatic staff’s lives at risk.

    In Congress, Vice President Brad Mitchell directly blamed Shadow President Felicia Winters for the recent attack. He accused her of “laying out the welcome mat for terrorists” by offering sanctuary to the Marlinists. Other congressmen argued that she had prioritised aid for Imperial rather than Federal citizens.

    There is evidence that Winters is now losing some of her recently gained political capital. However, the Liberal Party’s popularity remains high in the wake of President Hudson’s alleged association with the destruction of Starship One.

  • November 19, 3306
  • Terrorist Bombing at Federal Starport

    Pilots Federation ALERT

    Multiple explosions have struck Kepler Orbital in the Atropos system, causing huge damage and loss of life.

    Witnesses have observed signs of corrosion damage to the starport. This is characteristic of an explosive designed by the engineer Liz Ryder that deploys Thargoid caustic enzymes, and which was used in the bombings of Imperial starports in September.

    The NMLA has claimed responsibility for the attack. Its propaganda channels praised “the nine martyrs”, a reference to the terrorist suspects recently arrested by the Federal Security Service. There were also warnings of “further reprisals if the Federation impedes our cause”.

    The FSS has since confirmed that the captive NMLA members were being held in secure facilities at Kepler Orbital, which have been completely destroyed by the blasts. It is assumed that they were specifically targeted to prevent the prisoners revealing information about the paramilitary group under interrogation.

    Federal authorities are urgently requesting support from the galactic community, to assist with repair efforts and to rescue survivors still trapped at the damaged station.

  • November 18, 3306
  • Terrorists Identified Among Marlinist Refugees

    A screening process for Marlinist asylum-seekers arriving in the Federation has located several members of the NMLA terrorist group.

    Vice President Brad Mitchell personally initiated a Federal Security Service operation to uncover any Neo-Marlinist extremists concealed among the refugee population.

    The Vice President delivered this report to Congress:

    “After standard ID scans flagged up some potential suspects, FSS officers employed more vigorous checks and interview techniques. They found nine individuals who were active members of the NMLA.”

    “The terrorists have been transported to secure facilities for further interrogation, after which they will be handed over to Imperial authorities. Our security services remain vigilant against this danger that the Liberal Party has invited into our communities.”

    Vox Galactica featured a statement by Marlinist community leader Dr Jenna Fairfax:

    “I am horrified to learn of NMLA hiding among us. These killers do not represent the principles of Marlinism, and we are happy to cooperate in expelling them.”

    In related news, protestors on several Federal worlds have warned of increased crime, terrorism and economic damage unless all refugees are sent back to the Empire. Counter-protests have called for the Marlinists to be welcomed as fellow believers in democratic government.

  • November 17, 3306
  • Coalsack Nebula Campaign Completes Initial Stages

    Pilots Federation ALERT

    An Alliance initiative has successfully prepared the Coalsack Nebula for exploitation and reduced the Thargoids’ presence.

    Traders delivered shipments of power generators, robotics, structural regulators and building fabricators, which will be used to help construct several new facilities in the region.

    The quantity of commodities received will result in construction of the following for the 26th of November 3306:

    Betancourt Base Starport in the Musca Dark Region PJ-P b6-1 system.

    Additional services: Interstellar factor, human technology broker, encoded material trader, extended range of Multi-purpose ships.

    Cole Point Starport in the CoalSack Sector VU-0 B6-6 system.

    Additional services: Interstellar factor, raw material trader, extended range of Multi-purpose ships and mining equipment, fleet carrier administration.

    Hannu Arena Starport in the Musca Dark Region IM-V C2-24 system.

    Additional services: Interstellar factor, range of combat ships and weapons.

    Bering Port Starport in the CoalSack Sector KN-S B4-9 system.

    Additional services: Interstellar factor, improved outfitting options, manufactured material trader.

    Commodore Morag Halloran of the Alliance Defence Force delivered an update on the security procedures:

    “Our efforts to clear the systems of Thargoid vessels were hugely boosted by independent pilots. Their skills have enabled our transports to travel to the nebula in relative safety.”

    The Alliance is collaborating with several corporations to investigate the Coalsack Nebula for commercial and scientific sites of interest.

  • November 16, 3306
  • Emperor Decides Hadrian Duval’s Status

    Princess Aisling Duval’s request for her cousin, Imperator Hadrian Augustus Duval, to be accepted into the Imperial Family has been denied.

    Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval’s decision was delivered to the Senate by Chancellor Anders Blaine:

    “Her Majesty acknowledges that Hadrian is a Duval by blood, and offers royal pardons to him and his followers for previous crimes against the Empire. However, she does not bestow upon him the title of prince, nor offer any formal position within the Imperial Family.”

    Aisling Duval and Hadrian Duval both expressed disappointment, but agreed to accept the decree. The Senate has now ratified the Treaty of Paresa, which removes Nova Imperium’s outlaw status in return for accepting Emperor Arissa’s rule and contributing to operations against the NMLA.

    The Imperial Herald’s political journalist Cassia Carvalho commented:

    “This surprisingly even-handed judgement is widely seen as bowing to pressure from the Senate, where there is much loyalty to Aisling Duval. Some interpret it as atonement – or regaining political goodwill – for the purge of Nova Imperium in 3305, which included the execution of several senators.”

    “The image this projects is of an Empire coming together against the greater threat posed by Neo-Marlinists. But there is speculation that an alliance between the two youngest Duvals may one day challenge the Emperor for the throne.”

  • November 12, 3306
  • Federal System Resists Imperial Takeover

    Pilots Federation ALERT

    The Federation has successfully maintained control of the LTT 1935 system, following a battle against local Imperial forces. The conflict was caused by an Imperial investigation that traced deliveries of bomb-making materials from this system to an NMLA workshop.

    Colonel Ernest Harris of the LTT 1935 Confederacy stated:

    “The LTT 1935 system remains part of the Federation, now that we have defended against the Empire’s attempt to take control. Our citizens have been saved from the indignities of Imperial interrogation.”

    “In gratitude to the Federal auxiliaries and independent pilots who helped support our freedom, rewards are now available at Wolf Port .”

    There was also a message from Captain Axel Cyprian of the L.Y.S Corp:

    “This is a serious setback in our war against the NMLA terrorists, who the Federation seem eager to protect. Nevertheless, for all those courageous pilots who flew on our behalf, we can offer generous payments from Strength of Purpose.”

  • Alliance Launches Coalsack Nebula Campaign

    Pilots Federation ALERT

    Commodities and anti-xeno support are requested as the Alliance begins exploitation of the Coalsack Nebula.

    The Alliance plans to construct several new outposts in the Coalsack Nebula. From these, commercial and scientific operations will be conducted to locate fresh sources of meta-alloys and other potential sites of interest.

    The initiative was prompted by the findings of a planetary survey team two hundred years ago, which were only discovered after an abandoned megaship arrived in the Chukchan system.

    Shipments of power generators, robotics, structural regulators and building fabricators are required, and can be delivered to the megaship Spirit of Nysa in the Musca Dark Region PJ-P b6-1 system. The more commodities that are supplied, the more outposts will be upgraded to starports and the greater the range of services they will offer.

    Commodore Morag Halloran of the Alliance Defence Force discussed security arrangements:

    “We anticipate a heavy Thargoid presence within the Coalsack Nebula. Therefore it is a strategic necessity that we act now to curtail the threat to future exploration.”

    “Independent pilots and anti-xeno squadrons can serve the Alliance by focusing their efforts on the Coalsack Sector KN-S b4-9, Coalsack Sector VU-O b6-6, Musca Dark Region IM-V c2-24 and Musca Dark Region PJ-P b6-1 systems, which will host the new structures.”

  • November 10, 3306
  • Hadrian Duval Seeks Reintegration with the Empire

    Imperator Hadrian Augustus Duval has recovered from an assassination attempt and signalled a new direction for Nova Imperium.

    Princess Aisling Duval provided advanced medical care for Imperator Duval after a near-fatal attack by NMLA assassins. Following a period of discussion, she told the media:

    “At this time of crisis we need allies more than ever, and my cousin’s royal heritage should not be denied. I have therefore formally requested sovereign consent for him to be accepted into the Imperial Family as Prince Hadrian.”

    Hadrian Duval broadcast this message from Dyson City:

    “I owe my life to Aisling, but life without purpose means nothing, and the Duvals’ purpose has always been to protect the Empire. I seek to adopt my birthright and help defend our traditional ways of life.”

    “However, many of us see disturbing parallels between the brutal purge of Nova Imperium’s followers in 3305 and the current crusade against the Marlinists. I call upon those in power not to repeat this mistake – the NMLA is the common enemy we must unite against.”

    Many senators publicly agreed that the Empire must heal past divisions to focus on the Neo-Marlinist threat. Others have voiced concerns at the repercussions of Emperor Hengist’s illegitimate grandson becoming an heir to the throne. As yet, Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval has not responded.

  • November 9, 3306
  • ‘Ghost Ship’ Leads Alliance to New Resources

    Discoveries made two hundred years ago by an abandoned megaship have revealed untapped sources of meta-alloys within the Coalsack Nebula.

    The Adamastor, which was launched in 3111, returned to the Chukchan system from the Coalsack Nebula on autopilot with no traces of its crew. Thargoid barnacle sites were found in the nebula by independent pilots.

    The Alliance Assembly has announced an expedition to thoroughly explore the nebula, with the primary goal of securing fresh sources of meta-alloys. A press release stated:

    “Recent Thargoid activity in the Witch Head Nebula and over-exploitation of that region mean that this latest discovery has come at an opportune time. The Coalsack Nebula will now be the focus of an initiative to identify sites of commercial and scientific interest. To achieve this, we have established new partnerships with several corporations including Sirius Atmospherics.”

    “Although the mystery of the Adamastor may never be fully resolved, we hope it will leave a positive legacy for the people of the Alliance.”

    Mention of corporate partnerships caused ripples in certain industries, with speculation that these have been in the pipeline for months. Political commentators also observed that 3307 will be an election year for the Alliance, placing pressure on Prime Minister Edmund Mahon to secure economic stability.

  • November 6, 3306
  • Terrorism Spreads as Superpower Conflicts Increase

    Neo-Marlinist extremists are continuing their campaign of terror, while the Empire and Federation clash over issues caused by Marlinist refugees.

    The Imperial Herald has featured updates on terrorist activity across the Empire:

    “The NMLA has claimed responsibility for over fifty bomb attacks during the last three weeks. These mostly targeted local authority buildings and security forces, killing hundreds. Hit squads have also assassinated several high-profile individuals connected to the Duvals, including the Emperor’s relative Baron Cesare Lavigny.”

    “Senior IISS leaders have admitted to being unprepared for how organised and well-equipped the paramilitary group is. Critics suggest that the mass arrest of Marlinists may have radicalised many people who were already sympathetic to the republican ideology.”

    The Federal Times has focused on the tensions between superpowers:

    “With diplomatic channels closing down, the possibility that the confrontation in LTT 1935 might escalate into all-out war cannot be ignored. There is added pressure from the exodus of millions of Marlinists, whose beliefs align with the Federation’s democratic principles.”

    “President Hudson is still suffering from reduced congressional support, and many have said that it feels like Felicia Winters is running the show. But although her humanitarian efforts undoubtedly saved many refugees’ lives, the acceptance of Imperial outcasts into Federal society remains in question.”

  • November 5, 3306
  • Federal and Imperial Forces Engage in Battle

    Pilots Federation ALERT

    The Empire’s counter-terrorism operation in the LTT 1935 system has triggered armed resistance from the Federation.

    The Imperial Internal Security Service’s investigation into the NMLA terrorist group led its agents to LTT 1935, a Federation-controlled system in neutral space. Military vessels were called in for support, only to be met in combat by Federal forces.

    A declaration was made by Colonel Ernest Harris of the LTT 1935 Confederacy:

    “The Empire cannot dominate and arrest our citizens as it did with the Marlinists. We claim the right to defend the Federation’s territory from such aggressive tactics.”

    Captain Axel Cyprian of the L.Y.S Corp responded:

    “The IISS has confirmed that the Neo-Marlinists have secret bomb-making factories concealed within LTT 1935. To prevent future atrocities, it is vital that we take control of this system and shut down the NMLA’s source of weapons.”

    The LTT 1935 Confederacy has requested help from independent pilots to defend LTT 1935 from occupation by the Empire.

    The L.Y.S Corp has also asked for auxiliaries to assist in gaining control of the system.

  • November 3, 3306
  • Federation Accused of Supporting the NMLA

    The Empire has revealed new evidence that suggests the NMLA terrorist group may be receiving help from elements within the Federation.

    A report from the Imperial Internal Security Service stated:

    “With information provided by the engineer Liz Ryder, we located an abandoned workshop where explosives had been constructed using her blueprints. Traces were found of Thargoid caustic enzymes, matching the payloads delivered during the starport bombings.”

    “Micro-signage on cargo containers identified bulk deliveries of equipment from a Federal system in neutral space, where we believe the NMLA has a second bomb-making facility. IISS agents are currently investigating to confirm these findings.”

    Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester refuted these allegations:

    “The suggestion that we’re responsible for the Empire’s home-grown extremists is laughable. As with their persecution of Marlinists, this is another excuse for an inability to solve their own problems.”

    Imperial Ambassador Imogen Luciana responded:

    “There have long been rumours that the NMLA has the Federation’s support, to destabilise the Empire and promote republican propaganda. If true, there will be severe consequences.”

    In related news, some Federal systems are struggling to cope with an influx of Marlinist refugees. Public disobedience, food shortages and epidemics have been reported in the Thetis, LTT 1935 and HIP 36081 systems, due to a lack of additional resources.

  • November 2, 3306
  • Hadrian Duval Saved by Aisling Duval’s Intervention

    Princess Aisling Duval has provided lifesaving aid to Imperator Hadrian Augustus Duval, who was severely wounded by NMLA terrorists.

    The INV Achenar's Courage, transported her to the Paresa system where she offered protection against further assassination attempts.

    Hadrian Duval was transferred to the Majestic-class Interdictor’s medical bay, surrounded by both his Praetorian Guard and Imperial troops. He received advanced treatment including Vitadyne nanomeds, and is no longer in critical condition.

    This unorthodox intervention has drawn both criticism and praise from senators and public alike. Nova Imperium is outlawed for sedition due to its isolationist policies, and its leader is not recognised by the Imperial Family. However, a non-aggression pact was agreed between Aisling and Hadrian in 3305.

    A defiant Aisling Duval told The Imperial Herald:

    “I recently lost one member of my family to these extremists. I am not about to lose another. Regardless of politics, Hadrian is my cousin, and there are precious few Duvals left alive.”

    Nova Imperium’s head of security, Praetor Leo Magnus, commented:

    “I am confident that our Imperator would have survived, but we do appreciate Her Highness’s assistance. It remains a mystery how the NMLA could come so close to succeeding, but my investigations continue.”

  • October 30, 3306
  • Empire and Federation Clash Over Marlinists

    The Empire has repeated its demand for the Federation to deport all Marlinist emigrants, as tensions increase between the two superpowers.

    Hundreds of thousands of political refugees reached Federal space after fleeing to escape the Empire’s hunt for Neo-Marlinist terrorists. Congress has agreed to provide sanctuary, along with offers of permanent residency.

    Imperial Ambassador Imogen Luciana stated:

    “Our people must be safely returned so we can identify dangerous NMLA activists, before they gain the opportunity to inflict further harm. We have no desire for the Federation to suffer the same horrific attacks.”

    A response was given by Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester:

    “As always, the Empire promises one thing and does another. This is not an altruistic effort to spare us from terrorists – it is a totalitarian purge of believers in democracy.”

    There are reports that both superpowers have suspended many official channels of communication. Political commentators have observed that the Federation’s actions could be construed as the mass kidnapping of Imperial citizens, which would be an act of war.

  • October 29, 3306
  • Supplies for Marlinist Refugees Successfully Delivered

    A Federal charity initiative to deliver vital supplies for Marlinist refugees from the Empire has concluded.

    Safeguard Interstellar, a humanitarian aid organisation, received an impressive response to its request to provide basic necessities to Marlinist immigrants claiming asylum in the Federation.

    CEO Noel Beaumont announced:

    “These much-needed shipments of basic medicines, clothing, food cartridges, fruit and vegetables, and evacuation shelters will be used to sustain the Marlinist populations in the LTT 3607, Charunder and Ennead systems, at least until they can receive the state support granted by Congress.”

    “Our affiliate, the Fionn Liberals, will be pleased to reward contributing pilots at Fox Enterprise in the LFT 625 system.”

    The charity shared a message from Dr Jenna Fairfax, a Marlinist community leader:

    “To all the pilots who brought these life-saving supplies – thank you. Leaving our homes has been incredibly difficult, but you and Safeguard Interstellar have provided ports in the storm. Many of us hope to start afresh in the Federation, where we know our democratic ideals will be nourished.”

  • ‘Ghost Ship’ Arrives in Chukchan System

    Pilots Federation ALERT

    An abandoned megaship that set out two centuries ago has returned on automatic pilot to the Chukchan system.

    Local security forces were scrambled to intercept an unidentified vessel that was detected on a collision course with Chukchan 5 B.

    The megaship displayed no signs of life, so tugs were deployed to wrench it into a safe orbit. This caused onboard power systems to overload with explosive results, damaging cargo holds and spilling debris.

    The name of the ship was confirmed as the Adamastor, but no further information is available in the public domain.

    Specialists from the Alliance Salvage Guild boarded the derelict to conduct an investigation. Their preliminary report stated:

    “The Adamastor has been travelling at sublight speed through interstellar space for nearly two hundred years. There are no remains of the crew. All escape pods and secondary craft have been launched, and several airlocks were manually opened from within.”

    “A complete absence of identification suggests that this ship was intended for clandestine operations. All data drives have been deliberately erased.”

    “There is evidence of a reinforced cargo hold, fitted with what looks like the remains of environmental equipment. Recent fire damage makes it impossible to be more specific.”

    “The ship’s original destination is unknown, having returned to its launch point on autopilot. Calculating its trajectory implies that it passed near the HIP 61595, HIP 64011 and HIP 65201 systems.”

    The Adamastor will remain in orbit for further examination.