Galactic News

  • June 16, 3308
  • Alliance-Sirius Military Pact to be Decided

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    The Di Jian system is hosting competing campaigns as the Alliance Assembly votes on the strategic defence pact.

    The Assembly is evenly split over formalising military ties with Sirius Corporation to enhance defensive options against the Thargoids, with a decision expected at the end of June. In advance of the vote, both pro-pact and anti-Sirius councillors are attempting to sway colleagues to their cause by securing a sizeable resource package for the Alliance Defence Force.

    Pro-pact councillors have established their initiative in Di Jian from the Sirius megaship Kumiho Sky, and are asking for shipments of computer components, reinforced mounting plates and synthetic reagents. These councillors have heavily promoted the need for enhanced fleet support in the face of increasing Thargoid activity. Noted engineer Marco Qwent recently confirmed his support for an Allied anti-xeno pact with Sirius.

    The anti-Sirius lobby has requested deliveries of the same commodities to Preuss Terminal in the Di Jian system. The system’s controlling faction, Sol’s Salutis Aeternum, is overseeing contributions. Engineers Uma Laszlo and Bill Turner have both expressed a hope that the anti-xeno pact with Sirius is denied.

    To encourage support from pilots, each campaign is offering extra incentives. The majority of contributors to the Kumiho Sky campaign will receive a pre-engineered high capacity AX fixed missile launcher, among other rewards, courtesy of Sirius Corporation.

    Sol’s Salutis Aeternum is instead offering a stock Alliance Chieftain to a limited number of Preuss Terminal campaign contributors. Other rewards are available for contributors outside this number.

  • June 14, 3308
  • Salvation and the Superpowers

    The Alliance, Empire and Federation have responded coolly to accusations that Salvation has hidden links to Azimuth Biochemicals and INRA.

    Vox Galactica published a report from political correspondent Conrad Sterling:

    “Salvation has always been a contentious figure, and the logs found in the DG Canum Venaticorum system have polarised public opinion further. Some are enraged that Salvation may have history with INRA or be responsible for the loss of the Alexandria. Others believe Aegis’s claims to be false, a desperate attempt to save themselves. But how have the superpowers reacted?”

    “The Empire is taking a pragmatic view, with Senator Denton Patreus focusing on the strategic objective of defeating the Thargoids. As he bluntly told the Senate: ‘Nothing in the Imperial armoury comes close to matching the anti-xeno superweapon’s devastating capabilities.’”

    “In the Federation, Fleet Admiral Tayo Maikori has revived his investigation into Salvation and is hoping to authenticate the INRA logs. But other Federal leaders have adopted a ‘wait and see’ approach, refusing to be drawn on the controversy.”

    “A broader range of reactions can be heard from the Alliance, albeit with little change in policy. Admiral Rachel Ziegler acknowledged that the accusations must be taken seriously, but added: ‘With the Sirius Corporation defence pact still under debate, and the Alliance lacking a proper naval force, we must continue to utilise all military options available to us.’”

  • June 13, 3308
  • Alliance Divided over Anti-Xeno Pact

    The proposed strategic defence partnership with Sirius Corporation is being hotly debated within the Alliance Assembly.

    Vanya Driscoll, political journalist with The Alliance Tribune, reported on the situation:

    “Sirius Corporation’s offer to provide support against the Thargoids has caused considerable disruption this year. There was a conflict and push for independence in the Reorte system, with a Sirius Navy representative joining the Council of Admirals.”

    “A three-month trial period ended with some achievements, including an increased military presence in the Coalsack and Witch Head colonies and logistical support of the recent Alliance Defence Force deployment to Didio. But it seems not enough was done to sway the majority of opponents.”

    “Prime Minister Edmund Mahon is gambling that he has earned enough political capital to have the strategic defence pact ratified. Many government figures welcome the prospect of increased military strength. Mahon’s suggestion that this might result in an expanded Alliance was especially compelling.”

    “Councillor Nakato Kaine is taking the opposite view, successfully tapping into widespread concerns over Sirius Corporation’s motives. She argues that the megacorp has not proven capable of defending Allied systems against Thargoid attack, despite the terms of the trial period preventing Sirius from deploying its fleet to active Allied engagements.”

    “Council members are flocking to support either Mahon or Kaine, although dozens remain undecided. It’s clear that both sides will soon strive to sway public opinion, in order to influence the Assembly’s deciding vote at the end of this month.”

  • June 10, 3308
  • Project Seraph Victim Seeks Revenge

    The location of an INRA base in the DG Canum Venaticorum system was revealed by a survivor of the notorious Project Seraph.

    Professor Alba Tesreau, former head of research at Aegis, initially received the tip-off from an anonymous source but has now provided clarification:

    “Further communication with my source has revealed that she was once a ‘candidate’ of Project Seraph, a now-abandoned operation run by Azimuth Biochemicals several years ago. At the Oaken Point facility in the HIP 26176 system, scientists attempted to directly interface with Thargoid scout vessels by grafting neural and physiological implants into living subjects.”

    “Most of these horrific experiments ended in failure or death, but the subject classified as D-2 escaped from Oaken Point by stowing away on a trader’s ship. Since then she has used her inside knowledge to investigate Azimuth, confirming Aegis’s belief that the corporation is still active.”

    “D-2 asked me to make the following message public: ‘Tell the Witch that I remember everything. I want him to know that the truth came from me.’”

    The INRA base’s logs suggest that Salvation’s real name is Dr Caleb Wycherley, Azimuth Biochemicals’s vice-president of research at the time of recording. If D-2’s accusation is true, it would mean that Wycherley has survived for over two centuries and was conducting unauthorised xenological experiments under the pseudonym ‘The Witch’.

    Many supporters of Salvation believe that the Project Seraph logs were fabricated by Aegis to undermine their rival’s anti-xeno operations. Neither Salvation nor his partners, Taurus Mining Ventures, have yet made an official statement.

  • June 9, 3308
  • Golconda Receives Vital Supplies

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Shipments delivered to the Upaniklis system have enabled the Golconda generation ship to resume its millennia-long voyage.

    Tritium, medical diagnostic equipment and power generators were needed to finalise the retrofit of the ancient vessel. Bounties were placed on all wanted ships in the system to protect traders from pirates targeting the flow of traffic to the Golconda.

    A statement was provided by Captain Jonathon Forester:

    “The Golconda has now achieved full operational status, and for the first time is capable of faster than light travel. I offer my deepest gratitude to all those who made this possible. It will be my honour to once again lead my people on our journey among the stars.”

    The majority of the original population have begun to migrate back to the generation ship, which nurtured their isolated micro-civilisation for over a millennium. A few thousand Golcondans have elected to remain at Forester’s Choice outpost, under the guidance of the ship’s former custodian Erin Grey.

    Itsuko Harada, CEO of Upaniklis Vision Incorporated, announced:

    “When the Golconda first arrived in our space, we were pleased to play a part in rescuing its people. I am likewise overjoyed that we could aid its historic rebirth. Rewards for all pilots who made deliveries, and those who defended them against criminals, are now available at Fozard Port.”

    The Golconda’s transformation was achieved thanks to the advanced engineering skills of the Artificers Clan, who performed repairs and updates at great speed. The clan’s dredger has now left the Upaniklis system, having been provided fresh food supplies by the Golconda Union.

  • Thargoid Research Project Phase Two Begins

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Professor Ishmael Palin has requested deliveries of Thargoid artefacts to the Arque system for scientific study.

    The first phase of the project took place last month and focused on meta-alloys. In a public announcement, Professor Palin outlined the second phase:

    “My ongoing analysis of the Thargoids’ biomechanical technology has reached a point where fresh material is needed. Specifically, I require large supplies of Thargoid probes, resin and sensors.”

    “I appreciate that there are risks involved in transporting such dangerous alien artefacts. Hopefully, the corrosion resistant cargo racks that were provided following this project’s initial phase will prove useful.”

    “As well as payment in credits, I am pleased to offer Grade 5 engineered Heavy Duty Hull Reinforcement Packages as an additional reward.”

    Pilots are asked to deliver Thargoid probes, Thargoid resin and Thargoid sensors to Baird Gateway on the planet Arque 4 E.

  • June 8, 3308
  • Alliance-Sirius Pact Enters Approval Stage

    The probationary period for the proposed anti-xeno partnership between the Alliance and Sirius Corporation has now ended.

    Prime Minister Edmund Mahon made this public statement:

    “Documentation for the strategic defence pact has been submitted to the Assembly for debate and amendment. Council members will vote by the end of June to decide whether or not it should be ratified.”

    “In the last three months, Sirius Corporation has successfully increased security for Allied interests in the Coalsack and Witch Head Nebulas. It also did a splendid job arranging for crucial supplies to be delivered to the Didio system during the Thargoid invasion.”

    “The Council of Admirals does not wish to rely exclusively on Salvation to protect Allied systems, and I concur with their assessment. Combining our defence force with Sirius’s resources will be a huge step toward forming an Alliance Navy, thereby increasing our anti-Thargoid fleet capabilities on a par with the Empire and Federation.”

    Councillor Nakato Kaine, Mahon’s political rival, also made a statement:

    “In my view, Sirius Corporation remains an untrustworthy partner and has exerted a disruptive influence on the Alliance. I continue to oppose the strategic defence pact, and urge my fellow council members to prevent it being adopted as policy.”

  • June 3, 3308
  • Aegis: ‘Arrest Salvation for Murder’

    Claims that Salvation was once a senior member of Azimuth Biochemicals who worked for INRA have led to a public outcry.

    Political journalist Conrad Sterling reported on these developments for Vox Galactica:

    “Information recently uncovered in the DG Canum Venaticorum system has been presented by Professor Alba Tesreau. It suggests that Salvation’s real name is Dr Caleb Wycherley, former vice-president of research at Azimuth Biochemicals. According to Wycherley’s personal logs, his team contributed to the development of the controversial mycoid bioweapon deployed by INRA during the First Thargoid War.”

    “Wycherley’s logs also provide evidence that he gained the nickname of ‘The Witch’. This figure has been implicated in the murderous attack on the Alexandria megaship in June 3307 and in Project Seraph recordings found in the HIP 26176 and HIP 22460 systems.”

    “Former Aegis leadership has demanded that Salvation be arrested and questioned over his involvement in these events, and that superpower fleet support for Salvation’s work be suspended until such questions have been answered.”

    Supporters of Salvation have dismissed the latest logs as fake, pointing out that Dr Wycherley would now be over 200 years old and that the mention of ‘salvation’ is coincidental. But outrage remains high over the unethical activities of both Azimuth and INRA, and Salvation’s growing influence over anti-Thargoid operations has been cast in a new light.

    “The Alliance, Empire and Federation have all responded with noncommittal statements that the accusation will be investigated,” said Sterling. “However, since Salvation’s unique superweapons now form the cornerstone of their anti-xeno strategy, his arrest would be a major political and military inconvenience.”

  • June 2, 3308
  • Relaunching the Golconda

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Traders and combat pilots are required in the Upaniklis system to assist the Golconda in resuming its voyage.

    The ancient generation ship, which originated from Earth in the 22nd century, has been retrofitted by the Artificers Clan into a functional modern vessel. The majority of its former population have decided to leave the outpost Forester’s Choice and return to their traditional nomadic lifestyle.

    Captain Jonathon Forester, leader of the Golconda Union, announced:

    “In 3305 the galactic community provided us with the chance to end our original journey, so it will be fitting if they can help us start a new chapter among the stars. The Golconda now has a frame shift drive that requires tritium fuel, and shipments of medical diagnostic equipment and power generators are also needed.”

    Upaniklis Vision Incorporated has agreed to organise the initiative. Pilots are asked to deliver all commodities to Fozard Port, from where they will be transferred aboard the Golconda.

    Local security forces warned that pirates may attempt to hijack incoming shipments or take control of the Golconda itself. As a defensive measure, Upaniklis Vision Incorporated has offered bounties on all wanted ships in the system.

    According to the Federal Diplomatic Corp, these events do not violate the legislation that protects isolated societies from cultural contamination. It added: “Partnership status with the Federation has been extended to the Golconda and continues to apply to Forester’s Choice outpost.”

  • June 1, 3308
  • The Plot to Depose Archon Delaine

    Further information has emerged regarding Vidar Trask’s failed attempt to take control of the Kumo Crew syndicate.

    The latest findings were reported by The Pegasi Sentinel:

    “The few survivors from Trask’s shattered army have revealed that over a thousand fighters were supplied by the Blue Viper Club dredger clan. Kay Volantyne, one of its leaders, is now confirmed to have masterminded the coup alongside Trask.”

    “Their motivations were as different as their backgrounds. Trask rose to power beside Archon Delaine but became frustrated under his rule, believing that he could reorganise the Kumo Crew along more efficient lines. Volantyne aimed to provide her nomadic tribe with permanent homes, to be financed by trafficking onionhead gamma strain and protected by the syndicate’s might.”

    “We have also learned that the standard of living on the Blue Viper Club dredger has markedly improved in recent months. This was in accordance with the terms of the alliance that Volantyne brokered between the clan and the Kumo Crew.”

    “According to engineers at Kumo City starport, the dredger’s modernised hyperdrive enables it to make jumps more frequently and over greater distances. This means it could now be almost anywhere within a several hundred light year radius, which may frustrate Delaine’s vow to hunt down Volantyne and exact revenge for her betrayal.”

  • May 31, 3308
  • The Golconda Resurrection

    With the generation ship Golconda being repaired by the Artificers Clan, its former population are considering resuming their journey.

    Commander Javi Alvarado, a local trader who befriended the Golcondans, offered this insight for Vox Galactica:

    “Following a prompt from the Artificers Clan, I transported Captain Forester and other community leaders from Forester’s Choice to the Golconda. They were visibly awed at the changes made to their ancient home, with modern interface panels and machinery expertly entwined with thousand-year-old technology.”

    “The newly installed frame shift drive was powered up, which brought Forester close to tears. We also visited the habitation rings, now sustained by updated environmental systems but otherwise unchanged.”

    “There were Artificers Clan members bustling back and forth. Each wore grime-stained overalls, criss-crossed with belts and bandoliers dangling with tools, and diagnostic scanners of some kind covering their eyes. They chattered to each other in a rapid dialect that was hard to follow, as they performed engineering work on whatever they could lay their hands on.”

    “The chieftain explained to Captain Forester that the clan retrofitted the Golconda mainly because ‘tech-love’ was their ‘life-duty’. But the clan also asked for supplies of fresh food for their dredger, which Forester agreed to provide.”

    “As we flew back to the outpost, I could tell that most of the Golcondans were deeply affected. I can’t blame them – the only world many of them knew for decades has been transformed. The leaders spoke of an unexpected opportunity to resume their old way of life, and questioned whether a stationary existence honours their ancestors’ dream. I get the feeling that change is in the wind.”

  • May 30, 3308
  • New Discovery Links Azimuth to INRA

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    An abandoned outpost in the DG Canum Venaticorum system could reveal the true identity of the anonymous figure Salvation.

    Professor Alba Tesreau, former head of research at Aegis, made a public announcement:

    “An untraceable source pointed me to the DG Canum Venaticorum system with the question: Who is Salvation? A unique detail caught my attention, so I requested verification from pilots who had supported Aegis. We found a previously undiscovered research outpost once controlled by the Intergalactic Naval Reserve Arm.”

    “The site contains logs which directly connect Azimuth Biochemicals to INRA’s development of the mycoid virus. As is now known, this bioweapon was used covertly against the Thargoids and drove them away from human space for decades.”

    “Most significantly, I believe these logs may finally reveal Salvation’s real name and background. I urge the superpowers to halt their collaboration with Salvation while this new data is verified.”

    INRA was a clandestine anti-xeno organisation formed in 3125 by the Empire and Federation. Although its mycoid bioweapon contributed hugely to the end of the first Thargoid war in 3151, INRA’s activities have since been denounced by the superpowers as illegal and unethical.

    Azimuth Biochemicals was a pharmaceutical corporation secretly involved in xenological research and weapons development. Aegis has warned that Azimuth may still be active in some form, as suggested by the Project Seraph logs in HIP 22460.

    Neither Salvation nor his partners at Taurus Mining Ventures have yet responded to Professor Tesreau’s claims.

  • May 27, 3308
  • Rackham Announces Presidential Candidacy

    The trillionaire entrepreneur Zachary Rackham has officially confirmed that he will stand as a candidate in the 3309 Federal election.

    Mr Rackham finally stated his intentions following several weeks of speculation. At a press conference, he said:

    “I know what you’re all thinking. That guy as president? Isn’t he just a common businessman, who used to survive on scraps by trading trinkets in a rusty old Sidewinder?”

    “But despite my humble origins, many good people have convinced me that my experience with running corporations would prove useful to the Federation. I feel like everyone’s tired of the same empty words from the two big political parties. It’s time to hear from the little guy!”

    Mr Rackham added that it will take several weeks to prepare his manifesto and campaign team. It is unknown whether he intends to form a new political party or stand as an independent candidate.

    There has been no comment from President Hudson or Shadow President Winters. However, several congressmen remarked that the media attention accompanying Mr Rackham’s efforts might attract more public interest in next year’s presidential race. Only 65% of eligible voters took part in the last election in 3300.

    The Tau Ceti Journal noted that the value of shares in Rackham Capital Investments has soared to an all-time high, making many investors extremely wealthy overnight.

  • May 26, 3308
  • Kumo Crew Crushes Rebellion

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Forces involved in an attempted coup on Archon Delaine’s syndicate have been soundly defeated in the HIP 10792 system.

    Vidar Trask, formerly an arch-corsair in the Kumo Crew syndicate, was declared dead when his private vessel was destroyed during the conflict. The few surviving ships in the Trask Death Corsairs have now abandoned his cause.

    Reports from The Pegasi Sentinel and Vox Galactica newsfeeds have shed more light on the insurrection. Over the past few years, Trask secretly gathered followers while acting as Archon Delaine’s trusted advisor. Funded by successful gambling at Jokers’ Deck events, he bought the loyalty of many independent criminal groups to bolster his forces.

    It has also been revealed that Trask’s previously unidentified mercenaries were members of the Blue Viper Club dredger clan. This suggests that his partner in the coup attempt was indeed Arch-Corsair Kay Volantyne, who originally hailed from the nomadic tribe. She was last seen returning to the dredger before it jumped to an unknown destination.

    Archon Delaine, who is still recovering from last week’s assassination attempt, proclaimed:

    “I will hunt down and slaughter every single one of Volantyne’s treacherous clan for their betrayal of my trust. That rusting hulk will find no refuge in this galaxy!”

    Pilots who supported the Kumo Council faction can now collect rewards from Crimson Exchange in HIP 10792.

  • Derelict Generation Ship Undergoes Repairs

    The Artificers Clan has begun to retrofit the generation ship Golconda into a fully operational modern vessel.

    Jonathon Forester, former captain of the vacated 22nd-century craft, provided a statement to Vox Galactica:

    “When the dredger clan first arrived in the Upaniklis system, we feared they had come to salvage the Golconda. Instead, to our surprise, they’ve initiated engineering work on it: reinforcing the ship’s structural integrity, repairing damaged components, and installing modern engines and navigational systems. Yet the decks where our community previously lived remains untouched.”

    “The Artificers didn’t request permission to do this, which upset many of us. But today we received a message expressing a strange, child-like excitement at finding what they called a ‘dead-hulk’, and their determination to ‘revive’ it for us. With their incredible skills, it’s possible that the Golconda could become spaceworthy again within weeks.”

    “This has prompted a huge debate among my people. Should we return to our old home? Some have grown accustomed to the benefits of living at this outpost. Others believe we should resume journeying between the stars, as our ancestors did for centuries.”

    “Many are looking to me for leadership, and I must admit to finding such a decision hard. I thought the Golconda was our history, but perhaps it still holds our future.”

  • May 24, 3308
  • Piratical Dredger Clan Departs

    The Blue Viper Club dredger clan has unexpectedly severed ties with the Kumo Crew, which is currently battling an attempted rebellion.

    No explanations or itinerary were provided when the nomadic tribe’s dredger jumped from the Pegasi Sector PN-T c3-14 system to an unknown destination.

    The Blue Viper Club formed a partnership with the Kumo Crew syndicate in July 3307, when it provided a new narcotic crop that later became known as onionhead gamma strain.

    The Pegasi Sentinel published the following exclusive:

    “We have obtained proof that Arch-Corsair Kay Volantyne is still alive, despite rumours that she had been murdered by Vidar Trask. Our undercover reporter recorded Volantyne and her personal retinue boarding a shuttle at Kumo City starport, which docked with the Blue Viper Club’s dredger a few hours before its departure.”

    “Volantyne was born on that vessel, and acted as the primary liaison between the spacefaring clan and the Kumo Crew. It seems that she has now abandoned her position to rejoin her people, instead of taking part in the fight against Trask’s followers.”

    “This raises a disturbing question: were Trask and Volantyne working together to depose Archon Delaine? Last October they both attended a secret event held by the Jokers’ Deck gambling circle, famed for permitting stakes reaching billions of credits. Did their winnings provide the financial backing for a joint coup?”

  • May 23, 3308
  • Salvation: ‘War’s End Within Reach’

    The anonymous scientist Salvation has made a statement following his latest success against the Thargoids.

    The message was broadcast across all public channels:

    “This is Salvation. The deployment of my anti-xeno superweapons in the Didio, Novas and Sosong systems was highly effective, just as I anticipated. Billions of lives were undoubtedly saved as a result.”

    “Due to support from the Alliance, Empire and Federation, we have made a major breakthrough in utilising Guardian-based technology. Construction of the next generation of superweapons has already begun. These will allow us to deliver a truly overwhelming strike against the Thargoid species.”

    “The end of the war is finally within reach. Those who hold faith in my work will be vindicated, and humanity can at last close the chapter on this existential threat.”

    Commodore Morag Halloran confirmed that Taurus Mining Ventures, Salvation’s partner organisation, had received a boost in resources from all three superpowers. This included seconded naval personnel, megaship supplies and advanced engineering equipment.

    The Alliance Defence Force, Federal Navy and Imperial Navy have stated they are now fully committed to working with Salvation on anti-xeno operations. Representatives from the Assembly, Congress and Senate expressed confidence that there would soon be decisive developments in the conflict with the Thargoids.

  • May 20, 3308
  • Mystery in Upaniklis

    A dredger clan is continuing to examine the abandoned generation ship Golconda in the Upaniklis system.

    The Golconda was placed in orbit around Upaniklis B 3 in 3305 when its inhabitants migrated to the nearby outpost Forester’s Choice. Over the past week there have been reports of smaller craft travelling between the Artificers Clan dredger and the Golconda, but the nomadic tribe has not responded to attempts to communicate.

    Commander Javi Alvarado, a regular visitor to the system, submitted his observations to Vox Galactica:

    “I was convinced that these scavengers were breaking down the Golconda into scrap to feed to their dredger. Or maybe taking over the whole ship to use as a new home. But I haven’t seen any signs of structural damage yet, and it doesn’t look like the Artificers have accessed its habitation areas either. So what are they up to?”

    “Things are a little weird in Forester’s Choice right now. It doesn’t seem anywhere near as busy, and many concourse vendors have closed down. There’s almost a kind of religious hush. For centuries their entire existence relied upon the Golconda, and its presence nearby was reassuring. I think seeing outsiders interfere with it has affected them deeply.”

    The Federal Diplomatic Corp published an official reminder that Forester’s Choice has partner status with the Federation, adding: “As a micro-society that evolved in isolation, the Golcondan people are legally protected against cultural contamination. We will continue to monitor the Artificer Clan’s activity in the Upaniklis system.”

  • May 19, 3308
  • Archon Delaine Seeks to Destroy Pirate Rebels

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    The Kumo Crew syndicate has engaged in open warfare on the pirate insurrectionists gathered in the HIP 10792 system.

    A recent coup attempt led by Arch-Corsair Vidar Trask, formerly one of the senior members of the Kumo Council, has failed. His forces were unable to eliminate Delaine and take control of the criminal organisation.

    The rebels’ vessels have concentrated in HIP 10792. Trask is commanding a coalition of loyalists, independent pirate gangs and as-yet unidentified mercenaries, collectively calling themselves the Trask Death Corsairs.

    Despite suffering from some visible wounds as a result of the assassination attempt, Archon Delaine broadcast this message:

    “Trask has betrayed all of us, and for that I want him crushed! I will pay well to wipe out every single traitor who fights in his name.”

    The Kumo Council faction will reward all independent pilots supporting its operation against the Trask Death Corsairs in the HIP 10792 system, which is being orchestrated from Crimson Exchange.

  • Rackham’s Lavish Celebration Concludes

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    A party held by newly confirmed trillionaire Zachary Rackham has concluded, with attendees claiming it was an ‘incredible’ event.

    The week-long event took place in the upper storeys of the Rackham’s Spire building on the planet Homeland. This required regular supplies of the luxury items Apa Vietii, Gerasian Gueuze Beer, Pantaa Prayer Sticks, Uszaian Tree Grubs and Anduliga Fire Works.

    A spokesperson for Rackham Capital Investments thanked pilots for these deliveries, and confirmed that payment could be collected at Edmondson High in the Beta Hydri system. The spokesperson remarked that Mr Rackham himself was unable to make a personal appearance due to ‘fatigue’.

    The Federal Times published this piece by financial journalist Bryanna Blanco:

    “First-hand accounts from some of the partygoers suggest this was more like a no-expense-spared holiday. Each attendee was assigned an Achilles Corporation PA-961 serving robot as a personal butler, constantly attending to their every whim. An impressive range of beverages, cuisine and various legal stimulants were available. Those who wished to stay overnight were provided with luxurious suites near the peak of Rackham’s Spire, offering fantastic views of the picturesque landscape.”

    “There were exclusive live shows from top performers, including steeldub band Gr@wl!x and popular singer Caspar Karma. Exotic entertainers from the Lucinda Ninespice Agency provided both public and private entertainment. And everyone departed with a goodie bag containing limited edition Duradrives, colonies of Altairian Skin, and gambling credit chips for the new Rackham’s Casino down below in Los Pioneros.”

    “The guestlist included PR specialist Anya Blackriver, Sol Today’s owner Neive McFarlane, Beta Hydri Corporation’s entire board of directors, senior management from half a dozen Federal banks, and no less than eight independent, Liberal and Republican congressmen.”

    “How many of these tried to convince Rackham that running for president was a mistake, and how many offered their support in hopes of future rewards? I’m sure the old pirate will pursue whichever route offers the greatest opportunity for new treasure.”