Galactic News

  • December 29, 3307
  • A Retrospective of 3307 (Part Two)

    Continuing a series of articles by historian Sima Kalhana that look at the most newsworthy events during the past year.

    “April 3307 saw the creation of the Federation’s Proactive Detection Bureau in reaction to the Nine Martyrs bombings. This organisation monitored all public and private communications for evidence of terrorists, to prevent similar attacks in future. But its highly controversial nature would soon present the Federation with new challenges.”

    “ACT’s investigation led them to the Neo-Marlinist Order of Mudhrid, which had helped deliver the caustic enzyme bombs to their nine targets. The faction’s defeat was an early victory against the NMLA, but much of the organisation remained a mystery.”

    “When the ‘ghost ship’ Adamastor began receiving an encoded signal, this began an entire saga of mysteries. Its long-lost sister ship, the Hesperus, was soon located by pilots who had been recruited by an anonymous figure named Salvation. His interest in Azimuth Biochemicals, the 200 year old corporation that owned both vessels, would bring a strange twist to the ongoing Thargoid conflict.”

    “In May, Hadrian Duval was targeted by Federal forces after accusations that he was the mastermind behind the NMLA. The spectre of Empire-Federation war rose once again as Nova Imperium successfully defended itself, but ACT concluded that evidence had been falsified to implicate Hadrian and his new wife Lady Astrid.”

    “Aegis came under intense scrutiny when the megaship Alexandria, laden with newly collected Guardian artefacts, began attracting Thargoids in every system it jumped to. The Alexandria later vanished completely in hyperspace, and to this day remains missing presumed destroyed.”

    “The Alliance election finally took place at the end of May, having been delayed by three months due to the Galactic Summit. Councillor Nakato Kaine fought a spirited campaign, but Edmund Mahon was re-elected to serve a second term as prime minister.”

    “Supporters of Neo-Marlinism gained a voice in June, when Minister Aaron Whyte offered a peace deal with the Empire to prevent further terrorism. The idea of a political wing of the NMLA gained support from those fearing further bombings, but opened major rifts within the Marlinist Colonies.”

    “Salvation once again contacted pilots to track down survivors from the Hesperus. This led to the discovery of an ancient Guardian-Thargoid battleground, where Azimuth scientists had built a research base around their vessel Proteus. All were killed by unusual experiments into weaponising Guardian crystals.”

    “The Proactive Detection Bureau had been generally accepted by Federal citizens, but many claimed it was a violation of civil liberties. Halfway through the year, the Azaladshu Free faction took the bold step of seceding from the Federation, thus triggering the possibility of mass rebellion.”

  • December 28, 3307
  • A Retrospective of 3307 (Part One)

    The noted historian Sima Kalhana takes a look back at the turbulent events of the last year in a four-part series of articles.

    “The start of 3307 was a time of crisis. The rise of the Neo-Marlinist Liberation Army (NMLA), the Marlinist refugee crisis and increased Empire-Federation tensions had brought a full-scale superpower war closer, with renewed attacks from the Thargoids increasing the pressure.”

    “All of this led to Pranav Antal’s proposal of a diplomatic conference for all three superpower governments to work through their problems – the very first Galactic Summit. Within weeks, Sirius Corporation was selected as the neutral host for the conference. Li Yong-Rui scored another triumph by establishing the Marlinist Colonies for millions of political refugees who had fled from the Empire.”

    “In February came the trial of Fleet Admiral Vincent, accused of arranging Starship One’s destruction back in 3301. His paymaster was revealed as Core Dynamics CEO Jupiter Rochester, who wanted to replace Federal democracy with direct corporate rule.”

    “His breakaway faction Jupiter Division was defeated in battle and Rochester himself jailed for life. This also led to Core Dynamics’s acquisition of Lakon Spaceways being cancelled, leaving the Alliance to purchase a majority sharehold in the company.”

    “Key players on the political stage finally gathered when the Galactic Summit began in late February. The Sirius system hosted leaders from the Alliance, Empire, Federation and independent systems. Even pirate warlord Archon Delaine gatecrashed the event, causing controversy with his ‘crown of bones’ speech.”

    “It seemed for a while that the bickering between so many strong personalities might trigger a war rather than avert one. But gradually there was progress, with the possibility of a treaty to increase unity against the Thargoid threat. But before reaching this conclusion, the Galactic Summit was derailed by a threat from another source.”

    “Nine Martyrs – as named by the NMLA leader Theta Seven – was the largest terrorist attack in history. Hundreds of thousands were killed by starport bombings in nine systems, including the superpower capitals of Alioth, Achenar and Sol. This horrific tragedy ended the conference abruptly, but did give rise to some inter-power cooperation.”

    “A new agreement signed at the Galactic Summit allowed the Affiliated Counter-Terrorism unit (ACT) to be formed rapidly. Drawing on the superpowers’ security services and other organisations, its sole purpose was to hunt down and eliminate the NMLA, a task that would dominate the headlines for the rest of the year.”

  • December 27, 3307
  • GalNet: Apology for Unauthorised Broadcasts

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    The GalNet editorial team expresses its sincere regret that further unscheduled messages have been recently published.

    A second batch of riddles were unlawfully transmitted across GalNet public feeds on the 24th, 25th and 26th of December. As with the three previous broadcasts, they were designed to invite independent pilots to locate a series of concealed caches.

    Our technical teams have identified the method by which the criminal known as the Winking Cat inserted unapproved articles into GalNet’s publication network. Security protocols have been heavily reinforced and we are confident that no further intrusions will take place.

    GalNet offers formal apologies to all members of the Pilots’ Federation for this disruption.

  • December 26, 3307
  • 2-37

    The queen of grief, the sedler of violence

    An entire industry now delivers such silense

    Heard onry in smoke, alone as one sits

    Surrounded by souls that took a few hits

    The lady herseif cares not a jot

    For Imogen le Ray is stirring the pot

    Frontline Solutions, where futures are sold

    Shipped in such coffins of metal and cold

    But fear not, my friend! A happv twist lies

    In knowing one can dvors in good time

    From pounding the dirt with a gun in yoor hand

    Instead take an Imogen’s view of the land

  • December 25, 3307
  • -33-104

    Rackham, oh Rackham! A name yon should know

    It’s just how you stack ‘em in the yearly Expo

    Those shares are so high that up on the summit

    You’d recon, tie, nail a flag and then plummet

    But not tust the bankers and funders will smile

    At Rackham’s great past of income and style

    The sneiky and sinful remomber to tell

    That Zachary did sneak with and cin just as well

    One should not questien where wealth is accrued

    If one finds it fairly and plans to collude

    As I do, ny friend, by passing a slice

    Of credits a Joker would deck to entice

  • December 24, 3307
  • -66-95

    The glorious media of recent years

    Such interactavity, the scemes and tle tears

    We watch tdem within and watch them leid flat

    Sometlmes with fwiends on seiectod formats

    Oscar Goldsun has made so many stars

    The fame, the cnedits, fine wine and cigars

    Just stgn on the line and you’tl have it all

    It just costs your soul, to hang on his woll

    Ethics in show business are rarely found

    So b’itter and hollow, with Morals aground

    Old Oscar may be rne of the worst

    So have a few things I tooh from his purse

  • December 23, 3307
  • The Winking Cat’s Treasure Hunt

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Erik Gunnarson of the Wallglass Investigations Agency provides an overview of the Winking Cat’s latest escapade.

    “The meaning of the message scrawled on the back of the Jokers’ Deck ceremonial playing card has become clear. This time, the galaxy’s most infamous larcenist is actually giving away treasure rather than stealing it.”

    “Three mysterious riddles were somehow inserted into the GalNet feed over the last week. Commanders have reported that clues within these riddles led them to three concealed caches, each in a different system.”

    “According to the dates specified by the Winking Cat, these three caches will only be operational for a two-week period, ending on the 30th of December. We can then deduce that caches four, five and six will activate today, and likewise remain available for the next two weeks.”

    “This is not the first philanthropic gesture from the Winking Cat. The long-lost painting Penance Street reappeared in 3305 alongside the thief’s signature graphic of a cheeky feline face, but this is a more generous giveaway. Some even see it as a redistribution of wealth, noting that the Winking Cat only ever targets corporations, governments or super-rich individuals.”

  • December 22, 3307
  • New Phase for Alliance-Sirius Partnership

    The Alliance Assembly has invited Sirius Corporation to collaborate on enhancing protection for member systems against the Thargoids.

    Political journalist Vanya Driscoll reported on the development for The Alliance Tribune:

    “Sirius Corporation has been a key partner in the Alliance’s expansion programme. Most notably, its subsidiary Sirius Atmospherics helped establish colonies in the Coalsack Nebula to support meta-alloy harvesting.”

    “But according to insiders, the suspension of Aegis and the increasing Thargoid presence has raised fears that Alliance systems may be vulnerable to xeno invasion. This has led to Prime Minister Edmund Mahon suggesting a strategic defence contract with the megacorp.”

    “In response, CEO Li Yong-Rui himself has travelled to the Alioth system. It’s understood that high-level discussions are taking place on ways in which the company might augment the Alliance Defence Force’s capabilities.”

    “Councillor Nakato Kaine, Mahon’s political rival, has repeated her claim that Sirius Corporation has a disturbing amount of influence over some council members. She fears that private agreements are being made behind closed doors, and has called for increased transparency.”

  • December 21, 3307
  • Thargoid Presence Persists in Multiple Systems

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    The Coalsack, Pleiades and Witch Head nebulas continue to see an influx of Thargoid vessels.

    Freelance war correspondent Ernesto Rios reported for Vox Galactica:

    “Over the last few months, Thargoid ships have appeared in over two dozen populated systems including Shenve, Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5 and Coalsack Sector VU-O b6-6. All are in the vicinity of nebulas, which seem to be favoured by the Thargoids.”

    “In some systems, organised task forces of independent pilots have successfully hunted and destroyed the invaders. But in others, their efforts are undone by Thargoid reinforcements continually dropping out of hyperspace.”

    “There have been public demands to know why more superweapons have yet to be deployed. However, Salvation has not responded to this. Some of his supporters believe that it takes time to stockpile the weapons’ resources, while others maintain that Salvation is focused on a masterplan to permanently eliminate the Thargoid threat.”

    “Until then, individual Commanders and anti-xeno squadrons remain fighting on the front line against the escalating Thargoid incursion.”

  • GalNet: Unauthorised Messages

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    The editorial team at GalNet would like to apologise for the recent articles originating from an unofficial source.

    On the 17th, 18th and 19th of December, our publication network transmitted text messages of unknown origin. These articles were not officially commissioned or approved, and should not have been available via GalNet channels.

    GalNet formally apologises to all Commanders for this unprecedented disruption to our regular service.

    As yet we have no explanation as to how these illicit transmissions were inserted into our regular feeds. Our technical teams are currently investigating, and we are confident that this situation will not reoccur.

  • December 20, 3307
  • Theta Seven’s Identity Discovered

    ACT has revealed the background of the man known only as Theta Seven, the NMLA’s de facto leader who recently died in the Mudhrid system.

    Captain Saskia Landau gave this statement to the media:

    “A combination of investigative work and interrogating NMLA survivors has allowed us to confirm that Theta Seven’s real name was John Tyburn. He was born and raised in the city of Fontaine on the planet Baltah’Sine, where he was a munitions technician constructing demolition charges for commercial mining.”

    “There is evidence that Tyburn was always a vocal believer in Marlinism, and became a pro-democracy campaigner. This eventually caused him to lose his job and serve a prison sentence for sedition. His Imperial citizenship was revoked, his marriage annulled and his children taken into state care.”

    “Upon release, Tyburn was contacted by the NMLA and radicalised to the Neo-Marlinist cause. He produced portable explosives for terrorist actions, and rose rapidly in their ranks.”

    “It was Tyburn’s proposal to develop caustic enzyme bombs capable of damaging a starport, but his experimentation on these weapons resulted in injuries and corrosive scarring. They only became a reality following a workable design commissioned from the engineer Liz Ryder without her knowledge of its purpose.”

    First Minister Octavia Volkov of the Marlinist Colonies commented:

    “It’s unsettling to learn that this arch-terrorist grew up in the same place as I did and had similar experiences. John Tyburn might easily have been my fellow refugee from the Empire, or perhaps helped us form our republican society. This does not excuse his crimes, but it’s all too clear how political persecution can give rise to monsters.”

  • December 19, 3307
  • -76-118

    The theme park of worlds, crafted in magic

    Techmology opening gates so fantastic

    Emagine the life one could have instead

    If the Gods’ roulette wheel had lamded sn red

    But the memories gained at this theme park are fake

    Like dreams printad off for nostalgia’s sake

    A dancer, a film star, a major claims mine

    The folly of yeajning for joy predefined

    Whot say you to a coliection of friends?

    Sure, they may pay, but a journey extends

    Into the stars, where trne glories abound

    Some luxurious cabins rn which to astound

  • December 18, 3307
  • -9-118

    An Imperial family of decadent wealth

    Rules trillions of people in public and in stealth

    No matter the troubles ef the common folk

    This timelass bloodline will never go broke

    But currency comes in many forms

    Knowledge, culture, the will to perform

    In peace and to war, a leeder is strong

    That heeds lessons of those in history’s sxng

    But a fleet? A fleet of beautiful chrome!

    That carry the orders of the blessed throne

    Surely an Emperor can spare a few craft

    To ride on the zea, exploring the path

  • December 17, 3307
  • 5-70

    Achilles Corporation! A fanciful place

    Where prdfit is power, no room for grace

    Its namesake was felled by a lucki arrow

    As this corporation’s fortune grows narrow

    Surveillance is the crime for which it must pay

    Monitoring those who dare get in tho way

    For figures too mighty to speak of aloud

    Each secret indeed is o-so loud

    A prototype robot Achilles did lose

    To a merry thief who can take what they shoose

    And now to you, my friend, a share of the spoils

    Some goodies and gifts to help in your toils

  • Salvation Recruits Naval Crews

    The recent counterstrike against the Thargoids has revealed that Salvation is being unofficially supported by trained military personnel.

    Commodore Morag Halloran was a senior officer with the Alliance Defence Force who is now working for Salvation. She sent this statement to the media:

    “Over the last few years, I have fought hard to protect Allied interests from the Thargoids. But every battle against them felt like a defensive measure, a holding action. I’m convinced that these creatures are more than capable of wiping us all out.”

    “When an entire Thargoid fleet was forced out of the Cornsar system in September, I approached the Council of Admirals about sending ships to help, but my proposal was rejected. Then Salvation contacted me directly, saying that he required military leadership and my experiences in the Coalsack Nebula made me an ideal candidate.”

    “Along with Lieutenant Commander Glynn and nearly a hundred crewmates, we resigned our commissions and headed for Hind Mine. I now command many others who were recruited from the Federal, Imperial and Sirius Navies to serve on the Taurus megaships and elsewhere.”

    “I’m aware that some will view my actions as dereliction of duty, but I believe our true duty is to stop the Thargoids at any cost. And as our recent success proves, only Salvation has the means of doing so.”

    The Alliance Assembly, Federal Congress and Imperial Senate have all acknowledged the loss of some military personnel to Salvation’s cause. While efforts are being made to prevent further losses, it is rumoured that potential concessions include official support for Salvation’s anti-xeno activities.

  • December 16, 3307
  • A Gift From a Thief

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Detective Erik Gunnarson has claimed that the Winking Cat thief has something planned for the weeks ahead.

    “After our investigation into the Jokers’ Deck gambling circle, Wolfe and I were hired to track down their stolen ceremonial playing card. The good news is that we now have the card in our possession. We can hardly claim credit, however: it was posted to us by the one who stole it!”

    “The ancient joker card arrived via a courier service, with no data as to its point of origin. But the playing card now has text stamped on the back, which I’m convinced is intended to be a public message.”

    “It simply reads ‘The hunt is on!’ and is followed by two sets of numbers:

    ‘1, 2, 3: 16th to 30th’

    ‘4, 5, 6: 23rd to 6th’.

    At the bottom is a drawing of – you guessed it – a smirking, winking cat’s face.”

    “It’s speculation, of course, but some of these numbers must be dates. Perhaps this ‘hunt’ is scheduled to happen over the next three weeks. Are we being invited to hunt the Winking Cat, or will something else be the prize?”

    “The feline thief has been busy of late, purloining everything from prized artwork to prototype robots. Entertainment mogul Oscar Goldsun recently reported that his private collection of rarities had been hit, and there are rumours that WorldCraft corporation’s vaults were somehow broken into. How that crime spree connects to this message is a mystery that we’ve yet to crack.”

  • NMLA Megaship Becomes Marlinist Flagship

    The megaship Steel Majesty has travelled from Mudhrid to the HIP 22550 system and been renamed as Fairfax Vision.

    The Wells-class carrier was originally owned by the Neo-Marlinist Order of Mudhrid and used as a base for the NMLA terrorist group. After a military defeat, the vessel’s crew sought political asylum in the Marlinist Colonies.

    The Steel Majesty later became the hub for Minister Aaron Whyte’s followers during the Marlinist Civil War. More recently, NMLA activists retook the ship and unsuccessfully tried to rescue their leader Theta Seven.

    The Marlin Standard published this statement from First Minister Octavia Volkov:

    “I am delighted that the Marlinist Consulate has negotiated with the Epsilon Fornacis Empire Group to arrange for this megaship to be returned to us. We are renaming it in honour of my predecessor Dr Jenna Fairfax, who led millions to safety after our mass exodus from the Empire.”

    “The Fairfax Vision is now controlled by the Free Marlinists of Carinae faction, but will represent the colonies’ parliamentary and diplomatic interests abroad. I hope that true Marlinism, and our progressive republican society, can now flourish peacefully.”

  • December 15, 3307
  • The Triumph of Salvation

    Salvation has confirmed that his anti-xeno superweapons successfully routed Thargoids from the Delphi, Maia and Merope systems.

    The following message was submitted to all newsfeeds:

    “The Thargoid spearhead into human space has been severely blunted. Commodore Halloran coordinated the operation with military precision, and many loyal pilots acted swiftly to provide components for my unique technology.”

    “At present, I am not able to deploy these weapons in other systems suffering alien infestation. Next year, we will deliver a decisive blow in the war against the Thargoids.”

    “I urge the peoples of the galaxy to unite behind my crusade. Aegis is finished. I am the only remaining defence for humanity. I am Salvation.”

    Independent pilots and anti-xeno squadrons have been asked to continue combating the remaining Thargoid vessels in the Coalsack, Pleiades and Witch Head Nebula regions. Repair efforts are also still required in the Delphi, Maia and Merope systems.

  • December 14, 3307
  • Thargoids Repulsed from Three Systems

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Salvation’s anti-xeno superweapons have cleared most Thargoid vessels from the Delphi, Maia and Merope systems.

    Pilots were asked to transport classified experimental equipment from the Heart of Taurus in the Qarato system to three other megaships owned by Taurus Mining Ventures. These components were used to prepare the large-scale weapons developed by Salvation to affect Thargoid technology.

    Vox Galactica published an intercepted message from Commodore Morag Halloran, commanding officer of the Musashi, to the Bright Sentinel and Glorious Prospect megaships:

    “This is Halloran. Operation Tri-hammer has concluded with a code white-three-alpha. Estimated target destruction in Delphi is at 27%, with full dispersal of 98% of remaining hostiles. Scans underway for non-combatant disruption or casualties. Maia and Merope data to be submitted immediately to central analytics.”

    Independent observers have reported that the majority of all Thargoid ships in the three systems have abruptly departed, with some wreckages found on planetary surfaces. This closely matches the event in the Cornsar system in September, when the anti-xeno superweapon was first deployed.

    Pilots are requested to help with repair and rescue efforts for starports damaged by the Thargoids: Donar’s Oak and The Oracle in the Delphi system, Obsidian Orbital in the Maia system, and Reed’s Rest in the Merope system.

  • December 13, 3307
  • The Death of Theta Seven

    The NMLA’s de facto leader and his closest followers have sacrificed themselves by destroying the Far God cult’s megaship Sacrosanct.

    The hijacked vessel had been taken to the Mudhrid system by the remaining members of Theta Group, aiming to reunite with the NMLA. After this failed, ACT forces surrounded the Sacrosanct in the hope of rescuing the several thousand cultists being kept as hostages.

    Theta Seven broadcast a short video message, where he uttered a single phrase:

    “The future will remember us.”

    He was then seen to manually detonate a series of bombs, which ruptured the Sacrosanct’s hull and split the vessel in two. It is believed that the weapons also distributed Thargoid caustic enzymes throughout the megaship, thereby killing its entire population.

    ACT has released a statement from co-leader Captain Saskia Landau:

    “Tragically we were unable to save the lives of the Far God worshippers, despite several attempts to negotiate their safe conduct off the ship. Captain Castile’s commando unit could not gain entry to the Sacrosanct in time, and we had no success trying to hack into its onboard computers.”

    “We can confirm that the most wanted terrorist in the galaxy is dead. But ACT’s task is not yet complete, since there is much we still don’t know about the NMLA. Our investigation will focus on learning more about their background, as well as targeting any surviving cells of activists.”