Galactic News

  • December 4, 3309
  • Archer Outlines Shadow Presidency Future

    Vice President Jerome Archer has discussed the recent Federal presidential election and other topics during an interview with The Federal Times.

    On the victory of President-elect Felicia Winters:

    “Winters fought a clean campaign based on issues, as I did, so one cannot fault her for that. But I think the harsh realities of governance will quickly overwhelm her liberal idealism. Hudson, whatever his critics may think of him, was never afraid to take decisive action. We’ll see if Winters can do the same.”

    On Archer’s electoral policies:

    “I maintain that a security-first approach is the correct one, given the many threats facing the Federation. The Thargoids are not the only enemy of our people. Dismantling the Proactive Detection Bureau, as Winters has threatened to do, will be an act of self-sabotage for our entire society.”

    On his relationship with outgoing President Zachary Hudson:

    “It’s been an honour to support President Hudson, from whom I have learned a great deal about the political arena. Both of us are genuine patriots with similar viewpoints. I know he will continue to serve the Federation in his own way.”

    On his future political career:

    “As shadow president, it will be my duty to not only scrutinise Winters’s administration, but also restore electoral faith in the Republican Party. I’m confident that the citizens will be fully on board with our policies by the next election, if not sooner.”

    In response to this interview, an editorial in the Federal Free Press said:

    “Jerome Archer’s priority now is to gather Hudson loyalists under his banner, and position himself as a worthy successor. But this tactic of talking about all subjects except his own lack of responsibility for the election loss will not fool voters. Once the PDB is gone, and we see the improvements wrought by a Liberal Party administration, Archer faces a considerable challenge to avoid becoming a footnote in the Federation’s history.”

  • December 1, 3309
  • Titan Taranis Surrounded

    The star system Hyades Sector FB-N B7-6, which contains Thargoid Titan Taranis, has been surrounded by human forces.

    Aden Tanner, special advisor to Aegis, provided the following update:

    “Our pilots appear to have pushed Thargoids out of all systems in Titan Taranis’s area of control. It’s taken a huge effort, one which should rightly be recognised as outstanding. We don’t know for certain what will happen next. But for now, the region is back in humanity’s control.”

    “I strongly urge pilots to keep fighting the Thargoid fleet wherever it is encountered. We must not become complacent - the Thargoids have surprised us before, and have demonstrated the ability to respond when defeat seems inevitable. Those who fought in the HIP 22460 campaign and witnessed the Proteus Wave event will testify to the dangers of assuming the war is won.”

    Systems in the immediate vicinity, such as Hupang, Swahku and HR1737, have initiated repairs to starports which have been abandoned since November 3308. Titan Taranis itself remains largely resistant to conventional assault, and Hyades Sector FB-N B7-6 is still considered a Thargoid stronghold.

  • November 30, 3309
  • Kaine Launches Alliance Resource Drive

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Councillor Nakato Kaine has requested deliveries to the Tionisla system in protest against the anti-xeno defence pact.

    Pilots are asked to deliver shipments of hazardous environment suits, micro controllers and titanium to Brett High. The Alliance Rapid-reaction Corps, which is hosting the initiative, will protect participants by redeeming bounty vouchers for the destruction of any wanted ships.

    The campaign was personally arranged by Councillor Nakato Kaine, the representative for Tionisla in the Alliance Assembly. Speaking to the Old Worlds Gazette, Kaine stated:

    “I aim to prove that the Alliance’s military fleet is not as dependent upon Sirius Corporation as many believe. This campaign demonstrates our capability to stockpile vital resources for the Alliance Defence Force. And we have plenty of researchers, mechanics and manufacturers ready to develop our own defences against the Thargoids.”

    “It’s clear to me that Li Yong-Rui never intended to honour his anti-xeno commitments. I’ve seen evidence of Sirius negotiating favourable contracts with Allied tech and military corporations. Their special access to the Alliance’s markets, plus the endorsement of our prime minister, have provided them with unfair leverage. The true cost of the pact has yet to be revealed, but you can bet that Allied citizens will pay the price while Sirius’s profits soar.”

    Prime Minister Edmund Mahon has not commented on the Tionisla campaign, other than to confirm: “A formal inquiry into the strategic defence pact is ongoing, and the Assembly will study its findings carefully.”

  • November 28, 3309
  • Thargoid War Update: November 3309

    Renowned war correspondent Jade Sanderlyn provides her regular summary of the latest news regarding the Thargoid conflict.

    “It is now a whole year since the Thargoid Titans arrived and unleashed their fleets upon us. It’s pleasing to report that humanity’s resistance remains strong. New invasions are rare, and Thargoid vessels are being driven out of occupied systems. Nobody is under any illusions that this war might end soon, and it remains to be seen how the Thargoids adapt to the current situation. But among independent pilots and anti-xeno squadrons, morale is high – as it absolutely deserves to be.”

    “The Thargoid spire sites have also brought cause for cautious optimism. Having received huge volumes of samples for testing, Ishmael Palin proved that spire compounds and Titan hull fragments share genetic commonalities. Whatever these eerie alien growths are, evidence is growing that their industrial processes are related to the Thargoid motherships in some way.”

    “Professor Palin has now concocted a biological impurity, which should disrupt the spires’ biochemistry when inserted into their processing chain. Many pilots are signing up to undertake missions to deliver this contaminant, despite the inevitability that some volunteers will not return. It’s too soon to determine whether or not this will impact the Thargoid war machine, but hopes are high.”

    “Meanwhile, the many thousands of people rescued from captivity within the Titans remain in strict quarantine. Debate continues over how quickly they should be returned to society, but so far nobody seems to be taking any chances.”

    “That could change following Felicia Winters’ victory in the Federal presidential election. Via my political colleagues, I’ve heard that the president-elect plans to send home all returnees with Federation citizenship when her term of office begins next year. So we might soon score the greatest of victories: allowing those who were so cruelly abducted to return to their normal lives.”

    “This is Jade Sanderlyn reporting for Vox Galactica. Stay safe out there.”

  • November 24, 3309
  • Azimuth Biotech: ‘We Can Serve Alliance’

    Azimuth Biotech has suggested that it can replace Sirius Corporation as the Alliance’s anti-xeno military partner.

    The move follows the Alliance Assembly’s decision to reevaluate its strategic xeno defence pact with Sirius, amid concerns that the megacorp has not sufficiently protected Allied systems from the Thargoids.

    CEO Torben Rademaker offered the following statement during a recent shareholder presentation:

    “Azimuth Biotech is – and always has been – the only corporation to specialise in anti-xeno weapons tech. Sirius Corporation, once the trend-setter in so many fields, has become complacent and is now best described as a household goods manufacturer with delusions of grandeur. Aegis is a loosely connected gang of publicity-seekers playing war games with technology developed by uncredited researchers. But Azimuth specialists have been diligently researching the Thargoid species ever since we made first contact with them two centuries ago.”

    “We can supply the Alliance Defence Force with weaponry and defensive technology guaranteed to be a match for anything in the Thargoids’ arsenal. I’m prepared to meet with Prime Minister Mahon personally to work out the details of our proposal.”

    The Alliance Assembly has not yet formally responded, but Councillor Hildegard Dressler said: “Our vulnerability to Thargoid attacks means Azimuth should be seriously considered to reinforce our security.” Councillor Ainsley Niven took the opposite view: “There will be mass uprisings if we collaborate with the most notoriously immoral company in history, one soaked in the blood that Salvation spilled in his pursuit of greatness.”

    Leon Banerjee, science correspondent for Vox Galactica, observed:

    “It’s worth noting what Azimuth is not offering the Alliance: the anti-xeno superweapons that once cleared entire systems of Thargoids. Resurrecting Proteus Wave technology after HIP 22460 would cause a public outcry, but that wouldn’t greatly concern Rademaker. Therefore, we can deduce that Azimuth’s ability to weaponise Guardian artefacts died along with Salvation, leaving the corporation struggling for relevancy following his death.”

  • November 23, 3309
  • Mining Campaign in LHS 3872 Concludes

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Torval Mining Ltd has announced that sufficient quantities of mined resources were delivered to its subsidiary faction.

    The Aristocrats of Cuacocha, who control the LHS 3872 system, received the shipments of mined lithium hydroxide, painite, praseodymium and tritium. They have confirmed that all participating pilots can now collect their rewards at Curbeam Hub.

    Constantia Torval, the corporation’s recently appointed CEO, gave a statement:

    “With this successful event, Torval Mining Ltd advances toward even greater prestige and profitability. I offer sincere thanks to our partners and contributors.”

    The campaign’s background was discussed by Gwendolyn Nash, Empire correspondent for Vox Galactica:

    “Senator Zemina Torval handing Torval Mining Ltd to her oldest daughter is the latest of several curious developments in recent years. She established the company by branching out from Mastopolos Mining, severing connections with more distant family members. She also transferred many investments to her other daughter Petra Torval, who is also a senator, and grandson Titus Torval, an Imperial Intelligence captain.”

    “Coupled with the fact that she has missed several Senate meetings recently, speculation is rife that the 132-year-old has entered the twilight of her corporate and political careers. But as even her sternest opponents would attest, it is never wise to underestimate Zemina Torval’s willpower.”

  • November 20, 3309
  • Alliance Reviews Sirius Defence Pact

    The Alliance Assembly has approved a formal evaluation of its strategic defence pact with Sirius Corporation.

    The vote to launch an independent inquiry was led by Councillor Nakato Kaine, who summarised:

    “This partnership has been in effect for nearly two years. What tangible military support have we seen? Sirius Corporation has done little to protect Allied populations from attack or abduction. The capital ships promised to the Alliance Defence Force remain on the drawing board. The Sirius Navy isn’t even engaging the Thargoid fleets on the front line of this war. How much longer must we endure Li Yong-Rui’s empty promises?”

    Admiral Nikolas Glass, the megacorp’s representative on the Council of Admirals, disputed these claims:

    “In truth, an enormous amount of work is taking place behind the scenes. Sirius technicians have retrofitted many ageing ADF ships with modern weaponry and internal systems. We’ve invested significantly in new AX modules, such as the anti-xeno missile rack and pre-engineered heatsink. And our blueprints formed the basis for Aegis’s sub-surface extraction missile, which has helped rescue so many from the Titans.”

    An editorial piece in the Old Worlds Gazette speculated:

    “The strategic defence pact has led to some successes, such as the Operation Tyndareus taskforce that repulsed a Thargoid incursion in Allied territory. But that was over a year ago, and the vision of a Sirius-backed Alliance Navy to rival the Empire or Federation has not materialised.”

    “As displeasure grows in the Assembly, the option to renegotiate the pact has been raised alongside Councillor Kaine’s proposal to terminate it entirely. Prime Minister Mahon faces political pressure to abandon his commitment to Sirius Corporation, especially now that a reformed Aegis is leading anti-xeno technology development.”

  • November 16, 3309
  • Torval Mining Campaign Marks Ownership Change

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    A mining initiative is being held in the LHS 3872 system, as Torval Mining Ltd welcomes its new CEO.

    Senator Zemina Torval, owner of the Imperial company until recently, has formally transferred her controlling shares to her eldest daughter. Constantia Torval was already director of operations, but will now oversee all corporate decision making from the highest chair.

    From the press suite on Curbeam Hub starport, Ms Torval gave an announcement from the megaship Zetian’s Recall:

    “My mother’s tireless efforts to build a corporation worthy of our family name have brought enormous success and esteem to the Torval portfolio. It is my honour to continue supplying vital resources to the great industries that drive our Empire.”

    “To mark the occasion, Torval Mining Ltd offers generous payments for newly mined quantities of lithium hydroxide, painite, praseodymium and tritium. The campaign is being managed by the Aristocrats of Cuacocha, who will receive shipments at Curbeam Hub in LHS 3872. This follows my new policy to subcontract mining operations to other Imperial factions, in order to meet expanded resource extraction quotas.”

    “A Torval Mining Ltd mining laser will also be awarded to those pilots who make a concerted effort to support our endeavours.”

    Anton Lagorio, business correspondent for The Imperial Herald, reported:

    “This announcement confirms rumours that Constantia Torval had been allowed to take the reins in managing the family company. Under her guidance, Torval Mining Ltd has expanded its sphere of operations and obtained many lucrative new contracts. Whereas Zemina Torval’s policy was to manage as much as possible in-house, her daughter seems keen to build corporate relationships with subsidiaries within the Empire.”

  • November 14, 3309
  • Concerns Raised over Titan Returnees

    People who were recovered from the Thargoids have been flagged as potential biohazards by an Imperial medical institute.

    Dr Zoe Terentia , chief researcher at Kamadhenu Medipure , published her findings in the Citizens Chronicle.

    “Our analysis of abducted Imperial citizens currently in isolation has yielded disturbing results. There is clear evidence of an auto-immune response in multiple subjects. These manifest as minor physiological changes at a superficial level, which are mostly being dismissed.”

    “In my professional opinion, this qualifies as evidence that these individuals have been altered in some way by the Thargoid-constructed bio-storage capsules. I recommend they all be relocated to a high-security location beyond inhabited space. Should further mutations manifest, euthanasia should be considered to prevent any chance of contamination.”

    Director Ivano Colombera of the Imperial Science Academy, who acts as the Empire’s scientific liaison to Aegis, opposed this assessment:

    “The life support systems in Thargoid bio-storage capsules were intrusive, and in some cases left residual scarring. We would expect human physiology to react negatively to such an invasive artificial environment, and these natural immunological responses hardly qualify as ‘mutations’. So we should not consider this a cause for alarm. Nevertheless, I agree that all returnees must stay quarantined until all necessary scientific observations are complete.”

    The Imperial Herald featured related comments from Senator Caspian Leopold, another member of the delegation to Aegis:

    “I concur with Director Colombera that caution must be our watchword. I’m told that those rescued from the Titans are being made as comfortable as possible, but for now they must remain isolated. I know that our stoic citizens will understand their duty.”

    “Regarding this topic, Azimuth Biotech’s offer to perform scientific tests on returnees has been formally rejected by the Senate. They decided that further association with Azimuth would not be of benefit to the Empire. And speaking personally, I will not countenance letting those butchers anywhere near our people.”

  • November 13, 3309
  • Winters Resists Hudson’s Legacy Projects

    President-elect Felicia Winters has vowed to defeat new legislation proposed by outgoing President Zachary Hudson.

    If funded, these initiatives will establish a media standards regulator, set up a political think tank, and merge the Proactive Detection Bureau into the Federal Navy Intelligence Office. Tax rebates will also be granted to all corporations with existing government contracts.

    The Federal Times approached Felicia Winters for comment:

    “It’s obvious that these pro-Republican measures are being pushed through because of Jerome Archer's poor electoral performance. It would look bad for Hudson to admit that his own vice president wasn’t a popular choice of successor. So now he's giving Archer as many advantages as possible for when he becomes shadow president.”

    “We aim to block these legislative changes should they go through Congress. And I personally guarantee that once I am in office, the PDB will no longer eavesdrop on every citizen’s private communications. That’s more than just an election pledge – it’s about doing what is right.”

    The newsfeed also published a statement by Owen McKenna, CEO of Core Dynamics:

    “Winters says that she plans to cut back on military spending. That makes no sense during wartime, but as president it’ll be her call. So, if you ask me, Hudson’s corporate tax rebates should be allowed to stand. Then at least companies who supply the Federal Navy might have a chance of remaining profitable.”

  • November 10, 3309
  • Palin Makes Thargoid Spire Breakthrough

    Analysis of objects and refinery compounds obtained from Thargoid spire sites has revealed a crucial connection to the Titans.

    The announcement was made by Professor Ishmael Palin, who has been receiving deliveries of these materials from Pilots’ Federation members:

    “Genetic commonalities between the spire compounds and Titan hull fragments have now been verified. My research suggests these surface sites have been established to harvest resources which sustain the Thargoid motherships in some way. It may be that their supplies of some vital enzymes or fuels are running low, after months of being deployed away from their home worlds.”

    “To capitalise on this newfound understanding, my team has synthesised a biological contaminant based on the chemical composition of the samples. Introducing this to a spire’s processing chain can only help our efforts to disrupt their invasion plans.”

    Dr Maximo Fonseca, the Alliance’s scientific liaison to Aegis, commented:

    “It is important to note that Professor Palin’s work is still in the experimental phase, necessitating further testing. Large quantities of the contaminant will need to be transported to all known spires. This will be a highly dangerous mission, as the sites are aggressively patrolled by Thargoid drones and vessels.”

    Aegis has expressed gratitude to everyone who provided samples from the Titans and Thargoid spire sites to Professor Palin in the Arque system. A special notice was published honouring those pilots who delivered the first and the highest number of items:

    CMDR HaLfY47

    CMDR M. V. Coehoorn


    CMDR Pete Justice

    CMDR Ecthelion

    CMDR Tarin Tarek

    CMDR Racius

    CMDR Dark Session

  • January 16, 3309
  • Hudson Lays Groundwork for Political Successors

    President Zachary Hudson has announced a raft of legislation he intends to push during his last few months in office.

    Political journalists have noted that many of the points would benefit the Republican Party while in opposition to the president-elect Felicia Winters administration. A press release from the Office of the Federal President listed the key initiatives currently underway:

    “First: A new media standards agency will be established to regulate independently operated newsfeeds in Federal systems, to ensure local issues are presented in a format which adheres to Federal values.”

    “Second: Corporations that have exclusive contracts with the Federal government will be granted significant tax rebates, on President Hudson’s executive authority.”

    “Third: The Federal Navy Intelligence Office will establish a data-sharing strategy with the Proactive Detection Bureau. This will broaden the net to capture even more criminal activity.”

    “Fourth: Funding will be granted for a political think tank. This will be a cross-party institute to gather ideas, strategies and research that benefits the entire Federation.”

    An editorial in the Federal Free Press pointed out the potential downsides to each of these initiatives:

    “First: Sol Today’s CEO Neive McFarlane is on the board of this ‘independent’ regulator, thereby ensuring local newsfeeds will have a pro-Republican voice at the highest level of oversight.”

    “Second: Felicia Winters’s administration will be forced to reverse these rebates to cover the loss of tax-generated revenue, which is guaranteed to cause friction with those corporations.”

    “Third: The Federal Navy could provide military-grade technology for public surveillance, to bypass legal encryption software used to protect private conversations. It is likely Winters will be furious about this proposal, given her election pledge to dismantle the PDB entirely.”

    “Fourth: Outgoing Secretary of State Lana Berkovich has volunteered to act as this think tank’s congressional liaison – and assume the authority to decide which of its reports reach those in power.”

  • November 3, 3309
  • Thargoid Abductees Reconnect with Society

    People who have been rescued from Thargoid Titans remain in quarantine, but can soon expect family visits and access to comms networks.

    Aegis reported that bio-storage capsules are still being successfully extracted from the Thargoid motherships, albeit at high risk to pilots. Each revived individual has been placed in medical isolation, as per guidance from Aegis specialists.

    Deputy Prime Minister Angela Corcoran, who coordinates the Alliance’s involvement with Aegis, discussed the situation in a session of the Assembly:

    “All abductees are being monitored for signs of Thargoid physical or mental influence. So far, I’m pleased to say, these test results remain negative. Therefore, those from Allied systems are now permitted to receive visitors, while remaining under strict quarantine conditions. They are also being granted direct access to comms and public media. I understand that Federal, Imperial and most independent authorities will shortly follow suit with their own citizens.”

    Director Nassim Qadir, head of medical research at Azimuth Biotech, was quoted in a formal statement from the corporation:

    “Isolating all the returnees was prudent, but they should not be treated like normal people. The Thargoids went to great lengths to capture living humans, and we have not yet determined the reason. It’s possible they are acting as carriers of an alien pathogen, or affected in some other way that Aegis’s inferior procedures cannot detect.”

    “We propose that Azimuth Biotech takes exclusive control of processing all those recovered from the Titans. We have the techniques, equipment and experience in researching human-xeno interactions. Only after being subjected to an intensive battery of examinations should these subjects have their civil rights and freedoms returned.”

  • November 1, 3309
  • Grey Swan Fleet Destroyed in Shamash

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Crazed pilots that were killing civilians in the Shamash system have been eliminated.

    The local security force vessels participating in Fleet Exercise Grey Swan were exposed to an anomalous signal, which then circulated through the fleet’s networked comms. This apparently triggered a violent mania that caused them to attack passing traffic.

    Captain Ulrich Maurer of the megaship Khonsu Gleam announced that an operation to eliminate the threat had concluded:

    “All Grey Swan ships have now been targeted and destroyed. Though tragic, this action undoubtedly saved many thousands of lives and has brought peace to the system once more. San Tu State Network, in agreement with Shamash Future, has agreed to reimburse all independent pilots who took part. Payments are available for collection at the Khonsu Gleam.”

    Shamash Future confirmed that Garrett Orbital, which was locked down due to several of its crew becoming homicidal, is now functioning as normal. The scars of the survivors may take much longer to resolve, however.

    Research has begun into the cause of this event, although few details of note has been identified. One possible explanation was floated by Jaya Chaudhary, host of historical ICE-cast Ghastly Pasts:

    “The horror which unfolded in Shamash bears strong similarities to the fate of the generation ship Thetis. This vessel from the 22nd century was discovered in the Nefertem system in 3303. Logs describe how its entire population turned on each other in a murderous rage, after a signal was picked up while passing an unnamed planet. This ‘whispering’ sound compelled everyone who heard it to kill on sight.”

    “The Thetis phenomenon had never been encountered before or since – until now. What was once a chilling tale from the pages of history has become a sickening reality. We do not know where the signal was transmitted, how it interacts with the human mind or whether we’ll encounter it again. These questions are attractive to researchers, but uncovering any answers may prove highly dangerous.”

  • October 31, 3309
  • Aegis Prioritises Research into Thargoid Spire Sites

    The rapid evolution of Thargoid barnacle matrix sites into colossal spires has sparked intense scientific scrutiny and concern as to their purpose.

    Dr Maximo Fonseca, the Allied scientific liaison to Aegis, discussed recent developments in an article for The Empirical:

    “There’s no doubt that these twisting, biomechanical towers are important to the Thargoids. Each site is defended by highly aggressive drones, including a new type designated the ‘Banshee’. Larger Thargoid vessels also routinely come and go, in a manner similar to ships docking with an outpost.”

    “Some believe that each site is an alien city – a xenopolis, if you will – and that this marks the start of a colonisation programme. But I believe the Thargoids remain on a war footing. Either way, we are bringing together our finest xenologists to decipher their function as rapidly as possible.”

    One of these scientists is Professor Ishmael Palin, who is recognised as a leading authority on the Thargoids. In a brief interview for Vox Galactica, he said:

    “The construction of permanent surface structures confirms that the Thargoids have long-term plans. I’ve studied scans that indicate organic and mechanical processes taking place within each spire. My guess is they’re industrial in nature, the equivalent of our extraction factories. It’s possible they are producing or refining vast quantities of mineral substances to supply the Thargoid war machine.”

    “Many pilots have already seen fit to provide me with compounds extracted from Thargoid spire sites, which has given my research an initial boost. Further samples can be delivered to Abel Laboratory or the bartender at Baird Gateway in the Arque system.”

  • October 30, 3309
  • Thargoid War Update: October 3309

    Vox Galactica’s Jade Sanderlyn discusses the successful recovery of people from the Titans and developments at the new Thargoid spire sites.

    “When Aegis announced its plans to free abductees from the Thargoid motherships, I wasn’t the only one expecting the worst outcome. Turning a core mining missile into a way to extract life-support capsules from the Titans sounded extremely risky. And even if it worked, what state would these poor people be in after such a horrific experience?”

    “Much to my relief, the scheme is working. Many thousands have now been brought back to civilisation, and seem to have suffered few ill-effects. Wisely, all are being kept under strict quarantine while a battery of medical tests are run on them. But I understand that, in most cases, abductees are permitted to communicate with their friends and families - most of whom never expected to hear from them again.”

    “Another surprise, albeit much less welcome, were the rapid changes observed at the Thargoid barnacle matrix sites. Intense geological activity had been registered beneath the surface, but the alien growths resisted detailed analysis. Their transformation into colossal towers several kilometres high has startled the scientific community.”

    “Xenologists tell me that the emergence of these Thargoid spire sites, as they’re now classified, suggest that the aliens are putting long-term plans into place. Their actual purpose is unclear, but few believe that the outcome will be beneficial for humanity.”

    “Elsewhere, resistance to the aliens remains as dedicated as ever. At the time of writing, no new invasions have been reported, and the Thargoids occupy only a third of the territory previously conquered by their fleets. Scores of once-inhabited systems still need to be liberated, but the mood among anti-xeno forces is that the tide has turned in humanity’s favour.”

    “This is Jade Sanderlyn reporting for Vox Galactica. Stay safe out there.”

  • October 27, 3309
  • Eliminate Threat of Grey Swan Fleet

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Commanders have been asked to help destroy the rogue Grey Swan pilots killing civilians in the Shamash system.

    Military squadrons taking part in Fleet Exercise Grey Swan became irrationally violent following an unexplained mass hysteria that swept through Garrett Orbital during a fleet training exercise. Captain Ulrich Maurer, commanding officer of the San Tu State Network megaship Khonsu Gleam, broadcast the following message:

    “Shamash Future’s security forces have asked us to help stop the carnage taking place throughout this system. No medical or technological solution has been found for affected pilots, who seem reluctant to leave Shamash. Therefore, to prevent the loss of more innocent lives, there is regrettably no choice but to eliminate every ship in the Grey Swan fleet.”

    “We are urgently seeking to recruit independent pilots with combat experience. Financial rewards and other incentives will be available at the Khonsu Gleam. Hopefully we can perform this unpleasant task as efficiently as possible.”

    Wing Commander Mackenzie Coates was coordinating Fleet Exercise Grey Swan when a bizarre signal caused its crews to become homicidal. She told a local newsfeed:

    “This is a nightmarish situation. I’m trained to deal with pirates, invaders and even Thargoids, not to hunt down my own friends and colleagues. The thought of them being turned into deranged savages… I know they wouldn’t want to live like that. But I can’t be the one to pull the trigger – there are survivors on Garrett Orbital who need my help.”

    Participants are advised that the Khonsu Gleam aims to complete the combat operation by Wednesday 1st November.

  • October 26, 3309
  • Mysterious Phenomenon Triggers Violent Attacks

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    A large naval squadron has gone rogue in the Shamash system, amid claims of widespread mental instability caused by an unknown signal.

    Security forces for the Shamash Future faction were practising fleet manoeuvres, shortly before they turned their weapons against passing traffic. Lieutenant Commander Mackenzie Coates , one of the officers coordinating Fleet Exercise Grey Swan, told the media:

    “All crews deployed for the exercise are now ignoring orders and attacking anything within range. The evidence we’ve gathered suggests they’re suffering from violent mania, caused by some kind of mass psychological disturbance. They are still capable of operating the ships, making them a danger to civilians.”

    “Garrett Orbital outpost reported an anomalous multi-frequency signal during Grey Swan, which also broke through our primary comms network. We think it’s related to the violence Shamash is now facing, but with all the chaos we haven’t had a chance to investigate further. Garrett Orbital is now in lockdown, while security teams onboard try to contain outbreaks of aggression from affected personnel.”

    A popular news program, 'Frameshift Live', was broadcasting from Garrett Orbital around the time of the fleet exercise. Disturbing footage indicates the presenters were similarly affected by this unexplained hysteria.

    The San Tu State Network megaship Khonsu Gleam, present in Shamash on unrelated business, has been asked to host defensive efforts since the system lacks a starport. Captain Ulrich Maurer has agreed to remain and support Shamash Future, by organising countermeasures against the Grey Swan fleet.

    Speculation have been raised that the ‘anomalous multi-frequency signal’ might be a new Thargoid weapon, or a test of experimental mind-affecting technology. However, no alien or unauthorised vessels have been detected in the system, and the signal’s origin remains unconfirmed.

  • October 23, 3309
  • Titan Survivors Kept in Quarantine

    Thousands of people rescued from captivity within the Thargoid motherships remain isolated under strict medical and security protocols.

    Professor Alba Tesreau, head of Aegis, spoke at a press conference:

    “I’m relieved to see that the sub-surface extraction missiles are proving effective, especially considering how quickly they went into production. Many pilots are using them to excavate bio-storage capsules from beneath the hulls of the Thargoid Titans.”

    “Each resuscitated individual has undergone an exhaustive range of physical scans and psychological evaluations. Some are being treated for stress-related conditions and mental trauma, but otherwise they appear to be unharmed. With no clear evidence that these people have been infected or influenced by the Thargoids in some manner, Aegis has sent a number of proposals to superpower governments as they consider the next steps.”

    Despite this announcement, everyone extracted from a bio-storage capsule remains under military quarantine. The Alliance, Empire, Federation and independent factions have all instructed that any citizen who was abducted by Thargoids must be kept in high-security isolation until further notice.

    As discussed by reporter Ernesto Rios for Vox Galactica:

    “There is widespread concern that whatever the Thargoids had planned for their human captives was set in motion before rescue efforts began. While scientific analysis of the captives disputes this notion – as all results have thus far – the returnees may face prejudice and mistrust when they are permitted to rejoin society.”

    In related news, there are reports that the Thargoid barnacle matrix sites have recently undergone enormous growth, with sightings of ‘towering spires’ and similar megastructures. Aegis and other scientific bodies have sent analysis teams to all known sites to gather data.

  • October 19, 3309
  • Winters Outlines Her Future Presidency

    President-elect Felicia Winters has discussed her election victory and other topics during an interview with The Federal Times.

    On defeating Vice President Jerome Archer:

    “One cannot dispute that Archer played his campaign straight, with none of the underhanded tricks utilised by some of his predecessors. But the election results prove that the citizens want a change from the Republican Party’s bombastic approach.”

    On the priorities for her forthcoming administration:

    “Our government will expand investment in the Federation’s soft infrastructure, pulling the economy’s focus away from military projects and corporate profits. Many systems are in dire need of improved healthcare, housing and work opportunities. Billions of people need temporary financial support as refugees from the Thargoid invasion. We are not the Empire – we serve our people rather than rule over them.”

    On the Proactive Detection Bureau:

    “My very first task in office will be to dismantle this monstrosity, ending the surveillance of private communications. The Federal Intelligence Agency is perfectly capable of protecting our people without violating their personal freedoms.”

    On the Thargoid war:

    “I can assure everyone that while I lack the enthusiasm for war that my predecessor demonstrated, my administration takes office with the Thargoid invasion as a top priority. Aegis has led the way in developing new anti-xeno technologies, and Federal support for the agency will continue.”

    Many Federal newsfeeds congratulated Felicia Winters on her success in the election, but an editorial in Sol Today said:

    “Without Zachary Hudson’s strength of will, or Jerome Archer’s dedication to security, there’s every possibility that the Federation will rot from within. You can expect to see all manner of fringe groups and minorities grab the lion’s share of funding, while freeloaders and criminals get a free pass. We predict that Winters will go down in history as one of the weakest presidents ever.”