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1 - Apr - 3306

Captains Log:

So I've kind of mapped out a route to Beagle Point, albeit it is a very round about way of getting there, but I've included some interesting stops I've found along the way. I'm currently in transit to stop and see the Blue Whale Geysers - I've heard they its a photo opp that you just can't pass up if you're in the area. Well, relatively in the area I suppose. After that I'll hop scotch my way toward Beagle Point. I've read a lot of people talking about crossing the Abyss - how intimidating it can be - I really wonder if it is really that big of a deal. Especially considering some of the predicaments I've gotten myself into during this whole trip. Guess its a kind of, ominous, thing to look forward to as I move closer and closer.

There really isn't that much to report at this point, pretty much just hopping from one system, to the next, taking in the scenery. Have run across some water worlds, one of which had really cool looking rings surrounding it.

Anyways, time to log off for now.

Cmdr Loydman signing off.

27 - March - 3306

I'm gradually working my way back towards the core because I caught wind of a few systems with some interesting sights to see. So I figured, why not its in the same, general, direction - just a little more horizontal before I go vertical. I've already managed to catch some pretty interesting and stunning sights including a neutron star with landable stars within close proximity of it, and the black hole known as "Tartarus". Tartarus was especially stunning because you could see the whole ball of star effect - even up on entry - and with the galactic center behind it made for very impressive site. Even more so if you were willing to fly right up to the exclusion zone, which I did, much to the dismay of my female companions...I still think Carina is sulking. After that it was a trek to the graveyard's gate, which was like its name pretty creepy. I finished my day in Eol Prou AA-A h162 where I got some cool shots of a ringed gas giant cast completely into darkness due to the light source being swallowed by yet another black hole. I touched down on a nearby planet orbiting orbiting the ring gas giant and am gonna catch some sleep here before heading out.

All in all things are going pretty smooth so far, and the views have been breathtaking. I definitely look forward to seeing what's in store for me.

signing off for now, night everyone!

Cmdr Loydman

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

And We're Back Online!

Wow it's been 8 long months since I've been able to climb into this chair and utter the words...

Captain's Log.

So much has taken place in the past 8 months, from sicknesses to deaths (luckily not mine!), to ship malfunctions (so what else is new, right?), to ship upgrades and new crew members. But it feels so good to finally be back in the saddle. I've spent the last couple days flying around Colonia getting used to the new HCS-COVAS system I had installed into my ships systems. Now it's not just me that'll be floating around in the void...I'll, happily, be joined by six new crew members: Carina - my number one, Verity - who will assist with helm control, Eden - who does wonders in Engineering, Chase - who takes care of all operations, Alix - resident science guru, and finally (but certainly not forgotten, although aboard Phyxios she won't have much to do) Celeste - who will maintain our tactical awareness and readiness. Let me be the first to say...ladies it'll be nice to have you accompany everywhere I go...I think Mom and Dad would've like ya'll...especially you, Alix :).

I've also spent a little bit of time finishing up gathering some materials for specialized jumps and repairs while I'm out and about - where funny enough, I had a bit of a mishap with my SRV in which I had to make a most unceremonious emergency exit (thanks to Carina/Verity/Chase Phyxios was right there to get me before I ran out of O2 - I rather like breathing). Needless to say I had to have some repairs done to the SRV. Ooops. :D

Anyways - I've been itching to get going, and finally its time! It's been well over a year since I started my journey to World's End at Beagle Point, but I haven't given up! Mission is officially re-started tonight as I make a short trek to a nearby POI I've caught wind of as I begin making my way towards my ultimate goal.

It's been a long time coming, but Phyxios is fueled, locked, and loaded and we are offically go for launch!

Well time to end transmission for now,

CMDR Loydman signing off...

enter image description here

9- July - 3305

So still going strong collecting materials...have had a few issues finding polonium, but I've got a pretty good stock of everything else that I need. I did have a minor issue with the optics on HUD, but luckily for me there was a guy in the area (relatively) that was able to get to me and get it buttoned up. We're all systems go now....but it did set me back about a month.

Other than that its just been hunting and pecking for mats...quiet...and pretty boring. If only I could find some polonium..oh and yttrium...that would be great!

well here's hoping!

Cmdr Loydman o7

30 - May - 3305

I've decided to put the trip to Beagle Point on hold, temporarily. In light of having to be rescued by the Rats and almost meeting my end while doing neutron jumps; I've decide to stock up on materials for injected FSD jumps. This will allow me to make larger jumps, and not always have to worry about supercharging. Not sure how long it will take me to stock up on the needed materials, but in the long run I feel like this will be the smartest play. Hopefully it won't take that long though, I really want to get back out there and continue my trip...getting to Beagle Point isn't just about accomplishing one of my dreams and goals, but also my parents. Before they were killed they were supposed to do some research, that was their dream. Now, its mine. I will make it there. I will complete their legacy.

Anyways, updates may be few and far between over the coming weeks, at least until I get what I need. Once I'm geared up and ready to leave then I'll update again. Until then...

stay safe out there cmdrs

Cmdr Loydman o7

24 - May - 3305

Well Friends, it nearly cost me everything but I am proud to report that I am officially one of 17 people who have officially made it to the lowest reachable point in the galaxy. Had to have the Fuel Rats (thank you Alderion) bring me fuel, survive getting accidentally rammed by an orca, and make out of a near disastrous encounter with a neutron, but I did it. I then promptly had to make a bee-line back to Colonia to make repairs and drop off the 130 million worth of data at Dove Enigma where I currently am. If anything this experience has taught me that I may need to reconsider sacrificing some jump range for a second fuel tank if I'm gonna take chances like this again; and I definitely need to gather the materials to be able to injected boosted jumps.

But, for now I am gonna shut everything down and spend the next couple days here recovering from yet another near death experience (at this point i'm beginning to loose count of the times I've flirted with it) and then revising my plan on getting to Beagle Point before heading back out.

Well farewell for now,

o7 Cmdr Loydman

21 - May - 3305

Well I've reached decision time, the proverbial point of no return. I made it to the first leg of jump down to the furthest, reachable, point on the galactic plane. Getting there isn't going to be a problem...having enough fuel to get back is my real concern. I've gone over every possible decision, every possible scenario time and time again in my head and I find myself torn. Once again the thrill of exploration pushes me forward, but quite frankly logic tells me that this is a really dangerous, stupid thing to attempt.

But, none the less I have come this far so I don't suppose there's any reason to turn back now. I guess if the worst happens and I find myself stranded I'll have to employ the Rats to come get me. For those that may see this in the coming hours say a small prayer that upon my next update I'll be able to report on my successful trek down and back up.

Well friends, down I go.

o7 Cmdr Loydman

8 - May - 3305

Well friends I have reached a cross roads. In the process of floating around Kyloasly area, where I ran across a small black hole, I discovered a interesting detail. A challenge for explorers really. There exists a system that is -3216.875 light years below the galactic plane, the lowest point in the galaxy to be exact. The only way you could possibly access said system is if there happened to be a series of neutron stars that you could use to super jump to it. It just so happens that there is indeed such a string of neutron stars and I am now faced with a decision...continue my way on to Beagle Point, or risk everything and go for one of the ultimate bragging rights of sitting where few have sat. Beagle Point is definitely the smarter, safer route considering that I have an absorbent amount of data on board with me right now...but the challenge and sense of danger/exhilaration is pulling at my deepest exploration core.

So, it is settled...I make way for Syrumbi IC-U e3-4 and the first leg of this all or nothing quest.

God help me.

o7 Cmdr Loydman

2 - May - 3305

I know I shouldn't be surprised at this point, but yet again I have been plagued by more issues. After the build up in excitement to finally be able to return to my quest for World's End, I was yet again met with a disappointing mechanical issues. First it was many of my controls for my menus and basic flight had become unresponsive, then discovery logs were not being update correctly, then my FSS scanning controls were unresponsive. I finally got everything straightened out, but by that time I was only able to make a couple jumps before I had to get some shut eye. It was a really disappointing outcome to what was a pretty highly anticipated day. But, such is life I suppose; I will continue to press forward and hope that my luck takes a turn for the better....and soon.

God speed commanders o7

Cmdr Loydman

1 - May - 3305

I left on this quest for Beagle Point, also so loving referred to as World's End, almost 2 years ago. It seems as though its been one issue after another. First it was the attack of the Thargoids that held me up, where I found myself zig zagging from system to system trying to avoid the cursed space bugs. Then after some rather annoying routing issues along the Neutron Star Highway I found my way to Tranquility's Stop, the Great Annihilator, and finally, my first personal goal of the trip, a triumphant return to Sag A after my previous ship's untimely demise 2 years prior. This brings me to the beginning of January of this year where I finally made it to the second leg of the trip, Colonia. This is where once again problems struck, this time in the form of some unexpected updates to the core systems of my ship that caused me to have to spend more time in the Colonia area than I originally planned. Finally I was able to once again continue onto my ultimate goal of World's End..which brings to me to now, 4 months later where I have been sitting in the same system because of some mechanical issues. Luckily it wasn't serious, and my beloved DBX Phyxios never lost life support, so I have been waiting since the middle of January to finally be able to continue my journey. Well, that brings me to today...where I am finally able to move forward after a long hiatus. I must say after the trials I have faced so far I am quite nervous to continue on and not just turn back to Colonia and make that my new home. However, my goal of reaching World's End and completing, what many explorers view as the ultimate rite of passage, fuels this burning desire to face whatever problems that I may run across. So, I put aside the paranoia, the fear, and I continue to push on looking forward to what I may come across.

For whoever may come across this...say a small prayer,

o7 Cmdr Loydman