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31 марта 2018 г.
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Pegasus Run 3305 wy#15

Arrived wp15. Maybe a good Basecamp: Truechuia KK-A d10 GeoSite2 on the way saw this: enter image description here

and Crystal: enter image description here

Pegasus Run 3305 wy#14

No Picture today. was one day late for Mass jump, maybe next one. Move on wp15 upper floor. Hit a planet, -1 hull, rest all repaired.

Pegasus Run 3305 wy#13 Beagle Point

CHUA EOP AM-J D10-5, the farest point from sol:

far far away from sol

Beagle Point again Beagle Point

Point of Interest's visitors list - Podar (Myeia Thaa ZE-R d4-0) check Podar

also corona: podar eclipse corona

Pegasus Run 3305 wy12

nice one, but the travel to there was not that intresting- pegasus run wp12

Pegasus Run 3305 wy11

Very well chosen system, has everthing what you nee for long jumps. And a nice view: Proxuia VN-K d8-10

Pegasus Run 3305 wy# colonia to 10

Found this on the way Back to WP10: Biologie

Also a earth like World with Moon enter image description here

Pegasus Run 3305 Colonia

repair my ship, buy some repairand fuel limpit heading back to wp10 on neutron Highway

Pegasus Run 3305 wy#9 to 10

I crashed by landing, my hull is down to62. Shoukd I go to wp10 ore beagle point? with the danger of crashing on the next landing. so i decided to fly back to colonia, around 40350ly. i found some nice trees: Flyoo Groa XW-W c4-13

Flyoo Groa XW-W c4-13

Tree in Space

Pegasus Run 3305 wy#9

search for a neutron highway in upper floor, but does`nt work. see in my route Map point 26495 but I found a nice Earth like World: ELW

on Bascamp my ship "radio Gaga" was kidding me and do not let me in again.: a stone blocked the door

entrance blocked

Pegasus Run 3305 wy#8

just arrived wp#8 found a straight neutron Highway, goes fast so no picture. so I get one from me: CMDR Till Mc D