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Commander name:
Current ship:
Radio Gaga [Queen]
Member since:
Mar 31, 2018
Distances submitted:
Systems visited:
Systems discovered first:
4,240,970,236 Cr
Pegasus Run 3305 wp22 - am finished wp23

Finally wp 23 was reached .

Partly I had to make jumps from 140ly in the upper regions. Partial jumps on sight. The upper way has more netron stars, but has less stars in general.

WP22 Nice to have a harbour, to fix and load something. Thanks to SGT Stubby to bring his DSSA Pegasus on the wp

DSSA Pegasus

DSSA Pegasus

on the way to waypoint 22 i decided to make a detour to skull and crossbones sector. Actually I found a little treasure at Pirate's Depot. actually i chose this planet to collect the necessary FSD materials. Which I actually needed later on.

Pirat´s Depot

Pegasus Run 3305 wp20 - wp21

Finaly on WP 21 Thats have a nice View: Plae Thaa NH-V d2-9

On the way between wp20 to wp21 found ELW with rings and a Moon:

ELW with Rings

Sun goes up elw

I tried to reach wp20 over Kepplers Rest - Xibalba - to Achilles Altar.What´s not realy worked.

Near WP 21 was DSSA Nereus Deep. What was my first sight of an Carrier. cool to have some Stations outside in the black... DSSA Nereus Deep

After wp19 I goes back to the bubble, for a break.

Pegasus Run 3305 wp 19 and Tenebrae

on the way to wp 19, WP 19 cool black hole: Black Hole

I made a little trip to Tenebrae some inpressions: chrystal

another Chrystel without a name chrystal

I had a hard land on this 2,6G planet. But could repair everything later. In the end it was a nice view: Moon rise

For that found of biologie, I traveled over 424.000Ls. And did not need any of the material.

another bio in the dark

Pegasus Run 3305 on the way to wp19

we cross on the way to wp 19 Dryman`s Point,Hawkings Gap and Lyras Song. It is a long and intressting route, here some impressions.

earh like world nice view

Rings nice view

nice view

Vulcan nice view

Organic organic


Pegasus Run 3305 wp 18

so finaly reache wp18 Some Impressions on the way below: Nebular Eock Prau AA-A H31

Planet with Moon


Pegasus Run 3305 wp16-17

I made a little exercise between wp16-17 and goes to FLYAI FLYUAE AA-A H20 Nebular: Nebular

After Flying back to Track, I find this cool thing: Biologie

Also some Trees im Out: Biologie

going forther to wp17

Pegasus Run 3305 wy#16

So I reached wp16, some Pic from the way: Black Hole

My Ship

Pegasus Run 3305 wy#15

Arrived wp15. Maybe a good Basecamp: Truechuia KK-A d10 GeoSite2 on the way saw this: enter image description here

and Crystal: enter image description here

Pegasus Run 3305 wy#14

No Picture today. was one day late for Mass jump, maybe next one. Move on wp15 upper floor. Hit a planet, -1 hull, rest all repaired.

Pegasus Run 3305 wy#13 Beagle Point

CHUA EOP AM-J D10-5, the farest point from sol:

far far away from sol

Beagle Point again Beagle Point

Point of Interest's visitors list - Podar (Myeia Thaa ZE-R d4-0) check Podar

also corona: podar eclipse corona