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Formidine Expedition - Day 9

104 stars and 536 planets recorded today. Currently in a void of dark stars with only icy planets and the occasional gas giant. 43 of the stars recorded today were L, T or Y brown dwarves all with consecutive numbers, E.g. Tyroosks GU-L a117-0/a116-0/a115-0. A bit weird I guess, but must be travelling on the same line used by the surveyors and their telescopes all those years ago! Approximately 5KLY before next docking.

Formidine Expedition Day 9, End of first full week.

Long stint today, but then it is a weekend. 91 jumps made covering 1,302 LY through 105 newly charted system in EDSM. 153 stars charted today including 3 red giants. 748 planets charted which is a one day record for this survey.

End of week values@:

2 B class, 17 A class, 36 F class, 36 G, 116 K, 271 M, 5 M red giants, 86 L, 40 T, 12 Y class brown Dwarves and 21 T Tauri, totalling 643 stars charted

FOr Planets: 86 MR, 690 HMC, 244 Rocky, 156 RI. 1887 icy, 3 ELW, 38 WW, 5 Ammonia, 21 GWL, 12 GAL, 107 S1, 16 S2, 31 S3 and 1 s4, Totalling 3,224 worlds.

I am pleased with progress so far, still heading for the main station in the rift to get the ship repaired and hand in the first set of data which will be sometime next week.

Formidine expedition Day 8

64 jumps today covering 1208 LY. 38 New system in EDSM discovered.

108 stars catalogued and 589 planets.

Nothing special discovered today as i work my way across the rift to the nearest space station to continue the repairs to the hull after my run in with a high grav. planet the other day.

Formidine Expedition Day 7

Long haul today across through around 80 systems to a Fleet carrier in Dryoi Hypa ZV-X c17-0 only to find it does not accept dockings from anyone! If it was not for mapping my way there, I would have considered it a complete waste of time.

The problem is that you do not know if you are welcome at a carrier until you get there. which is a pain in the neck.

As it was, 158 stars were mapped including a codex entry for a M class red giant and 736 planets including 2 newly discovered ELW, 13 water worlds and 2 ammonia worlds. Also codex entry for a Class IV gas giant.

Formidine expedition Day 6

58 stars and 278 planetes chatarted today and nothing special to show for it except a busted up hull whilst trying to land on a 2g world to investigate some anemones. Now heading for a carrier for some repairs, mapping as I go and hoping it is still there when I arrive as it is 3.5KLy away.

Formidine Expedition Day 5

71 new stars charted today (62 of which were first discoveries) and 405 planets (341 of which were firsts).

Created codex entries for a B type Giant star and a Roseum Bioluminescent Anemone as my first biological entry.

Day 4 of Formidine exploration

30 stars and 168 planets discovered today. Visited some planets and got Codex entries for: Water ice geysers

CO2, Methane, water ice fumaroles

Silicate, Iron Magma Lava Spouts

Silicate Vapour Fumarole

Sulphur dioxide vent

Also got an entry for Terrestrial, Non-terraformable Metal rich body.

New Day of a New Week

Off to a good start this week with 48 stars and 266 planets discovered. Added codex entries for Terraformable water world, and also Silcate magma lava spouts on Schee Hypue KN-Q d6-6.

No encounters with other commanders.

System update for Sunday 13/09/3306

End of week for surveys is on a Sunday. Two days Survey results. 85 stars scanned (81 First) 380 Planets scanned (all First)

No anomalies to report.

Codex Entry for T Tauri star added.

Arrived at the Formidine Rift

Arrived for the Discovery and mapping survey of the rift. The intention is to map as much of the sector as possible. Today 8 new stars were discovered and 61 planetary bodies. All were fully mapped.