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Jun 1, 2019
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85,260,503 Cr
Arrived at the Formidine Rift

I finally arrived at the Formidine Rift this morning after several failed attempts. My engineered Anaconda has been great as it enabled me to travel further, faster. Now for some serious exploring.

Formidine Rift - Take 2

Setting out again in a new Orca with DUAL SRVs this time to prevent a debacle like the last trip. Hopefully better luck this time. I have a much larger supply of materials for jumps and can once again gather more on the way. Heading for the GM Cephei station first as I have a route that can get me there directly without material usage, so it is a good jumping off point. Tally-Ho!

On My way - Ended

Well my trip to the Rift ended in disaster, not because i lost my ship, but because I lost my only SRV. that meant I could not gather materials for jumps any more and got stranded. Back to the Drawing board!

On My way

Heading out towards the Formidine Rift. It's an awful long way and I Hope I make it. I have not been far out of the bubble before and I am not sure if I can cross the rift, but will try, just to see what is on the other side!