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Engineering my ship

I have decided to go in searrch of the engineers. Having sort out Elvira Martuuk, i had to do a bit of surface prospecting for materials to get her started. I also had to visit a few material traders in order to complete the list of items she needed. I can away with a Grade 3, thermal resistant Shield Generator, stripped down components so that i did not loose any of the exploration capability for the ship. I recieved invites almost immediately from Marco Qwent, who i know does engine upgrades, so i am currently, in the process of doing data missions for the federation and Sirius Corperation to gain access to Marco's engineering abilities. I may even throw in a bit of my Cartographic data to speed up the process

Return to the Bubble Day 19

At last....... After an all day event, I have finally reached Shinrarta Dezhra. Docking at Jameson Memorial was a monumental occasion and it seems like a lifetime since I left Sol. It is time to put the DBX to bed for while, although, as I said a while back, I won't be selling it. I'm sure I will find jobs for her to do in the not too distant future. I now have to concentrate what I want to do next, which I haven't even considered yet. But, for now, I'm taking a well earned break.

Back to the Bubble Day 18

Oh my god. I’m pretty sure I said I was on a time critical mission here and it’s been 4 days and I haven’t gone anywhere. Having said that I have been able to do some essential maintenance on the onboard systems and I have been working with computer to get her fine tuned for the next 9,000 or so Ly’s or at least until we get back into occupied space. The Navig. Computer has established a reasonable flight path home so we will be able to do a little more scanning for cartographic data on the way. I have heard that Professor Palin has disappeared from his home planet, meaning that commanders are going to have to go elsewhere for their upgrades. Although he hasn’t invited me yet, probably because he has never heard of me yet....lol, it will be quite a while before I have access to his amenities. Well, managed to make a bit of progress, navig. computer says we are around 7.5k Ly's left to go so that's roughly 300 odd jumps by my reckoning so i'm happy with that. We are currently land bound at Flyooe Hypue RC-T b20-1.

Back to the Bubble Day 17

Just a few short hops today and have ended up in the Prooe Hypue DE-E b55-1 system. Another midspace drift as well. Not ideal considering, I was supposed to be on a time-limited journey home but it has to be expected from time to time

Return to the Bubble Day16

After a long rest and some much needed attention to computer's matrix, we have finally got underway again. We have managed quite a few jumps today, finishing at the Eidaills GH-S b5-0 system. We have landed on body overlooking the main planet which has a nice metallic ring and there is another on off in the distance, wishing there was a little more light....lol. Computer reckons we are roughly 10.5 thousand Ly's from home which isn't too bad going. Return to the Bubble Day 16 Supplemental

Managed a few more jumps since the last log entry and making some good progress. We have now come to rest in the Skauduae TD-A C1-4 system. We were unable to find a convenient body to land on so are currently orbiting one of the bodies for now. We should be getting underway some time tomorrow afternoon. Current situation is 9,285 Ly from home.

Gunston out

Return to the Bubble Day 15

We are currently some little over 15,000 Ly from Sol. Currently in the Kueloe IA-C d14-77 system where we have made a pit stop. I have decided to fly through the night to make up for the time lost due to repairs and loss of network coverage, which meant that computer could not transmit our position to federation space. Supplemental:- We are now in the Blae Hypue KX-U d2-0 system, some 12,000 Ly from Sol, so we have been able to more than make up for lost time. This may have been due to a distinct lack of landable planets, but that is neither here nor there. I can honestly say that we are back on track. Still feeling a bit annoyed about not going to Byaa Ain and seeing the clockwork rings but there will be time enough for that in due course and I don't really want to be using this ship for long distance travel anymore, the time spent scooping is just far too long End of Entry

Return to the Bubble Day 14

Didn't manage too many jumps today as for some unknown reason, computer managed to scramble all my control systems. I managed to get a few of them back online but I was doing pretty much everything myself. However, bless her, she did bag me quite a few good planetary scans so I can't be too cross with her. I have finished today in the Aisaills MJ-H c26-43 system. A couple of these planets seem to be terraformable and landable which means I can see outposts being set up in the not too distant future I don't doubt. Anyway, I have landed on moon B 1 a so I best get on with the repairs so we can have a better time tomorrow.

Return to the Bubble Day 13

We have covered an impressive amount of Lightyears today, almost 1000 in total. We are just over 16,000 Ly from Sol, currently in the Gria Phreia NG-Q c7-26 system. Unfortunately, I have decided to step up the timetable in which to get back home as I need to get this cartographic data in before it is too late. I really wanted to see Clockwork Rings but it will not be possible this trip. I will be buying a new ship once we get back to Shinrarta Dezhra and kitting her out for long range missions. I will definitely be keeping this one as we have become quite attached to her these past few months.

Return to the Bubble Day 12

After a long weekend rest, I have managed to get a few decent jumps in today, some 17,000+ Ly from Sol. I have settled in the Eok Flya BC-T d4-165 system with the prospect of 9 planets to scan tomorrow, all of which are terraformable, that will be a lovely sum to transfer to cartographic credits. I am currently settled on planet A 2, a few vapour geysers for company but not much else. Still tinkering with the prospect of crossing to visit the clockwork rings in the Byaa Ain QA-J C11-144 system and then maybe heading over to colonia to pickup a badge.

Return to the Bubble Day 11

Currently 18,499 Ly from Sol System. Our current location is the Granau AG-X e1-560 system on body A3. We are still some 5,900 Ly from the Clockwork Rings system Byaa Ain QA-J c11-144. I am still hoping to get there but it will all depend on how far we manage to go over the next few days.