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conquistador [gg-02b]
(Diamondback Explorer)
Member since:
Jun 12, 2019
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331,869,290 Cr
Return to the Bubble Day16

After a long rest and some much needed attention to computer's matrix, we have finally got underway again. We have managed quite a few jumps today, finishing at the Eidaills GH-S b5-0 system. We have landed on body overlooking the main planet which has a nice metallic ring and there is another on off in the distance, wishing there was a little more Computer reckons we are roughly 10.5 thousand Ly's from home which isn't too bad going. Return to the Bubble Day 16 Supplemental

Managed a few more jumps since the last log entry and making some good progress. We have now come to rest in the Skauduae TD-A C1-4 system. We were unable to find a convenient body to land on so are currently orbiting one of the bodies for now. We should be getting underway some time tomorrow afternoon. Current situation is 9,285 Ly from home.

Gunston out

Return to the Bubble Day 15

We are currently some little over 15,000 Ly from Sol. Currently in the Kueloe IA-C d14-77 system where we have made a pit stop. I have decided to fly through the night to make up for the time lost due to repairs and loss of network coverage, which meant that computer could not transmit our position to federation space. Supplemental:- We are now in the Blae Hypue KX-U d2-0 system, some 12,000 Ly from Sol, so we have been able to more than make up for lost time. This may have been due to a distinct lack of landable planets, but that is neither here nor there. I can honestly say that we are back on track. Still feeling a bit annoyed about not going to Byaa Ain and seeing the clockwork rings but there will be time enough for that in due course and I don't really want to be using this ship for long distance travel anymore, the time spent scooping is just far too long End of Entry

Return to the Bubble Day 11

Currently 18,499 Ly from Sol System. Our current location is the Granau AG-X e1-560 system on body A3. We are still some 5,900 Ly from the Clockwork Rings system Byaa Ain QA-J c11-144. I am still hoping to get there but it will all depend on how far we manage to go over the next few days.

Return to the Bubble Day 10

I have had to end my voyage at the Granau ZG-L d8-221 system due to technical issues. However, this is not going to be a problem as I have the equipment and components I require to fix it. I am also considering doing a quick diversion to the Byaa Ain QA-J c11-144 system to have a look at the Clockwork Ring formation of bodies 3 and 4. I believe that planet 4 will be the best option if I decide to perform a planetary landing as it is the lesser of the two for G Force value. Everyone has been raving about this marvel and I just have to see it for myself. I think I am currently 6 jumps from that system so I could do it tomorrow, we will just have to see how the repairs go. The computer has confirmed that we are now just 19,000 Ly from Sol. It will probably take at least another week to get back into inhabited space. I can not say that I haven't enjoyed this journey but it will be good to get home.

Return to the Bubble Day 9

This is going to be an ongoing entry as yesterdays was missed, so sorry about that. Today we have landed at Eok Pra KQ-S c18-11, on planet C 2. I have encountered some form of biological, plant type life form. We are quite a long way into our return voyage now although the computer has not been able to calculate how far we are away from our destination, so I am hoping we will be able to correct that in my next entry.

Return to the Bubble Day 7

Continuing my journey back to civilization, I have managed to get a few more jumps in today with a few more worthy mapping objectives in the process. I have ended todays section at Hypio Flya UU-P d5-14, on planet C 1 d. More tomorrow hopefully.

Return to the Bubble Day 6

So, another not so long day today. Once again, not being able to get very far at all. Have ended up at the Phraa Flya GR-W d1-29 system. I have ha quite a good scan result though, possibly another couple of million in cartographic information.

Return to the Bubble Day 5

After a lot of time spent scanning unchartered territory, I have decided to call time for now. I may continue later but it seems the ship is in need of some attention. I have come to a system called Phraa Flya HZ-O c19-0. I haven't done many jumps as it seems computer is taking a somewhat extreme view on which planets I should scan. The last one was over 440,000 Ls from my entry point. Consequently, I have had to stop after only a few jumps. I am hoping that I can make it up later today.

Return to the Bubble Day 4

Made a 17 Jump run today. Did a bit of scanning along the way and came across an Ammonia World, not terraformable but still, a worthy mapping candidate. I am currently in the Schau Pri SV-T d4-9 system and settled on a moon of planet 7, coordinates 86°N 18'54" 151°E 57'28". I will settle here for the rest of the day as I will have a large set of jumps to do tomorrow.

Return to the Bubble day 3

Didn’t get very many jumps in today, but I did manage to start the journey towards Shinrarta Dezhra. I am currently planet bound in the system Schau Pri IA-C D14-3 planet C2.