Voqooe BI-H d11-864 (DSSA CLB Voqooway) [#29696301158499]


This system is located at: -4770.75 / -1508.1875 / 17819.75

Галактичні координати: R: 18 508,867 / l: 14,988 / b: -4,674
Екваторіальні координати: Пряме піднесення: 18h 35m 9,083s / Схилення: -18° 5'8,341''

Рівень резервів: Багатий

Зона життєпридатності:
Metal-rich body (3 to 42 ls), Earth-like world (665 to 998 ls), Water world (546 to 2 113 ls), Ammonia world (1 380 to 3 756 ls), Terraformable (518 to 1 034 ls)

Приблизна вартість: 645 347 кр

Звіт про трафік

This system was visited for the first time on EDSM by Progen Dom Rosa on 29 бер. 2020 01:29:47.

Назва отримана в рамках Проекту картографування Галактики: DSSA CLB Voqooway

208 ships passed through Voqooe BI-H d11-864 space, including 3 ships in the last 7 days.

0 ship passed through Voqooe BI-H d11-864 space in the last 24 hours.

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  • Carrier Name: CLB Voqooway
  • Registration: J3G-3QZ
  • Carrier Class: Drake Class

  • Designated Region: Odin's Hold
  • System: Voqooe BI-H d11-864

  • Commission Date (date signed up to the DSSA): March 15 3306
  • Carrier Construction Date: June 9th 3306
  • Construction Location: Jacques, Colonia
  • Maiden Jump(s): Lux Caeli
  • In-service Date (date the vessel began its DSSA service): June 9th, 3306

  • Services Available: Repair, Refuel, Armory, Redemption Office, Shipyard, Outfitting, Universal Cartographics
  • Tariff % Set: 15%
  • Commodities Bought/Sold on Carrier: Tritium Sold for 80,085, contact Garzvug or use the Voqooe Discord for bulk purchases or use other carriers in system
  • Nearest Tritium Hotspot: Voqooe BI-H d11-864 A 9

The Celestial Light Brigade "Voqooway" is the first of several carriers to deploy to the Voqooe Sector to serve not only as DSSA waypoint #53, but also to create and sustain a local player driven mining and exploration economy at an idyllic future deep space colony site. Voqooe BI-H d11-864 sits at the heart of a network of almost 400 Earth Like Worlds containing systems explored by pilots of the Celestial Light Brigade. At this time it has already been joined by the CLB "Valkyrie" and the CLB "Galaxxy One" which have transported dozens of pilots and hundreds of ships to this new hub and expedition headquarters for the third major phase of sector exploration events.

After the completion of their first deep space colony venture to establish the Lux Caeli system through the sponsorship of Infinity's End Deep Space Company, CLB turned its attention to the exploration and development of a new paradise ripe for the expansion of human civilization. This first expedition to the Voqooe sector in Odin's Hold, a garden rich in non-sequence stars, massive stellar bodies, and potential habitable worlds, began in 3303.

The "Voqooe Compendium" is a comprehensive repository of habitable worlds in the Voqooe sector lovingly assembled by the Celestial Light Brigade with contributions from a variety of others.The Compendium serves as a rapid tool for harvesting the data from 325+ ELWs and for the planing of what will eventually become a thriving colony in this picturesque locale on the bottom of the galaxy. With the operation of the CLB's DSSA carrier begun, any commander can access the Compendium through the Voqooe discord server at https://discord.gg/vXU4fpn and contribute to the future of this commander-driven colonization effort by adding their own discoveries and can become involved in our group activities in the area.

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