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Armstrong [AGS 11]
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19 жовт. 2016
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Nearfield Expedition Concluded Early

Not far into the expedition, another CMDR (Manwich) stirred interest in some alternate activities, so I aborted further progress to return to the bubble and join him. That activity never happened, but I did start off a massive fund raising effort in anticipation of the availability of Fleet Carriers. With release of those delayed, and other events occurring, I took a log break from the game.

Departing on Nearfield Expedition

8,026 systems visited 433,597,939cr 4,841 Lvl 2 scans 21,050 Lvl 3 scans 405,123Ly 14,638 jumps 1.59MM


Took out my first Thargoids this morning - a few NHSS Lvl 4/5 Marauder Scout groups near Maia. Went pretty ell, hit by a missile each time so had to bake it off. Ended the AM session in Merope where I purchased a decontamination limpet controller. Have a Xeno Scanner now as well from DP in Maia.

Further Activities

Almost seems like something happened that I made Triple Elite, but really, it's like a birthday. At some point, it's just another day.

Triple Elite

Completed the quest for Triple Elite Status.

Current Status

Still working in the bubble. Have made some good profits trading and enforcing Fed bounties. Took some time to rank up fully in the Imperial Navy just in case it's needed to buy a fleet carrier later this year. LFT 90 has proven to be a good forward operating base for the Troopers.


Prior to and through the release of 3.0, I've been focusing on helping fellow CMDRs attain rank and riches. In the past couple weeks, have been gathering materials and unlocking the remaining Engineers in order to re-engineer the Fleet. Last night, started research into the Guardians and their sites, and I think before long I'll be headed out to survey their former worlds and learn what I can.

Expedition Concludes

Having finished the tour of the Rift, I stopped at Farsight Expedition Base and Base Camp to sell some Exploration Data and become allied. Then jogged over to the Bubble Nebula, before headed back to the Bubble via the Wayfarer's Graveyard. Along the way I did my first Neutron Star boost (~205Ly jump), which was cool, but to do that repeatedly would be quite tedious and I'm not convinced of the value of all the plotting and sub-routing to save the actual jumps. Seems like just a different sort of tedium.

Arrived in the Arine system and sold my remaining Exploration Data to benefit Canonn, then 3-hopped back to Tun to join the Troopers wing in some Res hunting.

Formidine Rift

Well, I finally made it. What, a year after it was important to be out here? Anyway, it was still good to see everything out here firsthand and follow the story as it unfolded. I'm absolutely amazed at how much work it took the community to discover all this stuff. I of course had the benefit of coming out here with systems and coordinates all mapped out. But to come out here with no info and FIND this stuff? Incredible. While I enjoy claiming the mantle of "Explorer" in this game, I am hardly one.

In trivia, was happy to get some FDs not far from Salome's world - in EAFOTS QT-7.

Expedition Proceeding

Having departed Halloween depot, continued to the 'SW,' approaching the sparser regions of the outer arm. Hit a few sights along the way before arriving at Point Decision, and then proceeding a bit farther out from there. Since I wasn't going to try to reach the southernmost point, I didn't proceed to just get close, but instead turned around and headed to the Formidine Rift.

I did discover a new Green system - Blia EUP KC-K. Also had a pair of ELWs in the system. Planning to do a small write-up and submit to the Galactic Mapping Project as a POI.